Sun Country Airlines $49 Flight to Chicago  

Here's something to put on your summer calendar -- a flight to Chicago, for just $49 one way. Earlier this year, Minnesota based Sun Country Airlines made a huge announcement, adding 19 new seasonal routes that will begin this spring. To help them celebrate this new flight to the Windy City, Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson threw a pizza party at Giordano’s Pizza, the home of Chicago Style Pizza! Plus two lucky partiers went home with a pair of round-trip tickets to Chicago, provided by Sun Country Airlines.  Book your trip now!


Keep Kids Safe  

Since 1989, the non-profit CornerHouse has committed to keep kids safe. A big part of the organization is to prevent child abuse and to support those who have been traumatized by it. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and CornerHouse has teamed up with Blue Plate Restaurant Company to make philanthropy easier than ever. 5 Eyewitness News reporter Jessica Miles, who volunteers for CornerHouse, along with Stephanie Shimp from the Blue Plate Restaurant Company, stopped by to explain how Minnesotans can help.

TCL in Your Town: Two Rivers Monuments  

TCL in Your Town turns the spotlight on Elk River. The northwest metro community is home to nearly 25,000 residents. It's also home to Two Rivers Monuments, started by artist Julia Gustafson. Julia works with families of deceased relatives and pets to create headstones that help celebrate their time on earth. Julia stopped by the Twin Cities Live studio to share the process and give Steve and Elizabeth the opportunity to etch granite too! 

NCAA Final Four Fan Fest  

The NCAA Final Four has taken over Downtown Minneapolis. And Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson found the center of the all the fun before the championship games begin! She checked out the Final Four Fan Fest at the Minneapolis Convention Center and found a sports lover’s paradise!

The Happy Medium Take Questions From Audience  

TCL'S resident psychic and medium Jodi Livon stopped by to answer the questions she gets asked the most.

Hug a Newsperson Day  

While some people are out celebrating National Burrito Day, around here it's another holiday that we celebrate!  Steve goes out on the street to celebrate Hug a Newsperson Day!

Senior Stroll at Como Zoo  

Senior Strolls take place every Tuesday at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. This is a special time set aside for just for our 55-and-up aged friends. Each month will feature an opportunity to visit a part of the Zoo or Conservatory for a leisurely walk before the crowds as well as special activities and guests. This event is a great opportunity for Seniors to enjoy a free event that encourages being active and social with some adult learning to spice it up.  Free low impact fitness class every Tuesday during Senior Stroll. 9-9:30am!

The Aftermath   Back To Top

In February, Kelli Hansen made a quick trip to London to sit down with some of the stars from the new movie, The Aftermath. Kiera Knightly, Alexander Skaarsgard, and Jason Clarke all had lovely accents but Kelli asked them to tackle another accent.

“Goodbye Glasses” Winner Gets Lasik   Back To Top

Last month, we asked Twin Cities Live viewers who were sick and tired of wearing glasses to say goodbye to the old frames and say hello to better than 20/20 vision. Over 100 people sent in nominations and North Suburban Eye Specialists chose Shoreview mother of two, Melissa Casey, to be our Goodbye Glasses winner. It's a prize worth up to $3,600! Reporter Kelli Hanson was there when Melissa received the gift of Lasik.

Quilter’s Haven: Stitching the City of Rosemount Together   Back To Top

Quilter’s Haven has been a mainstay in the city of Rosemount since 2002.  It welcomes newcomers and award-winners alike.  They sell sewing machines, fabrics, kits and more.  Everything a quilter could want!  It also happens to be a place that TCL co-host Steve Patterson knows nothing about.  That’s why he figured he’d head over to the town of 24 thousand to see what all the hubbub was about.  Heck, maybe he’d even learn how to quilt.  Okay, nevermind.  Just read that last line back and realized that won’t happen.  But what he lacks in knowledge, he made up for in fun as he got to know the warm, friendly staff and customers that make Quilter’s Haven such a special place. 

TCL in Your Town: Rosemount High School Band   Back To Top

With 500 students, the Rosemount High School band program is the largest high school band program in Minnesota. And it has one heck of a marching band, performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in 2017 and in the Rose Parade in Pasadena in 2014.  About 150 students are about to represent Minnesota on a tour of Ireland, but before they leave, they held auditions for three TV personalities. Steve, Elizabeth and Kelli see if they have what it takes to become members of the school's beloved marching band.

Local Artists Work on the Twin Cities Live Set   Back To Top

The change of seasons is a great time to swap out the art in your home. The Art Consultant for Twin Cities Live, Nicole Kappus Solheid, owner of NKS Artsource, brought the work of four Minnesota artists to the studio, whose work will be featured on the set this spring.

Joe Schmit: “The Impact Blueprint”   Back To Top

Five Eyewitness News Sports Director Joe Schmit just released his second book! It’s called “The Impact Blueprint” featuring 52 traits or values of people who are making an impact on the people around them. The book shares their stories and then offers tangible ways for the reader to incorporate ways to make an impact into his or her own life. The book follows his first book “The Silent Impact.”

Harlem Globetrotters Stop by Twin Cities Live   Back To Top

Zeus McClurkin and Dragon Taylor, along with the entire Harlem Globetrotters squad, will be in the Twin Cities for games on Saturday, March 30th and Sunday, March 31st. Zeus and Dragon stopped by the Twin Cities Live studio to show off their skills and feats, including Dragon's 600-foot drop to complete one impressive alley-oop! 

34th Red Bull Infantry Division   Back To Top

Based out of Rosemount, the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division of the Minnesota National Guard currently has 650 men and women serving overseas in Kuwait. As Twin Cities Live celebrates the best of Rosemount for the TCL in Your Town series, we connected with a Rosemount woman who is serving with the Red Bulls.

Lucky Rapid Readings   Back To Top

Jodi Livon, The Happy Medium is owner of The Intuitive Coach LLC, is a favored local and national radio personality. She stopped by to give two members in our audience a live rapid reading about how they can add more “luck” into their lives.

Kids Baking Championship Winner Paige Goehner   Back To Top

Kids Baking Championship Winner and Blaine resident Paige Goehner stops by to talk about winning this big competition! She beat out 11 other contestants (including another from Minnesota) to take the title with her Chess Chocolate Cake!

Furnace Giveaway   Back To Top

Since 2011, Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning has been surprising deserving people with new furnaces. They are in Woodbury, along with our Local Guy About Town Mike Marcotte, to surprise the final recipient this year!

Caribou Coffee’s “Show Us Your Rink”   Back To Top

For the last month we've taken you all over the Twin Cities metro to feature some of the most amazing backyard hockey rinks we’ve ever seen. TCL teamed up with Caribou Coffee for something we like to call “Show Us Your Rink”! This time we head east to Lake Elmo where one family paid close attention to only the ice, but also the scenery.

Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave   Back To Top

If you want to see the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave, you’ll need to head way north to British Columbia, Canada. Or you could just turn on Netflix. This fan cave was recently featured on Netflix’s “Ultimate Interiors” and features 2 bars, 7 TVs, 3 fridges and an extreme amount of hockey memorabilia. 

Show Us Your Rink: Tonka Bay   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live has teamed up with our friends at Caribou Coffee to thank Minnesotans for embracing our horrific winter in a series we're call Show Us Your Rink! It's also our way of celebrating a sport we love here in this great state - hockey! We've traveled to Rosemount and Spring Lake Park to show off some backyard ice. But now TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson heads to Tonka Bay where the star of the show is one cute 4-year-old.

Show Us Your Rink   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live has teamed up with our friends at Caribou Coffee on a new series called “Show Us Your Rink” to celebrate the heart of Minnesota – also known as the sport of Hockey. Last week we took you to Rosemount where one family figured out a way to make sure of their garden during the offseason. But now we head to Spring Lake Park where Jamie Seppanen is living out a childhood dream.

Worth the Trip: Best Meat Raffles   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live's Mike Marcotte shares your choices for the best meat raffles in Minnesota.

HGTV's "Stay or Sell"   Back To Top

A new HGTV show is being filmed right here in Minnesota! Brad and Heather Fox are the stars of "Stay or Sell." It showcases the decisions families make on whether if they should stay in their homes and make the necessary upgrades with their evolving needs or if they should sell. Season one will premiere in the summer of 2019. Brad and Heather are speaking at the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show and stopped by the Twin Cities Live stage to talk about filming along with trends they're seeing in home design.

Kids Baking Championship - Paige and Meadow   Back To Top

Paige Goehner and Meadow Roberts are two minnesotan contestants on the Food Network show "Kids Baking Championship". They stopped by our studio to chat about their experience on the show. 

Top Chef Contestant Justin Sutherland   Back To Top

Apple Valley native and owner of Saint Paul restaurant, Handsome Hog, Chef Justin Sutherland, is making a splash in the national food scene. He's currently a contestant on Bravo's “Top Chef.”

"Winner Cake All" Experience with Maddie & Crystal   Back To Top

Owner of Something Sweet by Maddie Lu, Maddie Lu Carlos and Crystal Hanna made a cake for American short track speed skater Apollo Ohno on Food Network’s, “Winner Cake All.” They stopped by the Twin Cities Live studio to talk about their experience.

LearningRX Celebrates 10 Years   Back To Top

If you or your child struggle with attention span, focusing for longer periods of time or even memory loss, you may chalk it up to a learning disability. Many adults blame just getting older. But for a decade now, the LearningRX program has proved the root of the issue is often the brain. It's why here in the Twin Cities, brain trainers have dedicated countless hours to helping people overcome these challenges. In February, LearningRX published a new study in the Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience which confirmed that the program improves cognitive skills for people age 50 to 95. The study also showed improved memory, focus, mood, problem solving, driving, and confidence. For several years, Twin Cities Live has brought your stories of how the program has been life changing for many families. Reporter Kelli Hanson takes a look back.

Live Furnace Giveaway   Back To Top

Maplewood based Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning gave away another furnace to an unsuspecting Minnesotan! Twin Cities Live's Mike Marcotte was there to share the good news.

Coffee with Cool People: Ben Leber   Back To Top

Former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Ben Leber is a familiar face to Twin Cities Live viewers.  The athlete-turned broadcaster has guest-hosted the show many times.  But despite his numerous appearances, he and Twin Cities Live co-host Steve Patterson have never met each other.  That all changed when the two sat down over a cup of joe in our series “Coffee with Cool People”, presented by our friends at Caribou Coffee.  

Steve on the Street   Back To Top

This winter has certainly been taking its toll on us Minnesotans.  Steve hit the streets where he found spirits are high in Excelsior!

Falen's Finds   Back To Top

Falen from the Dave Ryan Show on KDWB stopped by with some of her favorite finds!

Go Red For Women   Back To Top

This is the 15th year Go Red for Women is raising awareness and funds to help women reduce their risk of heart disease, which is the number one killer of women. Mall of America is hosting their annual Go Red Health Expo at on February 9th from 11 a.m. – 3p.m. Spokesperson for American Heart Association, Elizabeth Warmka stopped by with more details on the event.

4 Girls Glamour   Back To Top

There's a lot to be said these days about being a strong, confident woman, and a Twin Cities couple wants to help more women feel empowered. Not only day to day, but also in front of a camera. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to 4 Girls Glamour Boudoir studio where women are inspired to feel good in their own skin. Couple, Elizabeth and Aaron Vovk started 4 Girls Glamour to inspire their own daughters to embrace the bodies they were given. Now, women of all ages and of all shapes and sizes are embracing their own sexy. 

Steve on LIVE with Kelly & Ryan   Back To Top

Steve braved the cold this morning to give LIVE with Kelly and Ryan a report from the Winter Carnival.

Worth the Trip: Best Bingo in Minnesota   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live's Mike Marcotte went on a search for the best places to play bingo in Minnesota.

Rapid Readings   Back To Top

Jodi Livon, The Happy Medium is owner of The Intuitive Coach LLC, is a favored local and national radio personality and has been the resident. She stoped by to give two luck members in our audience a live rapid reading.

Ask the Contractor   Back To Top

Matt Muenster might be a familiar face to you.  Not only has he been a guest on our show many times, he also hosted Bath Crashers on the DIY Network for 12 seasons.  He has helped countless homeowners start the remodeling process and answers some of the most often asked questions.

Good Company: Illume   Back To Top

Have you ever wondered why smells trigger an emotion or memory? We’ll explain - smells get routed through your olfactory bulb. This is the smell analyzing region in your brain. That is closely connected to your hippocampis, which then triggers memories to come flooding back. Get it? Plain and simple – when you smell something you like, you get that warm and fuzzy feeling. It’s exactly why one Minneapolis company says their product is recession proof. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to Illume in this Good Company. 

Audience Readings   Back To Top

Our resident medium, Jodi Livon, stops by and give two of our audience members their own readings on the show.

Book Club’s “The Holdouts: A Buddy Lock Thriller”   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live’s Book Club has been going strong for seven years.  In short, a hundred TCL’ers gather together several times throughout the year to share dinner and drinks while talking about the latest book selection.  But that’s not all.  That’s also where they find out about the next pick, before viewers at home find out.  Last week, James Tucker’s “The Holdouts: A Buddy Lock Thriller” was offered up as the book club’s latest bit of homework.  And we’d encourage you at home to read along with us.  The local author, who works full time at Target and is a married father of two, assures readers that they don’t need to have read the first book in his series before reading his latest.  Instead, they can just pick this one up and get easily up to speed. 

Lorna Landvik   Back To Top

Lorna Landvik is the author of 11 books and headlines a one-woman show at the Bryant-Lake Bowl in January. She stopped by with a preview and to chat about how one of her novel could turn into a feature film.

Happy Medium Jodi Livon Answers Your Questions   Back To Top

TCL’S resident psychic and medium Jodi Livon stopped by to answer the questions she gets asked the most.
For more information on Jodi, click here.

Minnesota Connection with the Golden Globes   Back To Top

Celebrities at the Golden Globes received pampering from a Twin Cities Nail studio to help them kick off award season! Ryan McEnaney with Frenchies Modern Nail Care stopped by to share his experience.

Steve at Caribou Coffee   Back To Top

Caribou Coffee has a brand new location in Minneapolis, and it makes for a perfect pit stop amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown.  The shop, which is serving up your favorite hot and cold Caribou favorites, is in the skyway that is connected to the downtown Target store location.  Swing by and pick up a brew next time you’re passing through.  TCL co-host Steve Patterson decided to celebrate the new spot by handing out free Caribou gift cards and then, of course, getting people to dance in the skyway!

Sun Country Visits North Pole   Back To Top

It was a magical experience at terminal 2 at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport night. Sun Country hosted their annual flight to the North Pole event with Make-A-Wish Minnesota. Twin Cities Live cameras were there to capture all of the fun.

Emily’s Last Day: A Look Back at Favorite Moments   Back To Top

Emily Engberg has been a reporter on Twin Cities Live for nine years. Over that time, Emily has traveled all over the country and the world. She’s interviewed some of the biggest celebrities and she’s tackled some of the craziest adventures. Now, it’s time for Emily to pursue other adventures. Emily’s last day at TCL is Friday, December 7th. Emily has endless fun memories from the show. She and the team take a look back at some of her favorites.

Minnesota Inventors on "Shark Tank"   Back To Top

Arik Nordby and Ryan Walther took their company Prank-O in front of the sharks on "Shark Tank" to see if they could get some help with their business. They joined us in the TCL studio to share their experience on the show and what comes next.

Bump Club & Beyond: Gift Guide for Kids   Back To Top

So you're stumped about what to get your granddaughter, your nephew, heck maybe even your own kids for Christmas this year!  Katie Blozis with Bump Club and Beyond rounded up several ideas perfect for girls and boys. She stopped by the TCL studios to share her ideas, plus surprise our audience full of moms with a little Christmas cheer!

Children’s Minnesota: “The Dude”   Back To Top

When a child is in the hospital, there’s one thing they have a hard time doing – just being a kid. But Children’s Minnesota is working to change that. 10-years-ago they launched Star Studio, a television studio located right beyond the hospital’s front doors.  It’s a studio that’s produced thousands of hours of programming, many hours hosted by Eriq Nelson, also known as “The Dude.”