Get a Summer Glow  

If nothing else, one thing you can say about Minnesota spring weather is that it’s inconsistent.  We’re enjoying 70 degree weather one day and the next we are watching for snowflakes.  The one thing that definitely feels it is your skin.  Make Up Artist, Julie Martin, shows us four products that ladies need to get that summer glow.

Avoiding a Turkey Neck  

It’s an area that we sometimes forget to focus on. We often worry about our face, but the neck is just as important. No one wants that extra saggy skin on their neck. The good news is there are some things you can do to help the look of your skin.

Tween Makeup Do’s and Don’ts  

If your kids, specifically tween girls, are in front of a screen at any time during the day, they may have run across a Youtube video showing them the latest craze in makeup application. And that may be their first introduction to how to apply makeup to their own face. Founder of War Paint International Beauty Agency, Jessica Mae, not only wants to teach young girls how to put on makeup, but wants them know that makeup doesn’t define beauty. She stopped by to give tweens the right tools to create a natural makeup look.

Simple Makeup Hacks  

It’s that time of year.  Spring cleaning and reducing the clutter!  Or make-up artist, Julie Martin says that goes for your make-up bag too!  There is no need for dozens of different products when you only need a few to do the job of more than one item!

Spring Hair & Makeup Trends  

Spring is the perfect time to purge your closet, get rid of things you've been staring at all winter...and freshen things up a bit. The same goes for your hair and makeup. Here with what's on trend in all things beauty, is Melissa Matthews from Simonson's Salon and Spa.

Ask the Makeup Artist  

TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin wanted to know if viewers had any makeup questions she could answer and she came prepared to tackle everything from eyeshadow to concealer. Plus she brought along a deal on Measurable Difference Makeup.

Doing Your Kid’s Hair  

If your morning routine means spending a lot of time on your kid’s hair, Cozy Friedman has you covered.  Cozy opened her first kid-friendly hair salon more than twenty years ago.  Her salon formula kids hair care line help you reduce the amount of time you spend on their hair in the mornings - and move on with your day!

Good Company: Da Bomb Bath Fizzers   Back To Top

Da Bomb Bath Fizzers has been around since 2012, but what makes this booming business so amazing is that it’s run by two teenage girls. Isabel is just 15 and Caroline is only 14. The two girls from Edina loved fizzing bath bombs. They wanted them to last longer and to be unique. So, they created their own with a special surprise in the middle. Their product is natural with just a few ingredients.

Environ Vitamin Face Treatment   Back To Top

Spring is finally officially and that means no more snow, no more ice and hopefully a big “see ya later” to dry winter skin. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson went in search of a facial that wouldn’t just hydrate, but would also repair. What she found is called the Environ Vitamin Face Treatment at Simonson’s Salon & Spa. It’s a cleanser, peel and masque and it did not disappoint.

Celeb Inspiration Makeup   Back To Top

Many celebrities are known for their signature looks. Gwen Stefani for example is always rockin' dark eye makeup with big lashes. If you've ever tried to recreate what the celebs are doing and failed miserably, it might be because you've never met Makeup Artist Julie Martin. Julie stopped by with her products and techniques!

Be Well with TCL: Natural Breast Augmentation   Back To Top

Moving fat from one area of your body to enhance another part of your body sounds like the perfect solution for many women.  The best part about this:  it’s all true!  This is a real technique that a Minneapolis mom had done to increase the size of her breasts.

Makeup Brushes Every Woman Needs   Back To Top

If you haven’t cleaned out your cosmetic bag in a year or so, how many makeup brushes do you think you have? Have the begun to accumulate? Are you using the right one for the right product? TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin stopped by with a handful of her favorites she says are the only ones you need.

Sensitive Skin Solutions   Back To Top

You know the hallmarks of sensitive skin – it can be dry, itchy, red and bumpy. And even if you are born with normal skin, eczema or breakouts can pop up at any time during your life. Elizabeth goes to the expert from Minnesota made Brevena Skincare to find out more about sensitive skin solutions. Brevena founder Barbara Klein says avoiding the sun and consistently using sunscreen is key to prevent sensitive skin from burning. She also recommends checking all soaps, cleansers and detergents for fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin. Brevena products contain no fragrance or masking fragrance and provide ultimate hydration. Barb also recommends mixing and matching Brevena products depending on how your skin feels each day. For example, if pregnancy is leaving you with random dry patches, use the Restorative Skin Balm to spot treat them.

Universal Eye Makeup   Back To Top

TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin left an impression on us when she declared that eyebrows are the most neglected part of a woman’s face. That’s because the brows frame the face and can enhance the eyes. She stopped by the studios to give us another makeup lesson that includes the brow. It’s a universal eye look that Julie says will look good on everyone.

As Seen On TV: Beauty Edition   Back To Top

The beauty business is big business. So are those As Seen On TV products. The ads are catchy and captivating. But do they work. Emily tests some of them to find out.

Smoothing Treatments at Simonson’s Salon & Spa   Back To Top

We’re having an unusually warm February, but we all know it’s part of Winter’s trick. He blows of out of town for a few weeks, but in March it’s fame on. And that means out hair has to suffer a bit longer. It gets dry, frizzy and full of static. But the stylists over at Simonson’s Salon and Spa say they can cure our hair’s winter blues with the right treatments and at-home products.

Frenchies Girls Day Out   Back To Top

A few weeks ago, Twin Cities Live Reporter Kelli Hanson went live on Facebook, asking TCL viewers who needed a girls day out. Her goal was to surprise some gal pals with a few hours away from the kids. What she learned, were there are hundreds of women out there who need a breather, but one stood out. Angie from Oak Grove has her hands full, with 6 boys, and get this, a baby on the way. 

Good Company: Simonson's Salon & Spa   Back To Top

For thirty three years, Simonson's Salon and Spa has been helping folks feel and look their best. Simonson's started in Anoka. Today, there are also locations in Maple Grove and Coon Rapids.

Measurable Difference: Plump Your Pout   Back To Top

Kylie Jenner, the Kardashian sister who is now better known for the size of her lips, says she may have gone a little overboard -- but that pout is making her the big bucks.

Simonson’s Salon & Spa: Body Contour Purifying Wrap   Back To Top

So you've cut out sugar, you've been hittin' the gym, you're staying on track with your resolutions, but maybe you need a little pick me up.

Prep Your Winter Skin   Back To Top

We're smack dab in the middle of winter and that means your skin is probably feeling it right? If your face is little too dry, red, maybe you feel like it looks a little dull. TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says prepping your skin is key to looking refreshed.

Beauty Trends   Back To Top

2016 was the year of Brangelina , The Mannequin Challenge and Pokemon took over the world. We think it's safe to say we're going to forget about Brad and Ang and pop-culture trends come and go. So do beauty trends. For example, TCL Beauty Guru Sara Bartlett says "Instagram Eyebrows" are out. Sara stopped by to tell us what is out….and what will be hot in the beauty world in 2017!

Holiday Glam Makeup   Back To Top

You know what the ombre trend is -- Where a darker color, for example on your wall, bleeds into a lighter color.
A lot of people ask for the ombre at their hair salon when talking about their hair color. Well now that trend has moved to the lips. And you can perfect the ombre lip just in time to glam it up for the holidays.
TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin stopped by to show us how.

Get Holiday Ready at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa   Back To Top

InfoTrends, a leading market research company, says that in 2016, 1.1 trillion digital photos will be taken and they say that number is probably a bit conservative. You'd better believe most of the photos will be taken around the holidays and if there's one thing most people hate, it’s how they look in pictures. It's why TCL reporter Kelli Hanson headed to Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa to find how to get holiday ready in as little as one day.

Make Up Camouflage   Back To Top

When you think of concealor, more than likely you try to match your skin tone.  Make up artist, Julie Martin says you need to be thinking more colorful!  Use purple, green and even orange to conceal flaws! She shows us how applying the right color will even out your skin tone.

Taking Selfies   Back To Top

A 2015 survey of 16 to 25 year old women, the beauty website, Feel Unique, found that on average, they take seven selfies before they’ll post just one of them.  These selfie sessions can take as long as 16 minutes!  Health and Wellness expert, Grace Gold shares her advice for cutting that time down!

Holiday Hair & Makeup   Back To Top

‘Tis the season…for the holiday parties!  The experts from Simonson’s Salon & Spa want to help you with your hair & make up for the festivities!  Melissa Matthews from Simonson’s shows off a few examples. 

Waxing the City   Back To Top

TCL’s Steve Patterson has done a lot of things on this show, but never has he altered the state of his body. Recently that all changed.

Ask the Derm: How Can I Get Natural Full Lips?   Back To Top

It's no secret that many of the Real Housewives have had a little somethin' somethin' done...especially the lips.  Lisa Rinna from the Beverly Hills franchise, openly admits she's no stranger to over-plumping them up and has said it was a big mistake.

Makeup Gifts   Back To Top

There are thousands, millions of gifts you can buy this Christmas. But there's probably one gift you haven't thought to buy, makeup. Women buy their own makeup right? TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says it's time to rethink that and stuff those stockings with a little bronzer. She stopped by with her favorites for any age and skin tone.

Youthful, Vibrant Skin Secrets   Back To Top

Around the holidays the TCL email inbox starts to get flooded with makeover requests. People are seeing family and friends at holiday parties and they just want to look and feel their best. TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says you don't need a complete overhaul to look younger and more vibrant, but there are 4 makeup products she says are must-haves.

Simonson’s Salon & Spa: Healthy Winter Skin   Back To Top

Fall and Winter means cold, dry air. You know, the kind that makes you feel like you could peel your skin off in sheets?  TCL reporter Kelli Hanson discovered the Spa at Simonson's Salon recently and stumbled upon what she's calling a miracle maker. it's called the Hydrafacial and of course she had to do her research. Kelli shows us why the treatment is a must have before the cold air moves in.

Beauty Guru Top Secrets Back To Top

This week we are digging deep and prying secrets from the experts in food, fashion and fun. We wanted to know the top secrets to pulling your look together and we turned to TCL Beauty Guru Sara Bartlett for all the answers. Here are her top beauty secrets…

Glitz at the CMA’s   Back To Top

This week we’re taking you to Nashville, Tennessee where our very own Kelli Hanson is getting ready to rock the red carpet alongside country music's biggest stars.

Last Minute Halloween Make Up Ideas   Back To Top

Even if you are planning on going to that Halloween Party that you just got an invite to – it doesn’t mean you have to run out to the store for a costume.  TCL makeup artist, Julie Martin says you have all you need in your makeup bag!

Cat Eye Makeup   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live tries to teach something new every day on this show.  Did you know that when it comes to women's makeup, certain techniques work for certain eye shapes?  Every person has different shaped eyes.

Fall Hair & Makeup Trends   Back To Top

There comes a point in a woman's life where they don't really know that their real hair color is. But if you think it’s time to get back to your roots, you’d be right on trend for fall. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to Simonson’s Salon & Spa in Maple Grove where the experts say a coloring technique called Balayage will help you discover your original hair color and you’ll be right on trend for Fall.

Multifunctional Makeup with Makeup Palettes   Back To Top

Take out your makeup mag and dump it out. Ladies, it's time to minimize your makeup. Not only because you're all so beautiful without it, but because you also have too many products in there!

Try This, Not That Beauty Technique   Back To Top

Our beauty guru, Sara Bartlett, is who we call on to try it before we buy it. Typically she tackles beauty products, but can also show us the right technique to trash...and the one to try.  For example, if you want longer lashes, Sara says skip the falsies.

British Royal Family Hairdresser   Back To Top

British Royal Family hairdresser Daniel Galvin, Jr. is a fourth-generation hairstylist, working closely with Prince Charles. His father was the hair stylist for Princess Diana. Daniel has two lines of products available at Target, OrganicHead and Dubble Trubble. He stopped by with stories and products found at the grocery store that can keep your hair luscious.

Creating a "Smoky Eye"   Back To Top

TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin gets asked about a specific makeup technique all the time. Most women would agree, it's the most loved, yet the most feared look. We're talking about the "Smoky Eye". 

Aging Gracefully at Simonson’s Salon & Spa   Back To Top

The last thing someone wants to feel is that their haircut is making them look older. But on the flip side, a lot of people don't want to look like they're trying to look younger. It can be a real struggle. 

Keep That Summer Glow   Back To Top

As summer turns to fall, your skin can turn pale and look tired too. But you can keep that dewy glow going all year long! Our beauty expert shares some of her favorite products. 

5 Minute Make Up   Back To Top

When you head out to the fair, you want to still look good but you don’t want to wear a ton of make-up.  After all, you’re probably going to sweat it all off right?  Makeup Artist, Julie Martin has some products with staying power – and all it takes is five minutes to look good.

Be Well with TCL: Rid the Double Chin   Back To Top

Dealing with a double chin is something that a lot of people deal with.  Getting the right angle in a picture is one way to get rid of it.  Dr. Tareen from Tareen Dermatology says there are a couple of ways to make it disappear forever. 

Beauty Dupes & Don’ts   Back To Top

A dupe is known as being something that can deceive you, but our beauty guru, Sara Bartlett says Beauty Dupes are a really good thing! She explains what a beauty dupe is and how buying them will save you tons of money!  

Clean SkinCare   Back To Top

What is clean skincare? There is a difference between clean skincare and natural skincare. Any brand can slap the word natural on their products but still have some not so great ingredients in it!  

Vivid Hair Color   Back To Top

If you’ve had your hair the same way for years, stylists at Simonson’s Salon & Spa say try adding a pop of color. If you’ve ever checked out something called Mermaid Hair on Pinterest, you’ve seen how vivid blue, pink, even green can look. It’s also been called Unicorn hair. But unlike Mermaids and Unicorns, the Vivid Hair Coloring technique is real and people are diving right in. TCL’s Kelli Hanson takes us to Simonson’s Salon & Spa where client Jeana Maltzer isn’t afraid to go bold.

Eyebrows & Lashes 101   Back To Top

The way your eyelashes and eyebrows look can change the shape of your face and even taken years off of your appearance. In fact, TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says before you do any of your makeup in this morning, put your brows on first. But doing them right is key! Julie says choosing the right products can definitely make you look younger.

Get Active Summer Essentials   Back To Top

Getting out and getting active this summer can be easier and more fun with the right gear. Elizabeth heads to the shores of Lake Calhoun to meet up with Barbara Klein, founder of Minnesota-made Brevena Skin Care. Barb loves to get outside and get active all year, but especially this summer as she is officially cancer-free! Barb shares her summer essentials with Elizabeth, including a tasty and refreshing cocktail that’s a perfect end to a summer day.