Land O'Lakes Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show  

Head down to Saint Paul the weekend of January 4-6 and you could see over 1600 dogs competing for the title, “Best in Show.  The Saint Paul RiverCentre is home to the Land O’Lakes Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, where 103 breeds with gather with their owners.  If you want a look inside what the show is all about, check out their Dog Show Tours.  Between 10:30am and 3pm on Saturday, January 5th, tour guides will take you around the show.  Each day at noon, rare breeds and new breeds working toward full AKC recognition are invited to participate in conformation judging.

Gifts for Dogs  

Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk Dog shared their picks for fantastic gifts you can get for dogs in the Twin Cities! For their complete list, click here.

Most Dangerous Food for Your Dog  

Dr. Erin Bequette from the Animal Emergency and Referral Center stopped by to share the 5 most dangerous foods for dogs. 

Halloween Puppy Fashion Show  

Halloween isn’t just for kids and adults. Chances are your furry four-legged friend wants to get in on the fun too. The National Retail Foundation says this year the most popular pet costumes are a pumpkin, hot dog and a bumblebee.

Sad Animal Babies  

The author of Sad Animal Babies, Brooke Barker stopped by to share more about her new book that explores the sad and strange world of baby animals of all types: mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and more.

TCL in Your Town Hastings: This Old Horse  

It’s TCL in Your Town Week, celebrating the beautiful river town of Hastings!  Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson recently found a hidden gem. A place that horses call home, many of which are blind or arrived malnourished.

Adopt Pace!  

Katie K9 stopped by our show with an adorable puppy named Pace who available for adoption through Warrior Dogs Rescue.

Last Chance Forever Birds of Prey Back To Top

One of the most popular free shows at the Minnesota State Fair comes from Texas. John Karger from Last Chance Forever, based in San Antonio, introduces us to birds of prey.

Katie K9 - Adopt Jenna!   Back To Top

Katie K9 stopped by the TCL studio to talk about adjusting your pet's schedule to the new school year and introduced us to an adoptable golden retriever. 

Pets and Kids   Back To Top

Dr. Erin Bequette from the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota shares advice on how you should introduce a child to pets, along with how to determine your pet's mood by their body language. 

Exotic Pets   Back To Top

Steve and Lindsey Brown from 5 Eyewitness News get a surprise visit from Emily Roberts and three animals, including a false chameleon, a legless lizard and an albino python.

DIY Pet Projects Back To Top

We've done a lot of DIY segments here on the show, always projects for people though. We thought our furry four legged friends need some love too and leave it up to DIY-expert Danielle Rode to create something just for man's best friend.

Adopt Dark Spark the American Bulldog Mix   Back To Top

Pet Expert Katie K9 stopped by to introduce us to Dark Spark, an american bulldog mix looking for a forever home. She also offered advice on how to handle shy dogs.

Adopt Cam the Labrador Retriever Mix   Back To Top

Pet Expert Katie K9 stopped by to introduce us to Cam, a labrador retriever mix looking for a forever home. She chatted about good advice with the command come. 

Backyards & Pets   Back To Top

While it’s always a fun to spend time in the backyard with the family, keep in mind that there are some dangers in the backyard for your dogs to be aware of.  Dr. Erin Bequette of Animal Emergency & Referral Center advices us of what to keep a lookout for.  

Adopt Oscar the Boston Terrier   Back To Top

Pet expert Katie K9 stopped by to introduce us to Oscar, a Boston Terrier looking for a forever home. She also shared advice for all dogowners.

Sound Hound Canine Massage   Back To Top

Humans love massages. So, why can’t your favorite four legged friend enjoy it, too? Sound Hound Canine Massage is all about making your dog happy and healthy.

National Puppy Day   Back To Top

Thanks to the non-profit rescue Secondhand Hounds and Chuck and Don's, Twin Cities Live celebrates National Puppy Day! Dog training expert Katie K9 stopped by with the biggest mistakes families make when purchasing a puppy.

TCL In Your Town: Apple Valley, Minnesota Zoo   Back To Top

Minnesota Zoo has been a part of the Apple Valley community since 1978. There are more than five thousand animals at the zoo and many of them are endangered. Kids and big kids get an up close view of animals and they get to learn about them as they go.

Meet Goober!   Back To Top

Our pet of the month for March is named, Goober. Goober is a three year old American Pit Bull Terrier Bulldog Mixed from The Rescue Crew.

Pets and Anxiety   Back To Top

Doctor Erin Bequette from the Animal Emergency & Referral Center answers Twin Cities Live viewer questions about pets and anxiety.

Meet Sophie: February’s Pet of the Month   Back To Top

Sophie is adoptable from North Star Great Pyrenees Rescue of MN. This beautiful, Great Pyrenees has a heart of gold and is perfect for snuggling. Sophie would do great in a relatively quiet home.
For more information on adopting Sophie, click here.

Meet Lillian: January’s Pet of the Month   Back To Top

Our pet of the month for January is named, Lillian. Lillian is a 4-year-old Bullmastiff from Underdog Rescue. This sweet Bullmastiff has the head of a giant and the heart of an angel.  Side Walk Dog is a dog-friendly resource center and wants to help her find a forever home.  Learn more and find out how to adopt her here.

Meet Henry: Pet of the Month   Back To Top

Our pet of the month for December is named, Henry. Henry is a one-year-old Husky mix from Pet Haven. He loves walks and runs, playing fetch, enjoying all types of toys. He also loves snuggling. Side Walk Dog is a dog-friendly resource center and wants to help him find a forever home.  Learn more and find out how to adopt him here.

A Vet's Guide to Food and Pets   Back To Top

Doctor Erin Bequette from the Animal Emergency and Referral Center stopped by to share which human foods are good for your four-legged friend, along with what to do with pets who are picky eaters.  

Adopt Georgie   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis from the dog-friendly resource, stopped by to help Georgie the Golden Retriever find a forever home. Sidewalk Dog Media is the number one resource for Minnesota dog lovers and a leading advocate for MN dogs in need. Subscribe to their newsletter and sniff them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis from dog-friendly resource Sidewalk Dog shared her tips to help your furry four-legged friends get dressed up for the Halloween festivities!

Ask the Vet   Back To Top

Twenty-million Americans will be dressing up their pets this Halloween – but you probably don’t want them partaking in the treats!  Dr. Erin Bequette from Animal Emergency and Referral Center offers advice and treatment for any concerns you might have about your pet.

Adopt Jazzy!   Back To Top

Jazzy  was found clenching to a log in the floods from Hurricane Harvey. She is very friendly, housetrained and crate trained. She loves people, even though she’s a little shy at first but warms up quickly. She would love an active family- she loves spending time with her people, but can also just lay around and relax. She doesn't have any special needs. Here adoption fee is $375.

Adopt Nacho! Back To Top

Nacho is a 5 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He’s 82 pounds but acts like a lap dog. Nacho adores cuddling and he is a lover to all new people and shows no hesitation to lick anyone's face.

July’s Pet of the Month   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk Dog features a few pups looking for their forever homes.

Avoid an Emergency Trip to the Vet   Back To Top

For the first time in over a year, the Minnesota State Board of Animal Health has started to record cases of Canine Influenza, with over 20 cases popping up in the last 45 days. Dr. Erin Bequette from the Animal Emergency and Referral Center stopped by with symptoms to look out for along with other things you can do to prevent a trip to the emergency room with your four-legged friend.

Adopt Minnie   Back To Top

Minnie (AKA Minnie Mouse) is a 6 week old German Shepherd mix. Minnie came from Alabama to Corner of Kindness Animal Rescue with her 10 other siblings and their mom. She does well with other pets and children. The perfect home would be a loving family who is willing to train her.

Adopt Henry!   Back To Top

Henry is a 2 month old German Shepherd mix. Henry is a happy go lucky little puppy! He has a very expressive face and isn’t afraid to express how he feels. Henry came from Magnolia, Arkansas to MARS. His perfect home would be a loving family who knows that he fought hard for his life and wants to give him the best life possible.

Emily and Elizabeth On The Hunt for the Easter Bunny   Back To Top

Caleb Smith was on the internet when he spotted an ad on Craigslist that was selling bunnies. He was worried about people not taking care of them properly, so he decided to do something about it. He and his family bought the bunnies and started STEM Bunnies. It’s a way for them to not only educate folks about bunnies, but it also keeps them safe.

Help Find Rocket a Forever Home   Back To Top

She's available from Great Dane Rescue of Minnesota & Wisconsin; and her adoption fee is $400. 

Adopt Chopper!   Back To Top

Chopper is a 10 -year-old beagle mix. She is very friendly and loves walks. She has an old injury to her rear left leg that causes it to stick out when she sits.  She is a big couch potato at home unless food is involved, then she is a typical beagle. She is house trained and cries at the door to go out. She gets along with other animals and people. She will need to be on a pill every day for her thyroid but it is very inexpensive. Aside from that she won't need any extra medical care. Her adoption fee is $225.

Ask the Vet   Back To Top

We asked TCL Facebook fans to ask Doctor Erin Bequette from the Animal Emegency and Referral Center questions about their four-legged friends. Watch to get her advice!

Adopt Kolo   Back To Top

Sidewalk Dog’s Ali Jarvis introduces us to Kolo, 7 year old Siberian Husky who is looking for his forever home. Kolo’s family was moving and brought him into the vet to be euthanized.  The vet was able to talk the family into surrendering him to a rescue.

"Barkitecture" at the Minneapolis Home and Remodeling Show   Back To Top

Home designer and construction created their own takes on dog friendly furniture. You can see their "barkitecture" creations at the Home and Remodeling Show in Minneapolis. And you can bid on them too! The proceeds go to Midwest Animal Rescue and Services