9/30 Host Chat  

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

Kitchen Pantry Scientist  

Liz Heinecke, known as the Kitchen Pantry Scientist, just released her first book, Kitchen Science Lab for Kids.  The book contains 52 fun experiments for kids. 

9/29 Host Chat  

We are back from our live show at Grand Casino Hinckley!  Steve and Elizabeth a few things to chat about.

Walks of Life: Bev Lindquist  

Current and Former students have reached out to give this month’s Walks of Life honoree, Bev Lindquist, a lot of love.  Bev is a custodian at St. Francis High School, but to those that know her, she means so much more!

9/25 Host Chat  

Steve and Elizabeth have a few things to talk about.

Costume Contest  

Before our Totally 80s Party started, Twin Cities Live staff picked three people who were decked out from head to toe in 80s gear. The winner won a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico courtesy of the Mazatlan Hotel Association! Plus, everyone who voted was entered for a chance to win a spa package, an overnight stay at Grand Casino Hinckley and a $100 gift certificate to the Winds Steakhouse. 

Good Company: Sweet Jules Caramels  

TCL reporter, Kelli Hanson, introduces us to Sweet Jules Gifts.  It’s where you’ll find a gooey, sweet and salty caramel.  So delicious and decadent that they make the perfect gift!

80’s Trivia Game   Back To Top

In the 80’s, shoulder pads were popular, Ghost Busters were “who you gonna call”, and Alf was always trying to eat the family cat.  What else do you remember about the 80’s?  We put two audience members to the test.

9/26 Host Chat   Back To Top

It's the Twin Cities Live's Totally 80's Party LIVE at Grand Casino Hinckley!  

Fiona's Hope Totes   Back To Top

Stephanie Palewicz’s daughter, Fiona, needed many surgeries in her short life which meant Stephanie became very familiar with what it is like to live out of a hospital.  Fiona passed away in June but Stephanie found a way to honor her daughter.  She sends Fiona's Hope Totes to families who spend many nights in the hospital. 

Bubble Soccer   Back To Top

Bubble Soccer is new to the Twin Cities.  It’s more fun than soccer, safer than football, cheaper than hockey, and bouncier than basketball.  And we just had to check it out!

Hello from Hereafter   Back To Top

Kristen Brown lost her husband when he was just 30 years old.  The way she dealt with that loss was by moving forward and putting her talents to use by writing.  First was a memoir, The Best Worst Thing, and then the book, The Happy Hour Effect.  Now she is on to another project, Hello from Hereafter.

Fall TV Shows   Back To Top

Star Tribune TV and Media Critic, Neal Justin, reviews some fall shows that he thinks are worth checking out.  One of the programs is, in his opinion, the best new show this season – and you won’t find it on TV either.  This particular show is popping up online!

9/23 Host Chat   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live reporter and producer Kelli Hanson is filling in for Elizabeth today.  Kelli and Steve chat a bit about a few things.

Cool Art for Charity   Back To Top

Artist Louise Harris, from Edina, started using furnace filters from her house to make “green art”.  The money she makes selling the artwork is donated to charity.  Over the last several years, she has donated close to $100,000.

9/22 Host Chat   Back To Top

Five Eyewitness News reporter, Katherine Johnson, fills in for a vacationing Elizabeth today.

Nicky Hilton   Back To Top

The Hilton family has built quite the empire for themselves with their hotel chain.  Nicky Hilton stands out on her own as a fashion designer, model, and now author.  Her new book, 365 Style, will help you look like the fashionista Nicky is.

Bull Riding   Back To Top

The Professional Bull Riders Blue Def Velocity Tour is at Target Center and Emily thought she was tough enough to hang with them.  She meets up with Matt Sharping, the bull handler for Magic Train.

9/19 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve is off today, so our friend Dez from KS95 is filling in!

9/18 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Steve chat about a few things.

9/17 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat a bit about Book Club last night.

Cheryl Tiegs   Back To Top

Back in 1978, boys of all ages had the poster of Cheryl Tiegs in her pink bikini hanging on their bedroom wall.  America’s first supermodel is Cambria’s Ambassador of Style and is in town to celebrate the renovation of the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis.  She stops in to catch up with us first.

Em’s Adventures: Flashlight Self Defense   Back To Top

Emily gets a lesson in something that every woman should know a little bit about.  It’s self defense. At Sealed Mindset in New Hope, the course she takes designed by a Navy Seal, actually uses a flashlight as a tool of protection.

9/16 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve has a little – well, big – surprise for Elizabeth in the host chat today.

9/15 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Steve chat about a few things – including the wedding in Syracuse, New York that Elizabeth attended.

Tailgating Tips   Back To Top

It’s football season which means it’s tailgating season!  Steve has his “Tailgating Tips in Four Steps” to make sure you get the most out of the season!

9/12 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth wrap up the week with a little host chat.

9/11 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Steve chat about a few things on this memorable date.

Just Gotta Have It: Treat Yourself   Back To Top

It’s time for mom’s to take a deep breath, relax, and treat themselves to a little splurge.  TCL’s Kelli Hanson found a few items that she feels you “just gotta have” to treat yourself!

9/10 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things at the top of the show.

Em’s Adventures: Mascot Race   Back To Top

Emily is always up for an adventure and has tried some unusual things.  Running a race is not the most unusual thing she has ever done – but she has never done one quite like this.  Off to Target Field she heads to put on a mascot costume to run 90 yards around the field, on one of the hottest days of the year!

Twin Cities has Talent!   Back To Top

Steve hit the streets to find out what kind of talent Minnesotans have.  Everyone has a hidden talent and it’s Steve job to draw it out of them!

9/9 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Steve have a few things to chat about, including an update on the newest iPhone!

9/8 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth have a few things to chat about.

The 5 A’s of Changing Your Thoughts   Back To Top

Experts say fall is a perfect time to check in with yourself and create new goals for the rest of the year.  There is always a learning process and a mindset change needed to make the goals successful.  Life Coach, Barb Churchill, lays out what she calls the 5 A’s of Changing Your Thoughts.

9/5 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth wish a Happy Birthday to a very special lady on her big day!

9/4 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

Artwork for Your Home   Back To Top

Interior Designer, Susie Ries, recently updated our studio with pieces of art from local artists.  Nicole Kappus Solheid, an art consultant, has some more pieces she says are worth adding to your own home.   

9/3 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

Fair Freebie Crafts   Back To Top

At the Minnesota State Fair, you actually can find a lot of freebies.  But what do you do with them once you get home?  If you’re Alexis Thompson from myTalk 107.1, you make something out of them!

Walks of Life: Jim Ertl   Back To Top

Jim Ertl is the superintendent of the CHS Miracle of Birth Center at the State Fair.  He has worked there for over thirty years, clocking in 12 to 16 hours every day.  He is our next honoree in our Walks of Life series presented by Schuler Shoes.  

Rapid Readings at the Fair   Back To Top

Psychic and Medium  Jodi Livon is giving some fairgoers a live reading at the fair.  Jodi always amazes us with the things she can see and hear – that we can’t!

8/29 Host Chat   Back To Top

It’s our last day out at the fair!  It just wouldn’t be a state fair without a ride on Ye Old Mill – and it’s what “Steve Should See!”

Steve Should See: Big Boar   Back To Top

Amy from Brooklyn Center suggested that Steve should see the biggest boar.

Steve on the Skyscraper   Back To Top

In 2010, Elizabeth was brought to tears riding the Skyscraper.  It seemed only right that the newbie to the fair has to ride it too.  Steve buckles in with some reinforcement, as TCL’s Mike Marcotte rides along.

8/28 Host Chat   Back To Top

Thursday at the fair means one thing…Throwback Thursday!  Plus, Steve checks out the huge boar!

Radio Roundup   Back To Top

Stopping by their favorite radio station is tradition for many at the State Fair.  We stop by a few of our favorites at the fair – myTalk 107.1, 1500 ESPN, and KS95!

Fall Fashion Man Panel   Back To Top

There is definitely the feel of fall in the air.  That means the fall fashions are hitting the stores.  The latest trends sometimes are met mixed reviews, leaving women wondering if it’s right for them. Fashion Expert Laura Schara shows us some of trends that will be hot.

8/27 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat to the audience at the beginning of the show.  Plus, Steve makes a special appearance!

Animal Calling Contest   Back To Top

Last year, former TCL co-host, Chris Egert took first place at the Celebrity Animal Calling Contest.  Of course, Steve was entered this year to defend the crown!