Adopt Bruiser!  

Ali Jarvis with introduces us to Bruiser, a 7 year old Chihuahua, looking for his forever home!  Bruiser comes from Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota,  is in good health and loves other dogs.  For more information on adopting Bruiser, click here.

Adopt Abby!  

Ali Jarvis of the dog-owner resource website Sidewalk Dog stopped by to introduce us to Abby, a 3 year-old English Springer Spaniel looking for her forever home! 

Adopt Rhianna  

Ali Jarvis from introduces us to a Shar Pei/Pit Bull/ Lab mix named Rhianna looking for her forever home.  Rhianna is seven months old and is quite the cuddler, getting along well with other dogs and children.

Home Remedies for Your Dog  

There is no question that dog owners love their pets.  So when they aren’t feeling their best or get a little gassy, you want to do something to help them.  Ali Jarvis, from Sidewalk has some quick home remedies that will help them in no time.

Adopt Tiny the Basset Hound!  

Ali Jarvis from dog owner resource website, Sidewalk Dog, introduces us to Tiny, a two year-old basset hound looking for his forever home.

Dog Show  

Thousands of dogs have taken over the River Center in St. Paul for the Land O’Lakes Kennel Club Dog Show.  Emily could not resist going over and checking out all the dogs. 

Bubbly Paws Pawdicure  

The winter weather can really be tough on your dogs.  Getting them to go out in the cold and snow can be hard.  There is something that can help them feel a bit more comfortable…a “pawdicure!”

Adopt Kaycee the Boxer!   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk has helped many dogs find their forever home and she is back again.  Ali introduces us to Kaycee, a five year old Boxer from Minnesota Boxer Rescue.   

You Can Adopt Sugar!   Back To Top

Sugar is an Aussie who is loves people and lives to make people happy.  She is available from Heading Home K9 Rescue.  

Bubbly Paws   Back To Top

We all know that our dogs are much more than just our pets.  They are part of our family.  But giving them a bath can be a pain.  There’s a place in St. Paul that not only will take care of that for you, but Bubbly Paws will even give your dog a dye job!   

Adopt Wyatt   Back To Top

Every month, we feature a dog looking for a forever home.  Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk introduces us to Wyatt a Siberian Husky.

Exotic Fair Animals   Back To Top

The State Fair has plenty of cows and horses, but there are some unusual and exotic animals to see too. A few of them stopped by the 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS building.

AAA: Pet Travel   Back To Top

According to AAA there are thousands of hotels and vacation spots that welcome your pet. In honor of our back to school week, we welcome our AAA Travel Expert Wendy Weigel.

Adopt Kevin!   Back To Top

Kevin is a Lab-Collie mix and he is looking for a fovever home.  Ali Jarvis from Sidewalk tells us all about the dog formally known as Midnight.  Kevin is 11 months old and comes from Pet Haven of Minnesota.  Click here for more information. 

Hounds Dog Wash   Back To Top

Chris and Elizabeth are both big time dog lovers.  Of course, we all know Elizabeth has her beloved westie, Henry, and Chris has his bulldog named Sarge.  But keeping them cleaned are a chore.

Traveling with Your Pet   Back To Top

Elizabeth loves to take her dog, Henry, on bike rides with her.  She puts him in a basket and away she goes.  Whether you are going on a bike ride or taking your pet in the car on a family trip, there are plenty of products to keep them safe.  Ali Jarvis from is here with some of those products. 

Adopt Shasta!   Back To Top

Shasta, a four year old Japanese Chin from Luv-A-Chin Rescue wants you to adopt her!  Ali from Sidewalk has all the details!    

Sidewalk Dog   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis from dog-resource website Sidewalk Dog is back and this time brought a new friend Babycakes.

Cat & Rabbit Rescues   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis, from Sidewalk, usually brings us a dog each month looking for his forever home.  But we love all animals and this month she is featuring some cat and rabbit rescues!

What Kind of Dog is Best for You?   Back To Top

Ali Jarvis brings a dog to us every month who is looking for his forever home.  But not every dog is right for your home.  So if your are thinking about adopting a dog, you probably are worried about getting the right fit.