Fresh Juice Cocktails  

In honor of the most romantic day of the year, Cookbook Author, Robin Asbell shows us how to create fresh juices but with a twist.  These juices have are for adults only!  They’re all red and they all use fresh ingredients to you to enjoy with your loved one. 

Healthy Teas  

When you aren’t feeling good, sometimes a good, warm cup of tea is all it takes to make you feel better.  It’s not only just having the warm cup in your hands that feels good, there is also some reasons that the tea helps.  Owner of Verdant Tea, David Duckler, explains the health benefits. 

Du Nord Craft Spirits  

Breweries have become more popular in Minnesota over the last few years. That is thanks in part to the Surly Bill in 2011 which now allows brewers to sell their pints on location. There’s another trend that is starting to pop up and gain more popularity. - we’re talking about distilleries. Du Nord Craft Spirits was started by a husband and wife who wanted to combine their backgrounds and love of city and rural life in Minnesota.

Host a Wine Party  

Haskell's Ted Farrell shares clever taste testing ideas for incorporating wine into your next house gathering.

Hot Chocolate Recipes  

Chocolate was a drink for thousands of years before they started serving it in bars. Hot chocolate is a great way to warm up on a cold day. Stephany Wieland from the website Making It With Stephany shares her recipe for a classic homemade hot chocolate. Plus, she included a “hot vanilla” and a frozen version too!

Bloody Marys  

In honor of National Bloody Mary Day we’re mixing up the classic with Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig!

Wine Guy’s Guide to the Holidays  

TCL’s Wine Guy, Haskell’s Ted Farrell shares his guide for the holidays, including a crowd-pleasing wine that will make a great hostess gift and a suggestion on what drink to sip on as you celebrate the New Year!

Variations on the Moscow Mule   Back To Top

The ingredients to a Moscow Mule are simple: vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. They soared in popularity during America's fascination with vodka in the 1950s. TCL's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, shared variations to the Moscow Mule. 

Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery   Back To Top

If you thought you had to go all the way to Napa to experience a picturesque winery, you thought wrong. Elizabeth takes us to Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery in Kasota, Minnesota. It’s a little over an hour’s drive from the Twin Cities and features a full winemaking operation. Elizabeth tries some of their most popular wines, plus a wine-based cordial called North Forest Valnot Krem that can be served in hot coffee or over ice with a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

French Wines   Back To Top

Beaujolais Nouveau is a French tradition. The red wine, produced in the Beaujolais region of that country, is released every year on the third Thursday of November and is sold around the world. TCL’s Wine Guy, Haskell’s Ted Farrell, stops by with the 2015 batch and other French wines worth trying.

After Thanksgiving Dinner Drink   Back To Top

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans will spend 1.23 hours eating and drinking over Thanksgiving weekend. To make it the best Thanksgiving ever, Haskell’s Ted Farrell has wine and pie pairings along with a recipe for an after dinner drink you can sip on as a cocktail or mix with coffee.

Flavors of Fall   Back To Top

Pumpkin spice has gone beyond the coffee shop. Pumpkin-flavored vodka, wine and beer are now dotting the aisles of the liquor store. Haskell's Ted Farrell stops by with some flavors of fall.

Cider Cocktails   Back To Top

Jim Watkins from Sociable Cider Werks shows us cocktails using cider for the season!

90 Point Plus Wines   Back To Top

Ted Farrell from Haskell’s has some wines that are deemed outstanding by the pros.  That doesn’t mean you have to pay hundreds of dollars for the wines that rate 90 Point Plus. Ted explains what that means.   

Holiday Cocktails   Back To Top

'Tis the season.  Whether you are a fan of October, November, or December we’ve got a cocktail for you.  Taylor Shaver from Firelake Grill House & Cocktail Bar at Radisson Blu Mall of America created a cocktail for each month.

Fresh Hops Beer   Back To Top

For many, going to the bar and ordering a Budweiser or a Miller are gone.  More and more beer lovers are ordering craft beers these days.  Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Food & Dining Editor Stephanie March explains how the hops in beer effects the taste.

Fall Sangrias   Back To Top

Normally, when you think of sangrias, you probably think of sipping on them in the summertime.  Laurie Crowell, owner of Golden Fig says they aren’t just for summer!  Laurie got inspired by the delicious flavors of fall and put them in a wine glass!

Rare Wines   Back To Top

The hit show, Scandal, returns for its fifth season on ABC Premiere Week!  The main character , Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington), knows a lot about wine – especially rare wines.  Ted Farrell from Haskell’s catches up on Scandal and gives Steve a lesson in rare but affordable red wines.

Beer Cocktails   Back To Top

Watching the game on TV at home might require only one thing.  A beer.  We decided to make things a bit more classy by kicking it up a notch.  Head bartender at Coup d’etat, Ralena Young, shows us some beer cocktail recipes. 

Fall Wines   Back To Top

The days of sipping Sangria and Sauvignon Blancs out on the patio are making way for heartier wines good for slow cooker meals and watching TV from the couch.  Ted Farrell from Haskell’s shares his wine picks to help you transition into fall.

LaCroix Cocktails   Back To Top

The popular sparkling water beverage is delicious all on its own.  Creator of Making it with Stephany, Stephany Wieland, says the only thing its missing is the spirits.  She shows us how to use LaCroix Sparkling Water as a base for your cocktails. 

Wine Tasting   Back To Top

Our wine guy, Ted Farrell, from Haskell’s Wine spent the morning judging over 80 wines in the Amateur Wine Producer Contest in the Agriculture-Horticulture Building.  Whether you are judging wine or just enjoying a glass, Ted says there are five steps to tasting wine like a pro. 

Wine Chat with Haskell's Ted Farrell   Back To Top

Our regular wine guy Ted Farrell from Haskell's has been on the show for years. Elizabeth and Steve decided to switch things up and have a wine chat with Ted to get answers for some commonly asked questions.

Fine Spirits Classic   Back To Top

The best of the best bartenders will show off their skills in Minnesota Monthly’s 4th Annual Fine Spirits Classic. You get to sit back and watch the show but you also get to taste spirits from around the world and enjoy some good food. 

Beer Lovers Guide to Wine   Back To Top

Ted Farrell from Haskell’s is here with the “Beer Lovers Guide to Wine.”  Tell him what beer you love and he’ll tell you what wine you should be trying! 

Best Summer Ever Awards: Best Brewery   Back To Top

The craft beer scene has blown up in the Twin Cities over the last few years.  There were a lot of local breweries hoping to get the title.  TCL’ers, staff members, and local foodies voted for their favorite brewery.

Sauvignon Blancs   Back To Top

The US Women’s soccer team added another World Cup star to their jerseys.  We’re having our own friendly world competition with wine!  Sauvignon Blanc is a classic summer wine.  Ted Farrell from Haskell’s Wine brings his favorite Sauvignon Blanc from the USA, New Zealand, and other countries. 

Zero Proof Mix-Off   Back To Top

Over 41 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more this 4th of July weekend, according to AAA.  We want to help you stay safe behind the wheel with some zero-proof cocktails that are so tasty, you’ll forget there is no alcohol!

Summer Cocktails   Back To Top

You can enjoy your best summer ever right on your own deck with a delicious cocktail.  Stephany Wieland, creator of Making it With Stephany, shares some easy to make recipes.

Good Company: Whistler Soda   Back To Top

It was the inspiration of one man to bring back 1950's style pop. Emily meets up with the owner of Whistler Soda

Picnic Wines with Haskell's   Back To Top

It's the perfect time to pack a picnic and enjoy the warmth of summer! We challenged our Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, to pair classic picnic foods with wines. All of his picks are under $10! 

A Twist on Gin & Tonic Slushies   Back To Top

Amy Thielen from the Food Network show, Heartland Table, shows how to make gin and tonic slushies with ingredients from a backyard garden. 

Wine Cocktails   Back To Top

Our wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskells, has three recipes for wine cocktails to get you on your way to having your best summer ever!   

Good Company: Coffee Queen   Back To Top

Treating yourself to coffee shop coffee is a pleasure that many people start their day with.  Juanita Slagerman, from Stacy, realized she was spending an awful lot of money on coffee everyday.  Instead of stopping, she started making her own and turned it into a business.  Now she is known as the Coffee Queen.

Juice at Home   Back To Top

TCL guest and author of "Juice It!", Robin Asbell, says that juices can help cure a hangover, cure a cold, and give you more energy.

Patio Wines   Back To Top

Hopefully, you will find yourself out on your patio this Memorial Day Weekend.  Ted Farrell from Haskell’s has four summer wine picks that you can enjoy on the patio for the best summer ever! 

Burgandy Wines from France   Back To Top

Ted Farrell from Haskell’s continues to travel the world to ensure he has the best wines available.  Recently he returned from a 5-day excursion to the Burgandy region of France.  He brought with him some of his favorites.

Sonoma Wines   Back To Top

Ted Farrell from Haskells just returned from a trip to Sonoma County in California.  He shares his wine picks from the county. 

Seeing Double at Haskell's   Back To Top

Wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskell’s, says you’ll be seeing double when you check out their stores.  Don’t worry, it’s not your eyes.  He has some fantastic “buy one- get one” deals on wine as a part of Haskell’s Spring Sale. 

Masculine Wines   Back To Top

Wine isn’t just for the ladies.  Believe it or not, there are wines out there that are known as “masculine”. Ted Farrell, owner of Haskell’s Wine, introduces us to a few.

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks   Back To Top

Bailey’s Irish Crème was launched in Ireland in the 70’s and is now the most popular liqueur in the world.  Creator of Making it with Stephany, Stephany Wieland shows us how to make your own Irish crème and other St. Patrick’s Day drinks at home.

Red Wine Blends   Back To Top

When you see the name of one specific grape (like Merlot or Pinot Noir, for example) it means that at least 75% of the wine comes from that type of wine grape.  Combining those varietals to make wine blends is a trend you are seeing more of.  Haskell’s wine guy, Ted Farrell, shows us some of his favorites. 

Winter Smoothies   Back To Top

It’s important to start out your day with a healthy breakfast, but sometimes your schedule just doesn’t allow you to take the time to sit down to eat.  Smoothies can be filling and fast.  Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig shares a few recipes – with some ingredients that may surprise you.

Floral Wines   Back To Top

Throughout the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show, master gardeners, DIY Experts, chefs, and other pros will share their secrets and skills.  This includes our Wine Guy, Ted Farrell from Haskells.  He shares with us wines that relate perfectly with the flowers filling the convention center.

Wine and Candy Pairings   Back To Top

In honor of Valentine's Day, TCL's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, stopped by to pair wines with chocolates and other sweets.