Be Well with TCL: Wedding Day Prep  

It’s more than just hair and makeup that brides are worried about now-a-days.  Contour Clinic's are helping the brides and their moms get ready for their big day by erasing wrinkles and getting rid of pockets of fat.


The Aveda Institute in Minneapolis is hosting their annual Cut-A-Thon where you can get a haircut for only $10!  Every penny of that $10 goes to support clean water initiatives in honor of April’s Earth Month.

Hair Extensions  

Women luck out when it comes to hair problems, thanks to a little invention called hair extensions.  New Reflections Salon Stylist Kati Giles shows us how not only will they make your hair longer, hair extensions also add volume to your hair as well.   

Beauty Products – Try It or Trash It?  

There are so many beauty products out there that entice you with their promises or pretty packaging.  Unfortunately, more times than not, the product just doesn’t live up to the hype.  You end up spending a lot of money trying out a lot of product before you find what you like.  Our beauty expert Sara Bartlett is here to do the work for us.

DIY Hygiene Products  

Emily is always our go-to gal when it comes to testing out products before you buy them.  This time we decided to challenge her even more.  Making your own hygiene products has become pretty popular.  We decided to have Emily give it a try to find out if it’s actually worth making your own.

Hello Gorgeous!  

New Reflections Salon has partnered with an organization called, Hello Gorgeous, so they can give women diagnosed with cancer a much needed break at the salon.  Marilyn Stalheim from Plymouth (who had been diagnosed with colon cancer) was surprised with a day of pampering with New Reflections Salon and Hello Gorgeous!

Radiance MedSpa Celebrates 7 Years  

Radiance MedSpa has been helping men and women feel good about themselves for seven years now.  If you’ve ever thought about trying one of those treatments that claim to do all the magic but have a hard time the money spending it on yourself, Radiance in Woodbury can help.  Dr. Scott Jenkins from Radiance MedSpa gives us  their seven best treatments that he says are worth trying.

Brighten Up Your Look   Back To Top

The winter can be brutal on your hair, zapping the moisture right out of it.  Taking out the moisture causes you hair to be brittle and dull.  New Reflections Salon Stylist, Katie Giles shows us how to put the shine back in no matter what your color is. 

Bridal Hair & Makeup Trends   Back To Top

Since June is one of the most popular months to get married, brides-to-be right now are busy picking out the dress, deciding on hair and makeup, and all the other details about the big day. TCL Beauty Guru, Sara Bartlett, stopped by to share insider hair and makeup tricks for brides.

Beauty Products from HIS Stuff!   Back To Top

Our beauty expert says when looking for that perfect product, it might already be in your bathroom.  Before you head to the store, take a look through your husband or boyfriend’s products.  You might be surprised what products you’ll end up “borrowing” and putting in your beauty bag.  Beauty blogger, Sara Bartlett, fills us in on what she swipes from her husband, Dan.   

Breast Enlargement Surgery   Back To Top

Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center is helping a lot of women gain back their confidence.  There is one area that many women are self conscious about – their breasts.  Lisa Sheehy, from Ramsey, is more confident after getting breast enhancement surgery at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center.

The Art of Make Up for Tweens   Back To Top

Finally getting to wear makeup is a big deal for young girls.  Parents usually have strict guidelines when they first allow their daughters to start wearing it.  The thing that all moms want is for their “tweens” to learn to apply their makeup the right way.  Twin Cities Live’s beauty guru, Sara Bartlett helps three “tweens” master the art of makeup.

Technology in Cosmetology   Back To Top

Have you ever wanted to tryout a new hairstyle but wondered how it would look on you?  The Minnesota School of Cosmetology is using an iPad to show people what it will look like before they commit.  Emily introduces us to Stephanie Edberg, who is willing to give it a try at the Woodbury campus.

Tummy Tuck   Back To Top

A “Happy You Year” may mean making a big change to your look that you feel is long overdue.  Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center in Wayzata wants to help with that!  Christina Poser from Hudson, Wisconsin decided a tummy tuck is what she needed to give her the confidence she needed.  Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center was the place to help.

Remedies for Dry Skin   Back To Top

Winter weather is known for contributing to dry, itchy skin and the sub zero temps we just experienced didn’t help with that one bit!  Dr. Jaime Davis from Uptown Dermatology has some effective over the counter remedies.

2014 Hair Trends   Back To Top

If you want to make a change in the New Year, why not start with your hair?  Gretchen Bliese from New Reflections Salon has a new cut, the right color and the right style for 2014!

Dermapen   Back To Top

There is a new treatment that getting a lot of attention and it’s helping a lot of women look their best.  It’s called the Dermapen and it’s designed to help with fine lines and wrinkles.  Plus, there is virtually no downtime after the procedure.  Emily heads to Radiance Medspa to give it a try. 

Beauty Gift Picks   Back To Top

If you are still on the hunt for Christmas gifts, our beauty expert has some ideas for you.  Bombshell Beauty blogger, Sara Bartlett has suggestions for everyone on your list! 

Red Hair for Anyone!   Back To Top

Did you know that only 2% of the human population is born with red hair?  According to some genetic scientists, redheads could be extinct in 100 years.

“Manpering”   Back To Top

If you are looking for a unique gift for your guy, why not send him to the spa for a little “manpering”?  Manpering is the male version of a little pampering – and it’s probably something that your guy wouldn’t think to spend money on.  Chris headed over to New Reflections salon to see what it was all about.

Salon Holiday Gifts   Back To Top

New Reflections Salon stylist, Kati Giles, is here with holiday gift ideas and gift sets that include Aveda products that hardly ever go on sale! 

No Makeup Makeup Look   Back To Top

The “barely there” look was all over the runways of Fashion Week this fall.  Our beauty expert, Sara Bartlett shows us how to pull off the look -- even if you have problem skin. 

Breast Cancer Survivor Makeover   Back To Top

Robin Thorpe from Blaine, married almost 25 years, was diagnosed with breast cancer two times before the age of 47.  She was ready for a big change and our makeover team was ready to give it to her.

Skin Related Wives Tales   Back To Top

Wives tales get passed down from generation to generation and passed along as true, even if they aren’t.  For years we’ve been told that eating chocolate will make your skin break out.  Have you heard the one about Preparation H being a cure all for wrinkles?  Dr. Jaime Davis from Uptown Dermatology is here with the truth behind some skin related old wives tales. 

Changing Your Hair without Cutting   Back To Top

Have you ever thought about changing your hair style but were afraid to commit to cutting it?  New Reflections Salon stylist Katie Giles says you don’t have to commit to a cut.  All you have to do is get creative.  She shows us four different ways to change up your style. 

Home Spa Party   Back To Top

College students usually are on a pretty tight budget.  There isn’t a lot of extra cash to spend on things like the spa and the price of beauty can be steep.  Our beauty expert says get your girlfriends together for a mini spa party at home!  Sara Bartlett is here with products that won’t break the bank.

Locks of Love   Back To Top

We love helping people make a change in their lives with makeovers, but this time we got really excited!  Three women wanted to get a new look and it’s for a really great cause.

Splurge Worthy Beauty Products   Back To Top

Have you ever debated between two products and went with the cheap one – and then completely regretted that decision?  Sometimes it’s true that you get what you pay for.  Our beauty expert, Sara Bartlett, is here with her beauty products that she says are worthy of the splurge. 

Hair & Make-Up Fall Color Trends   Back To Top

Women don’t just change their clothes style from season to season, even the hair and makeup change.  Kati Giles from New Reflections Salon is here with a little inspiration with Aveda’s Fall color trends. 

Summer Skin & Hair Repair   Back To Top

The summer sun can do some real damage to you skin and hair.  Those ultra violet rays leave behind not only sun spots and burns, it can easily damage the structure of your hair.  Beauty expert, Sara Bartlet is here with ways to do a little repair work with things you already have at home.

93dashone Giveaway Back To Top

Watch every day between 8/26/13 and 8/30/13 for the word to text for a chance to win a gift pack from 93dashone!  Alternatively, you can enter via phone or mail. For information, click here.

Target Beauty Concierge   Back To Top

National retailer, Target, is hoping to make the beauty aisle not as daunting and more user friendly with their new beauty concierge program.

Pinterest Week: Beauty Department   Back To Top

We called in our Beauty Expert, Sara Bartlet, to help us save time and money in the beauty department during Pinterest Week!  She always finds the best ideas on Pinterest to get inspired.     Follow Sara on Pinterest for more ideas! 

The Right Brush   Back To Top

The humidity in the air can really wreak havoc to your hair.  Either it gets too frizzy or it makes it go flat, right?  New Reflections Salon stylist, Kati Giles, says that the right hair brush can make all the difference.  She shows us how three different brushes can give your hair new life.

Pretty Now – Pretty Later!   Back To Top

Beauty products aren’t always meant to work immediately but you usually want to see immediate results.  We called in our Beauty Expert, Sara Bartlett, to show us products that will work over the long term and some for the short term.

Summer Haircuts   Back To Top

According to several celebrities – short is in.  Celebs like Guilana Rancic and Diana Agron have recently become scissor happy.  The short cut might not be right for you though.  New Reflections stylist, Gretchen Bliese is here with a little inspiration and the do’s and don’t of chopping of your locks. 

Be Well with TCL: Hydrafacial   Back To Top

Getting a facial undoubtedly makes your skin feel wonderful – but it can also cause some redness and irritation immediately afterwards.  There is one type of exfoliation that actually helps change the the way women look without all the redness.  Producer Kelli Hanson went to Contour Clinic to check out the Hydrafacial.

Crowns & Gowns   Back To Top

Next weekend, The Crowns and Gowns Gala will be showing off some of the most beautiful evening gowns, crowns and the Miss Minnesota portrait gallery to benefit the Minnesota Scholarship pageant.

As Seen on TV Products: Beauty Products   Back To Top

We put Emily back to the task of testing those “as seen on TV products” and this time she is tackling beauty products.  She’s giving us her grade on the products before you go out and buy them.

Pedicure for Your Man   Back To Top

Ladies, many of you know the wonderful feeling you get when you hit the salon for a pedicure.  Pampering your feet is heaven.  Getting your man to do this is another story.  Perhaps you can coax them to try it with a DIY version at home.  Beauty Expert, Sara Bartlett is here with ideas.

Up-Do Trends   Back To Top

It’s the season of sequins, tuxes, and beautiful dresses.  That’s right, it’s prom time.  An essential look for prom for the ladies is an up-do.  New Reflections Salon stylist, Gretchen Bliese, shows us some of the newest trends in up-do’s. 

Under Eye Dark Circles   Back To Top

According to the Mayo Clinic, it isn’t gray hair or wrinkles that make you look old, it’s the circles under your eyes that can age you the most.  Beauty writer and educator, Julie Swenson, explains what causes them and what you can do to make them disappear.

Nail Trends   Back To Top

Katie Cazorla has done the nails of celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, Lisa Rinna, and even Snookie.  Her television show on the TV Guide Network, Nail Files, is the their top rated show. Katie is here to show us the hottest nail trends and how you can get the perfect nails right at home.

Aveda Earth Day Cut-A-Thon   Back To Top

Aveda Salon and our official salon, New Reflections Salon and Spa, are taking part in the Global Cut-a-Thon.  All proceeds are going to help preserve clean water here in Minnesota.  Emily is at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis with some of the people who are ready to chop it all off for a good cause! 

Green Beauty Products   Back To Top

Many beauty companies are going all natural and creating 100% organic beauty lines.  This is because whatever you put on your skin can be absorbed and some products can even reach your blood vessels.  Beauty Expert and Blogger, Sara Bartlett is here with here “Green Beauty Picks!”

Spring Clean Your Man Back To Top

Emily is live at Roosters Men’s Grooming Center in Woodbury where they are cleaning up the winner of our Spring Clean Your Man Makeover Contest.  Tim Christenson from White Bear Lake was laid off his job last month and wants to start a new career as a financial advisor.