Best Local Liquors  

Besides the cooking and cleaning there is one other thing you should make sure is ready for Thanksgiving.  Is your liquor cabinet stocked?  Joy Summers from Minnesota Monthly shares some of her favorite products from the top breweries, wineries, distilleries, and cideries right here in Minnesota.

Friendsgiving at Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery  

Elizabeth enjoyed an over the top Friendsgiving at Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery over the weekend along with a group of about 40 TCL fans. Winemaker Mike Drash along with Assistant Winemaker Josie Boyle were on hand to describe how each course of food was complemented by a Chankaska Wine. For example, a creamy butternut squash soup went perfectly with the 2016 Four Oak White.

Wines from the Mediterranean  

Wine guy, Ted Farrell, owner of Haskell’s, is keeping us in the Mediterranean with his wine picks.

Coffee and Bagel Pairings  

Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bros are joining forces to help you get out of your breakfast rut.  Jennifer Hagness from Caribou stopped by to share which coffee goes great with what bagel.

Batch Cocktails

Haskell's Ted Farrell shares recipes for big batch cocktails to please a crowd.

Best Wines on Sale  

Twin Cities Live's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, stopped by to hand out The Teddies! The awards go to the best wines part of Haskell's Fall Sale, which runs through November 5th at their 12 Minnesota locations. Watch to get Ted's pick for the best wine to stock up on now for Thanksgiving dinner!

Fall Drinks by Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery  

The Wine Maker at Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery, Mike Drash left winemaking country in Napa to move to Minnesota and make wine at Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery instead.  Mike brought his knowledge to the winery where they have created exciting and world-class wines. He stopped by to share some delicious fall inspired drinks you can make right at home.  To find Chankaska wines at a store near you, click here.

Tailgating Drinks   Back To Top

Over the years, the “art” of tailgating has changed.  Our Wine Guy, Ted Farrell, has a few tips to tailgating the right way!  Check out Haskell’s Fall Sale that runs through November 5th.

Caribou Coffee Drinks to Make at Home   Back To Top

You don't have to rely on the weather to let you know what season we're in! Just stop by the local coffee shops and you can tell just by their menu. There's pumpkin chai, white chocolate mochas and caramel lattes.

Fall Style Beers   Back To Top

It dude week and we’re brewing up a bromance for seasonal beers. When the weather chance so might your choice of beer. Today, we shared fresh up and pumpkin flavored brews with Jim Watkins from Sociable Cider Werks.  

He Makes a Whiskey Drink   Back To Top

In honor of Twin Cities Live's Dude Week, Haskell's Ted Farrell stops by to share simple whiskey cocktail recipes. 

Pryes Brewing   Back To Top

Minneapolis has a new brewery. It’s called Pryes Brewing. It sits right next to the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. It’s the first in the state to offer something called Feather Bowling. It’s a cross between curling and bocce ball. So, guests can have a good beer and take on an interesting and new game that uses feathers and wooden cheese wheels.

Save Big at the Liquor Store Back To Top

Twin Cities Live is all about saving you money. Haskell's Ted Farrell stopped by with ways you can get discounts at the liquor store! 

Wines from Croatia   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live Reporter Emily Engberg recently went on vacation in Croatia with a group of Minnesotans. While she was there, she went to a winery. But this isn’t just any winery. Korta Katarina, or KK, is owned by Minnesotans Lee and Penny Anderson. The couple was visiting the area while doing some humanitarian work. They fell in love with the region. They took their passion for wine and their love of Croatia and started KK. Each wine has a story and that’s what the folks at the winery are most proud of.

The Melissa Peterman Wine Four-Pack   Back To Top

In honor of actress Melissa Peterman co-hosting Twin Cities Live, our Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, stops by with four of her favorite varietals of wine along with a great deal!

Best of the Cities at the Fine Spirits Classic   Back To Top

On Thursday, July 27, the Twin Cities best restaurants and distilleries will showcase food and drink at Minnesota Monthly's Fine Spirits Classic. Food critic Joy Summers stops by with a preview and a half off ticket deal for Twin Cities Live viewers!

Easy Drinks for Summer Parties   Back To Top

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Alice, is showing us how to host a summer party with fun drinks without spending the whole night playing bar tender.

Honey Drinks   Back To Top

The Radisson Blu Mall of America teamed up with the University of Minnesota Bee Squad to house a colony of honeybees.  They actually use the honey that is produced in some of the drink recipes from Radisson Blue’s Firelake Grill House and Cocktail Bar.

Wine and Liquor Gadgets   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, has comedian Louie Anderson guess the purpose of some quirky gadgets he sells.

Ideas for Your BBQ   Back To Top

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Alice, has some fun drinks and foods to bring to your summer BBQs or picnics.

Best Fancy Sodas   Back To Top

The craft beer movement is booming, and another is on the rise. Sodas (or pop if you're a true Minnesotan) are going beyond the mass produced stuff in the can. Food critic Mecca Bos shares picks for four made in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Caribbean Backyard Bash   Back To Top

If you've got a summer BBQ in your upcoming plans, we want you to put down that package of hotdogs. Don't even think of buying that relish tray. Instead, escape to the Caribbean. The owner of Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, Tomme Beevas, stopped by to show us how to pull together a Caribbean Backyard Bash.

Bald Man Brewing   Back To Top

Some of the best breweries aren’t in the cities, they’re in the burbs. Throughout the summer, Twin Cities Live is going to feature some of them. Our first stop is Bald Man Brewing in Eagan. It’s a hot spot for folks wanting good beer and a good vibe.

Badger Hill Brewing Company Back To Top

Once you’ve had your fun at Valleyfair, take a break at Badger Hill Brewing Company!  Badger Hill Brewing Company offers tours, has eight beers on tap, and growlers to go!  Click here for information. 


Don't Judge a Wine by Its Label   Back To Top

To grab attention in the liquor store aisles, winemakers are spending more money to make fancier labels. But don't let that be the deciding factor on what you purchase. TCL's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, shares four wines with less than glamorous labels that aren't worth passing up.

National Wine Day and Int'l Chardonnay Day   Back To Top

TCL's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, stops by to celebrate two 'holidays' he holds close to his heart: International Chardonnay Day and National Wine Day. Plus, he has exclusive deals for TCLers!

Hog Wild Week: Pork Belly Sandwiches   Back To Top

All week long we've been going hog wild with the Minnesota pork board on twin cities live!  Chef Jeff Labeau from Depot Bar and Grill in Faribault, is here to make pork belly sandwiches.

Wines from the Western Mediterranean   Back To Top

In celebration of Steve's upcoming cruise to the western Mediterranean, our Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, stops by with his vino picks for Italy, France and Spain along with a bonus from Gibraltar.

Mother’s Day Mimosas   Back To Top

Brunch is just not the same without a cocktail and all you need is orange juice and dry sparkling wine to make the perfect mimosa!

A Wine Expert's Favorite Wines On Sale   Back To Top

Haskell's 12 Minnesota locations are having their biggest sale of the year. To help navigate you through the deals, we asked our wine guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, to present some awards. We call these "The Teddies."  

Building the Perfect Cheese Tray   Back To Top

Whether you have time to plan or are in a pinch, Haskell's Ted Farrell shares advice on building the perfect cheese platter for your next gathering.

Hard Seltzer Picks   Back To Top

With sales booming for flavored sparkling water company, La Croix, other businesses are trying to cash in. Enter the hard seltzers -- waters infused with alcohol. They're popping up on liquor store shelves, so we asked Haskell's Ted Farrell to share options worth trying.

Coffee Cocktails   Back To Top

Minnesota has a booming cocktail & spirit scene and an equally thriving craft coffee   So why not combine the two and really make some Minnesota coffee cocktail magic!  If coffee is not your thing, try a chai cocktail.  Or if you like beer, go for some local brews made with local coffee.

Make Ahead Smoothies   Back To Top

Pre-packaged smoothies can get a bit spendy and cutting up the ingredients each day to make a smoothie, can take more time than you have in the mornings.  Laurie Crowell, owner of Golden Fig, prepares the makings of smoothies for up to 18 days.

Punches for Brunches   Back To Top

Today, we're mixing it up with batch cocktails you can serve at your next get-together with family and friends.
Nicholas Kosevich with Bittercube is here with great punch bowl ideas.

Cookie and Wine Pairings   Back To Top

TCL's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, was tasked with a tough assignment -- to pair Girl Scout cookies with wine. He shares his picks for what goes best with your favorite. 

French Wines   Back To Top

Wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskells Wine just returned for the Bordeaux Region in France.  He’s sharing three wines that he says will give you a taste of that area.

Brunch Mocktails   Back To Top

They're drinks guests of any age can enjoy! Taylor Shaver from FireLake Grill House and Cocktail Bar inside Radisson Blu Mall of America shares mocktails perfect for your next brunch gathering.

Valentine’s Day Wine Picks   Back To Top

No matter how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, TCL’s Wine Guy has a bottle of vino or bubbly to help. Haskell’s Ted Farrell shares his picks whether you’re looking to stay in or are looking to pop the big question.

TCL In Your Town: Maple Grove, Omni Brewing Company   Back To Top

TCL In Your Town heads to Maple Grove. The folks behind Omni Brewing love craft beer and they wanted to bring the experience to the Northwest suburbs. It has only been around for about sixteen months, but they are already getting quite the following from beer fans. 

Stillwater Beer and Wine Scene   Back To Top

TCL In Your Town is in Stillwater, Thursday, February 2nd. The city has beautiful views of the St. Croix River and a historic downtown that has become quite the tourist destination because of its businesses. It’s not only the local shops that bring people in from the cities and beyond. It also has a fun beer and wine scene. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg has a list of several of her favorite. She narrows it down to two beer spots and two spots perfect for sipping wine.

Fat Reds   Back To Top

What does it mean when someone describes a red wine as a “good fat red wine”?  Our wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskells explains and shows us some of his favorites.

Answers to Your Questions About Wine   Back To Top

We asked Haskell's Ted Farrell to answer your questions about wine! He stops by with advice on how long a bottle of vino is good for once it's opened along with a unique product that lets you drink wine hands free.

Best Ways to Stay Hydrated   Back To Top

It's common to have a water bottle close by during a workout. But are you drinking beforehand? TCL Fitness Expert Nancy Stoneberg says it's a must. She stops by with suggestions on how much water you should consume pre, during and post workout along with options beyond tap water.

Can Can Wonderland   Back To Top

There’s a new spot in St. Paul that combines art and fun. It’s called Can Can Wonderland. It’s a spot where folks of all ages can go to play mini golf, to check out art and to get a craft cocktail or interesting drink from a soda fountain.

Mulled Wine with the Cast of "Camelot"   Back To Top

"Camelot" is playing through February 25th at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. The actors who play "King Arthur" and "Queen Guenevere", Keith Rice and Helen Anker, stopped by to talk about the show and share their recipe for mulled wine!

Wine Bars in the Eastern Burbs   Back To Top

There are all sorts of great wine bars in the cities, but there are also some really great spots worth checking out in the suburbs. Emily Engberg teams up with Minnesota Monthly Food Critic Joy Summers. They have three spots worth toasting to on the east side.

Champagne Picks   Back To Top

If a New Year’s Resolution is to save money or if you really want to ring in 2017 with style, Haskell’s Ted Farrell has a champagne for you!

Zero Proof Mix Off: Mocktails   Back To Top

It’s a message worth repeating this holiday season: if you are going to drink at holiday gatherings, make sure you have a safe ride home. TCL and AAA Minneapolis challenged two Twin Cities bartenders to create mocktails you can serve to guests for our annual zero-proof mix off.

Duck Burger Sliders   Back To Top

TCL's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, is a man with many talents. Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge about wine, he knows his way around the kitchen, too. He shares his own recipe for duck burger sliders along with a couple wines that pair well with wild game.