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Getting a Great Beach Workout  

The beach can be fun but it's also a place to get a great workout. And all you need is some sand and a beach ball or two. TCL Fitness Expert Nancy Stoneberg shared her moves with all of us at Grand Casino Hinckley.


Is your skin feeling a little extra dry these day? Have you stood in the lotion aisle at the drug store, blankly staring and thinking which one will give me some relief? The truth is, lotion may not do the trick. Instead a trip to the doctor may be in order.

Be Well with TCL: National Dizzy & Balance Center  

Imagine spinning around and around and around. Now imagine feeling like that all the time, even just waking up in the morning. It's exactly how a 9-year-old from Hastings felt for months, that is until his family was told to check out The National Dizzy and Balance Center. Kelli introduces us to Nathan and his therapist that helped put that pep back in his step.

Thigh Thinning Stool Circuit  

Stong, lean legs not only look great, but contribute to good posture, core strength and an overall strong body.  Twin Cities Live Fitness Expert Ali Holman from shows us a Thigh-Thinning Stool Circuit to get long and lean legs.

Be Well with TCL: Microcurrent  

Cellspark Skincare and Wellness in Woodbury has a treatment that is helping individuals get relief from chronic pain that doesn’t require medications.  The treatment is called Microcurrent.  It’s an electric current that restores normal frequencies within the cells and that will give pain relief.

Feminine Restoration Treatments  

It’s a topic that you don’t even dare bring up to your closest friends, but our straight talking OBGYN is here to discuss feminine restoration treatments.  Dr. Lisa Ohman Erhard from Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa is here with real stories about how these treatments have helped them feel more confident about their appearance. 

Seattle Sutton’s Health Eating: Project REAL  

A Brooklyn Park couple is doing something no one on the Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating Program has ever done. It’s not that they’re eating those meals for 6 months, but they’re documenting their journey. It’s called Project Real and we wanted to know how their doing. Angela and Steve Gritton stopped by our studio to show us how much weight they’ve lost and how they’re meals have changed!

LearningRX: Brain Training at Any Age   Back To Top

When you think about learning how to read, it's hard to remember that phase of your life. That's because it typically happens at the age of 5 or 6 and it's just ingrained in your brain right? But what if in your 70's, reading was still a struggle. Would you think to ask for help? As TCL’s Kelli Hanson shows us, a New Richmond man did and what he found has re-trained his brain. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine for your Health   Back To Top

TCL's Happy and Healthy Week is sharing ways to look and feel your best. If you’re feeling sluggish, or maybe you get a sinus infection every year, your wellness solution could be Chinese Herbs. Holistic Health Expert and Owner of Healing Insight in Saint Paul, Senia Mae, stopped by to explain what Chinese Herbs do and where you can find them. 

Habits of Fit People and "Alarm Clock" Workout   Back To Top

Changing your habits by getting up earlier and eating smarter can make a big difference in your health and fitness. Fitness expert Ali Holman from Core Camper shares her recommendations and an "alarm clock workout" too.

Ask the Dermatologist: Acne   Back To Top

As a teen, getting a breakout was the end of the world! But as an adults, it’s not great either. Adult acne is hard to cover up, it hurts and it likes to stick around. 
A dermatologist in Roseville says she’s seeing more and more adults into their 50’s with hormone induced acne and she says she has a solution. It’s why in Be Well with TCL, we sent Kelli to Ask the Dermatologist how to finally have clear, smooth skin. 
For more information about Tareen Dermatology, click here. And for specific information about acne, click here.

Be Well with TCL: Bellafill   Back To Top

We’re always looking for the "fountain of youth." And there are a lot of anti-aging treatments out there that look great at first, they can erase those fine lines and wrinkles, but the results don’t always last long. But as TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson shows in this Be Well with TCL, there’s a spot in the Twin Cities offering what they call the longest lasting treatment on the market. 

Battling Childhood Obesity   Back To Top

Sugar has dominating the health headlines. That's because a new article says the sugar industry paid Harvard Scientists to blame heart disease on fat -- and downplay the role of sugar. But it's no secret that sugar is a huge factor when it comes to childhood obesity. And Dr. Ryan Dick from Entira Family Clinics says helping your kids stay at a healthy weight starts at home. 

Do We Really Need to Floss?   Back To Top

If you don’t mind seeing the dentist every 6-months for a cleaning, but cringe when they ask “Are you flossing?”, they can tell if you’re stretching the truth. 

Workout with the Torpedo   Back To Top

It’s something you’ve never heard of, or even seen, but soon you’ll be able to get your hands on one thanks to a group of fit friends in the Twin Cities. It’s a barbell, a kettlebell and a dumbbell all in one. And it’s call the Torpedo. Business partners who own several fitness studios came up with the idea and launched it on the fundraising website, Their campaign just wrapped up and Molly Hanten from Alchemy365 stopped by to show us how this tool could reinvent your workout.

Freezing Fat with CoolAdvantage   Back To Top

Here on Twin Cities Live, we love to tell you about the latest and greatest technology when it comes to your health. Clinics here in Minnesota are leading the way with a treatment called CoolSculpting. We've shown you how CoolSculpting works; a treatment that freezes fat and eliminates it from the body.

Acupuncture for Anxiety   Back To Top

In Chinese medicine, Fall is the time when our energy moves forward. That might explain why people feel heightened anxiety this time of year. But transitions to school and seasons can also create stress. If that anxiety is getting pretty bad, it might be time to think holistically. Holistic Health expert and owner of Healing Insight Senia Mae stopped by demonstrate how acupuncture can help calm the mind and body.

Intimacy After Cancer   Back To Top

As if a cancer diagnosis wasn't stressful enough, the impact it can have on your relationship is pretty tough to swallow. According the Journal Cancer, “A woman is six-times more likely to be separated or divorced soon after a cancer diagnosis than if a man were the patient.” One reason - a lack of confidence and performance in the bedroom.

Workout In Your Socks   Back To Top

Slipping and sliding in your socks can be a great workout! Ali Holman from shows off her "sock workout" and models some cute gym hairstyles too.

"Back to Mom" Workout   Back To Top

Once the kids go back to school, moms can get more time to themselves. And our fitness expert Ali Holman from thinks that's a great time for a "back to you" workout! 

Be Well with TCL: Rid the Double Chin   Back To Top

Dealing with a double chin is something that a lot of people deal with.  Getting the right angle in a picture is one way to get rid of it.  Dr. Tareen from Tareen Dermatology says there are a couple of ways to make it disappear forever. 

Cupping   Back To Top

Everyone is talking about those strange circular bruises seen on Michael Phelps and other athletes at the Olympics. These bruises are caused by cupping, which is said to relieve pain. Our Holistic Health Expert from Healing InSight, Senia Mae, is here to explain how. 

Be Well with TCL: Little Mother’s Helper   Back To Top

Having children does not come with instructions.  Once you have that baby and the child rearing begins, you can be left feeling a little helpless.  A Twin Cities midwife saw too many new parents struggling with questions and self-doubt and decided to do something about it.  Rebecca Egbert created a deck of cards called “Little Mother’s Helper.”

Normalizing Breastfeeding   Back To Top

Celebrities are on a mission to help normalize breastfeeding. Models Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr posted photos on instagram, breastfeeding their babies. Stars like Alyssa Milano, Liv Tyler and Pink say they want to make sure women feel comfortable feeding their babies.

Feminine Restoration with Dr. Lisa   Back To Top

After women have babies, a lot of things change and that includes how you look and feel in the bedroom. Increased laxity and leaky bladder are also concerns as women get in their 40s and 50s. Twin Cities Live’s straight talking OBGYN says women don’t have to live like this. Dr. Lisa from Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa stopped by our studio to show us how a few in-office treatments can help women look and feel their best. 

Workout Like An Olympian   Back To Top

You can always look to the Olympic events for inspiration on a great workout! Plus there are foods to help you power through your routine too. Ali Holman from shows us how!

Be Well with TCL: Supercharge Your Coffee   Back To Top

If you're not adding cream to your coffee in the morning, would you consider a pinch of turmeric? What if you could skip the coffee all together and drink something else to give you a boost of energy?

Be Well with TCL: Vitiligo   Back To Top

There was a lot of buzz around Michael Jackson when he appeared with lighter skin.  A lot of people thought a medical procedure was the cause of his lighter skin, but in fact it as a skin condition called vitiligo.

"Surf Bod" Workout   Back To Top

Surfers get a workout by pushing their own body weight up on their boards. You can get similar results without the surfboard or the ocean! Ali Holman from shows us how!

Back to School Checkup Check-List   Back To Top

In just a few short weeks, the kids will be heading back into the classroom. But before the bell rings, they need to head into the doctor for their back to school check-up. It could be to update immunizations or just to get their vision checked and most schools require it. Dr. Terri Wollan from Entira Family Clinics stopped by with her back-to-school checkup check-list.

Probiotics 101   Back To Top

It’s a buzz word you keep hearing, probiotics! But what are they and why do we need to add them into our diet? Our holistic health expert and owner of Healing Insight, Senia Mae stops by to tell us how they help our gut health.

Strength Training 101   Back To Top

TCL Fitness Expert, Nancy Stoneberg, picked up her first dumbbell 32 years ago when she was training for her fitness competition days.  Even if you aren’t looking to get in competition shape and just want to be healthier, Nancy says the same principles apply. 

Hormone Imbalance Solutions   Back To Top

For many woman rapid weight gain, bloating, hair in places that you don’t want can all be because of hormone imbalance.  Dr. Lisa Erhard from Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa tell us what can be done to help.

Amusement Park Workout   Back To Top

You might find yourself spending a lot of time waiting in line at an amusement park this summer.  Fitness Expert, Ali Holman from shows us how to take advantage of this time with some workout moves for the whole family.

Be Well with TCL: Stability Ball 101   Back To Top

If you own a stability ball, is it in your closet and deflated? Either it’s because you don’t know what to do with it or you’re afraid of falling off! In Be Well with TCL, we tackle the Stability Ball and the founder of, Annalicia Lynn stopped by to help!

Be Well with TCL: Ask the Dermatologist about Sunspots   Back To Top

If you’ve ever had a sunburn, which most of us have, it is not a fun thing. When you’re younger, the sun can make your skin glow, but as we age, sun damage can creep to the surface leaving behind dark and unsightly brown spots. So in today’s Be Well with TCL, we Asked the Dermatologist, “Can you reverse the damage?” TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson found out the surprising answer.

Exercises to Help Balance   Back To Top

If you find yourself losing your balance more and more, you’re not alone. As adults get older, our core can become less stable. Fortunately, your stance, along with some exercises can help. TCL Fitness Expert Nancy Stoneberg shares ways to keep your balance in check.

Fun Family Summer Workout   Back To Top

Are your kids at home and already starting with the "I'm Bored's"?  TCL Fitness Expert Ali Holman from shows us a fun, family friendly workout to get everyone moving and active this summer--and working together as a team!

Dealing with IBS   Back To Top

Summer is here and you don’t want to feel bloated all the time and Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS can be a key factor in that bloating factor. Owner of Healing InSight, Senia Mae, says acupuncture can help you feeling lean and ready to put that bathing suit on.

Toddler Milestones   Back To Top

If you've got a toddler toddling around the house or you see one at Target and think to yourself, “Boy, that was a time in my life where sleep wasn't an option”, you know a 1 and 2 year old can be exhausting.  But all of that movement is normal and it's something doctors actually want to see. Dr. Ryan Dick from Entira Family Clinics stopped by with information on what milestones toddlers should be making.

Manopause   Back To Top

As couples get older they kid about their husbands not being fun anymore.  There is a reason for that, it’s called manopause.  Owner of Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa. Dr. Lisa and her husband Dr. Mark show us how you can fight the symptoms of Manopause and stop being that grumpy old man!

Fix Stress Incontinence with ThermiVa   Back To Top

Millions of Americans are hiding a big secret. It’s called Incontinence. For those of you who don't know what that is, consider yourself lucky. That's because it affects more than 13 million people in this country and your girlfriends, they aren't talking about it. But as TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson found out, a new device called ThermiVa is helping women feel more secure and a little more sexy.

Trying a Rowing Workout Class   Back To Top

If you want to make it big in the rowing world, like make the Olympic team, you've got to call the small town of Princeton, New Jersey home. The town of just 16,000 people is where Olympic rowers live, work and train. 

Workouts and Foods to Help Your Legs Look Great   Back To Top

Shorts weather means our legs are coming out of hibernation. Ali Holman from shares her favorite snacks and workout moves to get those legs in shape!

Natural Products to Get Through the Day   Back To Top

It can be hard keeping your energy up, especially if you're running around after your family or out and about all day. Luckily, there are a few natural ways to keep that energy going. Andrea Donsky from shares her picks, including products from Natracare!

10 Minute Booty Workout   Back To Top

Get ready for swimsuit and short weather with a 10 minute workout that focuses on the booty! TCL Fitness Expert Nancy Stoneberg shares five moves that require just one piece of equipment.

Dollar Store Workouts   Back To Top

Don't feel like buying expensive exercise equipment? You're in luck! A trip to the dollar store is all you need to get a killer workout at home. Ali Holman from shares her go-to moves and the products to match.

Kate Hudson’s Workout   Back To Top

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is coming to Mall of America and her personal trainer is in town to celebrate.  Nicole Stuart shows off some of Kate’s favorite moves.

Food for a Healthy Smile   Back To Top

We all know that with candy, the stickier it is, the worse it is for your teeth. But did you know that pretzels, even potato chips are culprits for an unhealthy smile? Are you wondering what to eat instead? Dr. Shamblott from Shamblott Family Dentistry stopped by for an Eat This, Not That Healthy Smile edition.

Injury Free Yoga   Back To Top

If you’ve ever tried Yoga, you may have felt a tad uncoordinated. But the truth is, if you’re not doing poses correctly, you could cause some serious injury.  The founder of stopped by to show us the wrong and the right way to practice and exercise that’s been around for thousands of years.