Ultimate NYC ABC Trip Give Away  

In honor of Twin Cities Live turning ten, we’re giving you a chance to win the ultimate trip to New York City.  The trip includes airfare for two, three nights in a hotel in NYC, VIP tickets to see Live with Kelly and Ryan, tickets to sit at the tasting table on The Chew, and countless memories! 

Spring Beauty Inspiration  

Ladies pretty soon we'll be able to put all of our sweaters away and pull out the shorts. We'll see white pants again and wear tank tops. That means our hair and makeup routine will need to freshen up a bit. Melissa Matthews from Simonson’s Salon & Spa stopped by with Spring Beauty Inspiration.

Beauty Hacks for a Better Morning  

Hillary Kline is a beauty expert and creator of "Kine to the Top" she stopped by with some life hacks to help you keep up with the morning chaos.

Ask the Makeup Artist  

Makeup Artist Julie Martin is pelted with questions every time she walks into the TCL Studio. So it makes sense that Twin Cities Live viewers want to pick her brain too. Julie stopped by to solve your makeup problems and we start on the topic of sunscreen.

Be Well with TCL: Microblading  

Be Well with TCL is all about health and wellness and feeling good inside and out. Feeling good about yourself can include feeling good about your appearance, particularly when it comes to your eyebrows. As we age, our eyebrows can start to thin and fade. And that means many women has to use makeup to fill in those brows every single morning. But as Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson shows us, a new kind of treatment can take eliminate that step every morning and you’ll leave feeling your best.

Hair Loss & Growth Solutions  

If you're over the age of 40, your hair follicles can start to suffocate and die. Dramatic, we know. But there’s a hormone in our bodies that can cause this to happen. Luckily you could get that growth back. Marilyn Aase from Simonson’s Salon & Spa stopped by with products to help.

Simonson’s Salon & Spa: Erase Dry Winter Skin  

This is the time of year where it’s so dry, your skin starts to get itchy. Thankfully Simonson's Salon and Spa is now offering a service that will hydrate, polish and even out the tone of your skin. It’s called Luxe Body Revive and the treatment exfoliates and detoxifies every inch of skin. In fact it’s been called a facial for your body! Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson checked out the service at Simonson’s Maple Grove location.

Romantic Beauty Looks   Back To Top

If you've got a romantic night planned with your honey on Valentine's Day, you've thought about what you're going to wear. But I bet you haven't given much thought to your makeup.  TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says a special occasion calls for some special makeup. She stopped by to show us how to pull off some jaw-dropping looks.

Overhaul Your Makeup Bag   Back To Top

Ladies, how long have you owned that blush in your makeup bag? Is your mascara older than 3-months? It’s time to toss it, says makeup artist and founder of WarPaint International, Jessica Mae. Jessica stopped by with 4 steps to overhaul your makeup bag this year.

Trend Wedding: Bridesmaid Dresses   Back To Top

On March 2, 2018, Matt and Kay are getting married live on our show.  The best part is that YOU have gotten to pick out everything about the wedding!  You've picked the location, the invitations, and even the dress!  We showed you all the options for the decor and you picked your favorite.  The winner is...Blush!

Lash Lift at Simonson’s Salon & Spa   Back To Top

Lipstick, blush, mascara -- any makeup artist will tell you, those are the three essential items a woman should have in her makeup bag. But what if you could eliminate one of those things and wake up with lashes that look like you just had them done?

TCL’s Gift Guide Giveaway: Holiday Glam Package   Back To Top

Do you hate the way you look in pictures? Do you hide from the camera over the holidays? You just may love and deserve the Holiday Glam Package from Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa. Our Gift Guide Giveaway caller played for this package which includes 20-units of Botox, 1 HydraFacial for your face, neck and décolleté. Plus a skin tightening treatment valued at $1,199.

Gift Guide Giveaway: Frenchie’s Modern Nail Care   Back To Top

One of Kelli’s favorite things to do is get her nails done.  Her favorite salon to go to is Frenchie’s Modern Nail Care because it’s not your typical salon to get a manicure or pedicure at.  It doesn’t look, smell, or feel like a typical nail salon. It’s super clean and posh – and there is no chemical smells!

Gift Guide Giveaway: Rejuvenate Skin & Laser Clinic   Back To Top

TCL’s Kelli Hanson heads over to Rejuvenate Skin & Laser Clinic where she found out about some of the treatments they offer to help you achieve and maintain younger, healthier skin.  Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Treatments, and Eyelash Tinting are just some of the services. 

Makeup Tips for Aging Women   Back To Top

Wouldn't you just love to have a makeup artist always in your ear, telling you what products are the best, and even better, how to apply them?  Our makeup artist says if you're in your 60s and you're using the same products you put on when you were 30, it's time to make a change. Julie Martin stopped by to show answer her most asked makeup questions.

Gift Guide Giveaway: Just For Me Spa   Back To Top

Kelli visited the Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary at Just for Me Spa in Stillwater.  It’s just one of the calming and healing things that you’ll find at the spa.  It’s one part of the giveaway, which also includes a 60-minute facial, 60-minute massage, body wrap and lunch! 

TCL Gift guide Give Away: Sigma Beauty   Back To Top

Sigma Beauty has it all! Every brush you need to create your ideal look, perfectly-pigmented cosmetics and world-famous brush cleaning tools. This holiday season, they’re ready with gifts for every beauty lover on your list at prices you’ll love in gorgeous limited-edition packaging (no wrapping necessary)!

TCL Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway: Donna Bella   Back To Top

Donna Bella Luxury Skincare has traveled the world in search of the finest ingredients to help you erase fine lines, diminish wrinkles, minimize pores and get rid of dark puffy undereye circles. They’re products that have been feature on shows like The View and Extra as a go-to skincare line. This high-end skincare line is now available at a special price, just for TCL viewers. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Radiance MedSpa in Woodbury   Back To Top

Radiance MedSpa in Woodbury offers a long list of cosmetic skin care services. The team of highly trained professionals is helping people from all over the cities feel and look their best. The services help with everything from the signs of aging, acne, and other skin issues.  Radiance also offers an array of products to help leave your skin glowing and refreshed.

New Technology in Female Hair Restoration
  Back To Top

You hear about hair loss solutions for men, but the ladies have to deal with it too. Especially if you're over the age of 65. At that age, half of women are experiencing hair loss. There are prescriptions and shampoos out there that claim to help, but Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa is now offering a more natural approach to getting back a full head of hair. 

Skincare Gifts for Guys   Back To Top

We talk a lot about beauty on this show and how women can take care of their skin. But what about the fellas? They need help too. Our guest says now is the perfect time to introduce your guy to great skin care products -- as a gift they'd likely never give themselves. Jen Vick from ShineUP Living stopped by with her picks for men’s skincare lines. 

Simonson’s Salon Holiday Hair & Makeup   Back To Top

The team from Simonson's Salon and Spa shared ideas for fun holiday looks and makeup techniques.

Donna Bella Luxury Skincare   Back To Top

Ladies Christmas has come early! Twin Cities Live has three deals on a luxury skincare line, Donna Bella, that could finally have you loving how you look in those holiday photos.  TCL Reporter Emily Engberg joined our Beauty Expert, Julie Martin, in the makeup room with products, beauty tips and deals.

Be Well with TCL: Microcurrent   Back To Top

Getting rid of wrinkles is as easy as a little injection of Botox, right? If the idea of getting this done just isn’t your cup of tea, there is another procedure you might want to consider.  Simonson’s Salon and Spa shows us a treatment called Microcurrent that can tighten up every muscle in your face. 

ShineUP Living: At Home Spa   Back To Top

A few years ago two moms joined forces to create a company to help inspire people, find beauty in the little things and create a community for women to help them shine. It's called ShineUP and this week you'll meet the women behind the movement. Not only do they spotlight deserving women, they blog about all things beauty. And that's where we're starting. Jen Vick from ShineUP Living stopped by with her picks to get beautiful spa-like skin at home.

Last Minute Halloween Costume and Makeup Ideas   Back To Top

Halloween is a lot of fun for the kids and the big kids, but getting inviting to a last minute celebration can be frightening. No fear!  Emily Engberg and makeup artist Julie Martin have come up with some fun things you can do last minute. They chose three ideas and put the looks together with things that can be easily found at your own home or for one quick trip to the drug store.

Secrets to Aging Gracefully   Back To Top

We invited a special audience in studio, all women with glowing hydrated skin. That’s because they’re all fans of Minnesota made skin care line, Brevena. Getting on a great skin care regimen is important, but that’s only one part of looking and feeling your best. So we put together a panel of three women in the 50s and 60s to share their secrets to aging gracefully. Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers, Elizabeth’s mom Susie Ries and loyal Brevena user Fidias Fors stopped by to share their secrets.

Dermaplaning   Back To Top

Women buy razors for their legs, not their faces, right? But beauty experts say getting rid of that peach fuzz can help your product sink in deeper and your makeup go on smoother.  But ladies, before you whip out the straight edge, it's time to head to the spa. As Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson found out at Simonson's Salon & Spa, a smooth face also means a healthy one.

Stella & Dot Founder   Back To Top

Jessica Herrin founded Stella and Dot nearly 10 years ago and she has been praised for her business sense by the likes of Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Oprah.  What started as a little jewelry making in her living room has since become one of the fasted growing direct sales companies.  

Ten Second Hairstyles?   Back To Top

Check out Pinterest and you’ll find posts like “Ten Second Hairstyle” or “Five Minutes to Fabulous Hair”.  Some of the ladies of Twin Cities Live put this to the test!  Kelli Hanson, Associate Producer, Brittany Larson, and intern Hannah Frimanslund find out how long it actually takes and if the styles hold up to what they promise!

Be Well with TCL: Mom Time at Radiance MedSpa   Back To Top

The summer months are busy for a lot of moms. Kids are off from school and most likely involved in all sorts of events around town. Moms rarely get time for themselves. So, now is the time to take a little “me” time.

Fall Hair & Makeup   Back To Top

The warm rich tones of fall are making their way into the salons.  Melissa Matthews with Simonson’s Salon shares some of the fall hair and makeup trends you’ll be seeing. 

Good Company: Garden of Eden   Back To Top

For forty five years, Garden of Eden has been making its customers feel and smell their best. The company started as a small store that offered natural bath and body care products. Today, they have that and so much more. Their fragrances are unique and you can even make your own. Garden of Eden is a great spot for gifts. There are candles, lotions, and much more.  It’s not just for the women either. They also sell men’s products. All of products at Garden of Eden are earth friendly and made with natural ingredients.

Pampering at Simonson’s Salon   Back To Top

Steve’s wife Lu jumped in the co-host chair on today’s before, but before, we sent her to sit in the salon chair. She’s a busy stay-at-home mom of three who doesn’t get a lot of time to herself. So Simonson’s Salon & Spa treated her to a relaxing morning and TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson stopped by to get the dish on Steve! 

Fair Makeover   Back To Top

A lucky fairgoer was plucked out of the TCL bleachers to get a “fall refresher” that will have her ready to head back to school!  The gals from Simonson’s Salon chose Shelby from Forest lake to get her hair and makeup done and a brand new outfit! 

Ask the Makeup Artist   Back To Top

Do you put concealer on before your foundation? And what takes off waterproof mascara? Many people chimed in on our Facebook page for another round of “Ask the Makeup Artist!” Founder of War Paint International Beauty Agency, Jessica Mae explained her tips.

Drugstore Make Up Picks   Back To Top

Makeup artists shop at the high end makeup counters. They're in the know about the latest beauty products, right? We were surprised to find out that TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says the mascara she uses on her clients is only $5.99 and she bought it at Target. Julie stopped by with more of her drug store favorites.

Beauty Sponges   Back To Top

If you've ever wondered how celebrities get that flawless makeup finish, where it looks like their skin is porcelain, a Blender Sponge could be the answer. Twin Cities Live Makeup Artist Julie Martin stopped by to show us what it does and how you can use it.

Be Well with TCL: Cosmetic Acupuncture   Back To Top

Even if you are familiar with acupuncture, most of us don’t realize that all those needles can be used for cosmetic purposes.  People have been flocking to Healing Insight for Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Unexpected Gifts from Simonson’s   Back To Top

Target, a flower shop, a department store, maybe a local boutique -- these are all places you'd expect to pick up a baby shower gift right? I bet you'd never head to the salon. Those salon products are for more than just the shower. Melissa Matthews from Simonson’s Salon & Spa stopped by with a few unexpected gifts to pick up at the salon.

Embrace the Glow with Measurable Difference   Back To Top

Ladies, you’ve been through this scenario before, right? You spend the time putting on your makeup and then you walk outside and it melts off your face. The summer heat and humidity can leave your face a sweaty mess, but Makeup Artist Julie Martin says embrace that glistening natural glow and enhance it.

Summer Event Ready   Back To Top

Have you got a high school reunion coming up this summer? Maybe you're getting together with family or friends you haven't seen in years. You want to look like you haven't aged right? Or maybe you want to look like you've aged well. Makeup Artist Julie Martin says it can be done, with the right products of course. She stopped by with her favorite head to toe products from Measurable Difference.

Beauty Travel Bag   Back To Top

Traveling usually means packing light – but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on your beauty products.  Make Up Artist, Julie Martin shows three products that are a must have.

Take Your Makeup from Day to Night   Back To Top

In life things come up. You've got plans to do one thing and then your girlfriend calls, says let's get lunch and you're out the door. If those impromptu plans sometimes have you scrambling to put yourself together, makeup artist Julie Martin has got you covered. She stopped by with beauty products that will spruce up your look in just minutes.

Prepping for Summer at Simonson’s Salon & Spa   Back To Top

One of these days, in the near future it will feel like summer. Until then we can just pretend, right? We can pretend and get prepped for the sunshine, tank tops and sandals. That's exactly what TCL reporter Kelli Hanson did at Simonson's Salon & Spa and she had a surprise visitor.

Skin Care 101   Back To Top

Jessica Mae, the founder of War Paint International Beauty Agency, has made it her mission to help women look and feel beautiful.  But she says it all starts with a great canvas. That canvas is healthy, hydrated skin. Jessica stopped by the studio with Skin Care products she swears by.

Radiance MedSpa in Woodbury Back To Top

Radiance MedSpa in Woodbury has a newer and much bigger location. It’s now located at 7801 Afton Road. To celebrate its new spot, Radiance MedSpa is holding a special event for current and new clients.

Intracel: Kovanda Plastic Surgery   Back To Top

If a woman tells you she wouldn't like to turn back time, she may not be telling you the truth! We’re talking about no wrinkles, no fine lines, tighter skin and looking more refreshed. All women want this! And most would like to avoid surgery or at least downtime. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson found just that. It's called Intracel and the only place you'll find it in Minnesota is at Kovanda Plastic Surgery in Edina.

Concealing Allergy Eyes   Back To Top

Have your allergies been on overdrive the last few weeks? According to the website, the Minneapolis area is the worst for allergy sufferers right now. And next week, that tree pollen that's killing your eyes, well those allergy levels are going to be even higher. Thankfully Makeup Artist Julie Martin has tricks to hide those allergy eyes. She stopped by the studio with 3 must have products.  

Get a Summer Glow   Back To Top

If nothing else, one thing you can say about Minnesota spring weather is that it’s inconsistent.  We’re enjoying 70 degree weather one day and the next we are watching for snowflakes.  The one thing that definitely feels it is your skin.  Make Up Artist, Julie Martin, shows us four products that ladies need to get that summer glow.