Jodi Livon
Name: Jodi Livon
TCL Contributor: Medium
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Who do you live with: Husband, three darling kids and a little white dog
Where would you like to live: least for a summer
Your favorite occupation: What I am doing right now! Intuitive coaching!
Person you'd like to meet: Golda Meir, the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. She died in 1978 however. Ghandi..or Carl Jung also deceased. Is this a problem?
What do you order in a coffee shop: Light roast with lots of cream
3 TCL regulars who you'd like to have dinner with: Now that's hard…I adore them all! John Michael Lerma, Antigoni, Jodi Mayers, Rob Barrett… Oh I know that's more than three but I can't stop!
Favorite State Fair food: Turkey leg on a stick
Favorite TCL moment: many! During host chat his last week on the show, John Hanson said that because I had told him, five months prior, that he was going to move and a man by the name of Jon would rent his condo, and it all came to fruition, he is less skeptical and even more interested in the intuitive process. That moment for me was a long time in the making!
One thing you can't live without: My family..and chocolate!
Dream TCL interview/segment: Gallery style audience readings!
What is your motto? Trust your gut, follow your heart and use your head.


TCL’s Happy Medium Looks Back  

TCL’s Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, first appeared on our show back in August of 2009. Since then she’s become a regular guest, giving audience members rapid readings and taking us along as she communicated with spirits. Jodi stopped by the studio to help us celebrate our 9th birthday and to share a few of her favorite moments on the show.


Lucky Rapid Readings  

Our Happy Medium Jodi Livon says if you’ve ever said “I feel lucky today,” you may be on to something. That’s because that feeling means you’re in line with your intuition. Jodi stopped by to give a few lucky audience members their very own reading. 

Love Readings  

Our producers found some interesting relationship statistics on the internet, just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day. Did you know that if you date for at least three months then it's likely you'll be dating for at least four years? This is according to Facebook's research on relationship statuses.

Rapid Readings  

Our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, was recently featured in the Star Tribune. She’s written a new book, “Speaking the Language of Intuition.” In it she says everyone can be psychic.

The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition  

It's been 7-years since our next guest has written a book and we'd say it's about time! Our Happy Medium is one of our most asked about guests so it's no wonder her fans have been anxiously awaiting the pen to hit the paper.

St. James Hotel Ghost Hunt  

Every Halloween we send our happy medium Jodi Livon and paranormal researcher Dave Schrader to some pretty spooky places!  Cuzzy's Bar in downtown Minneapolis that was once a burlesque house and River City Saloon in Anoka where caskets were built back in the day for the mortuary next door are just a few.

Live Psychic Reading 9/30  

The Happy Medium, psychic Jodi Livon, gives another group of TCL audience members a live psychic reading. For more about Jodi and her services, click here.

Fall Trend Report   Back To Top

Pumpkin Spice Orange, Army Green, Statement Furs…they’re all trends hot on the runway right now and looks TCL Stylist Jodi Mayers says we all should try out this Fall. Jodi stopped by with her Fall Trend Report and to tell us how you can see these trends on an Edina runway in just a few weeks.

Fair Psychic Readings   Back To Top

If there is one thing you can count on, it’s the fact that you’ll be waiting in line quite a bit at the fair.  Reporter Kelli Hanson took our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon out on the fairgrounds to give some fair goers some psychic readings.

After the Reading   Back To Top

Every month our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, sits down with the audience members live on the show and gives rapid physic readings. She says more often than not those audience members reach out after the show with that “aha” moment. They get home and think “Wait a minute! I know what she’s talking about.”

Jodi Reads Falen’s Dog   Back To Top

Falen’s dog, Elliott, has a new sister at home named Muppet.  With a new family member to get used to, we thought it would be fun to figure out what is going through Elliot’s head.  Who better to figure this out than TCL’s psychic and medium, Jodi Livon!  Jodi gives Elliott a reading and fills in the blanks for Falen.

Jodi Livon Reads Alexis!   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live’s Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, has a bucket list of famous celebs she would love to read. There’s Will Smith, Adele, the Dalai Lama, just to name a few. But she also has a list a little closer to home, that includes a familiar face here on our show. It’s MyTalk 107.1’s very own Alexis Thompson!

Audience Rapid Readings   Back To Top

Every month our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon stops by and a few lucky audience members get a quick reading from her.  Many times, the person getting the readings are hoping that someone from the “other side” stops by!

Rapid Readings   Back To Top

There is only one Friday the 13th in 2016, and it just so happens to fall in May. It’s why we invited our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, to the show to try and tap into the other side. She stopped by our studio for another round of Live Audience Rapid Readings.

Jodi Livon Psychic Reading   Back To Top

Every month our Happy Medium Jodi Livon sits down with audience members live on the show and gives rapid physic readings. And she says more often than not those audience members reach out after the show with that aha moment. Maybe they couldn't quite put their finger on the information she was sharing, but on their drive home that changes.

Audience Psychic Readings   Back To Top

Psychic and Medium  Jodi Livon knows a thing or two about intuition.  She’s gives a few of our audience members a live reading.

Couple’s Live Psychic Reading   Back To Top

In January, Sandy from Minneapolis got a live reading here from our psychic Jodi Livon. She emailed us asking for Jodi's help on a big decision she had to make, should she move to Colorado or not. Sandy told us that Jodi's reading gave her the information she's been looking for.  This time we asked for couples to email us if they wanted a live psychic reading and that's how we found Mary and Steve Paschke.

Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities   Back To Top

Our psychic and medium Jodi Livon is one of our most asked about guests. People always want to know if what she does is for real. You may start asking another question about her soon...can she really dance? TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson tagged along at her latest dance lesson and Jodi trains for bragging rights at the best celebrity dance in the Twin Cities. She is one of five local celebs competing all while raising money for a great cause.

Psychic Reading: Big Change in 2016   Back To Top

Our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, is one of our most asked about guests. So it wasn’t surprising when our email inbox filled quickly after we asked if anyone was looking to make a big change in 2016, but needed a little intuitive guidance. That’s how we found Sandy Swanson from Minneapolis. Jodi was able to pick up on her big decision.