Be Well with TCL

Be Well with TCL: Radiance Medspa Skin Care Club  

Emily stops by Radiance MedSpa in Woodbury to learn about the benefits of their Skin Care Club, including the positive results from a photofacial.

Be Well with TCL: Chiropractor for Baby  

During pregnancy, you might experience a lot of new aches and pains.  Add the weight gain that comes with pregnancy and everything is thrown off balance.  Many mom’s find relief from a family chiropractor.  You might be surprised to hear that those chiropractors can also help those new born babies.

Be Well with TCL: Heart & Vascular Institute  

What might actually be a heart problem can easily be mistaken for stress and anxiety.  There is a new technology that is able to tell the difference and it could save your life.  Kelli introduces us to a woman from Rockford who was given a second chance with the help of this technology.

Be Well with TCL: Dermal Fillers  

Every month, we introduce you to someone new to the MedSpa world who is willing to try different treatments to get the skin they've always wanted. In this week's Be Well with TCL, Kelli Hanson features a 49-year-old mom who adds more volume with the help of Carillon Clinic.

Be Well with TCL: Rid the Double Chin  

As you age, you might be noticing a little extra fat under your chin – a double chin.  You don’t need liposuction or a face lift to tighten it up.  Zel Skin & Laser Specialists in Edina has a brand new, quick, and permanent solution.

Be Well with TCL: Clarus Dermatology  

Sunscreen is an essential when it comes to protecting skin from harmful UV rays. Clarus Dermatology shows Kelli Hanson incredible photos of her skin and how sunscreen helps. 

Be Well with TCL: OSI Physical Therapy  

You probably don’t think about physical therapy as treatment for a concussion.  When a concussion ended a high schooler’s soccer career, it was intense physical therapy that gave her back a big piece of her life.  Kelli Hanson takes us to OSI Physical Therapy to learn more about how they are helping overcome the symptoms of a concussion. 

Be Well with TCL: Skincare Clinic   Back To Top

No matter what your age, we all need to take care of our skin.  Whether you are dealing with acne or dealing with age spots, there is one place that can take care of it all.  Kelli heads over to Carillon Clinic where she meets a mom and daughter who take care of their skin together.

Be Well with TCL: Electrolysis   Back To Top

Summer is a time to show more skin, which also means it's time for that unwanted hair to go. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson heads to Christina Clinic in Roseville to learn about Electrolysis, a treatment dating back to the late 1800s.

Be Well with TCL: In the Equation   Back To Top

After losing 211 pounds and keeping it off for three years, Lori Schaefer’s mantra is all about change and making yourself part of the equation.

Be Well with TCL: Eyes & Concussions   Back To Top

Every year, one million kids get a head injury that causes them to sustain chronic symptoms.  A new therapy is looking at how concussions affect not only the brain but what the head trauma is doing to the eyes too.

Be Well with TCL: Skin Pen   Back To Top

The beauty industry is working to slow down or reverse the signs of aging.  Medical spas are joining in  and also changing the way we age.  They offer everything from injections to tightening up the skin to hair removal.

Be Well with TCL: Kids Chiropractor   Back To Top

Ailments like ear infections, asthma, and even reflux usually mean trips to the doctor and antibiotics.  The doctors at Seasons Family Chiropractic say they can help.  Chiropractor, Dr. Heather Steckling, says that any kind of childhood common condition is a sign that your body is not working like it should.  An adjustment at the chiropractor will help your child with asthma, allergies, ear infections, adhd, and more.  Dr. Heather says the adjustments help the symptoms improve on their own.

Be Well with TCL: Seattle Sutton's   Back To Top

If you are like most of the people who made a New Year’s resolution, you’ve probably already given up.  Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating designed a slim down challenge to help make it easier for people to stay on track. 

Be Well with TCL: Coolsculpting   Back To Top

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a nap – and get rid of stubborn fat at the same time?  Now it can happen!  At Rejuvenate Skin and Laser Clinic, they offer a treatment called Coolsculpting that allows you to do just that.  Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure using a patented cooling technology that eliminates fat cells.  Kelli Hanson checks it out.

Be Well with TCL: Foam Rollers   Back To Top

Fitness expert and owner of Stone Fitness, Nancy Stoneberg, explains what foam rollers are used for, how to use them, and who should have them! 

Be Well with TCL: Psoriasis   Back To Top

Many people experience drier, itchy skin in the winter.  If your skin was dry, painfully itchy, red, and you noticed scaly patches that creams didn’t help, it might be psoriasis.  Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease that can now be treated with a laser and put into remission.

Be Well with TCL: Alchemy365   Back To Top

You may have heard about the Crossfit workout.  That’s an intense strength training workout.  While Yoga looks extremely beautiful with doing it, that workout challenges every muscle in the body.  Kelli Hanson checked out a new workout program that combines the two.  It’s called Alchemy – and it’s only being done in the Twin Cities.

Be Well with TCL: Protein Shakes   Back To Top

According to fitness expert, Nancy Stoneberg (owner of Stone Fitness), protein is so important to your diet, you should have it five times a day.  Are protein shakes a good source for getting the required amounts?  Nancy has the answers. 

Be Well with TCL: Dentistry from the Heart   Back To Top

Nearly ten percent of adults in America have a fear of the dentist.  The fear is so real that they avoid the dental chair at all cost.  Shamblott Family Dentistry is working to calm those fears, plus they are doing it for free. 

Be Well with TCL: Ultrashape   Back To Top

TCL Reporter, Kelli Hanson heads to Clarus Dermatology where they’ve introduces a new piece of technology to patients that can help you get slim without the gym.

Be Well with TCL: On-the-Go Breakfast   Back To Top

A grab and go breakfast doesn’t mean you have to give up on the health kick you’ve started in the New Year.  Nancy Stoneberg, our fitness expert, tested out the grocery store, local coffee shops, and even the gas station for the healthiest choices.

Moudry Rx-Pharmacy   Back To Top

Whether you pick up a prescription monthly or only when you’re sick, you may have wondered if there’s more to a pharmacy than just your big box brands. The answer is yes! TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson checked out Moudry Rx-Pharmacy in Oakdale.

Be Well with TCL: Winter Pedicure   Back To Top

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine couldn’t say enough about a nail spa in Edina that offers a pedicure that really locks in the moisture.  It’s definitely what our winter, dry, callused feet are calling for.  Kelli Hanson just had to go check out a la Mode Boutique & Nail Spa for herself. 

Be Well with TCL: Natural Flu Fighters   Back To Top

According to health officials, this flu season is shaping up to be the worst on record.  Minnesota has seen nearly 600 people hospitalized already with the flu.  Holistic Health Coach, Kelley Suggs, shows us ways to fight the flu with natural ingredients.

Be Well with TCL: Christina Clinic   Back To Top

Skin health in the winter is something on the top of many women’s minds.  The dry, cold weather has the same effect on your skin.  Christina Clinic in Roseville shows Kelli Hanson how easy it is to get smooth, hydrated and clear skin this time of year.

Be Well with TCL: Contour Clinic   Back To Top

Many make New Year's Resolutions to work out more or eat healthier. It's not often that you hear someone make a resolution to have better skin in the new year. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson heads to Contour Clinic in Edina to check out two treatments that can help get you a great new look in 2015.  

Be Well with TCL: Heart Health   Back To Top

Kelli Hanson introduces us to Jamal Ramsey, a 21 year old St. Paul man who was born with a heart defect is living proof of why continued cardiac care is so important.

Be Well with TCL: Rejuvenate Spa   Back To Top

It’s important to keep your skin hydrated.  It helps your makeup go on better and keeps your skin from looking tired and older.  Kelli Hanson heads to Rejuvenate Skin and Laser Clinic in Hudson, Wisconsin to find out how they help you do that. 

Be Well with TCL: Medifast   Back To Top

We’ve shared weight loss stories with you before, but this is the biggest one ever.  Dean Ellingson is a teacher who used the Medifast Weight Loss Program to help him change his health forever.