Marjorie Johnson
Name: Marjorie Johnson
TCL Contributor: Blue Ribbon Baker

Who do you live with: My husband, Lee, a retired dentist. We both grew up in Minnesota and graduated from the U of M. We have been happily married 66 years.
Where would you like to live: Right here in Minnesota. We lived 3 years in Tokyo, Japan when Lee was a dentist in the air force and enjoyed it there. Then in Anchorage, Alaska for 3 years and that was fine too. Then 6 years in Austin, Texas and thought of retiring there as they have no state income tax. But our son, who was 4 at the time, has the red haired complexion and he got so sun burned in that hot Texas sunshine. So we retired in Minnesota from the service and then went into private practice in Robbinsdale, where we built my dream house. We are perfectly content here. Of course, the winters are too long, so this year we went on a Hawaiian Cruise for 2 weeks, then stayed at our daughter's house in CA for 2 weeks. I'm sure we will do that next year too, be away from the cold MN for a month.
Your favorite occupation: I like baking most of all and enjoy my TV guest spots on local and national TV. I also like to exercise so I can eat all those things I bake and not gain any weight. Also, exercise makes you healthy and I make sure I stay healthy by exercising an hour every day, eat all those fruits and vegetables like there is no tomorrow, get 8 hours of sleep every night and always have a positive frame of mind. I love to read, and just sorry there is never enough time to read all I want to read.
Person you'd like to meet: Katie Couric! I'd love to be a guest on her talk show. I'd also like to meet Rachel Ray, "The Chew" hosts, and be on their shows, plus Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson. I would have loved to be on GMA when they were both there. I admired both of them.
What do you order in a coffee shop: I rarely eat out. But if someone took me to a coffee shop, first I would get hot black coffee. I love coffee, but like weak coffee. I would wish they had Napoleons or a chocolate éclair, but I don't think they would, so I would get some yeast roll they had, like a caramel roll or a danish pastry.
3 TCL regulars who you'd like to have dinner with: I would enjoy any of the regulars, but 3 would be Jodi Livon, John Michael Lerma, and Rob Barrett.
Favorite State Fair food: I've usually never eat any of the Fair foods. I bring what I know we want in the car. We always arrive at 7:30, park behind the grandstand, have breakfast in the car, go back to the car for lunch, and leave at supper time. If I purchased anything it would be something sweet. I ate a deep fried Snicker Bar when I was at the Fair with TCL and enjoyed it.
Favorite TCL moment: Being with Regis Philbin. I wanted to do a cooking segment with him for 20 years when he had a program. It was so wonderful that Mandy had me do that when he came to Minnesota to sell his book. I also loved all the times I had with John Hanson, special events, like the prom, state fair, baseball game, interviewing Adrian Peterson and others.
One thing you can't live without: My microwave oven. When baking it is so convenient to soften or melt butter, warm milk, soften cream cheese. But most of all I need it to warm my coffee all day long. I start with a cup of hot coffee. I only sip it while I'm working in the kitchen, it cools off, I only like HOT coffee, so I keep warming that cup of coffee about l0 or more times till I have finished it. I also love my cell phone and my computer.
Dream TCL interview/segment: Oprah, or any of the people I mentioned in the question, person you would like to meet.
What is your motto? Always be happy, healthy, positive, love your life, enjoy living...

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Blue Ribbon Baker Marjorie Johnson  

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