Best Kept Secrets: Dog Friendly Spots  

Ali Jarvis founder of Sidewalk Dog, usually stops by with a furry friend looking for its forever home.  We are so proud to say that we have helped over 50 dogs find their new family.  In honor of National Puppy Day, Ali shares three of her favorite dog-friendly shops and restaurants in town.

Adopt Pluto  

Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk introduces us to Pluto!  Pluto is a big, goofy young boy with a very sweet nature.  He’s just a puppy in a big dog body!  He’s an active guy who will probably need a fenced in yard to run around in.  Pluto comes from a shelter in Tennessee.  He’s dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and even like cats.

Adopt Jewel  

Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk introduces us to sweet Jewel, a 7 year old Chihuahua.  Jewel came from a commercial breeding facility and now is ready for the good life!  She’s super sweet, great with kids and other dogs and loves to be cuddled and held. 

Splendid Beast Pet Artwork  

If you have a pet, chances are you have a lot of pictures of your beloved animal.  Now there’s a Brooklyn Park Company that takes those favorite pictures and makes them into oil paintings.

Adopt Nino!  

Ali Jarvis with Sidewalk introduces us to Nino, the sheltie.  He’s our “Pet of the Month” presented by Kline Nissan.

Meet a "Bumpus" Hound  

The "Bumpus Hounds" are a big part of "A Christmas Story" and they make an appearance in the musical version too! One of the hounds, Oliver, stopped by the studio.

Adopt Copper  

Founder of, Ali Jarvis, introduces us to Copper.  Copper is a Jack Russell terrier looking for her forever home.  She is a bit shy when she first meets you, but she’s a happy little girl who loves to play and snuggle on your lap.  For more information on adopting Copper, click here.

Dog’s Guide to Thanksgiving   Back To Top

If you think you love Thanksgiving, don’t forget your pooch loves it too!  You’ll probably find them around the table hoping for something to fall or for someone to sneak them something under the table.  Sidewalk Dog’s, Ali Jarvis, says there are certain foods you should avoid giving your dogs over the holidays though.

Adopt Bryce   Back To Top

Sidewalk’s Ali Jarvis introduces us to a new dog every month looking for its forever home.  Bryce, a black lab from Second Chance Animal Rescue, is hoping you’ll take him home!

Dogface   Back To Top

When a publisher saw the photos that Barbara O’Brien (an animal actor trainer) had taken, they knew the photos needed to be put in a book.  Dogface by Barbara O’Brien are the candid headshots of her dog clients.

Adopt Daisy   Back To Top

Daisy is a 13 month old purebred cattle dog.  She is up for adoption through Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Minnesota.  Daisy loves the outdoors and is looking for her forever home.  The rescue allows a two week trial period so if you are interested, you can bring Daisy to your home before signing adoption papers.  For more information to adopt Daisy, click here

Strut Your Mutt Doggie Fashions   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis, with Sidewalk, is here with some doggie fashions that will have your dog “struttin’ in style” just in time for Strut Your Mutt!

Adopt Shiloh   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk introduces us to Shiloh, who is looking for her forever home.  Shiloh is a 5 year old golden retriever mix.  She was brought to an overcrowded shelter in South Dakota because her owner had too many dogs.  That is where Rescue a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) picked her up.

What Animal Is It?   Back To Top

We know Elizabeth is a lover of farm animals so we decided to find out how well she knows her animals.  We’ve brought over some unique animals to see if she can guess what they are.  But there is a twist.  She’s blindfolded too!

Steve Should See: Big Boar   Back To Top

Amy from Brooklyn Center suggested that Steve should see the biggest boar.

Miracle of Birth   Back To Top

One of the most popular fair attractions is the CHS Miracle of Birth Center.  Nearly 200 animals are born at the Minnesota State Fair during its 12 day run.  We’ve got some of the newest arrivals with us!

Extreme Dog Show   Back To Top

You can check out the Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show in the North Woods every day at 11 AM, 2 PM, and 4:30 PM.  Or you can see them now!  Chris Perondi brings one of his dogs to give us a peek at what you can see.

Adopt Owen!   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk Dog introduces us yet to another dog looking for his forever home.  We’ve helped almost 50 dogs that Ali introduced us to get adopted.  Owen is a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrior mix that wants nothing more than to be adopted. 

Water Precautions for Dogs   Back To Top

Jumping in the lake or taking the boat out in the summer heat is one way to cool down.  Before you take your family dog with you though, there are some precautions you should consider.  Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk Dog has some advice and products that will make your day at the lake a success.

Adopt Mister!   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis with Sidewalk Dog introduces us to Mister, a Rottweiler mix who is looking for his forever home.  Mister is 4 years old, wonderful with kids, and has no problems with other dogs.  He is being offered by No Dog Left Behind.

Sparky the Sea Lion at Como Zoo   Back To Top

Emily is live at Como Town all week long giving out freebies and having some fun! While she is there, she's checking out some of the attractions.

Adopt Po the Greyhound!   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk brings another friend looking for a forever home.  Ali has helped over 40 dogs find their families when they are introduced on Twin Cities Live.  Po the Greyhound is hoping a family will step up and give him his forever home.  For information on adopting Po, click here

5/19 Host Chat   Back To Top

We’re happy to have former Minnesota Viking, Ben Leber back to co-host with Elizabeth today!

Adopt Dolly!   Back To Top

Every month, Ali Jarvis with Sidewalk introduces us to a dog looking for its new forever home.  She’s back with a pretty “big dilemma” named Dolly.  The sweet great dane is 31 inches tall and weighs 105 pounds.  Dolly has exceptional manners and would live to live in a home with another dog.  For more information on adopting Dolly, click here

"Pet-tiquette"   Back To Top

The dog parks will soon be filled and restaurant patios will find some furry friends on them.  Warmer and sunnier days ahead means quality time outside with man’s best friend!  Ali Jarvis, owner of Sidewalk, has a lesson in “pet-tiquette” for owners to keep in mind!

Adopt Bruiser!   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis with introduces us to Bruiser, a 7 year old Chihuahua, looking for his forever home!  Bruiser comes from Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota,  is in good health and loves other dogs.  For more information on adopting Bruiser, click here.