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Fall Décor  

Plastic pumpkins aren’t good just for trick or treating time.  Meg McLean from Mickman Brothers shows how they can help you with your fall décor!

Dry Cleaning Myths  

You might be surprised to know that just because the tag on your garment says “Dry Clean Only” that may not actually be the case.  Tes Olson from St. Croix Cleaners has some guidelines when determining if – and how often – your item should be brought to the drycleaners.

Color Trends in Paint  

If you look at the walls in your house and think they could really use a little sprucing up it’s as easy as picking up a paint brush.  Before you do, the experts at Abbott Paint & Carpet fill us in on what colors are on trend right now – and why investing in the right brand of paint is so important.

Framing 101  

You probably have boxes full of photos put away somewhere.  Get them out because our Art Designer, Nicole Kappus Solheidis offers her advice on how to display them!

Showcase Home Tour  

The Mpls.St.Paul Magazine ASID MN Showcase Home Tour is underway.  This year’s theme is all about coastal chic.  Interior designer for Interior Places and Spaces, Angela Parker shows how to take inspiration from the showcase home and put it into yours.

Interior Design Like TV Shows  

It’s premiere week on ABC and we are taking inspiration from some of the shows.  Interior designer, Megan Meder, shows how to make your home look like your favorite ABC show.

Tour Cathedral Hill Homes  

The Cathedral Hill neighborhood in Saint Paul has amazing old homes. Several home owners are opening their doors as part of the Ramsey Hill Association Housing Tour. Emily heads on a tour of one of the homes.      

Fall Yard Prep   Back To Top

Believe it or not, the leaves are already beginning to change and that means one thing.  It’s time to prep your yard for fall.  Mike Frattallone from Frattallones Ace Hardware gives us his “Fall Yard Prep Timeline”.  

Help My Entryway!   Back To Top

With the school season started, your entryway can turn into a dumping ground for backpacks, athletic equipment, jackets, and – pretty soon – snowpants, boots, and mittens.  Interior designer, Susie Ries, has ideas to keeping it organized and clutter free.

Organize Your Space   Back To Top

If you have a small space, there are ways to keep it organized.  IKEA gives us advice on those small spaces.   

Window Treatments   Back To Top

Whenever anyone talks about window blinds, you probably think of the ones that you pull up with a cord.  Once up, you have a very long cord to contend with and hopefully, they have pulled up equally on both sides!

Wine Storage   Back To Top

There are a lot of different ways to store and display wine.  Design Build Contractor Ramsin Khachi shows us some of his favorite creative ways.

Smelling Fresh   Back To Top

There is a line you don’t want to cross when spraying scents to keep your house smelling fresh.  Handyman, Mike Frattallone, from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware, has ways to do this without offending your guests with an overpowering scent! 

Backyard Lights   Back To Top

To fully enjoy your deck after sunset, it’s all about the lighting.  Design Build Contractor Ramsin Khachi shows us some ways to set the mood, all with different lighting options.

Beat the Heat   Back To Top

Having air conditioning is the way most folks combat the heat.  Even if you don’t have air conditioning, Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware has other ways that will help you beat the heat! 

Kitchen Trends   Back To Top

One lucky person will be getting a kitchen remodel, valued at up to $25,000, from Inspiration Design Center in Burnsville!  Emily gives us a look at some of the new looks you might implement if you are the lucky winner!

Flooring for Your Home   Back To Top

Style is said to by cyclical.  What was once fashionable will be fashionable again.  That goes for home décor as well.  Popular in the 70’s, linoleum flooring is making its way back into our homes.  Steve is at Abbott Paint & Carpet to check out the better then ever linoleum options.

Front Door Facelift   Back To Top

Sarah and Justin Meagher from Golden Valley have a new daughter and a front door that needed replacing. The team at Minnesota Rusco heard their story and jumped in to help make their house more energy efficient and secure.

Get Growing: Gardening with the Kids   Back To Top

The weather this weekend is going to be perfect for a little gardening.  Home and Garden Expert, Larry Pfarr, says gardening is the perfect activity to bond with the kids with.

Keep the Bugs Away   Back To Top

Hopefully you are planning on spending some time outdoors to celebrate the 4th of July.  There isn’t anything that can ruin an outdoor celebration like mosquitos and other bugs!  Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware has some ways to keep the bugs away. 

Amp Up Your Walk   Back To Top

Fitness Expert Nancy Stoneberg has committed herself to get all of us walking this summer.  She shows us how to amp up your walk to get the most out of your routine. 

Get Growing: Party Prepping   Back To Top

When you are getting ready for an outdoor party, you want everything to be perfect.  Home and Garden Expert Larry Pfarr has some ideas to make your yard look its best before the party.

Sprucing Up Your Patio   Back To Top

The TCL patio is open!  Senior producer, Christian Unser’s parents came and replanted and added some decorations to the patio.  His mother, Linda, has some advice on how to spruce up your patio!

Fixit with Frattallone’s   Back To Top

Heading to the hardware store, doesn’t necessarily mean you are buying something new.  At Frattallone’s Ace Hardware, they can actually help you fix a broken item rather than replace it.  From broken care keys to repairing garden hoses, Frattallone’s can help.

Gingham Style   Back To Top

Gingham, a popular 2015 trend, is everywhere from runways to home decor. Ali Kaplan, Shopping Editor at the Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, gives ways to add gingham to your house and wardrobe. 

Tools and More for Father's Day   Back To Top

Great gift ideas for Father's Day from Home Depot

Get Growing: Perennials   Back To Top

A good selection of perennials can be a strong foundation for your garden, because they keep coming back putting in the right place to begin with is important.

Luxury Home Tour   Back To Top

Emily is live at one of the homes being featured in Midwest Home’s Luxury Home Tour.  It’s a way to find out what it would be like to live in a $5 million home!

Get Growing: Go Vertical   Back To Top

Potted plants look beautiful, but can take up valuable real estate.  Why not go vertical instead?  Gardening expert, Larry Pfarr, shows us how easy it is to do and the kids can help out too!

Keep the Critters Away   Back To Top

It’s a battle that gardeners face each year.  How do you keep the critters out of your yard and gardens so they don’t get destroyed?  Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware has some products that can help.

Curb Appeal   Back To Top

The simplest changes such as adding new house numbers or a new mailbox can really make a difference to the look of your home.  Sometimes, however, when it comes to curb appeal it pays to make some big changes.  Design Build Contractor, Ramsin Khachi, shows us how your curb appeal is affected.

Get Growing: Tomatoes   Back To Top

Tomatoes are a staple in Minnesota gardens.  Gardening expert, Larry Pfarr, shares a few things to know that could get you a great tomato harvest.

Paint Advice   Back To Top

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make a massive impact to the look of your home, the solution is to paint.  The guys at Abbott Paint & Carpet have the answers that will make it easy to pick up that brush and get painting! 

Get Growing: Container Gardens   Back To Top

It’s a no-brainer to head to the store and pick up a pretty planter.  Garden Expert, Larry Pfarr, shows us how you can turn a wire basket into a DIY planter.

Outdoor Living Spaces   Back To Top

Once the weather warms up, Minnesotan’s are spending as much time outdoors as possible.  Dust off your patio furniture, fill your planters and get ready to enjoy the outdoors! Home Depot store manager, Ryan Flanagan, shows us ways to transform your outdoor living space.

Bees, Wasps, & Hornets   Back To Top

Not all things that buzz are bad.  But when you have a hornet’s nest attached to your house – that isn’t good!  Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware has some things that will keep the wasps and hornets at bay. 

Succulent Plants   Back To Top

Home and garden expert, Larry Pfarr, shows us how to “Get Growing” with some of the hardiest and easy to care for plants you can get.  Succulent plans make a great addition to your deck or patio because they can easily be potted.

Good Company: Dill and Izzy   Back To Top

As a busy mother of two, Stacy Hassan found peace making candles at home. She has now expanded her business, Dill & Izzy, to include pillows and other products with a local flare. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg introduces us to this Good Company. 

Make Big Bucks at Home   Back To Top

Many are familiar with direct sale businesses like Mary Kay and Avon, but those are only two of many businesses who promise that you can make big bucks selling to friends and family. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson did the research on four companies allowing you to sell their products.

Investing in Quality Home Furniture   Back To Top

When it comes to home interior decorating, there are definite points to consider when purchasing furniture.  Interior Designer Susie Ries has advice on what to look for when purchasing quality chairs, sofas and end tables.  Plus, she says there are times when it makes sense to save a little. 

Spring Yard Prep   Back To Top

From dealing with dead patches of grass to preventing weeds from taking over your yard, this is the week to be working on your yard.  Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware is here to make sure your yard will be the best on the block!

Basement Flooring   Back To Top

When putting down flooring in your basement, there are some special things you need to consider.  Design Build Contractor, Ramsin Khachi, has some flooring options that would work perfectly in your basement.

Garage Clean Up   Back To Top

Spring cleaning is not only for your home.  It’s time to make sure your garage is orderly and functioning too.  Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware is here to help. 

Kitchen Talk   Back To Top

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is teaming up with Minnesota Monthly for a week of inspiration and design starting Sunday, April 12th.  Interior designers Kathryn Johnson, Andrea Dixon, and Todd Hansen talk about kitchen trends.

IKEA Bedroom Makeover   Back To Top

Your bedroom should be a place where you feel calm and relaxed.  IKEA stepped in to help make Kathy Thorvaldson’s (from Cottage Grove) bedroom her own oasis. 

Staining Your Deck   Back To Top

If you are planning on staining your deck this Spring, you probably think you need to set aside a pretty big chunk of time.  Not so says Craig Tracy from Valspar Ace.  You can prep, stain, and entertain in a weekend! 

Quick Spring Cleaning   Back To Top

It may be overwhelming when you think about the Spring cleaning that needs to be done.  The Home Depot Eagan store manager, Cody Wilkens, has some products and techniques to tackle those chores that will make it a whole lot easier.

Em’s Adventures: Macy’s Flower Show   Back To Top

If you are a little bit down about how things are looking outside, just head to Macy’s downtown Minneapolis!  Spring is in full bloom at the Macy’s Flower Show.  Emily steps up to help with the gardening to get things ready for the 65,000 people the show will attract.

New IKEA Kitchen   Back To Top

A month ago, IKEA invaded the old kitchen on the Twin Cities Live set and gave us a brand new one!  We are excited to show off our new cabinets, countertops, and appliances. 

As Seen on TV Products   Back To Top

The products you see in the commercials, make a lot of promises.  They promise to make the job easier, save you time, and save you money.  The big question is, “Do they work?”  Emily put some of the kitchen gadgets out there to the test.