Walks of Life: Jim Ertl  

Jim Ertl is the superintendent of the CHS Miracle of Birth Center at the State Fair.  He has worked there for over thirty years, clocking in 12 to 16 hours every day.  He is our next honoree in our Walks of Life series presented by Schuler Shoes.  

Rapid Readings at the Fair  

Psychic and Medium  Jodi Livon is giving some fairgoers a live reading at the fair.  Jodi always amazes us with the things she can see and hear – that we can’t!

8/29 Host Chat  

It’s our last day out at the fair!  It just wouldn’t be a state fair without a ride on Ye Old Mill – and it’s what “Steve Should See!”

Steve Should See: Big Boar  

Amy from Brooklyn Center suggested that Steve should see the biggest boar.

Steve on the Skyscraper  

In 2010, Elizabeth was brought to tears riding the Skyscraper.  It seemed only right that the newbie to the fair has to ride it too.  Steve buckles in with some reinforcement, as TCL’s Mike Marcotte rides along.

8/28 Host Chat  

Thursday at the fair means one thing…Throwback Thursday!  Plus, Steve checks out the huge boar!

Radio Roundup  

Stopping by their favorite radio station is tradition for many at the State Fair.  We stop by a few of our favorites at the fair – myTalk 107.1, 1500 ESPN, and KS95!

Fall Fashion Man Panel   Back To Top

There is definitely the feel of fall in the air.  That means the fall fashions are hitting the stores.  The latest trends sometimes are met mixed reviews, leaving women wondering if it’s right for them. Fashion Expert Laura Schara shows us some of trends that will be hot.

8/27 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat to the audience at the beginning of the show.  Plus, Steve makes a special appearance!

Animal Calling Contest   Back To Top

Last year, former TCL co-host, Chris Egert took first place at the Celebrity Animal Calling Contest.  Of course, Steve was entered this year to defend the crown!

8/26 Host Chat   Back To Top

Day four at the fair and two pretty tall guests stop by!  Anthony Bennett and Thaddeus Young, the newest members of the Timberwolves have a little competition – and Steve is right in the thick of it!

8/25 Host Chat   Back To Top

We are back at the State Fair!  Steve and Elizabeth are happy to welcome Miss Minnesota, Savannah Cole to the show!

Living at the Fair   Back To Top

Die-hard fair-goers look forward to the Fair all year long.  Many plan to spend several days coming to the Fair.  A few of the folks who work at the Fair do it even one better.  Not only are they out there working every day, some of them actually live at the Fair full-time during its run.

Ice Bucket Challenge   Back To Top

Richard from White Bear Mitsubishi challenged Emily to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Even though Emily has already been challenged and donated to the cause, she was a great sport about it because Richard upped the ante!

A Fair Deal   Back To Top

Many people wait all year long for fair time to get their hands on that ONE food they can only get at the Minnesota State Fair.  Emily offers folks “A Fair Deal” if they’ll give up their prized treat for an unknown prize.

8/22 Emily’s Hot List   Back To Top

Emily has another item off her “Hot List” of things to check out at the fair – while she hangs out at Twin City Jacuzzi!

8/22 Host Chat   Back To Top

Day two at the Minnesota State Fair!  We’ve got Grain Belt Blu Beer and another attraction that “Steve Should See”.

Blue Ribbon Baker Marjorie Johnson   Back To Top

Head over to the Ag-Hort Building and you’ll see bee’s making honey right before your eyes.  The Bee and Honey Division has live demonstrations going every day – including beewax artwork and a food competition.  Blue Ribbon Baker Marjorie Johnson has a few of her creations competing in that completion.

8/21 Host Chat   Back To Top

It’s the first day of the Great Minnesota Get Together and we are out there live!

Fall Horoscopes   Back To Top

National Enquirer Astrologist, Maria Shaw Lawson, claims that this fall will be a time for unexpected money to come your way – no matter what your sign!  She’s here to tell us more about that and what else you might expect.

8/20 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat during the beginning of the show – the last one in studio before going to the fair!

Em’s Adventures: Gene Simmons   Back To Top

The rock band, Kiss, was in town on Sunday, August 1st for their concert at Target Center.  Front man Gene Simmons stuck around for a fundraiser in St. Paul.  Emily headed over to the Lexington to catch up with Gene and his daughter, who were attending the fundraiser for the non-profit group, Matter.

8/19 Host Chat   Back To Top

We have a special audience provided by Corset Styling and Fashion Boutique!

Gearapalooza   Back To Top

Gearapalooza is the ultimate baby gear and registry event in the Twin Cities.  Katie Blozis from Bump Club and Beyond Twin Cities has some of her favorite picks that you’ll find there.

8/18 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth have a chat at the beginning of the show.

Amanda Rettke   Back To Top

Amanda Rettke’s 27,000 instagram followers and more than 8,000 twitter followers know her for her Surprise Inside Cakes.  The readers of People Style Watch will soon know the baker and author too.  People Style Watch is featuring Amanda Rettke in their latest issue.

Louie Anderson   Back To Top

The death of comedian Robin Williams had an effect on so many people.  Some of the strongest responses came from his colleagues in the comedy community.  Minnesotan’s own Louie Anderson was one of those colleagues.

8/15 Host Chat   Back To Top

Former TCL co-host Chris Egert is filling in for a vacationing Steve today!

8/14 Host Chat   Back To Top

We have an audience full of teachers today!

8/13 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things – including one of our team members accepting a little challenge.

8/12 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Steve chat about a few things at the beginning of the show.

Show your Minnesota Pride!   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live report, Emily Engberg, claims her home town as Burlington, Iowa.  If you ask her though, she’ll tell you that she considers Minnesota to be her home.  She found some products that she loves to show her Minnesota pride.

8/11 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth is back from vacation!  She and Steve have a little catching up to do.

Sexiest Legs   Back To Top

If you head out to Harriet Island this weekend, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of men in kilts.  The Minnesota Irish Fair is celebrating their 35th year.  Three of those guys are here to have our judges see which one of them have the best legs in the kilt! 

8/8 Host Chat   Back To Top

Our friend, Dez from KS95, is co-hosting today!  Her and Steve have a few things to chat about.

8/7 Host Chat   Back To Top

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS’ Katherine Johnson is co-hosting with Steve today!

8/6 Host Chat   Back To Top

Alexis Thompson from myTalk 107.1 is co-hosting for a vacationing Elizabeth today.

8/5 Host Chat   Back To Top

Emily is co-hosting with Steve today.  They have a few things to chat about.

8/4 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth is off again on vacation so Dez, from KS95, is filling in!

Christopher Straub’s New Book   Back To Top

We know that fashion designer, Christopher Straub is a creative person.  You would have to be to come up with ideas to make dresses out of greeting cards and lettuce!  The newest creation from the former Project Runway contestant is completely different.  Christopher wrote and illustrated his new children’s book, Albert the Confused Manatee.  Now, he needs your help to get it published.

8/1 Host Chat   Back To Top

Happy Friday!  Steve and Elizabeth open the show with a little host chat and a special goodbye.

7/31 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things at the beginning of the show.

Glamorama’s Tiny Dancer   Back To Top

Charlize Glass is only 12 years old and she has already been on several TV shows and featured in music videos with some big name artists.  The little dancer with the amazingly big talent is here for Macy’s Glamorama.  Emily gets a lesson in dance moves from the expert!

7/30 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth is back from vacation!  Steve and Elizabeth chat a bit at the beginning of the show.

7/29 Host Chat   Back To Top

Dez from KS95 is filling in with Steve for Elizabeth’s last day of vacation.

Good Company: Cottagewood Store   Back To Top

The Cottagewood Store in Deephaven is a community hangout that attracts kids of ALL ages.  The store is a “must-see” and it feels like you are at a resort!  Emily went to check out this gem that was literally saved by the community.

7/28 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth is still on vacation – so Emily is back to help out!

Boyhood, Sex Tape, & Elaine Stritch   Back To Top

Paul McGuire Grimes, author of the blog Paul’s Trip to the Movies, gives us his review on two new movies out in theaters and one new home release.

7/25 Host Chat   Back To Top

Emily is filling in for a much deserved vacationing Elizabeth.  She tests Steve in a little game of “Emily or Elizabeth?”