Blonde at Any Age

As you age, doing your hair and makeup the way you’ve always done it may not work.  It just may not be age appropriate.  New Reflections Salon stylist, Kati Giles, and makeup artist, Julie Martin, show us how you can go from being blonde in your 20’s to staying blonde in your 60’s.

Best Kept Secrets with Our Beauty Expert  

Beauty Expert, Sara Bartlett, doesn’t just do her shopping at a mall.  She  has discovered a few spots that she feels are worth checking out!

Spring Break Skin & Hair  

You don’t have to go to the tropics to get that sun-kissed glow.  Katie Giles from New Reflections Salon says all you need to do is get to the salon!  She shows us some tricks that will have people convinced you just got back from a warm weather vacation. 

Good Company: Thymes  

Thymes was started by two women in a basement right here in Minneapolis.  Now their products are sold all over the world.  Emily gives us a rare look inside this company made up of about 100 employees, including a team of chemists made up of all women.


If you are looking to change up your hairstyle, it might be as easy as cutting bangs.  New Reflections stylist, Gretchen Bliese, explains who can pull off the look and will show us how its done. 

Beauty Hacks  

Beauty expert, Sara Bartlett, has some short cuts – or beauty hacks – when it comes to your routine.  She’s found some ways to extend the life of beauty products, whiten your nails, and even add some body and curl to your hair. 

Oscar Trends for Everyday  

The fashion and the hair that you see on the red carpet at the Academy Awards always get a lot of buzz.  It may have taken a team of professionals to create the looks for the stars who are wearing them, but you can create the look yourself.

Spring Hair & Makeup Trends   Back To Top

If you want to be on trend with the season – it’s more than about the fashion.  Ladies also need to consider their hair and makeup.  Each season, makeup and hair styles change too.  Kati Giles and Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon are getting you ahead of the game with what you can expect for spring. 

Romantic Makeup   Back To Top

While men might pick up dinner, flowers and chocolate to celebrate Valentine's Day, the ladies may give a little more attention to their makeup they put on. New Reflections Salon makeup artist Julie Martin stopped by with expert tips on creating the perfect look.

Valentine’s Jewelry   Back To Top

If you haven’t picked up the perfect gift for the love of your life for Valentine’s Day, there is still time.  With Valentine’s Day being just a week away, head over to R.F. Moeller.  Bryan Moeller shows us jewelry for Valentine’s Day and everyday!

Picking the Right Foundation   Back To Top

Finding the right makeup that works for your skin tone isn’t always an easy thing to figure out.  Most of the time you have to buy the foundation before you can try it.  Make-up artist from New Reflections Salon, Julie Martin, says that is why you should always have a make-up artist pick the right foundation for you.  There are, however, a few tricks you can try at home.

Healthy Hydrated Skin & Hair   Back To Top

Dry, winter weather means you need to pay a little extra attention to your hair and skin.  Kati Giles and Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon have some products and services that will keep it all healthy and hydrated. 

Hair Color & Skin Tone   Back To Top

When picking out the perfect hair color for yourself, there is one thing you need to consider.  New Reflections Salon stylist, Amy Franklin, says that the tone of your skin dictates what color will work best for you.

Jewelry Organization   Back To Top

Get organized in 2015, starting with your jewelry box.  Jewelry designer, Jen Scheffler, shows us some easy ways to organize your gems with some every day items.

Be Well with TCL: Christina Clinic   Back To Top

Skin health in the winter is something on the top of many women’s minds.  The dry, cold weather has the same effect on your skin.  Christina Clinic in Roseville shows Kelli Hanson how easy it is to get smooth, hydrated and clear skin this time of year.

Be Well with TCL: Contour Clinic   Back To Top

Many make New Year's Resolutions to work out more or eat healthier. It's not often that you hear someone make a resolution to have better skin in the new year. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson heads to Contour Clinic in Edina to check out two treatments that can help get you a great new look in 2015.  

2015 Beauty Trends   Back To Top

Our Beauty Expert, Sara Bartlett, predicts that ingredients like chocolate and orange will be huge in 2015. She stopped by with a few trends and products using those items that she recommends.

Last Minute Salon Gifts   Back To Top

If you’re a last minute shopper and are stumped on gift ideas, the salon may be the only place you need to go.  Katie Giles and Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon have some services and products that will make great gifts! 

Holiday Hair & Makeup   Back To Top

With all the holiday parties you might have on your calendar, you may want to kick up your hair and makeup a notch.  The stylists from New Reflections Salon show us some glam looks you can get at the salon and a few you can even do at home. 

Going Dark for Winter   Back To Top

Now is the season that many women start thinking about going darker with their hair color.  New Reflections Salon stylist, Amy Franklin, shows us three way to have deeper, richer color.

Cleaning Your Jewelry   Back To Top

Just like wine, your jewelry gets better with age as long as you take care of it.  Bryan Moeller is a certified gemologist appraiser at R.F. Moeller explains the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance.  

Thanksgiving Inspired Beauty   Back To Top

Our beauty expert, Sara Bartlett, is always getting inspired by what is going on around her when it comes to beauty.  Thanksgiving is no different.

Man Grooming 101   Back To Top

There is a new thing called, “lumbersexuals” when it comes to men’s grooming.  It consists of flannel shirts, long hair, and long beards.  Apparently, a lot of the women are loving the look.  Gretchen Bliese from New Reflections Salon says it’s still important for the beard to be well groomed and the hair to be cleaned up.  Camera operator for 5 Eyewitness News and Twin Cities Live, Colin McDougal, gets a lesson in how it’s done.   

As Seen on TV: Beauty Products   Back To Top

Leave it to Emily to find out if those products that you see on TV are worth buying or not.  This time, she is checking out the beauty products that make all kinds of promises for just “pennies”!

Halloween Makeup   Back To Top

Makeup artist, Julie Martin from New Reflections, shows us how easy it is to create that spooky Halloween look.  Using things like toilet paper and false eye lash adhesive can give you the look you are going for.

Redness Reducers   Back To Top

The dry, fall weather can wreak havoc to your skin particularly if it’s sensitive.  Beauty expert, Sara Bartlett has some fool-proof ways to prevent, treat, and cover red itchy skin. 

Blush & Brows   Back To Top

New Reflections makeup artist, Julie Martin, says the thing that women neglect the most – and make the most difference – are their brows and blush.  She shows us a few examples how by paying attention to your brows and blush, it changes the whole look of your face. 

Hello Gorgeous   Back To Top

New Reflections Salon has partnered with the organization, Hello Gorgeous.  Hello Gorgeous gives a day of pampering to a woman currently battling cancer.  TCL’s Kelli Hanson checks out a Purse Party event the salon is holding to benefit the cause.     

Fall Hair & Make Up Trends   Back To Top

If you are thinking about darkening your hair and changing up your makeup for fall, you might want to give it a second thought.  Kati Giles and Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon are here with what’s hot for the fall season, and they say you should actually lighten things up a bit!  

Fat Grafting   Back To Top

For many women who have battled and beat breast cancer, they are left with daily reminders of the disease they once carried.  Often times, the surgeries they undergo in their battle will leave scars.  Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center in Wayzata can help erase some of these reminders. 

Beauty Panel   Back To Top

The beauty business has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  A lot of women don’t question the need for all the waxing, skin, and hair products.  Our beauty expert, Sara Bartlett explains the need for all these products to our panel of guys.  Steve, the wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskell’s, and our hardware guy Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware weigh in.

Looks From the 80s   Back To Top

The 1980’s brought about some pretty “big” trends.  The looks have become pretty iconic.  Kati Giles & Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon and Patty Miranda from MODE Roseville bring the look of the 80’s into 2014. 

Exfoliator Picks   Back To Top

Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon explains the importance of exfoliating, especially with winter approaching.  It shrinks the pore size and sloughs off the dead skin for a radiant, polished look.  She gives us her picks for the different kinds of exfoliators based on different skin types.

Solimar Spa   Back To Top

Before TCL Book Club, Elizabeth and Steve spent some time at Solimar Spa, the new spa at Radisson Blu Mall of America.   

Elizabeth and Steve's Closet, September 16th   Back To Top

Elizabeth loves her infinity scarf around her neck while Steve prefers to wear scarves a little differently...

Retinoids   Back To Top

Dermatologist Jaime Davis, from Uptown Dermatology, says there is a heavy lifter in the skin care world.  Retinoids have been called multi-taskers, not only smoothing out fine lines but are said to boost our skin’s cell function as well.   

Try This, Not That: Beauty Products   Back To Top

Our beauty expert is constantly trying out makeup, creams and conditioners so you don't have to. Sara Bartlett stopped by to review dry shampoos, blurring products and more.

Sweat Proof Make-Up   Back To Top

One thing that usually remains consistent at the fair year after year is the weather.  Normally, you can count on the days getting pretty hot.  The heat and humidity can have a pretty big effect on your makeup if you don’t do it right, leaving you to wonder why you even bothered.

Back-to-School Haircuts & Makeup   Back To Top

The summer is wrapping up and it’s time to get those kids cleaned up and ready for school!  Stylist Gretchen Bliese and make-up artist Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon show off some cute cuts and make-up tips for the girls that will have them ready for the first day back.

Be Well with TCL: Technology and Skin Care   Back To Top

Did you know that there is an app to help the condition of your skin?  Did you also know that the persistent rash that won’t go away could be caused by your iPad?  It’s true!  Dr. Jaime Davis from Uptown Dermatology explains how technology can help your skin and hurt it.

Be Well with TCL: Voluma Injections & Lip Augmentation   Back To Top

TCL Producer, Kelli Hanson heads to Contour Clinic to get a look at the services they offer that they say promise to give you back a more youthful appearance with Voluma Injections.

Must Have Hair Tools   Back To Top

Curls are something that a lot of women want but not all curls are the same and neither is hair.  New Reflections Salon Stylist, Katie Giles, show us what you need to create three different kinds of curls.  Curling irons and flat irons both create very different curls. 

Make Up Brushes   Back To Top

Makeup artist, Julie Martin, from New Reflections Salon says women can shorten the time it takes to put on their makeup if they just have the right tools.  She shows us three brushes she says you should have.  

Forehead Lift   Back To Top

Connie Wendt from Maple Grove decided that with turning 50, she needed a little freshening up.  When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw wrinkles on her forehead caused by raising her eyebrows.  She tried botox to smooth them out without much success.

42 to Say I Do: Getting Ready   Back To Top

The bridal party got pampered all day at New Reflections Salon. Mollie, her mother, mother-in-law, and the 6 bridesmaids look wedding ready!

Hardware Store Solutions for Beauty   Back To Top

Between the nail polish bottles, curling irons and brushes; it can be tough to keep your beauty items organized. Beauty guru, Sara Bartlett and our Handy Man, Mike Frattallone from Frattallone's Ace Hardware teamed up for some creative solutions!

Summer Beauty Picks by the Experts   Back To Top

This year you can skip all the beauty must-have articles because we went straight to experts at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology for their summer beauty picks.

42 to Say I Do: Wedding Hair & Make-up   Back To Top

With just 21 days left until our 42 to Say I Do wedding couple ties the knot, it’s time to start figuring out the beauty routine for the wedding.  Katie Giles and Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon have some answers to make sure you – and your party are doing it right.

42 to Say I Do: Wedding Make Up   Back To Top

Sam and Mollie won our 42 to Say I Do contest, and now they have only 28 days left until the big day!  New Reflections Salon makeup artist, Julie Martin offers up some makeup tips and tricks for the bride to be.

Wedding Hair   Back To Top

Our 42 to Say I Do wedding winners, Mollie and Sam, are getting things checked off their list for their upcoming nuptials on July 18th.  Mollie is figuring out what to do with her hair for the day.  New Reflections Salon stylist, Katie Giles, shows off some of the current styles she might want to consider.