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Be Well with TCL: Salt  

Salt is a necessary component to your diet.  It is recommended that the average adult consume six grams of salt per day.  That’s only one teaspoon full.  Most American’s eat twice that amount each day and that could result in problems with your heart.

Be Well with TCL: Face2Face Skin Care  

Ten years ago, Cynthia Kretschmar made a career change and became an esthetician.  Two years ago, her dreams became reality when she opened up Face2Face Skin Care & Makeup Studio in Roseville.  Now at the age of 60, she helps people clear up problem skin and she does it without injectibles. 


Dermatologist Jaime Davis, from Uptown Dermatology, says there is a heavy lifter in the skin care world.  Retinoids have been called multi-taskers, not only smoothing out fine lines but are said to boost our skin’s cell function as well.   

Back to School Healthy Meals  

Going back to school usually means things get a bit more hectic.  Dr. Lori Bethke from Entira Family Clinics says don’t cut back on the meal preparation during this time.  It’s important the kids are eating right during school and before practice. 

Post State Fair Workout  

If you feel guilty about over-indulging at the State Fair or your holiday weekend meant a few extra calories, TCL's resident fitness expert, Nancy Stoneberg, has a workout routine to help shed some extra pounds.

Organic Foods Worth Buying  

Are buying organic fruits and vegetables worth the extra cost? Registered dietitian and blogger Cassie Bjork stopped by to share the organic grocery items you should pass on and the ones worth buying.

Be Well with TCL: Coolsculpting  

At Contour Clinic there is a treatment that people are seeking out that literally freezes fat off.  It’s called Coolsculpting and people are finding the results to be pretty incredible.  Reporter Kelli Hanson got a first hand look at the procedure.   

Healthcare Checklist   Back To Top

Dr. Terri Wollan from Entira Family Clinics says it isn’t only your child’s physical that you need to think about when sending your kids back to school.  There are other health issues that should be on your check list.

Effects of Pregnancy on Teeth   Back To Top

Not too long ago, Elizabeth announced her pregnancy.  Since then, she has experienced a lot of changes that come along with her condition – and it’s not all fun.  The swelling and nausea might have been expected but pregnancy can have an effect on things you might not expect.

Technology and Skin Care   Back To Top

Did you know that there is an app to help the condition of your skin?  Did you also know that the persistent rash that won’t go away could be caused by your iPad?  It’s true!  Dr. Jaime Davis from Uptown Dermatology explains how technology can help your skin and hurt it.

Unusual Ab Workout   Back To Top

Planks and crunches are the usual go-to workout for great abs.  Nancy Stoneberg of Stone Fitness shows us some unique ways to get killer abs that you probably never would have thought of. 

Be Well with TCL: Trumi Workout   Back To Top

According to research, you are 80% more likely to stick to a regular exercise routine if you work out in a group.  When it comes to losing weight, 75% is what you are eating.  Trumi is a group workout that focuses and nutrition.  Producer Kelli Hanson checked out the program.

Be Well with TCL: Voluma Injections & Lip Augmentation   Back To Top

TCL Producer, Kelli Hanson heads to Contour Clinic to get a look at the services they offer that they say promise to give you back a more youthful appearance with Voluma Injections.

Pregnancy Preparation   Back To Top

Women have a lot of questions for their doctor when they become pregnant.  Getting everything covered in your 30 minute appointment might be tight.  Dr. Ryan Dick from Entira Family Clinics wants to make sure you are asking the right question at your prenatal check up.  

Forehead Lift   Back To Top

Connie Wendt from Maple Grove decided that with turning 50, she needed a little freshening up.  When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw wrinkles on her forehead caused by raising her eyebrows.  She tried botox to smooth them out without much success.

Be Well with TCL: Aesthetics Parties   Back To Top

Rather than a night out with the girls having for dinner and cocktails, how about getting the girls together for a little pampering instead?  A mobile aesthetics party brings the party to you and offers an opportunity for the girls to get a little botox or even a really great facial.  

Sunscreen Spray for Kids   Back To Top

The Food and Drug Administration announced last month that spraying sunscreen on your kids is not recommended.  The fear is that as you are spraying it on the kids, they will breath in some of the ingredients.  Dr. Jaime Davis from Uptown Dermatology advises on what kind of sunscreens are best for kids.

Homemade Citronella Candles   Back To Top

If you enjoy sitting out on your deck these warm summer evenings but the bugs and mosquitos are preventing it, light a candle!  The creator of The Happy Healthy Truth, Jina Schaefer, says making your own candles can keep the mosquitos from biting and the bugs from bugging you!

Be Well with TCL: Rejuvenate Skin and Laser Clinic   Back To Top

In this week's Be Well with TCL, Producer Kelli Hanson heads to Rejuvenate Skin and Laser Clinic in Hudson where their membership programs can help you look young and could help you save money. 

Healthy Meals on a Budget   Back To Top

According to a Harvard Study, it can cost about $500 more a year for a person to include fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts to their diet.  Registered Dietitian and Blogger, Cassie Bjork, has some meal suggestions that cost less than $2.00 per serving; making it more affordable to eat healthy!

Fitness Apps   Back To Top

Picking up your phone probably isn’t the first thing you do when you’re thinking of working out.  Twin Cities Live Fitness Expert Nancy Stoneberg says that's all you have to do to begin a new fitness program.  Nancy shares her favorite apps to tryout to break a sweat.

Mojo Kickball   Back To Top

Maybe you're looking to mix-up your work out routine or perhaps you're not all that athletic but are looking to stay social and get active! We've found the perfect game for both types. Mojo Kickball is a multi-ball kickball with a little bit of everything! With elements of dodge ball, tag and even hot-potato mixed in. 

The Truth about Broken Heart Syndrome   Back To Top

One of our TCL producers, Kelli Hanson, headed to the Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute to learn a little bit about Broken Heart Syndrome. Surprisingly enough, it's not something you get from a bad break up but rather a serious health issue for women.   

Be Well with TCL: Stillwater Skin   Back To Top

TCL Producer Kelli Hanson stops by Stillwater Skin to meet with owner Amy Haugen who started a line of skin care products using cranberry seed oil as a main ingredient. Patients say that it helps clear acne and leads to healthier looking skin.    

The Pre-Wedding Workout   Back To Top

In today's Be Well with TCL, fitness instructor Nancy Stoneberg shares her suggestions for a fit back and shoulders to show off in those revealing summer wedding gowns. 

Summer Hydration   Back To Top

Entira Family Clinics, Dr. Terri Wollan, is here with a lesson on hydration – especially for summertime.

Summer Skin & Hair Care   Back To Top

It’s certainly a summer activity that is hard to avoid for many.  We’re talking about hopping in the pool on a hot day!  The chlorine and chemicals from the pool can cause a lot of damage to your skin and hair.  Dr. Davis from Uptown Dermatology is here to the rescue with help on preventing dry skin, green hair, and the right sunscreen.

Men & Botox   Back To Top

Women aren’t the only customers receiving botox.  Botox for men is on the rise and even has his own name – “brotox.”  Jim Lamoureaux, from Eau Claire, Wisonsin, isn’t afraid to admit he’s ready to look a few years younger by using botox to smooth out some of the wrinkles.

Facelifts & Fat Grafting   Back To Top

Getting a facelift can be a scary thing.  We’ve all seen the bad jobs even celebrities have ended up with at times.  Dr. Bashioum from Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center says a facelift doesn’t have to change the way you look but rather, it could make people ask you how your skin looks so good.   

Sugar in Your Breakfast   Back To Top

Katie Couric’s new documentary, Fed Up, is getting a lot of attention.  The show highlights just how much sugar American’s really eat.  Registered dietician and blogger, Cassie Bjork says it all starts with your breakfast.  You may be surprised at how much sugar is in what you normally eat, especially after considering Cassie’s carbohydrates to sugar breakdown.  For every 4 grams of carbohydrates it equals a teaspoon of sugar.  Cassie has some alternatives for you instead.

Be Well: Botox for Bells Palsy   Back To Top

Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Garrett Griffin, from Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery, is working to give Lisa from Woodbury her smile back.  Lisa is hoping to get it back with the help of Botox. 

Traveling with Dietary Restrictions   Back To Top

Taking a summer vacation?  Don’t want to derail and lose all o f the progress s you’ve made?  Or worse yet, lose all of the progress you‘ve made and have your kiddo get sick? Health coach Kelley Suggs is here to help!

Lyme Disease   Back To Top

A lot of us will be soaking up the summer sun and taking advantage of all there is to do in Minnesota this time of year, but health officials say be aware of ticks. They can carry bacteria that cause Lyme, a disease that’s affected celebrities like Jamie Lynn Sigler, Alec Baldwin and reality star Yolanda Foster. 

Healthy Eating with Seattle Sutton’s   Back To Top

Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating program is all about fresh, fast, and results!  We’ve seen how the program can help you lose weight with our New Year New You winner Tara Navarro’s success.  A Coon Rapids family is using the program to kickstart their brand new life.

Sun Protective Clothing   Back To Top

Lotion isn’t the only way to protect your skin from the sun.  Some clothing lines are offering clothes that not only have sun protection in them but are stylish too.

Be Well with TCL: MD Complete Skincare   Back To Top

By now, hopefully everyone is aware of the importance of wearing a really good sunscreen.  With May being named Skin Cancer Awareness Month, it’s a good reminder that the season is upon us to be applying sunscreen regularly. One way to be sure of this is to use skincare products with sunscreen in them.

Maintaining with Seattle Sutton’s   Back To Top

Ashley Wong, of Medina, says Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating’s program not only helped her lose weight and keep it off.  She says the program has changed her life and weight forever. 

Should I Call the Dr.?   Back To Top

When it’s your child, that fever of 102 degrees is pretty scary and that persistent cough makes you wonder if you should be calling the doctor.  New parents especially, have a lot of questions.  Dr. Ryan Dick from Entira Family Clinics answers some of these questions about when you should be calling the doctor and when it’s advised to just wait it out.

Be Well with TCL: Power Moves & Meals   Back To Top

Some people like to get their day going with a good workout.  While others, would rather wait until the end of their day to get their workouts in.  Whenever you choose to exercise doesn’t really matter, says our Fitness Expert, Nancy Stoneberg.  What you eat after you sweat it out is what she says matters.

Bedtime Snacks   Back To Top

You’ve probably heard the rule – and maybe even abide by it yourself – “no eating before bed” right?  Registered dietician and blogger, Cassie Bjork says it’s not about what time you’re eating but WHAT you’re eating.  If fact Cassie says, you can actually sleep worse if you don’t eat the right bedtime snack.

Be Well with TCL: Anew Hair Restoration   Back To Top

You’re hair has a lot to do with how you feel and for a lot of women, it’s a huge part of our identity.  Even for women, as we age, our hair can start to thin and even bald in some spots.  Producer Kelli Hanson takes us to Anew Aesthetic Medical Center where they claim they can help with those hair problems. 

Be Well with TCL: Lung Scan   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live producer, Kelli Hanson, takes us to St. Paul Radiology where there is a new breakthrough in technology that can detect lung cancer at its earliest stages.  The Low Dose Lung Cancer Screening CT is recommended for people ages 55 to 80, who have smoked a pack a day for 30 years or 2 packs a day for 15 years.

New Year New You: Big Reveal   Back To Top

We have been following Tara Navarro for 12 weeks since the beginning of February as she began her journey with Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating and Snap Fitness.  The wait is over and she is anxious to reveal her new look!  

Moms on the Run   Back To Top

If you have always thought of yourself as “not a runner," think again.  TCL producer Kelli Hanson checked out Moms on the Run, where some of its members went from never running at all to running marathons!

Dental Splurges   Back To Top

Dr. Scott Shamblott, from Shamblott Family Dentistry, thinks spending your tax return on some dental procedures might be worth investing in.  From fillings to crowns to root canals or even the Six Month Smile, Dr. Shamblott is here to explain them all.

Week 11 of Tara’s Progress   Back To Top

Tara Navarro is in her 11th week of her 12 week journey on the New Year New You weight loss program with Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating and Snap Fitness. Twin Cities Live producer, Kelli Hanson catches up with Tara at Snap Fitness.

Medifast Family   Back To Top

When Linus Koopmeiners wife, Marina was diagnosed with spinal stenonis, doctors told her that losing weight could help avoid surgery.  They decided to enlist the help of Medifast Weight Loss Program to help Marina lose the weight.  Linus took it one step further and told his family that if they wanted to some some weight with Medifast, he would take care of the expenses.

Be Well with TCL: Wedding Day Prep   Back To Top

It’s more than just hair and makeup that brides are worried about now-a-days.  Contour Clinic's are helping the brides and their moms get ready for their big day by erasing wrinkles and getting rid of pockets of fat.

Eat More Salt!   Back To Top

Up until about 100 years ago, salt was one of the most sought after commodities in history.  We are now told to avoid eating too much of it because studies show that there is a direct link to heart disease.  Health Coach, Kelley Suggs says, “not so fast, go ahead and eat up!”  Kelley is here to explain why eating the right kind of salt is actually good for you.

Workout Myths   Back To Top

There are a lot of myths surrounding fitness and we are here to set the record straight!  Owner of Stone Fitness, Nancy Stoneberg, knows the real answers when it comes to fitness.