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Ted Farrell is President of Haskell's, one of the country's finest wine stores. Being a family business, Ted has been in the wine industry for majority of his life. His father, Jack Farrell, and grandfather purchased Haskell's in 1970 from Fritzy Haskell. Then only one store, Haskell's now has 13 locations in Minnesota. Ted had to do a multitude of tasks and jobs eventually working his way up the Haskell's ladder. That experience allowed Ted to develop a palate for wine, spirits, ales, and all types food.

Currently, Ted travels the world's wine regions selecting the highest quality and best valued wines to send back to Minnesota for his customers to enjoy.


Wine Tasting  

Our wine guy, Ted Farrell, from Haskell’s Wine spent the morning judging over 80 wines in the Amateur Wine Producer Contest in the Agriculture-Horticulture Building.  Whether you are judging wine or just enjoying a glass, Ted says there are five steps to tasting wine like a pro. 

Wine Chat with Haskell's Ted Farrell  

Our regular wine guy Ted Farrell from Haskell's has been on the show for years. Elizabeth and Steve decided to switch things up and have a wine chat with Ted to get answers for some commonly asked questions.

Beer Lovers Guide to Wine  

Ted Farrell from Haskell’s is here with the “Beer Lovers Guide to Wine.”  Tell him what beer you love and he’ll tell you what wine you should be trying! 

Sauvignon Blancs  

The US Women’s soccer team added another World Cup star to their jerseys.  We’re having our own friendly world competition with wine!  Sauvignon Blanc is a classic summer wine.  Ted Farrell from Haskell’s Wine brings his favorite Sauvignon Blanc from the USA, New Zealand, and other countries. 

Picnic Wines with Haskell's  

It's the perfect time to pack a picnic and enjoy the warmth of summer! We challenged our Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, to pair classic picnic foods with wines. All of his picks are under $10! 

Wine Cocktails  

Our wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskells, has three recipes for wine cocktails to get you on your way to having your best summer ever!   

Patio Wines  

Hopefully, you will find yourself out on your patio this Memorial Day Weekend.  Ted Farrell from Haskell’s has four summer wine picks that you can enjoy on the patio for the best summer ever! 

Burgandy Wines from France   Back To Top

Ted Farrell from Haskell’s continues to travel the world to ensure he has the best wines available.  Recently he returned from a 5-day excursion to the Burgandy region of France.  He brought with him some of his favorites.

Sonoma Wines   Back To Top

Ted Farrell from Haskells just returned from a trip to Sonoma County in California.  He shares his wine picks from the county. 

Seeing Double at Haskell's   Back To Top

Wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskell’s, says you’ll be seeing double when you check out their stores.  Don’t worry, it’s not your eyes.  He has some fantastic “buy one- get one” deals on wine as a part of Haskell’s Spring Sale. 

Masculine Wines   Back To Top

Wine isn’t just for the ladies.  Believe it or not, there are wines out there that are known as “masculine”. Ted Farrell, owner of Haskell’s Wine, introduces us to a few.

Red Wine Blends   Back To Top

When you see the name of one specific grape (like Merlot or Pinot Noir, for example) it means that at least 75% of the wine comes from that type of wine grape.  Combining those varietals to make wine blends is a trend you are seeing more of.  Haskell’s wine guy, Ted Farrell, shows us some of his favorites. 

Floral Wines   Back To Top

Throughout the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show, master gardeners, DIY Experts, chefs, and other pros will share their secrets and skills.  This includes our Wine Guy, Ted Farrell from Haskells.  He shares with us wines that relate perfectly with the flowers filling the convention center.

Wine and Candy Pairings   Back To Top

In honor of Valentine's Day, TCL's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, stopped by to pair wines with chocolates and other sweets.

Wine for the Big Game   Back To Top

A lot of folks will be watching the big game on Sunday.  There will be plenty of beer and football appetizers.  If you are a wine lover, Ted Farrell from Haskell’s has you covered. 

Red Red Wine   Back To Top

Ted Farrell from Haskell’s is taking us to warmer climates on this cold, frigid day.  He shares wines from the southern hemisphere.  

Cooking with Wine   Back To Top

Our wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskell’s, unquestionably knows his wine.  But, he knows his way around the kitchen too.  He cooks up Rib Eye Steaks in Red Wine Sauce.  Plus he suggests some wines perfect to pair with whatever you are having for dinner. 

Wine & Cheese Pairings   Back To Top

Over the holidays, one of the most popular appetizers served is probably a cheese tray.  Our wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskells, is here to fill us in on which wine should be paired with those cheeses. 

Wines for Thanksgiving   Back To Top

You have your turkey and the pumpkin pie all ready for Thanksgiving, but there might be one thing your not sure about.  Do you have the right wine to serve?  Ted Farrell from Haskells is here with wines that go with some classic Thanksgiving foods.

Tour of Italy   Back To Top

Ted Farrell from Haskells takes us on a “Tour of Itally with four wines from different regions of Italia.  

Wine Deals   Back To Top

Whether your go to wine is a chardonnay or a good house wine, you’ll want to head to Haskell’s Fall Wine Sale where you can get buy one and get one free.  Ted Farrell has his picks to check out. 

Ask the Wine Guy   Back To Top

Ted Farrell from Haskell’s travels the world to bring the finest wines back to Minnesota.  Haskell’s carries over 10,000 wine products and Ted knows a lot about wine in general.  He answers some of the questions you have about wine.

High Rated Wines   Back To Top

On a bottle of wine, you may have noticed a point system given.  It’s based on a scale of 100 and is used by wine magazines and enthusiasts.  An excellent bottle of wine will have a score of 90 and above.  Wine Guy, Ted Farrell, from Haskells shares four “excellent” wines for under $15 a bottle.

Harvest Drinks   Back To Top

Ted Farrell of Haskell’s shares the flavor of fall with apple wines, pumpkin beers, and more. 

9/24 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth is back from vacation!  Steve and Elizabeth do a little catching up.

Napa Wines   Back To Top

Last week, Napa, California experienced their worst earthquake they’ve seen in over twenty years.  The 6.0 earthquake did some damage but not enough to cause worries over a price hike on your favorite wine, says Ted Farrell from Haskell’s Wine.