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Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

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Jodi Livon, The Happy Medium is owner of The Intuitive Coach LLC, is a favored local and national radio personality and has been the resident psychic on Twin Cities Live, since 2009, a prominent television show in the Midwest.

In addition to her work as a corporate psychic and motivational speaker, Jodi has been a contributing magazine columnist and is the author of The Happy Medium book series. She's also been interviewed and featured nationally and internationally in a number of popular publications.

Jodis unique approach to her work is unparalleled and appeals to a mainstream audience as well as the more traditionally metaphysically-inclined. To see what Jodi is up to now, check out her website,!

Story of Your Soul  

Jodi Livon the Happy medium and intuitive coach usually gives two lucky members in our audience a live rapid reading but instead she stopped by to share a new concept, called “Story of Your Soul.” It has been helping her clients get “unstuck” from the story they keep telling themselves. This concept also helps people shift into having a more positive mindset.

Rapid Readings  

Jodi Livon, The Happy Medium is owner of The Intuitive Coach LLC, is a favored local and national radio personality and has been the resident. She stoped by to give two luck members in our audience a live rapid reading.

Audience Readings  

Our resident medium, Jodi Livon, stops by and give two of our audience members their own readings on the show.

Happy Medium Jodi Livon Answers Your Questions  

TCL’S resident psychic and medium Jodi Livon stopped by to answer the questions she gets asked the most.
For more information on Jodi, click here.

Coffee with Cool People: Jodi Livon  

In this week’s “Coffee With Cool People” presented by Caribou Coffee, Elizabeth grabs a cozy warm drink with TCL’s resident psychic and medium Jodi Livon. It’s a conversation that’s fitting for Halloween. But while Jodi spends plenty of time connecting with spirits on the other side, she’s also like any other mom, busy connecting with her teenagers.

LeDuc Historic Estate  

Every year right around Halloween, we like to send Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson out to get spooked. She and psychic and medium Jodi Livon have connected with spirits at Landmark Center, the Saint James Hotel in Red Wing and most recently the Ordway in downtown Saint Paul. They're all places said to be haunted, like the LeDuc Historic Estate in Hastings.  The home was built in 1860s and people have claimed to see its owner General William LeDuc walking from room to room. Kelli and Jodi takes us inside!

Rapid Readings with Jodi Livon  

We’ve been celebrating the beautiful river town of Hastings in TCL in Your Town. And we found so much to do and see there, we’re heading back in Octover!  This time to the Leduc History Estate. TCL reporter Kelli Hanson and our psychic and medium Jodi Livon will take us inside the mansion built back in the mid 1860s. It was the dream home of William Leduc, a senior soldier in the Civil War. it's now open for public tours but reports of the property being haunted began in the 1950s. Kelli and Jodi will find out if those reports hold true in a few weeks!

Sidewalk Psychic at the Fair   Back To Top

One of our most asked about guests is also one of the most recognized on the street. We’ve taken Psychic and Medium Jodi Livon to Lake Minnesota and to the sidewalks of Minneapolis to see if people wanted a free psychic reading!  The response was huge, so we decided to take our SideWalk Psychic to the state fairgrounds. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson and our Psychic and Medium Jodi Livon found a few fairgoers looking to tap into their own intuition.

Jodi Livon - Ask The Psychic   Back To Top

Our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon stopped by our studio to answer viewer's questions on psychic channeling. 

Sidewalk Psychic Along the Water   Back To Top

It's Water Week on Twin Cities Live. We’ve been out on the water, but now we’re strolling along a lake in Minneapolis. And we also made TCL reporter Kelli Hanson approach random people with our psychic and medium Jodi Livon.  
We call it Sidewalk Psychic and this time, Jodi didn't just read people.

Jodi Livon Rapid Readings   Back To Top

Jodi Livon stopped by TCL and chose two audience members to participate in live rapid readings.   

Jodi Livon: Turn Your Luck Around   Back To Top

To many people, Friday the 13th is just another day on the calendar. But for those who believe in superstitions, it’s a very unlucky day. And if you're having a bad day, our Happy Medium wants to help turn that luck around. Psychic and Medium, Jodi Livon, stopped by to tell us why Friday the 13th is actually a very lucky day!

Answering Your Psychic Questions   Back To Top

If you’ve ever experience Déjà vu, have you wondered why it happens? Does your pet see spirits? These are questions our Psychic and Medium tackled today on Twin Cities Live. Jodi Livon stopped by for a Q&A with TCL viewers!

Jodi Livon Rapid Readings   Back To Top

When our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, stops by, our live audience gets a chance to not just watch the show…but participate in it!  That’s because two of them get chosen for live rapid readings from Jodi.

Changes in 2018   Back To Top

A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions and set out with good intentions of following through.  But, you wonder…are there big changes in store for me in the New Year?  Our resident psychic and medium, Jodi Livon meets with a few members of the audience to give them a little insight into what can be expected.

Guthrie Theater’s Blithe Spirit   Back To Top

Veteran actress Sally Wingert is back for another entertaining performance. Sally is in the Guthrie Theater’s production of “Blithe Spirit”. The show is described as a high spirited comedy. It’s about a man and his wife who are hosting a séance with Sally’s character. Sally plays an eccentric medium known as Madame Arcati.  It turns into an interesting evening with a supernatural turn. 

Rapid Readings with Jodi Livon   Back To Top

If 2017 has been a year of change, or maybe a year that left a lot of questions unanswered, our Happy Medium it's time to trust your own intuition. That’s something she says we all have.

Ordway Ghosts   Back To Top

In 1985, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts opened.  It was the creation of Sally Ordway Irvine.  Sadly, Sally died just two years later but the people of the Ordway say that Sally has never left.  TCL’s psychic and medium, Jodi Livon, decided to check out the theatre.  Sally’s daughter Jill even stopped by hoping her mother would make an appearance.

Audience Psychic Readings   Back To Top

TCL Medium and Psychic, Jodi Livon, is one of our most asked about guests and an audience favorite!  Jodi gives a few audience members a quick reading and they are intrigued by what she has to say. 

Jodi Livon Reads Colleen Lindstrom   Back To Top

MyTalk107.1’s own Colleen Lindstrom jumped in the co-host chair and one of our most asked about guests stopped by to give her a Psychic Reading. Colleen thought she was an open book, but Jodi unveiled things Colleen doesn’t typically share about herself!

Rapid Psychic Reading for Mom   Back To Top

As a psychic and medium, our Happy Medium Jodi Livon is on guest we get asked about a lot. But what many people don't know about her, is her first job is being a mom. She stopped by our studio to help us celebrate moms this Mother’s Day weekend, but giving special rapid readings to a few from our audience. 

Sidewalk Psychic   Back To Top

Every month we ask our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, to give live psychic readings right here on our show. But this time, we wanted to do something different. So we sent Jodi to the streets for what we're calling “Sidewalk Psychic.”

TCL’s Happy Medium Looks Back   Back To Top

TCL’s Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, first appeared on our show back in August of 2009. Since then she’s become a regular guest, giving audience members rapid readings and taking us along as she communicated with spirits. Jodi stopped by the studio to help us celebrate our 9th birthday and to share a few of her favorite moments on the show.


Lucky Rapid Readings   Back To Top

Our Happy Medium Jodi Livon says if you’ve ever said “I feel lucky today,” you may be on to something. That’s because that feeling means you’re in line with your intuition. Jodi stopped by to give a few lucky audience members their very own reading.