Laurie Crowell
Name: Laurie Crowell
TCL Contributor: Good Foods Expert
Hometown: Grew up in Eau Claire WI, now reside in Woodbury, MN
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Who do you live with: Britt, my charming husband, Ben and Connor, our rascally little boys, and Rooney our sweet little pup that funny enough I got while exhibiting at a Home and Garden show with John Michael Lerma!
Where would you like to live: I do love being here in Minnesota but if I could choose anywhere to have a second home it would absolutely be Paris.
Your favorite occupation: The one I have right now! I am grateful every day that I get to do something I love for my job.
Person you'd like to meet: I have two. I would love love love to spend a little time with Steve Martin. I have liked him since I was a kid in the 70's. His books are always a good read, his banjo playing is fantastic and his movies are always funny. Tom Hanks is another. If a movie comes on with Tom Hanks in it, even if I have seen it a hundred times, I will watch it... Every. Single. Time.
What do you order in a coffee shop: A double shot of espresso with 3 oz steamed cream and 1 packet sugar in the raw (I used to work at a coffee roastery so I am very specific/picky in my coffee choices!).
3 TCL regulars who you'd like to have dinner with: Oooh, it is hard to get it down to 3...I would say Marjorie Johnson because I absolutely love hearing her stories, I just met Sara Bartlett for the first time recently and would love to know more about her, and of course Ted Farrell who never fails to educate me about fine wine or good spirits and he always has a funny story to tell :)
Favorite State Fair food: That is a tough one to narrow down too! Sweet Marthas are mighty fine but I think the "Puff Daddy on a Stick" from The Sausage Sisters is my all time fave.
Favorite TCL moment: I remember how fun it was to be on the very first episode of Twin Cities Live. The studio was buzzing with excitement... it was so cool to see all their months of hard work happening live for the first time!
One thing you can't live without: Good music :)
Dream TCL interview/segment: I would love to interview Ina Garten on the show. I worked for her many years ago and would love for the TCLive viewers to see first hand what a wonderful, talented and interesting woman she is.
What is your motto? "If you don't ask, the answer is always no". I say it to my boys every single day.


Make Ahead Smoothies  

Pre-packaged smoothies can get a bit spendy and cutting up the ingredients each day to make a smoothie, can take more time than you have in the mornings.  Laurie Crowell, owner of Golden Fig, prepares the makings of smoothies for up to 18 days.

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"Grandma Rita's" Thanksgiving Dressing  

Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig grew up eating her Grandma Rita's dressing on Thanksgiving. She's updated the recipe with her own twist.

Chai Drinks  

Chai is the word for tea in many parts of the world.  There has been a big growth in the popularity of chai.  Chai originated in India.  It’s a flavored tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of Indian spices and herbs.  Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig shows us how easy it is to make at home.

Pumpkin Risotto  

Making the perfect risotto can be tricky.  Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig says the trick fro making the perfect risotto comes down to the temperature of a specific ingredient – the stock.

Mini Corn Dogs   Back To Top

You don’t have to wait until next year’s fair to enjoy corn dogs.  Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig shares her recipe for mini-corn dogs!

Recipes Using Honey   Back To Top

Guest co-host, Falen from KDWB, shared with us that one of her hobbies is raising bees.  A beehive can produce up to 100 pounds of honey every year.  Owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell, shares some recipes to use all that honey in! 

Cooking with Berries   Back To Top

Now is the time to get out and go berry picking here in the Twin Cities!!  Now that you have bushels of berries what are you going to do with them?  Owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell, shows us how to create a meal all around blueberries and raspberries!   

Cold Summer Soups   Back To Top

We’re celebrating a super summer with cold summer soup ideas!  Owner of the Golden Fig in Saint Paul, Laurie Crowell, shows us 3 soup recipes perfect for the dog days of summer: Cucumber Dill Soup, Grilled Strawberry Balsamic Soup and Chilled Avocado Soup.

Easy Graduation Party Ideas   Back To Top

When you put all the hard work into throwing a grad party you want to enjoy it.  Owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell, shares three recipes for your party so you’re not stuck in the kitchen.  A Grilled Citrus Chicken salad, Strawberry Melon salad and Lavender Berry Lemonade are make a head recipes to keep you out of the kitchen.

Farmers Market Trends   Back To Top

Spring is here and that means that farmers markets all over the Twin Cities are opening up for their regular season hours.  You’ll have fresh produce and flowers and your fingertips!  We’ve brought in our farmers market pro, owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell, to share what trends she’s seeing this year! 

"Ten, Ten, in Ten" Cooking Challenge   Back To Top

We gave TCL regulars Mary Jane Miller, Laurie Crowell, and Rob Barrett 10 kitchen tools, 10 ingredients, and 10 minutes from start to finish, to make a meal. The results of our "Ten, Ten, in Ten" Cooking Competition are wild! 

Spring Food Trends   Back To Top

It isn’t only fashion that follows the trends.  Food moves in seasonal trends too, especially at the local level.  Owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell, shares some of the hottest food trends hitting our tables this spring.

No Bake Easter Treats   Back To Top

With everyone’s busy schedules there isn’t time to do it all but you still want to get a delicious treat on the table for Easter! Owner of Golden Fig in Saint Paul, Laurie Crowell, show us 2 no-bake dessert ideas! A peanut butter sea salt egg and tropical coconut nests, enjoy!

The 411 on CSA's   Back To Top

Community Supported Agricultures, or CSA’s, is best known for getting a box of vegetables from a local farm.  Essentially you are purchasing a share of their crops.  Vegetables aren’t the only options anymore  when it comes to CSA’s.  Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig has some unique options.

Hottest Hot Dish: Wild Rice and Ham Hotdish   Back To Top

The perfect winter go-to dinner is hotdish and we’ve gathered some of our favorite foodies to do a week full of hotdish! Owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell is using the Byerly’s Wild Rice soup and turning it into a casserole.