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Plants that Repel Bugs  

You don’t have to spray on the repellant if you have the right plants in your garden.  According to Mariah Mickman, from Mickman Brothers, there are plants that naturally repel bugs.  She shows us a few you can put out. 

Lawn Care  

We go from too much rain – to now, not enough and our lawns are showing it!  Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware has some products and advice to help you take care of your yard. 

Tiny House Nation  

There’s a movement taking over the nation that has people downsizing their living spaces – significantly.  “Tiny House Nation” is a new reality series that show off small ingenious spaces and the people who live in them.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Design House: Roofing  

Twin Cities Live and 5 Eyewitness News are following the process of building a new home from start to finish with Bergeron Homes.  The project is called the 5 Eyewitness News Design House and each week you will learn new home trends and the places that are worth spending your money on.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Design House: Siding  

Twin Cities Live and 5 Eyewitness News are following the process of building a new home from start to finish with Bergeron Homes.  The project is called the 5 Eyewitness News Design House and each week you will learn new home trends and the places that are worth spending your money on.

42 to Say I Do: Flowers!  

There are officially nine days until the big day for our 42 to Say I Do couple, Mollie and Sam.  It’s time to pick the flowers out!  Sweet Peas Floral in Woodbury gave the couple a lot to choose from! 

Design House  

Twin Cities Live and 5 Eyewitness News are following the process of building a new home from start to finish with Bergeron Homes.  The project is called the 5 Eyewitness News Design House and each week you will learn new home trends and the places that are worth spending your money on.

Attract the Bees and Butterflies   Back To Top

We know all tips and tricks to keep critters out of your yard but how do you get bees, butterflies and even hummingbirds in to your garden? Lawn and garden expert Larry Pfarr shared his secrets on how to get those pollinating animals in your garden. 

Unusual Hardware Products   Back To Top

We all know what a paint brush is for.  Screwdrivers are used with screws and a plunger will unclog drains.  Have you ever walked through the hardware store and saw something that you just had no idea what its purpose was?  Mike Frattallone with Frattallone’s Ace Hardware puts Elizabeth to the test with some items that have some unusual purposes. 

Buffet Supply Finds at Savers   Back To Top

We put Donna Erickson to the test and asked her to purchase items for an entire buffet table for only $100. Of course the crafty lady accepted the challenged and headed to Savers to see what she could find. 

California Closets   Back To Top

Elizabeth stops by the California Closets store in the Galleria to get creative solutions to some common closet storage issues.

Outdoor Entertaining   Back To Top

If you want to do some outdoor entertaining but need to spruce up your outdoor space, grab a can of spray paint! Sunday Burquest tells us her "Do It Yourself" secrets for a renewed outdoor space. 

42 to Say I Do: Décor   Back To Top

It’s 37 days to the big day for our winning couple, Mollie and Sam.  On July 18th, they will be married live on Twin Cities Live.  We got a sneak peek at the venue already and now it’s time to pick out the décor.  Producer Kelli Hanson heads to Festivities where the decisions are getting made. 

Garage Organization   Back To Top

With all the gardening tools out, the lawnmower in use, and the kids bikes being stored in the garage you might find the garage getting pretty cluttered.  Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware has some recommendations to get it organized – and keep it that way. 

ASID Minnesota Showcase Home   Back To Top

Have you ever driven down a street and saw a beautiful home and wondered what the inside of it looks like?  Now you can.  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine teamed up with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) to transformed a Golden Valley house into it’s showcase home.

Bonfires and Grills   Back To Top

Memorial Day Weekend will have a lot of grills being fired up and bonfires being enjoyed.  Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware has some pointers on how to make your time around the fire safer and more enjoyable. 

The Garden at St. Paul Hotel   Back To Top

The St. Paul Hotel has been named one of the country’s top hotels because of its history and charm.  The hotel itself is beautiful and it’s English Garden is absolutely stunning.  Emily introduces us to the woman in charge of the garden and shows us around.

Saving on Yard & Garden Products   Back To Top

Super Saver, Carrie Rocha from Pocket Your Dollars.com, says you don’t have to spend a lot of money when making your yard and garden look their best.  She shares some examples of ways you can save money on your outdoor projects.

Opening Up the Patio   Back To Top

The folks from Bailey Nurseries stopped by to spruce up the TCL patio.  The end result is stunning and we are excited to get out there and enjoy it!  Alec Charais from Bailey Nurseries gives us a tour and a little bit of info on the flowers they put out there.

Organize Your Jewelry   Back To Top

Keeping your jewelry organized is key in remembering what you have.  Jewelry designer, Jen Scheffler, says keeping things in sight is like displaying art.  Whether you organize your jewelry in plain sight or hidden in drawers or closets, Jen has some suggestions.

Wallpaper   Back To Top

They say that trends always come back around.  This seems to hold true in interior design trends as well.  You may remember having wallpaper in your house that you grew up in.  You may also remember getting rid of that old wallpaper as quickly as possible when you bought a house with wallpaper in it.

Getting Organized!   Back To Top

Nationally syndicated and Pioneer Press Lifestyle Columnist, Donna Erickson, says if you have cereal boxes, soup cans, bowls, or pill cases you’ve got what you need to get organized.  She shows us how to use these inexpensive items to get your messes in order!

Deck Preparation   Back To Top

Whether you’re hosting a grad party or just getting your deck ready for all that summer grilling, Frattallone’s Ace Hardware can help freshen it up.  Mike Frattallone has pointers on how to spruce up your deck after this long winter. 

Gifts that Grow   Back To Top

Even though the day only comes around once a year, you can give mom a Mother’s Day gift that gives long after the weekend is over.  Home and Garden Expert, Larry Pfarr, has some gifts that grow.

Bedroom Transformation   Back To Top

IKEA stepped in to a St. Louis Park man’s small plain bedroom and completely transformed it.  Now the room not only feels more inviting, but also more spacious.

Ways to Display Photos   Back To Top

There are more than just one way to display your photos around your home.  Forget the picture frame says our DIY Expert.  Sunday Burquest is here with some other creative displays.

Container Gardening   Back To Top

Just because you don’t have a garden, you can still plant flowers and fresh veggies.  It’s called container gardening.  Home and Garden Expert, Larry Pfarr, has pointers to help avoid some common mistakes.

Fool Proof Colors   Back To Top

It’s difficult to select the right paint color for the walls of your home. It's the number one question designers are asked. Interior Designer, Susie Ries, says there are go-to colors that are fool proof and works every time.

Spring Clean Your Car   Back To Top

It’s time to clean the winter grime off your car and freshen it up for Spring.  Mike Frattallone of Frattallone’s Ace Hardware has his product picks to get your car spic and span! 

Spring Yard Prep   Back To Top

Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware is here with spring yard prep advice.  It might not be a beautiful spring day out today, but there are still some things you should be doing to make sure your grass is the greenest on the block come summer. 

Easter Décor   Back To Top

Former Design Star contestant, Rachel Kate, shows us some ways to add color and fun to your home with some DIY Easter décor.  Check out Rachel Kate Designs for more fun ideas. 

Entertainment Room Makeover   Back To Top

It’s nice to have a room in your home that’s comfortable and inviting for entertaining.  Imagine if you were embarrassed to even bring company into that room.  A Maple Grove family did very little entertaining in their room until Ashley Furniture took over! 

Porch Decorating Ideas   Back To Top

Create an exciting transition from your front porch to the inside of your home by making it a bright introduction to your home.  Designers are using strong jewel tones this year and they really stand out on your front porch.  Megan Meder, from The Sitting Room in Excelsior, shows us some decorating ideas to make your front porch welcoming and inviting.

Twin Cities Gardening Calendar   Back To Top

The above average temps today may have you excited to get out there and get started on your gardening.  Home and Garden Expert, Larry Pfarr says, “Not so fast!”  He joins us with his calendar of gardening guidelines.

Front Door Makeover   Back To Top

There is just something magical about pulling up to your home and it looks stunning from the street.  That is what you call “curb appeal”.  Curb appeal is what makes your home feel inviting.  Having a beautiful front door on your home is a big part of that.

Bachman Idea House   Back To Top

Every year, the team at Bachman’s transforms their Idea House into a showcase of the latest trends in décor and design.  This year it’s called an Aegean Oasis and we went to find out exactly what that means.

Decorating with Fabric   Back To Top

Changing up the décor in your home is as easy as making a trip to the fabric store.  DIY expert, Sunday Burquest, goes beyond pillows and curtains and shows us how to use fabric to pull an entire room together.

Homeowner Commonly Asked Questions   Back To Top

Yards and the insides of homes are showing the effects of a long, cold, snowy winter. We asked our handyman, Mike Frattallone from Frattallone's Ace Hardware, to answer some commonly asked questions from homeowners as we transition from winter to spring.

Laundry Room Refresh!   Back To Top

When Lisa and Brent Severson from Brooklyn Park moved into their new home, the one room that needed some work was their laundry room.  Since Lisa and Brent are not particularly handy, it’s a good thing that IKEA stepped in to give the room a makeover.  

Using Plants in Your Interior Design   Back To Top

With the first day of Spring on March 20th, Minnesotan’s are anxious to see a little green. 
Designers are just as impatient as our clients when it comes to waiting for spring to arrive.  They are constantly looking for new and different ways to add pops of green indoors.  Megan Meder from The Sitting Room has ways of incorporating some greens into your interior design. 

Parade of Homes Dream Home Tour   Back To Top

Emily got a sneak peak at just one of the homes in the Parade of Home Dream Home Tour.  It’s a $2.4 million home in Edina that includes a basketball court, an amazing kitchen with two dishwashers, an exercise room, and so much more!

DIY Party Lights   Back To Top

Our own Mr. Fix It, TCL Senior Producer Christian Unser, shows how to make party lights in just five minutes!

Uses for Command Hooks & Strips   Back To Top

The 3M Command product line is much more than hooks for hanging out. Our handy man, Mike Frattallone from Frattallone's Ace Hardware, shares easy ideas how they can help organize your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.  

Using Kitchen Utensils in the Garden   Back To Top

Since we're at the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show, we challenged the crafty Alexis Thompson from myTalk 107.1 to take kitchen utensils and make crafts that will look cool in your garden come spring.

HGTV's John Gidding   Back To Top

HGTV's John Gidding is making appearances throughout the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show. He stops by to share the common mistakes homeowners make to diminish the value of their front yard. 

Cool Homes   Back To Top

This week, Emily is giving us a sneak peak at what Viebrock Construction, who is featured at the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show, can do. Today, she takes us inside a house that is just going up outside Stillwater.

Innovation Avenue Products   Back To Top

While you are at the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show, check out Innovation Avenue to see the newest and most creative products.  Product Expert, Sasha Andreev, shows us just a few of the items you’ll find there. 

Another Cool Home   Back To Top

Emily is showing us some really cool homes by one of the builders you’ll see at the Home + Garden showViebrock Construction built a home in the Stillwater area that is 8000 finished square feet, has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and is perfect for entertaining.  Emily had to check it out. 

Cool Homes   Back To Top

The Home + Garden Show is the place to go to see the latest in trends.  There will be a lot of builders at the show with pictures and plans of the work they do.  Emily went inside some of the actual homes of Viebrock Construction to get a real feel of the actual product.  The first gorgeous house is in western Wisconsin.   

Take the U Out of Clutter   Back To Top

Interior designer, Mark Brunetz, has helped homes across America declutter on the Style Network show, Clean House.  He is also the author of Take the U Out of Clutter and he is here with some pointers for us.