Actress Lea Thompson  

Rochester native Lea Thompson has an impressive resume in movies and TV. Highlights include roles in all three "Back to the Future" movies and on the television show, "Caroline in the City." Lea is back in her home state to help promote the Twin Cities Film Fest. She stopped by to talk about a screening of her film, "The Trouble with the Truth." 

Em's Adventures: Gymnastics with Nastia Liukin  

Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions is headed to the Target Center in Minneapolis. Before they show off their skills at Target Center, one Olympian made a stop at Northwest Gymnastics School in New Hope to meet several young gymnasts.  

TCL in Your Town Hudson: Living Off the Land  

TCL in Your Town is crossing the Saint Croix this week and shining the spotlight on Hudson, Wisconsin. While downtown Hudson is booming with new restaurants, shops and other businesses, Elizabeth meets a couple living a slower life in the city of 12,000. Tony and Ingrid Barlow are thirty-something modern homesteaders. When the property next to Tony’s childhood home became available, the couple snapped it up and now, along with their three children, they are living off the land. They raise chickens and pigs, grow almost all of their own produce and sell the extra at their own farm stand.

Elizabeth in New Orleans: Oak Alley Plantation  

TCL and AAA Travel embarked on a journey to The Big Easy! Join Elizabeth as she checks out Oak Alley Plantation and learn about the significance it has in history and how it's also a backdrop for multiple movies.

Friday Funday in Robbinsdale  

Steve danced it out with the residents of Robbinsdale!

Fall TV Preview  

More than just the leaves change in the fall.  Television programming changes too!  Neal Justin, Star Tribune TV/Media Critic, shares his picks for shows worth checking out this fall.

9/13 Host Chat  

Elizabeth is back from her trip with TCL’ers in New Orleans!

9/12 Host Chat   Back To Top

This week, TCL in Your Town is in Robbinsdale!  We'll be spotlighting some of the people and fun in Robbinsdale.  It's only fitting that our favorite Blue Ribbon Baker and Robbinsdale native, Marjorie Johnson, is cohosting with Steve!

"No Kid Hungry" with Andrew Zimmern   Back To Top

Chef, writer and TV personality Andrew Zimmern is working with the No Kid Hungry campaign to help children get the nutrition they need. 

9/9 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth is with some TCL fans in New Orleans!  Dez from KS95 is filling in.

Kid Connection: Aaron   Back To Top

As a kid, finding a passion, something you really love is important. It can help shape your identity build an imagination and let your personality shine. That’s what happened with TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson took 13-year-old Aaron to the Minnesota Zoo this summer. What she found was a kid who loves dinosaurs, love math and science and one that can’t wait to be loved by a family.

Jobs at Paisley Park   Back To Top

Public tours of Paisley Park, the home of the late Prince, begin in less than a month.  Tour Operations is holding a job fair at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres to fill nearly 100 position including tour guides, security, and food vendors.

9/8 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth is traveling with TCL’ers in New Orleans so Emily is filling in!

Up and Coming Good Companies   Back To Top

Every Wednesday we feature a company that stands out. We take you inside for a unique look at places like General Mills and Schwan’s Company. Emily has three newer companies that stand out for their product idea and their story.

9/7 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

Writing a Love Letter to Family   Back To Top

Minnesotans proudly followed Ben Utecht through his football career which started at Hastings High School, continued at the University of Minnesota, and in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals. After five major concussions during his football career, Ben is noticing memory loss effects which have erased cherished moments. That’s what inspired him to write “Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away,” a book described as a love letter to his family.

9/6 Host Chat   Back To Top

We’re back live in the TCL studio!

Fair Favorite: Ken Barlow Back To Top

Ken Barlow from 5 Eyewitness News Mornings shares his favorite stop at the fair – Turkey to Go.  Turkey to Go is located on the east side of Clough Street between Carnes and Judson.

9/2 Top 5 @ Four   Back To Top

It’s our final Top 5 @ Four presented by Renewal by Andersen. If you’re planning to go to the fair there are several must-sees.

9/2 Money Machine   Back To Top

Julene Haasch from Chaska is the next contestant to try her luck inside the Hiway Federal Credit Union Money Machine!

9/2 Hot History   Back To Top

Emily has been providing us with some hot history as she’s hanging out in a hot tub from Twin City Jacuzzi.  

Match Game: Fair Edition   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth are taking on each other this final day at the fair to find out who will “win the state fair” and a prize pack from Midwest Dairy Association.

Kid Reporter: Log Rolling   Back To Top

Emily hit the fair with our new kid reporter, Hunter Kadlec.  Just like Emily, Hunter has an adventurous side too which he showed off when they checked out Key Log Rolling.

9/2 Host Chat   Back To Top

It’s our final day at the fair!  And…it’s Friday Funday!

Fair Favorite: Bill Lunn   Back To Top

Five Eyewitness News anchor, Bill Lunn knows a thing or two about fishing.  He has been fishing Minnesota waters for 30 years.  Of course it comes as no surprise that his favorite place to be at the fair is the DNR Outdoor Fish Pond.

Doing the Fair for $50   Back To Top

There’s a lot of good food and good fun at the fair.  When you come, it’s a safe bet you’ll go through some cash!  TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson says it’s possible to do the fair without spending a fortune.  She brought her family of four and $50 and found out there was plenty of fun and food to be had!

9/1 Top 5 @ Four   Back To Top

Today’s Top 5 presented by Renewal by Andersen are one of the 2016 Best Awards from the State Fair!  Fair organizers sorted through more than 1200 exhibitors, vendors, and concessionaires and selected the best of the best!

9/1 Money Machine   Back To Top

Tracy Judge from Inver Grove Heights is the next contestant to try her luck inside the Hiway Federal Credit Union Money Machine!

Kid Reporter: Little Farm Hands Exhibit   Back To Top

All sorts of talented kids tried their luck at our Wendy’s Kid Reporter auditions.  Eight year old Hunter Kadlec from Blaine was the winner this year.  Emily put his reporting skills to the test during their visit to the Little Farm Hands Exhibit.

9/1 Fair Insider   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live’s local guy about town is also a walking state fair information booth!  Mike Marcotte, our Fair Insider, shares his tips to make your trip to the fair amazing.

9/1 Hot History   Back To Top

Emily is back at Twin City Jacuzzi with more Hot History!

9/1 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth rode the Skyscraper at the fair in 2010…and cried.  Then Steve rode it the first year he was at the fair in 2014…and swore…A LOT.  This year Steve and Elizabeth decided to hop on the Slingshot together to see what happens!

Draft Horses   Back To Top

Even though Elizabeth is a country girl at heart, she knew that when it comes to the new draft horse barrel racing competition at the fair she was out of her league.  So they brought in someone with a little bit more experience with horses – Twin Cities Live Executive Producer, Mandy Tadych.  She met up with the Goldsmith family from Chatfield that have been raising Belgian draft horses for more than 30 years.

8/31 Top 5 @ Four   Back To Top

It’s the latest news from the Great Minnesota Get-Together.  We call it our Top 5 @ Four brought to you by Renewal by Andersen.

8/31 Money Machine   Back To Top

Matt Hoffman from Minneapolis is the next contestant to try his luck inside the Hiway Federal Credit Union Money Machine!

Dirty Jobs   Back To Top

The Sanitation Department at the fair is – undoubtedly – on of the dirtiest jobs!  The guys and gals that work it make sure things stay nice and clean.  Elizabeth, Emily, and Kelli found out that there is a reason that the crew is called The A Team!

8/31 Hot History   Back To Top

Emily is hanging out at Twin City Jacuzzi getting the coop on some great tubs…and some hot history! 

Fair Psychic Readings   Back To Top

If there is one thing you can count on, it’s the fact that you’ll be waiting in line quite a bit at the fair.  Reporter Kelli Hanson took our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon out on the fairgrounds to give some fair goers some psychic readings.

Science at the Fair   Back To Top

Liz Heinecke, The Kitchen Pantry Scientist, joins us with a few science experiments – all inspired by the fair!

8/31 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Steve are back at the Minnesota State Fair!

Fair Favorite: Leah McLean   Back To Top

We are in Carousel Park.  It’s at the carousel in the park that you might find Leah McLean from 5 Eyewitness News.  The carousel is located between Dan Patch and the Grandstand in Carousel Park.  Tickets are $2.50.

Mall of America K9 Dogs   Back To Top

Security at the fair has been beefed up this year.  K9 dogs, usually seen at Mall of America, made their way through the fairgrounds last week to make sure all was clear.  Neil Throndsen and his dog, Chuck, join us!

8/30 Top 5 @ Four   Back To Top

Lindsey Brown and Kevin Doran from 5 Eyewitness News join Steve and Elizabeth for our extended half hour of fun.  Here are your Top 5 @ Four brought to you by Renewal by Andersen

8/30 Money Machine   Back To Top

Marisa Schroeder from Savage is the next contestant to try her luck inside the Hiway Federal Credit Union Money Machine! 

8/30 Hot History   Back To Top

Emily is hanging out at Twin City Jacuzzi for more hot fair history.

Which Radio Station Knows the State Fair Best?   Back To Top

The Minnesota State Fair is packed full of history and trivia.  During its 12-day run, Pronto Pup stands sell between 24-25 tons of hotdogs is just one of the fun facts.  MyTalk 107.1, KS95, and 1500-ESPN put together teams to find out which radio station knows the state fair best.

8/30 Host Chat   Back To Top

It’s another day at the Minnesota State Fair!  Razzmatazz and sweet Violet from the Crayola Experience are here to tell us about a special deal!

Fair Favorite: Josie Smith   Back To Top

Sometimes we talk so much about the food at the fair that we forget the about some of the other parts of the fair.  Five Eyewitness News traffic reporter, Josie Smith loves to visit the Horse Barns.  The Horse Barn is located on the corner of Judson and Liggett.

Patio’ke Runner Up   Back To Top

Mikko from Minneapolis won our Patio’ke Contest Finals on Saturday, walking away with $1000.  Our runner up, Barry Travis, made his own impression on the judges and spectators.  We invited Barry to share his moves with us again.

8/29 Top 5 at Four   Back To Top

Lindsey Brown and Kevin Doran join Elizabeth and Steve for Twin Cities Live Fair at Four.  Here’s the latest from the Great Minnesota Get-Together…It’s our Top 5 at Four brought to you by Renewal by Anderson.