Haunted Cuzzy’s Bar  

The owners of Cuzzy’s Bar in Minneapolis says that there are more spirits in the bar than just the liquor they store.  They are so sure the bar is haunted, they even dedicated part of their menu to a ghost called Betsy.

10/23 Host Chat  

Steve and Elizabeth have a little chat at the beginning of the show.

Good Company: Traveling Photo Booth  

Jacob Stewart and Dan McAllister have made a business out of making people happy with pictures.  They came up with The Traveling Photo Booth and it’s a hit across the country – even with celebrities.

10/22 Host Chat  

Emily is sitting in at the studio while Elizabeth is out at Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze!

TCL Book Club: Waiting to Believe  

The current book club pick is Waiting to Believe by Sandra Kjarstad Bloom.  It tells the story of a young Minnesota woman who decides to leave her family in the early 1960’s and enters a convent.  Sandra explains that the book is based on the life of someone very close to her.

Em’s Adventures: Being a Kit Man  

It’s a big weekend for the Minnesota United Soccer Team.  They clinched the number one overall seed last week and will be playing for the fall championship on Saturday, October 25th.  

10/21 Host Chat  

We’re pretty excited to have Joe Schmit from 5 Eyewitness News sports filling in for Steve today!

10/20 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth is off today.  TCL reporter Kelli Hanson fills is with Steve today!

10/17 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth is out sick and Emily is filling in.

Baby Baby Baby Week: Welcome Baby Care   Back To Top

Getting a little bit of extra help with your newborn baby can make all the difference to a new mom.  That’s exactly what Welcome Baby Care sets out to do. 

Walks of Life: Sue Bartell   Back To Top

Sue Bartell, a Minneapolis mom, works to help people leaving prison and halfway houses get back on their feet.  She volunteers for Vine and Branches at Hope Presbyterian Church where they offer high quality clothing and household goods at low cost for struggling members of the community. 

Internet & Social Media and Teens   Back To Top

The movie, Men, Women, and Children, tackles an issue that concerns a lot of parents.  How your teen navigates the internet and social media.  Should you monitor it?  How?  Moreover, are these connections really, in fact, pushing people apart? 

10/16 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve is back from New York!  He and Elizabeth have a few things to chat about.

Halloween Capital of the World   Back To Top

In 1937, Congress passed a law naming Anoka the Halloween Capital of the World.  Since the 20’s the city has celebrated with a parade and other events.  Roxy Orcutt has documented the history of Anoka along with tales of ghosts in the town in her new book, History and Haunting of the Halloween Capital

10/15 Host Chat   Back To Top

Bradley Traynor is filling in for Steve – who is currently in out of town working!

Baby Baby Baby Week: Do Good Diapers   Back To Top

People have their own ideas when it comes to raising babies.  One thing that we can all agree on is that babies go through a whole lot of diapers!  Do Good Diapers make it easy and convenient for parents to consider using cloth diapers.

Em’s Adventures: Pumpkin Chucking   Back To Top

Emily heads back to Crow River Winery in Hutchinson.  This time, though, she isn’t going for the wine, she’s going to go chuck some pumpkins!

10/14 Host Chat   Back To Top

Emily is filling in for Steve who is off on assignment today.

10/13 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things to start the show off.

Steve Gets Schooled: Cooking Demo   Back To Top

Steve has been hanging out at some of the top Twin Cities restaurants, meeting privately with their top chefs.  He set out to learn some skills and techniques to help him in the kitchen.  Steve put’s his skills to the test cooking up a dish for Elizabeth – and a pretty tough tasting panel.

Diamond Dallas Page   Back To Top

Wrestling greats have visited Twin Cities Live before.  Both Jesse Ventura and Hulk Hogan have been guests.  We are really excited to welcome wrestling great and Hall of Famer, Diamond Dallas Page!

10/10 Host Chat   Back To Top

There is a lot packed into the show today.  Elizabeth and Steve get the show started with a little bit of chat.

Steve Gets Schooled: Brussels Sprouts   Back To Top

Steve gets a cooking lesson from James Beard Award winning Chef Lenny Russo from Heartland Restaurant in St. Paul. 

TreeHouse   Back To Top

TreeHouse, an organization that provides a safe haven for teens across the state, has changed the course of many troubled teen’s life.  Its mission is to help kids through the darkest days of adolescence.  Abigail Anderson of Minneapolis is one of the teens who says TreeHouse saved her life.

10/9 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

Steve Gets Schooled: Spice it Up!   Back To Top

The Executive Chef at Saffron Restaurant and Lounge, Sameh Wadi, teaches Steve a thing or two about spices.  He schools Steve on fresh spices versus stale spices and what a difference they can make.  

Barley’s Angels   Back To Top

The craft beer scene has blown up everywhere, and the Twin Cities is no different.  Beer clubs have become quite popular, testing out these new craft beers.  Barley’s Angels is a beer club – For Girls Only!  Emily was invited to tag along at their recent gathering. 

10/8 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Steve have a few things to chat about.  Plus, they sample some of the newest foods from the Xcel Energy Center for the Minnesota Wild!

Em’s Adventures: WILD Kitchen   Back To Top

The Minnesota Wild’s season opener is just days away.  With the ticket sales also comes a lot of food being sold too.  The Xcel Energy Center sold 100,982 hot dogs during the 2013-2014 season alone!  Hot dogs aren’t the only food they make.  The Xcel Energy Center has a commercial kitchen where they make food for all sorts of events.  Emily went to check it out.  

Steve Gets Schooled: Preparing Fish   Back To Top

Steve goes to Marin in Minneapolis, where Chef Mike Rakun taught him how to filet fish and cook it properly. 

The Heidi Chronicles   Back To Top

The Pulitzer prize winning play, The Heidi Chronicles, is currently on-stage at the Guthrie.  The play was written in 1988 and chronicles the life of Heidi Holland through her high school days in the 60’s throughout her career into the 80’s. 

10/7 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things, including the moment we’ve all been waiting for….Alfonso Ribeiro busts out the “Carlton” on Dancing with the Stars!  

Steve Gets Schooled: Pasta from Scratch   Back To Top

Steve has shown that he is pretty good at a lot of things he does.  He readily admits though, that cooking is not really “his thing”.  Some of the best chefs in the Twin Cities are giving Steve some lessons to bring him up to speed.  Chef Mike DeCamp from LaBelle Vie shows Steve how to make pasta from scratch. 

10/6 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things they were up to this weekend – and some other stuff going on.

Agent Berryman   Back To Top

School Safety Patrol Coordinator, Agent Tony Berryman, takes great pride in his job for the City of Minneapolis.  For 12 years, he has been leading kids in the school safety patrol program, working in partnership with AAA Minneapolis.

10/3 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things at the beginning of the show.

Kickstarter Projects   Back To Top

If you have an idea for a project, you can get help funding your idea.  Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter have reportedly raised over $1 billion in pledges.  Reporter Kelli Hanson brings us a few Kickstarter projects that she thinks are worth checking out.

  1. Birth Month Books
  2. Get the Funk Out
  3. BandShellz

Good Company: Brake Bread   Back To Top

It isn’t just the bread that comes out of Brake Bread that has people talking.  The way Nate Houge and Micah Taylor, the two owners of the company, deliver the bread is causing quite a buzz.    At Brake Bread, the bread is baked and then it is delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep by bicycle.

10/2 Host Chat   Back To Top

Elizabeth and Steve talk about a few things on this “Throwback Thursday.”

10/1 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth sit down to talk about a few things, including myTalk 107.1’s Down & Dirty project!

Finnegans Beer   Back To Top

Finnegans is making a name for itself in the craft beer scene.  This week they are unveiling a new beer.  Emily went to check it out and what she found out what they do with their profits was a nice surprise.

9/30 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a few things.

Kitchen Pantry Scientist   Back To Top

Liz Heinecke, known as the Kitchen Pantry Scientist, just released her first book, Kitchen Science Lab for Kids.  The book contains 52 fun experiments for kids. 

9/29 Host Chat   Back To Top

We are back from our live show at Grand Casino Hinckley!  Steve and Elizabeth a few things to chat about.

Walks of Life: Bev Lindquist   Back To Top

Current and Former students have reached out to give this month’s Walks of Life honoree, Bev Lindquist, a lot of love.  Bev is a custodian at St. Francis High School, but to those that know her, she means so much more!

9/25 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth have a few things to talk about.

Costume Contest   Back To Top

Before our Totally 80s Party started, Twin Cities Live staff picked three people who were decked out from head to toe in 80s gear. The winner won a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico courtesy of the Mazatlan Hotel Association! Plus, everyone who voted was entered for a chance to win a spa package, an overnight stay at Grand Casino Hinckley and a $100 gift certificate to the Winds Steakhouse. 

Good Company: Sweet Jules Caramels   Back To Top

TCL reporter, Kelli Hanson, introduces us to Sweet Jules Gifts.  It’s where you’ll find a gooey, sweet and salty caramel.  So delicious and decadent that they make the perfect gift!

80’s Trivia Game   Back To Top

In the 80’s, shoulder pads were popular, Ghost Busters were “who you gonna call”, and Alf was always trying to eat the family cat.  What else do you remember about the 80’s?  We put two audience members to the test.

9/26 Host Chat   Back To Top

It's the Twin Cities Live's Totally 80's Party LIVE at Grand Casino Hinckley!