Alice Seuffert



Hometown: ST. PAUL, MN

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Who do you live with: I live in St. Paul with my husband Will, my daughter Stella and my son Wes.

Where would you like to live: I was born and raised in Minnesota but lived in Florida and Washington, D.C. for college and grad school and during the winters in MN (especially when it is below zero) I sometimes wish I was back in Florida enjoying the beaches. But I love it here and couldn't imagine raising my family anywhere except for Minnesota. Besides, have you visited the Florida State Fair, they have nothing on us!

Your favorite occupation: It has to be a tie between being a wife and mom. I met my husband in college in 1999 and he is my biggest supporter, best friend and taste-tester. I also love being a mom, I had my daughter Stella in 2009 and she has been my buddy in the kitchen and just loves cooking and is such an adventurous eater. My son Wes, while just a baby is also my kitchen companion and his favorite toy? My wooden spoon:)

Person you'd like to meet: Emeril Lagasse

What do you order in a coffee shop: Winter: Pumpkin Latte; Summer: Iced Vanilla Latte

TCL regulars who you'd like to have dinner with: I'd love to have a potluck with Laurie, Rob, Marjorie and Antigoni.

Favorite State Fair food: Honey Sunflower Seed Ice Cream (it is a hidden gem and in the Ag & Hort building)

Favorite TCL moment: It has to be when Stella did a cooking segment with me in February 2013 about cooking with kids and within a minute of our segment, threw a sausage at the camera. Her grandparents can't stop laughing about it.

One thing you can't live without: In life I couldn't live without my family. In the kitchen I couldn't live without my food scissors, in my pantry I couldn't live without chunky peanut butter and in my fridge I couldn't live without cheese!

Dream TCL interview/segment: My dream segment would be cooking with Emeril Lagasse. I got into cooking because of Emeril's television show and books (I think I have all of them). I'd love to cook Jambalaya, one of his first recipes I ever tried and an annual tradition in our family.

What is your motto? She Believed She Could, So She Did

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