11/25 Host Chat  

Elizabeth and Steve gets ready for Thanksgiving with a little “TCL Thanks You”!  Plus, Steve gets to taste a traditional Minnesota Scandinavian  dish – lutefisk!  

Em’s Adventures: Adaptive Climbing  

It would be a challenge for many us. Climbing a huge wall isn’t easy, but imagine doing it with physical challenges. The Courage Kenny Sports and Recreation department has an adaptive climbing program that makes it possible. It takes place at the Midwest Climbing Academy in Minneapolis. During two sessions in the fall and spring, kids with everything from autism to cerebral palsy get to set climb. And they climb big. Some of them beating their records from the week before. In today’s Em’s Adventures, we meet the folks making this unique program possible. We also get to meet some pretty special kids.

11/24 Host Chat  

Elizabeth and Steve have a few things to chat about.

11/23 Host Chat  

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things, including the annual Twin Cities Live Mini-Thanksgiving celebration!

The Happy Medium Reads The Movie Guy  

TCL’s Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, reads our Movie Guy, Paul McGuire-Grimes live on the show!

Sweetland Orchard  

Elizabeth visits Sweetland Orchard in Webster, Minnesota as they wrap up their fall apple harvest. Owners Gretchen and Mike Perbix show us how they harvest dozens of varieties of apples from their 20 acre orchard and turn many of them into hard cider.

11/20 Host Chat  

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things, including the launch of our annual Apollo Furnace giveaway

Thanksgiving Cooking Show Host Chat   Back To Top

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving at Mystic Lake Casino!  Steve and Elizabeth gets to try The Grand Slam Bloody Mary from the Meadows Bar & Grille.  It includes a cheese burger slider, bacon, cheese curds, beef stick, pretzel and more for $15!

Group Volunteering Ideas & Resources   Back To Top

The idea of philanthropy is strong in Minnesota. TCL’s Mike Marcotte has three group volunteer options that only take a couple hours of time along with local resources if you’re looking to give back.

TCL Gives Back: Matter   Back To Top

Matter, a Saint Louis Park based non-profit, redistributes products to those who need them most. Locally, they provide healthy food options, called Matter boxes, to hospitals and law enforcement, who then distribute them to those facing hunger. On a global scale, they send medical supplies, ranging from gauze to medical beds, to developing countries. Steve stopped by their warehouse to learn more and help sort items.

Good Company: Pheasants Forever   Back To Top

You’ve probably seen the logo or at least heard the name Pheasants Forever, but what you may not know is how it started or that it started right here in Minnesota. But it’s not just about hunting. In fact, a huge part of it is conservation.

11/18 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth share exciting news about the start of our annual 12 Days of Cookies, plus who was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man.

TCL Gives Back: Loaves and Fishes   Back To Top

Since establishing in 1982, the non-profit Loaves and Fishes has provided free meals to those facing hunger. Each year, the organization serves over 400,000 meals. That’s 1,900 meals a day.

Em’s Adventures: Bikes 4 Kids   Back To Top

Just this year alone, hundreds of bikes have been handed out to people in need. Bikes 4 Kids has been a non-profit organization since 2011. Although, the idea and concept dates several years before it was officially started. In a small shop on one of the volunteer’s land in Ham Lake, bikes are revamped, re-equipped, tested and cleaned up to give to folks through all sorts of service organizations. It has become a sort of hang out for guys who love the comradery, the gift of giving and of seeing young kids’ faces light up.

11/17 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

TCL Gives Back: Arc’s Value Village   Back To Top

During this season of giving, the TCL staff are taking time to volunteer with non-profits looking for help. Arc’s Value Village is a thrift store that supports The Arc Greater Twin Cities, a Saint Paul-based organization supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

11/16 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth catch up with what they did over the weekend.  Plus, another zip code is drawn for TCL Thanks You

11/13 Host Chat   Back To Top

It's Friday the 13th! Find out what Elizabeth and Steve are chatting about as we close out the work week.

Kid Connection: Tyler   Back To Top

Fashion designer Christopher Straub has been on Season 6 of Project Runway, he’s designed several of his own lines, created a signature collection for Yoplait and is now a children’s author. But in this Kid Connection he’s a mentor. Kelli introduces us to Tyler, a 15-year-old that loves fashion design and found a friend in this Minnesota designer.

Ken Barlow   Back To Top

5 Eyewitness News Morning Chief Meterologist Ken Barlow revealed his Bipolar 1 Disorder diagnosis 3 years ago. He stops by the Twin Cities Live studio to talk about his experience since revealing his diagnosis, some of the weirder moments that have happened to him since then, and how hearing from others who are dealing with the same issues has helped him move forward.

11/12 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

TCL Thanks You   Back To Top

This month, TCL wants to say thanks!  To who?  Or whom?  To you!  We’ve kicked off our “TCL Thanks You” contest.  Steve and Elizabeth picked a random zip code, and viewers from that zip code signed up for a chance to have Steve show up at their door with a goodie basket, including a one-hour massage-session from Massage Envy.  See the surprises happen here!  

Charlie Awards Founder Sue Zelickson   Back To Top

The Charlie Awards are dedicated to honoring those who make and serve food and beverages in the Twin Cities. The awards are named after the restaurant Charlie’s Café Exceptionale, which was a Minneapolis mainstay for 49 years until closing in 1982. They were famous for their potato salad. Charlie Award founder and food personality Sue Zelickson showed our hosts how to recreate this memorable dish.

11/11 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth recognize veterans on this day.

Mural Painting   Back To Top

Mr. Takeshi Sato is an accomplished performance artist. He uses a single paint roller to create masterpieces around the world. Mr. Sato uses Hip Paint, which is manufactured by Hirshfield’s here in the Twin Cities. In addition to his art, he wants to bring more color to Japanese homes and get away from their traditional white walls. Click here to find out more about Mr. Sato’s work.

Em’s Adventures: Breanna’s Gift   Back To Top

Breanna’s Gift is an organization that was inspired by a little girl who lost her battle to brain cancer at just 4 years old. Breanna’s grandmother started the program to bring smiles to other kids who are dealing with some serious illnesses. Every week, a teacher and volunteers visit one of three twin cities hospitals and the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis. They help kids create, play and have fun through the arts. It’s an opportunity for kids to feel like kids despite being so sick. Emily shows us how the program is helping families all over.   

11/10 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

11/9 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about the weekend.

11/6 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things. Plus, Steve has some fun on the streets.

Good Company: Seven Sundays   Back To Top

A Minnesota mom may have solved one of the problems that parents face.  She has taken the stress out of what to have for breakfast.  It was on a trip to New Zealand when she got the inspiration for her recipe that is now going national.

CMA Awards Preview in Nashville   Back To Top

The 49th Annual CMA Music Awards is taking over Nashville.  The awards show will be on 5 Eyewitness News at 7 PM.  TCL’s Kelli Hanson is hoping to rub elbows with a few of the celebrities on the red carpet.  She’s checking out the sights and sounds of Music City before the big event.

11/4 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

Em’s Adventures: Moore than Dance   Back To Top

This month Emily is on adventures that are about people in our community who are giving back and making a difference.  She finds out why Moore than Dance in Fridley is about more than just dancing. 

11/3 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

11/2 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth get caught up over the weekend.

Costume Contest   Back To Top

Our audience is celebrating the Halloween spirit with us!  We encouraged them to dress up as their favorite movie character.  We picked out our favorites to compete for $200 prize pack from the Theatres at Mall of America and Hard Rock Café.     

Knife Throwing with Danger Committee   Back To Top

In The Hunger Games, the tribute known as Clove throws knives and on Friday the 13th, Jason wields a machete.  The folks from The Danger Committee show off their skills with knives, machetes, and axes. 

Anoka: Halloween Capital   Back To Top

In order to keep the kids out of trouble, the city of Anoka decided in 1920 to start a Halloween celebration.  Now, Anoka is known as the Halloween Capital of the World.  The folks in the city go all out for Halloween with activities and decorations.  Emily is at the house of the winner in the House Decoration Contest

10/30 Halloween Host Chat   Back To Top

It’s our TCL Halloween at the Movies show!  Twin Cities Live is honoring of one of the biggest movies of 2015…The Hunger Games!

Landmark Center Ghosts   Back To Top

Landmark Center in St. Paul was built back in 1902.  While it now is home to several offices and social events, the building has quite the past.  According to the history books, the past is filled with bad guys and a lot of important, big decisions.

Tuesday’s Book Club   Back To Top

The Twin Cities Live Book Club was a big hit at Firelake Grill House & Cocktail Bar inside Radisson Blu Mall of America.  Before the festivities kicked off, Elizabeth checked out a spa package you can take advantage of at Radisson Blu.  To purchase the Radisson Blu Mall of America’s Hotel Spa Package for only $137.50, click here

10/28 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve & Elizabeth chat about a few things.

10/27 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

Best Candy Ever!   Back To Top

We all have our favorite candy and no two people pick the same one as the best.  We are here to settle the argument and determine once and for all, which candy reigns supreme!

10/26 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.  Plus we meet the winners of the Marriage in Mexico presented by Weddings by Funjet!

10/23 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about some things.

Project Down & Dirty: Restaurant Takeover   Back To Top

Our friends at myTalk 107.1 are taking over the Free House in Minneapolis as they are underway in their fifth annual charity event – Project Down & Dirty.  If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant in some capacity, you know what a big job it can be.  Kelli Hanson checks in with them.

10/22 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

10/21 Host Chat   Back To Top

Kelli Hanson is filling in for Elizabeth today. Kelli and Steve have a little chat.

Be Well with TCL: Bioidentical Hormones   Back To Top

In this edition of our Be Well with TCL series, reporter Kelli Hanson learns all about bioidentical hormones.