Elizabeth's California Closet

Love a necklace or pair of earrings you saw Elizabeth wearing on the show?  Want to find a out where she got those killer shoes?  Check out Elizabeth's Closet everyday for updates on what she's wearing on Twin Cities Live.  Here you'll also find fashion tips and tricks to make your wardrobe look styled without breaking the bank!

Elizabeth's Closet, April 23rd  

Although it's cool and rainy today, Elizabeth decides to go sleeveless! Find out where her dress is from in today's edition of Elizabeth's Closet.

Elizabeth's Closet, April 22nd  

Elizabeth is wearing a cute, tan top and adds pops of turquoise with her bracelet and skirt. 

Elizabeth's Closet, April 21st  

Elizabeth rocks a bright pink dress for TCL's 6th birthday! Find out where she got it on today's episode of Elizabeth's Closet.

Elizabeth's Closet, April 18th  

Dez finds a piece of Easter luck on Elizabeth's shoe. Find out what it is, and meet our audio guy, Pops, in today's episode! 

Elizabeth's Closet, April 17th  

Elizabeth and Dez are presenting their outfits from a new location today! Instead of the California Closet, they are on set waiting for President Obama to finish his speech. Find out what they are wearing in this fun episode of Elizabeth's Closet. 

Elizabeth's Closet, April 16th  

Elizabeth sports a classic black and white look today, paired with a light pink necklace to add a pop of color!

Elizabeth's Closet, April 15th  

Elizabeth is home from vacation and excited to be back in the California Closet. Find out where her spring green top is from in today's episode. 

Elizabeth's Closet, April 10th   Back To Top

Elizabeth is having fun in the closet today with Bradley Traynor, and it just so happens, they match! 

Elizabeth's Closet, April 9th   Back To Top

Jodi Mayers from Corset, put together an outfit for Elizabeth using two colors you may not normally think to wear together. See how she made it work, on today's episode of Elizabeth's Closet!

Elizabeth's Closet, April 8th   Back To Top

Find out where Elizabeth's bright pink top is from, and what she did with her necklaces today in the closet. 

Elizabeth's Closet, April 7th   Back To Top

Elizabeth pairs a jean jacket with a touch of orange to welcome spring!

Elizabeth's Closet, April 4th   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Dez love their colorful dresses and comfortable heels. Find out where they got them on today's episode of Elizabeth's Closet!

Elizabeth's Closet, April 3rd   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Dez talk pedicures and accessories today in the closet. Find out where their outfits are from and how to get your clothes to fit just right. 

Elizabeth's Closet, April 2nd   Back To Top

Elizabeth is determined to bring spring to Minnesota in her bright colored top and skirt!

Elizabeth's Closet, April 1st   Back To Top

Elizabeth sports a pair of acid wash jeans and accessorizes with a bright, fun scrunchie and a brand new pair of white keds... April Fools! Check out what Elizabeth is really wearing in today's episode of Elizabeth's Closet.