Best Kept Secrets

Best Kept Secrets: Dog Friendly Spots  

Ali Jarvis founder of Sidewalk Dog, usually stops by with a furry friend looking for its forever home.  We are so proud to say that we have helped over 50 dogs find their new family.  In honor of National Puppy Day, Ali shares three of her favorite dog-friendly shops and restaurants in town.

Best Kept Secrets with Our Beauty Expert  

Beauty Expert, Sara Bartlett, doesn’t just do her shopping at a mall.  She  has discovered a few spots that she feels are worth checking out!

Best Kept Secrets: Date Ideas  

TCL’s Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert, has talents that extend way beyond the kitchen.  Alice is perfect for coming up with budget friendly date night ideas too.  Alice and husband, Will, take us along on three dates the easily fit their budget and tight schedules.

Steve’s Best Kept Secrets  

Steve might still be new to the Twin Cities but he has found a few places that he loves.