HandsOn Twin Cities  

Give to the Max Day is a great way for folks to donate to their favorite organizations in Minnesota. However, there are other ways to give back, too. Donating your time is huge, but what if you’re not sure where to do just that? There’s a group called HandsOn Twin Cities. It helps people find opportunities to volunteer at nonprofits.  There are all sorts of places that would love to have more volunteers. HandsON also helps corporate partners do team building with their employees.

The Set and Staff of "Pickler & Ben"  

TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson visited the set of "Pickler & Ben" in Nashville. She chatted with the set decorator about shopping country star and executive producer of the show Faith Hill's storage space. She found another executive producer who hails from Minnesota. And talked with the host Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron about "hot dish". 

Chatting with "Pickler & Ben"  

Steve and Elizabeth hopped onto Skype to chat with the hosts of "Pickler & Ben", which airs weekdays at 2 p.m. right before Twin Cities Live! "Pickler & Ben" is a new lifestyle show that originates from Nashville. It's a lot like Twin Cities Live with a country twist!  

Native Minnesotan in "Marvel Universe LIVE!"  

One of the stars of "Marvel Universe LIVE!," coming to the Xcel Energy Center in December, grew up in Hopkins! Justin Jackson, who plays Captain America in the action-packed show, stopped by with some special guests! 

Kid Connection: Eli  

TCL’s Kelli Hanson introduces us to Minnesota kids who are available for adoption.  She likes to take them places where they can just have fun and we can get a glimpse of their real personalities.  She brought 10-year old Eli to Leonardo’s Basement – a place in Minneapolis where all you have to do is let your imagination run free and play.  


There have been a lot of natural disasters this year across the country.  Hurricanes, wild fires, and snow storms are right around the corner.  Do you know what to do to survive if you were caught in a natural disaster?  Christian Schauf, the founder of Uncharted Supply Company, created a kit that he says will help you survive any kind of disaster.

A Bad Moms Christmas  

Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn are back and they are once again bad. This time, the bad moms are in “A Bad Moms Christmas and are joined by Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Hines and Christina Baranski. The movie follows up from the 2016 release of “Bad Moms”.

El Burrito Mercado Half Off Deal   Back To Top

El Burrito Mercado in Saint Paul is holding a special Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, event on November 2nd. Dia De Los Muertos honors loved ones that have passed. It’s a great way to celebrate their life with food, music, and crafts.

"Scary" Halloween Science Experiments Back To Top

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist Liz Heinecke shared some "scary" and fun Halloween experiments! 

Trash Can Candy Corn Game Back To Top

Candy corn is consistently voted one of the worst Halloween candies, so we gave two of our audience members a chance to win tickets to see Jeff Foxworthy at Mystic Lake by throwing that candy corn away!

Ordway Ghosts   Back To Top

In 1985, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts opened.  It was the creation of Sally Ordway Irvine.  Sadly, Sally died just two years later but the people of the Ordway say that Sally has never left.  TCL’s psychic and medium, Jodi Livon, decided to check out the theatre.  Sally’s daughter Jill even stopped by hoping her mother would make an appearance.

Wonder Women: Barb Churchill   Back To Top

In this month’s installment of our “Wonder Women” series, Elizabeth chats with wife, mother and life & leadership coach Barb Churchill at Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul. The series highlights women in our community who’ve found their passion, share it with others and are willing to talk about the tough stuff they’ve gone through to get there. Barb is no exception. While you may know her from Twin Cities Live where she regularly shares advice on how to life a confident and joyful life, today she’s sharing a personal story. In 2009, Barb says she heard a voice telling her it was time to remove her breasts. She says she spent decades going through mammograms, biopsies and cancer scares and decided she needed to listen to the voice and undergo a bilateral mastectomy.

Suburbicon   Back To Top

George Clooney is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He’s trading in acting for directing in this movie. Clooney says this was one of his best experiences directing. He teamed up with the Cohen Brothers for the script. He calls them “the boys”. He says they are talented, smart and funny. The movie is about a suburban neighborhood that on the outside appears to be perfect, but in reality things aren’t what they seem. The movie deals with a break in, blackmail and betrayal. Matt Damon and Julianne Moore star in the movie.

10/27 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve and Elizabeth take on this Friday with another “Free For All Friday!”

Rachael Leigh Cook   Back To Top

Minneapolis native, Rachael Leigh Cook blew up in the 1990’s with a commercial she starred in Partnership for a Drug-Free America – in addition to her successful modeling career.  She went on to star in big Hollywood films like “She’s All That” with Freddie Prinze Junior.

Goodbye Christopher Robin   Back To Top

The story about the “Winnie the Pooh” author is now on the big screen. A.A Milne wrote the story post World War One. Milne and his son Christopher Robin found that play was not only fun, but it brought them closer. Christopher’s toys became the focus of Milne’s book. Soon, it became popular all over England and in America. The movie takes you through the ups and the downs of celebrity and why family ultimately is more important.

Thank You For Your Service   Back To Top

Miles Teller stars in a new movie about adjusting to life after war. It’s based on a book about solider Adam Schumann, A North Dakota native who served in Iraq. The movie shows the harsh reality of war and what it’s like coming home to a family after. Miles Teller spent a lot of one on one time in North Dakota getting to know Adam. Adam says Miles did a great job portraying the good, the bad and the ugly in the movie. Director Jason Hall says the movie is important because it has opened up discussion among families would may not otherwise talk about what truly happened while their loved one was serving.

Living with Landyn   Back To Top

Many wives of NFL players don't often find their way into the spotlight -- typically the focus is on the player and his game. But that is definitely not the case for one of our guests. You probably remember former Viking's player, Steve Hutchinson. His wife Landyn is more than just an NFL wife, she's now a social media influencer.  Her blog Living with Landyn, paired with her social media accounts puts her in front of thousands of people every single day.

10/20 Host Chat Back To Top

Dez from KS95 co-hosts with Elizabeth on this “Free for All” Friday!

10/19 Host Chat Back To Top

Crisco from the KS95 Morning Show fills in for Steve.  Plus, we get an update on Steve’s Mediterranean cruise!

Stella & Dot Founder   Back To Top

Jessica Herrin founded Stella and Dot nearly 10 years ago and she has been praised for her business sense by the likes of Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Oprah.  What started as a little jewelry making in her living room has since become one of the fasted growing direct sales companies.  

Kid Connection: Rory   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live is all about Food, Fashion and Fun. But there's one thing we don't want you to think we're forgetting, and that’s Family. And family is why we bring you our Kid Connection series.  Meet 7-year-old Rory who shared with Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson why having a mom and a dad is important. And in turn, Kelli was able to surprise her with a trip to the American Girl store.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper   Back To Top

"The Splendid Table" can be heard on more than 400 public radio stations across the country – including Minnesota Public Radio. Host of the show, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, is passing the baton -- but first she headlines a big farewell event.

“Abominables” at Children’s Theatre Company   Back To Top

Children’s Theatre Company is taking to the rink. On stage!  Its newest show is by Minnesotans for Minnesotans. There’s no better fit than hockey. The show is produced in association with New York City’s theatre company called The Civilians. The show was created over a four year period. All sorts of people were interviewed about their experience in the hockey world. The team talked to hockey players, parents, coaches and fans.

“Battle of the Sexes”   Back To Top

It was one of the most watched sports television events in history. An estimated ninety million people tuned in to watch the iconic Battle of the Sexes match between Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King back in 1973. ABC televised the event.

Steve Goes to High School   Back To Top

The team at Twin Cities Live got to talking about school.  As we chatted about how things have changed, we thought it might be interesting to take a camera along as we experienced the evolution of school firsthand.  Having already checked out elementary and middle school, it was Steve Patterson’s time to check out a high school.  And not just any high school.  Wayzata High boasts a student body of some 3500, making it the largest school in the state.  But Patterson had his eye on one specific group of students.  The future broadcasters of America.  After crashing a TV Production class, he took over their daily student newscast.  By the end of it all, the students learned some broadcasting tricks from Steve, while he learned a thing or two about social media from them.

A Year in the BWCA   Back To Top

Can you imagine dropping everything to live in the Boundary Waters for an entire year? That's what one Minnesota couple from Ely did. No car, no groceries not even a light switch to flip on.  Instead, the new normal for Amy and Dave Freeman included sleeping in a tent every night. They stayed at 100 different camps, and visited over 500 bodies of water.

"American Idol" Auditions in South Dakota   Back To Top

Five Minnesotans won a chance to go to the front of the line at "American Idol" auditions in Rapid City, South Dakota. Our cameras tagged along to see what happened.

Emily Goes Back to School at Woodbury Middle School   Back To Top

Kids are back in school and for a lot of parents things are definitely different since they were in class. Twin Cities Live is heading back to school to see just how much is new. Reporter Emily Engberg spent the day at Woodbury Middle School in Woodbury.

TCL Goes Back to Kindergarten   Back To Top

Remember what your kindergarten classroom looked like? Did it come with chairs and a chalkboard? Well those two things are a thing of the past in many Twin Cities classrooms. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson just sent her youngest off to Kindergarten and it got her thinking…my how school has changed. So we’re sending her back to the classroom to find out what’s changed!

Mobile Archery Range   Back To Top

Archery is just one of the many fun programs within scouting, and it’s a fun way to introduce families to the different activities that scouting has to offer. The purpose of the scouting program is to help kids have fun with. Much of their programming is offered for the entire family, including events like camping and hiking, as well as projects the kids can do with their families on their own time.

Pickler & Ben   Back To Top

Country star Kellie Pickler and entertainment reporter Ben Aaron have teamed up for a brand new show. Pickler & Ben celebrates all things fun. They showcase recipes, try new adventures, and celebrate normal everyday folks doing great things. Their zest for life and enthusiasm for their new show is contagious.

Audience Psychic Readings   Back To Top

TCL Medium and Psychic, Jodi Livon, is one of our most asked about guests and an audience favorite!  Jodi gives a few audience members a quick reading and they are intrigued by what she has to say. 

As Seen On TV   Back To Top

Need help with  your socks? Have a tire that is constantly low? There may be an As Seen On TV Product that could help. Reporter Emily Engberg puts four products to the test to see if they are worth the money and do what they claim.

9/11 Host Chat   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live Reporter Emily Engberg and Kevin Doran from 5 Eyewitness News chat with former TCL Co-Host Rebekah Wood who is riding out Hurricane Irma in Tampa, Florida.

Fall Parade of Homes by BATC   Back To Top

Thinking about a new home or remodeling your own? This is the perfect time to check out the fall Parade of Homes. The new home tour begins September 9th and runs through October 1st. Remodeled Homes will be from September 29th to October 1st. All the homes are open noon to six p.m. Thursdays thru Sundays. The Builders Association of the Twin Cities or BATC represents 1,200 builders, remodelers and developers.

"Grease" Proposal   Back To Top

Two of the stars of "Grease" at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres performed on Twin Cities Live and then a few days later, Andrew Hey popped the question to Shinah Joelle and she said yes! We just had to give them a shout-out during our Fair@Four broadcast. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Patio’ke Contest Winner   Back To Top

Nina Gerner from St. Paul wowed the judges in the Patio’ke finale with her rendition of Paris by Grace Potter.

8/22 Host Chat   Back To Top

Steve surprises Twin Cities Live Reporter Kelli Hanson with a kitchen hack for peeling potatoes!

Lady Gaga Ticket Give Away   Back To Top

Lady Gaga is one of the bestselling artists. Her over the top and unique performances have made her popular with audiences of all ages. Lady Gaga is on her fifth headlining tour. Her fifth album is called Joanne. Her latest tour is called Joanne World Tour.

Lalo’s Lunchbox   Back To Top

Is breakfast, lunch or dinner with the kids tough to swallow? Are they picky eaters? A Saint Paul man is hoping to change that with a funny red hat and a lunchbox that has a mind of its own.

Kid Connection: Kortez   Back To Top

TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson introduces us to school age children looking for a place to call home.  She met thirteen year old Kortez and took him to make a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear.  What she learned was that what he really wants is something much more important.

Minnesota Twins Rally Team   Back To Top

The Minnesota Twins have some of the best fans around. Games are fun, but we’re not just talking about the sport itself. The Twins have what they call the Rally Team. They are in charge of getting fans pumped up before and during the games. They do everything from a parade before game time which goes all around the field to shooting t-shirts alongside TC Bear.

Minnesota Connections Academy   Back To Top

Minnesota Connections Academy is an online public school. There are more than two thousand students enrolled across the state of Minnesota. About half of those students come from the cities. The program started in 2005 with just eight students.

Sports Lessons and Gear   Back To Top

Angela Johnson, editor of Edina Magazine, shares a roundup of places to take sport lessons along with locally owned shops selling gear.

Kid Connection: Thelma   Back To Top

15-year-old Thelma loves to cook and bake and has even been known to make dinner for a crowd. But this young girl, whose friends call her "Telma" wants that kitchen to be in a permanent home, with a mom and a dad. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson introduces us to Thelma in this Kid Connection. 

Masters of the Mall   Back To Top

Back in 2001, the Game Show Network aired Mall Masters. It was a game show filmed right at Mall of America.  Three contestants would guess how shoppers would answer pop culture questions.  We play our own version and we cleverly call it…Masters of the Mall!

As Seen On TV   Back To Top

The As Seen On TV commercials are enticing and let’s be honest, captivating. Even though they are fun to watch, do the products they are showing off really work? Twin Cities Live Reporter Emily Engberg puts five of them to the test.

40 Years After the Murder at Glensheen   Back To Top

On June 26, 1977, the millionaire who was an heiress to an iron ore fortune and her night nurse were murdered in a Duluth mansion. After years of court trials and convictions, there is no clear answer as to who murdered the two women at Glensheen. This summer, Artful Living Magazine sheds light on the case with the hope that it'll be solved once and foreall. Artful Living Editor Frank Roffers stopped by the studio to chat about the mystery at Glensheen Mansion.

Pack Meals to Help Adults in Need Back To Top

On Sunday, August 6, the AARP Foundation will host a meal packing event on the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul. They will be distributed to adults in our area who are struggling to get food on the table.  The numbers are astonishing. According to AARP, more than 10 million adults 50 and older live below the poverty line. AARP Foundation President Lisa Marsh Ryerson stops by to share how Minnesotans can get involved.