Matt Muenster  

You normally find Matt Muenster demolishing bathrooms and making them over on DIY Network’s, Bath Crashers.  He put his building and design talents to work in a different way when he was a part of HGTV’s, Ellen’s Design Challenge.  He fills us in on what it was like putting his focus on furniture and working on Ellen’s show.      

3/2 Host Chat  

Happy March everyone!  Emily is filling in as co-host.

Ramsin Khachi  

Home & Design expert, Ramsin Khachi, is a leader in his field, giving customers design and décor tips.  He is at the Home + Garden Show on Friday and Saturday, February 27th and 28th.  He joins us with some solutions for common Complaints that folks have in their bathrooms. 

My Teacher Needs a Break Surprise #2!  

Emily surprises another deserving teacher with a trip to Tradewinds Island Resort in St. Pete Beach thanks to

2/27 Host Chat  

Our friend from KS95, Dez, is in the co-host seat!

Weekend Warrior  

Wanda Ortiz-Maysonet from Minneapolis  and Kathy Thorvaldson from Cottage Grove both think they have what it takes to be our Weekend Warrior!

Beekman Boys  

Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, also known as the Beekman Boys, bought a farm and turned it into a lifestyle brand.  That includes a TV show, a bestselling cookbook, and now the farm is a tourist destination.  The Beekman Boys stop by to see us at the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show. 

2/26 Host Chat   Back To Top

We are live at the Minneapolis Home + Garden show!  Megan Newquist from 5 Eyewitness News is our special co-host.

2/25 Host Chat   Back To Top

Kelli Hanson is back to co-host.

2/24 Host Chat   Back To Top

Emily is co-hosting with Steve.  Steve checks out the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum of Natural History’s Explora Dome.

Leslie Jordan   Back To Top

The Emmy Award winning actor, Leslie Jordan, is back in town for his one-man show, Say Cheese: My Life in Front of the Camera.  He sits down with us to tell us about his show and gets us caught up on what has been going on.

Bump Club Twin Cities & Target   Back To Top

Katie Blozis, a TCL regular and founder of Bump Club and Beyond Twin Cities, started the club to bring mom’s together.  Being a new mom can be tough, which is why Bump Club and Beyond has built up quite a community.  Kelli Hanson checks out one of their monthly events which is held at Target. 

Good Company: Omforme Design   Back To Top

When it’s time to update your furniture, what do you do with your old pieces?  Give them away?  Sell them?  Toss them on the curb?  Omforme Design in Uptown takes these pieces, transforms them, and gives them new life. 

2/23 Host Chat   Back To Top

Katherine Johnson from 5 Eyewitness News is back to co-host.

2/20 Host Chat   Back To Top

Our favorite Blue Ribbon Baker, Marjorie Johnson, is co-hosting!

2/19 Host Chat   Back To Top

We are excited to have Twila Dang from myTalk 107.1 as co-host!

2/18 Host Chat   Back To Top

Minnesota musician and finalist on The Voice, Kat Perkins, co-hosts with Steve!

2/17 Host Chat   Back To Top

TCL Reporter and Producer Kelli Hanson is back to co-host!

2/16 Host Chat   Back To Top

Emily is co-hosting with Steve.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" Review   Back To Top

There are over 100 million copies of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series around the world. And the books are now coming to life on the movie screen. We sent three members of the TCL staff to check it out and give their honest review.

2/12 What's Happening This Weekend   Back To Top

TCL's Local Guy About Town, Mike Marcotte, shares his picks for What's Happening This Weekend!

A Midsummer Night's Dream   Back To Top

The Guthrie Theater's newest production, A Midsummer Night's Dream, is Shakespeare like you've never seen it before. It features hip hop, acrobatics and action sounds. Emily headed backstage to see how they're modernizing a classic.

Live at Flowerama   Back To Top

There is no doubt, Valentine’s Day has to be one of the busiest holidays for a flower shop.  Kelli Hanson is at Flowerama in St. Paul where they’ve put her to work! 

Best Kept Secrets: Date Ideas   Back To Top

TCL’s Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert, has talents that extend way beyond the kitchen.  Alice is perfect for coming up with budget friendly date night ideas too.  Alice and husband, Will, take us along on three dates the easily fit their budget and tight schedules.

2/11 Host Chat   Back To Top

Brandi Powell from 5 Eyewitness News is back to co-host.

Just Gotta Have It: Subscription Boxes   Back To Top

When you give a gift this Valentine’s Day, think about giving something that will remind them how you feel all year long.  Kelli Hanson found some subscription boxes that you’ll “just gotta have!”

2/10 Host Chat   Back To Top

TCL regular chef, Antigoni Sander McCloud tries her hand at co-hosting!

2/9 Host Chat   Back To Top

Katherine Johnson from 5 Eyewitness News is back to co-host!

Relationship Rapid Readings   Back To Top

If you've asked yourself, "why am I still single" or are questioning your current relationship, you may need help from someone that already knows a lot about you. TCL's resident psychic and medium, Jodi Livon, stopped by to conduct relationship rapid readings on members of our audience.

2/5 Host Chat   Back To Top

Lindsey Brown from 5 Eyewitness News is co-hosting with Steve.

As Seen on TV Products   Back To Top

Once again, Emily tackles the difficult task of testing out those products you see on TV that make pretty remarkable claims.  Before you run out and buy them, she checks them out to see if she thinks they actually deliver.

2/4 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve welcomes the Food Editor from Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, as his fill in co-host.

2/3 Host Chat   Back To Top

Brandi Powell from 5 Eyewitness News is back to co-host.

Good Company: American Workshop   Back To Top

Emily checked out American Workshop in Burnsville.  It’s a company that’s teaching people the art of woodworking.  They provide a workshop, an instructor, and even take care of the equipment. 

2/2 Host Chat   Back To Top

Kelli Hanson is back in the co-host chair.  She had a big day at the Mall of America with former Bachelor, Sean!

Furnace Giveaway   Back To Top

Steve and Dez teamed up with the guys from Apollo Heating and Air to surprise the winner of our Furnace Giveaway.  We were humbled at the opportunity to step in and offer some help to Steve Ruzicka from Andover.

1/30 Host Chat   Back To Top

Emily is in the co-host seat!  And Steve goes out and about for another Friday Funday!

My Teacher Needs a Break Surprise!   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live is giving away trips to St. Pete Beach in Florida to five deserving teachers.  We sent Emily to Blaine High School to surprise the first winner!

1/29 Host Chat   Back To Top

We are super excited to welcome Falen from KDWB’s Dave Ryan in the Morning Show to the co-host chair! 

1/28 Host Chat   Back To Top

Ellen McNamara from 5 Eyewitness News is back to fill in as co-host again!

Taking Baby Photos   Back To Top

Once you get your baby home, it’s time to start sharing all those photos!  Melissa Miroslavich, owner of Miroslavich Photography, shares some easy ways to take better photos of your baby.

1/27 Host Chat   Back To Top

Ellen McNamara from 5 Eyewitness News is filling in as co-host today.

Splendid Beast Pet Artwork   Back To Top

If you have a pet, chances are you have a lot of pictures of your beloved animal.  Now there’s a Brooklyn Park Company that takes those favorite pictures and makes them into oil paintings.

Join Team KSTP for JDRF - Walk One   Back To Top

Join Chris Egert from 5 Eyewitness News Mornings and Team KSTP for the JDRF: Walk One at Mall of America on Saturday, February 21st.   Find out why Chris has a personal connection to juvenile diabetes. 

01/26 Host Chat   Back To Top

Katherine Johnson from 5 Eyewitness News if taking the co-host seat today while Elizabeth is on maternity leave.

1/23 Host Chat   Back To Top

Emily Engberg is back to co-host with Steve!

1/22 Host Chat   Back To Top

Kelli Hanson is sitting in the co-host seat again!

TCL Book Club: Stolen From the Garden   Back To Top

The new book unveiled at TCL Book Club is Steve’s pick this month.  Stolen from the Garden: The Kidnapping of Virginia Piper is written by Bill Swanson.  The book is centered around the real life story of the kidnapping of the Minnetonka socialite.  

Twin Cities Party Rooms   Back To Top

If you are planning a celebration party, you don’t need to stress about the preparations at home.  Our local guy about town, Mike Marcotte, has found some restaurants around the Twin Cities where you can throw a party.

1/21 Host Chat   Back To Top

Emily co-hosts with Steve today!