Elizabeth's California Closet

Love a necklace or pair of earrings you saw Elizabeth wearing on the show?  Want to find a out where she got those killer shoes?  Check out Elizabeth's Closet everyday for updates on what she's wearing on Twin Cities Live.  Here you'll also find fashion tips and tricks to make your wardrobe look styled without breaking the bank!

Elizabeth's Closet, July 23rd  

Elizabeth had a little bit of a moment in the closet when she realized she's wearing her first maternity dress!   

Elizabeth's Closet, July 22nd  

Elizabeth wore a simple black dress with a brightly colored necklace! 

Elizabeth's Closet, July 21st  

Elizabeth wore a brightly colored top with a simple black tank top underneath! 

Elizabeth's Closet, July 17th  

Elizabeth wore a bright pink and orange patterned dress with a turquoise necklace on today's show!

Elizabeth's Closet, July 16th  

Elizabeth wore a simple blue and black ensemble with a clear chained accent necklace on today's show!

Elizabeth's Closet, July 15th  

Elizabeth wore a light colored jacket with dark colored pieces underneath! 

Elizabeth's Closet, July 14th  

Elizabeth wore a beautiful blue flowered blouse with a pop of pink from a viewer gifted necklace! 

Elizabeth's Closet, July 11th   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Dez wore some bright blues and purples for today's star-studded show! 

Elizabeth's Closet, July 10th   Back To Top

Elizabeth's shoes were the star of the show today!

Elizabeth's Closet, July 9th   Back To Top

Elizabeth sported a black jacket with a blue top underneath! 

Elizabeth's Closet, July 8th   Back To Top

Fashion Expert and host of Due North Outdoors, Laura Schara shows off some of her own jewelry while Elizabeth wears her favorite denim jacket! 

Elizabeth's Closet, July 7th   Back To Top

Elizabeth wore a mostly Corset ensemble some fun sparkly shoes and a bright green blouse on today's show. 

Elizabeth's Closet, July 3rd   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Dez brighten up today's set in some dazzling pinks, wild pants, and a printed dress from Corset!   

Elizabeth's Closet, July 2nd   Back To Top

Dez wore a bright white blazer with a green chevron blouse and Elizabeth sported a sleek black dress on today's show!

Elizabeth's Closet, July 1st   Back To Top

Elizabeth wore a bright orange dress with a beautiful turquoise necklace for her big announcement on today's show!