Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifle  

Pumpkin pie is the tradition at Thanksgiving.  Sarah Kieffer, author of The Vanilla Bean Baking Book, keeps with the pumpkin tradition.  With a twist.

Pan-Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies  

A crunchy outside and gooey inside is a goal for many bakers when perfecting the chocolate chip cookie. As it turns out, there's a unique approach when creating this chewy-crunchy ratio, it's called pan-banging! Author and baker Sarah Kieffer’s Instagram blew up when followers were re-posting their own version of this dessert. The recipe went viral and was featured in the New York Times.

Sheet Pan Must Make Meals  

Meal prepping sounds time consuming but it's way less of a headache when you can toss all of your ingredients on one sheet pan. It's a speedy dinner and clean –up is a breeze. Owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell shows us some must-make meals and a dessert on one pan.

Apple Recipes with Different Apple Varieties  

Your local grocery store isn't doing the apple justice. The supermarket probably carries four or five varieties -- when worldwide there are more than 7500 kinds of the fruit grown. One Minnesota family orchard thinks some of those lesser known apples deserve some attention. Gretchen Perbix from Sweetland Orchard in Webster shared different varieties of apples and recipe developer, Mary Jane Miller shows us what to make with it.

Sweet and Savory Apple Recipes  

Chances are you've probably made a couple of visits to your favorite apple orchard and you might have gotten swept up in the moment that you overbought. The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten shared some of her favorite sweet and savory apple recipes and what to do with those leftover apples.

Sweet Pumpkin Treats  

Baking instructor Nancy Burgeson shared her recipes for tasty pumpkin treats beyond your typical pies. For a schedule of classes with Nancy, email her here

Halloween Cupcakes  

Maddie Lu Carlos the owner of Something Sweet by Maddie Lu shows us how easy it is to wow your friends with decorated cupcakes for Halloween. 

Crocktober Challenge: Apple Cobbler vs“Chicken Lickin’ Good” Pork Chops   Back To Top

Slow cookers are all the rage nowadays but did you know that it has roots dating back to the early 1970’s? That’s when the “set and forget” phase started taking off! Our Crocktober challenge concludes with a dinner and dessert recipe!

Chef Inspired S’mores   Back To Top

Maybe you think bonfire nights should be left to summer, but fall is where roasting marshmallows just feels right. The air is crisp and it's sweatshirt weather. But we're not talking about your store bought mallows. You can make your own, and adding frozen fruit to the recipe can make those s'mores chef inspired. Schwan’s chef, Christina Kaelberer stopped by to help us take it up a notch.

In the Spotlight: Nordic Ware Bundt Pan   Back To Top

Minnesota is getting some national attention for something the great people of this state developed nearly 70-years-ago. You know it well, the Bundt pan. Taylor Hick's new show, “State Plate”, heads to Minneapolis to find out what makes the Bundt pan and that delicious cake so great. The episode airs September 22nd on Inspiration Network, but Christine Cook from Nordic Ware stopped by to show us how to make our own classic chocolate Bundt cake.

Panna Cotta Dessert   Back To Top

Here’s a great recipe to impress your friends at your next dinner party! Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert and it translates to “cooked cream.” There are many ways to make it and it’s very easy. You can also stop by Swedish Crown Bakery in Anoka to buy some from their store!

Nordic Ware at the Fair   Back To Top

Nordic Ware is giving a demonstration on Sunday, August 27 at the Minnesota State Fair! They stopped by to show us some of their animal-inspired pans and to see if Steve and guest co-host Kat Perkins were up to the challenge of decorating baked goods.

National Creamsicle Day   Back To Top

It's the day to enjoy a refreshing summertime treat because who can resist a freezy orange and cream combo when it's National Creamsicle Day!! Katy Gerdes from Angel Food Bakery and Frio Frio explained how to make creamsicles at home.

Twin Cities Love Raspberries   Back To Top

Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is the raspberry consumption capital of the country. Driscoll’s found that the Twin Cities market consumes 132 % more fresh raspberries per household than the national average.

Emoji Cupcakes   Back To Top

Emojis are everywhere. Chances are when you send a text message you’re including an emoji with it. Maddie Lu Carlos, the owner of Something Sweet by Maddie Lu in Coon Rapids knows so much about Emojis... she's even teaching a class on how to make them at her bakery.

Raspberry Sour Cream Pie   Back To Top

It’s National Raspberry Cream Pie day.  Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig is kicking it up a notch with her recipe using sour cream!

Ice Box Cakes   Back To Top

Back in the early 20th century, there wasn’t such a thing called a refrigerator or a freezer. Back then, people used ice boxes – where blocks of ice were kept – to keep their food safe and cold. Baking instructor, Nancy Burgeson, shows us some retro icebox cakes that you’ll want to bring back!

Patriotic Potluck Desserts   Back To Top

The 4th of July and backyard barbeques go hand in hand so you'll want to bring something red, white and blue for the dessert table.  The cooking mom, Amy Hanten is the author of two cookbooks, which have a variety of recipes including festive treats

Strawberry Salsa   Back To Top

Now is the time to start making recipes with strawberries since their they are in season. Here are some fantastic recipes you must make this summer. Owner of the Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell shows us how.

Using Modeling Chocolate for Cake Decorations   Back To Top

In celebration of the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, Erin Campbell from Nadia Cakes stopped by to give Steve and Elizabeth a lesson on decorating a fun pirate-themed cake using modeling chocolate.

Mason Jar Desserts   Back To Top

If you're looking to impress friends at your next summer get-together then try making your next dessert in a Mason Jar. It's a great way to present a sweet treat and the best part is, is that it doesn't take a lot of prep work in the kitchen.  Amy Hanten stopped by make to make Memorial Day Mason Jar Desserts.

TCL In Your Town: Something Sweet with Maddie Lu   Back To Top

Maddie Lu from Something Sweet by Maddie Lu paid a visit to our studio to help us celebrate TCL In Your Town: Coon Rapids!

Dutch Babies   Back To Top

Leah McLean, anchor on 5 Eyewitness News, shares a recipe she learned from her mom, Patty. It's a recipe out of the cookbook, "A Taste of Oregon."

Blueberry Coffee Cake   Back To Top

Friends from 5 Eyewitness News introduce us to their moms – and cook up a favorite recipe of theirs. Anchor Megan Newquist shows us how to make her mom’s tasty breakfast treat.

Easter Dessert Ideas   Back To Top

Our next guest says you shouldn't feel any pressure to make something homemade. Cake decorator and baking instructor Nancy Burgeson has last minute dessert ideas and on how to jazz up boxed cake recipes if you're in a hurry to make something for Easter Sunday.

Best Desserts from Twin Cities Restaurants   Back To Top

Food and Dining Editor from Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, stops by with her favorite desserts you can order in the Twin Cities!

Taste the Trend: Mango Sorbet Back To Top

This three ingredient Mango Sorbet is blowing up on Facebook. We thought it would be the perfect recipe for Mary Jane Miller to get her hands on!  She tried out the recipe for herself and then kicked it up a notch.

Eton Mess Meringues   Back To Top

Katy Gerdes from Angel Food Bakery + Donut Bar stopped by to help us celebrate a warm February day with a spring-inspired recipe for Eton Mess Meringues!

Chocolate for Every Meal   Back To Top

This valentine's day, why not treat your loved one to breakfast in bed? Author of The Vanilla Bean Baking Book, Sarah Kieffe, show us how to make a chocolate bundt cake...made with a steaming cup of hot coffee.

Three Course Weeknight Steakhouse Dinner For Two   Back To Top

If you don’t want to go out to eat on Valentine’s Day, that’s ok! Antigoni Sander is here to show you how to bring the romantic dinner scene to the comfort of your own home.

Blender Recipes   Back To Top

Get ready to bust out your blender! From smoothies, milkshakes, frosty cocktails there are plenty of tasty recipes you can make in a blast. Robin Asbell is a chef, Instructor and author of a new book called 300 best blender recipes using your Vitamix.

Fix My Food: Healthy Brownie Sundae   Back To Top

All this week, we've taken delicious but unhealthy recipes and swapped out an ingredient or two to make them healthier for you and fittingly we're wrapping up our fix my food series with dessert with chef and owner of Wyatt Hospitality, Ray Wyatt.

Hazelnut Browned Butter Spoon Cookies   Back To Top

Our final recipe in this year’s 12 Days of Cookies series just may be our best one yet. And they prove that looks can be deceiving. Elizabeth visits the test kitchen of our sponsor, Land O’Lakes, to learn how to make Hazelnut Brown Butter Cookies. These sweet treats aren’t flashy, but they are absolutely delicious. Cookie cheers!

Cardamom Sugar Cookies   Back To Top

It’s Day 11 in our annual 12 Days of Cookies series and we can’t do the holidays without a sugar cookie. But this version, from blogger Sarah Kieffer, turns the cookie itself chocolate before it’s rolled in a special cardamom-sugar blend and baked until perfectly crisp on the edges and chewy on the inside. When Elizabeth brought these cookies back to the Twin Cities Live office, the team couldn’t stop eating them. Don’t miss this recipe for Cardamom Sugar Cookies!

Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments   Back To Top

Day 10 in our 12 Days of Cookies series, presented by Land O’Lakes, took an unexpected turn when pastry chef Zöe François busted out a pile of watermelon Jolly Ranchers and blitzed them up in a spice grinder. Turns out, those super sweet candies melt perfectly into a colorful “stained glass” that fill Zöe’s ginger cookies. The gorgeous treats can even be hung on a tree as an edible holiday decoration!

Saltine Cracker Cookie Butterscotch Bars   Back To Top

It’s Day 9 in our annual 12 Days of Cookies series, presented by Land O’Lakes. Elizabeth is warning you: today’s recipe is so perfectly sweet and salty, so deliciously chocolately and butterscotchy and so incredibly addictive that you might have to hide the pan from your family members if you have any hope of giving some of these treats as gifts. Elizabeth visits the home of TCL Kitchen Star Alice Seuffert to learn how to make Saltine Cracker Cookie Butterscotch Bars.

12 Days of Cookies: Pumpkin Streusel Bars   Back To Top

Okay, okay, we know it’s not technically a cookie. But Pumpkin Streusel Bars certainly have their place on a holiday cookie platter and that’s why they’re our Day 8 recipe in this year’s 12 Days of Cookies series, presented by Land O’Lakes. These bars are the creation of food blogger Sarah Kieffer and Elizabeth loved that they maximize streusel by using it both as a crust and a topping. 

Red Velvet Blossom Cookies   Back To Top

The Peanut Butter Blossom is a classic holiday treat – you know, the peanut butter cookie with the chocolate kiss pressed into the center? But this year, our friends at Land O’Lakes decided to take that classic and add a few twists. On Day 7 of our annual 12 Days of Cookies, Elizabeth visits the Land O’Lakes test kitchen to learn how to make Red Velvet Blossom Cookies that are perfectly festive.

Chocolate Brownie Mint Sandwiches   Back To Top

Day 6 in our 12 Days of Cookies series is all about super rich, delicious chocolate. Elizabeth visits the home kitchen of Zöe François, the pastry chef behind the blog “Zöe Bakes” and the co-author of the “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day” book series. Zöe shows us how to make Chocolate Brownie Mint Sandwiches garnished with a candy cane crunch perfect for the holiday season.

Turtle Bonbon Cookies   Back To Top

Buckle up, because today’s 12 Days of Cookies recipe contains all the good stuff: chocolate, peanut butter, caramel and pecans. In Day 5 of our annual sweet treat series, Elizabeth visits the home of our TCL Kitchen Star and food/parenting blogger Alice Seuffert to do what’s she’s always dreamed of doing: sit around and eat bon bons. But first, Alice shows us how to make these Turtle Bon Bon cookies that are jam packed with decadence, just in time for the holidays.

Spice Cookies with Coffee Glaze   Back To Top

The cookie platter is filling up! In today’s installment of our annual 12 Days of Cookies series presented by Land O’Lakes, Elizabeth visits the home kitchen of a baker who’s new to Twin Cities Live. Sarah Kieffer is the pastry chef and mom of two behind The Vanilla Bean Blog and the author of The Vanilla Bean Baking Book. Sarah teaches us how to make elegant, light and crispy Spice Cookies with a Coffee Glaze.

Triple Almond Biscotti   Back To Top

It’s the most wonderful time of year! In Day 4 of this year’s 12 Days of Cookies series, presented by Land O’Lakes, Elizabeth visits the kitchen of Zöe François, pastry chef and co-author of the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book series. Zöe shows us how to make Triple Almond Biscotti, the perfect cookie to package up and gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Brownie Bark   Back To Top

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Elizabeth visits the Land O’Lakes test kitchen in today’s installment of the 12 Days of Cookies. Test Kitchen Director Becky Wahlund shows us how to make Brownie Bark, the perfect holiday treat for those who love the edges of the brownie pan.

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies   Back To Top

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Elizabeth visits four local bakers to deliver 12 Days of Cookies to you this holiday season. TCL Kitchen Star and the blogger behind “Dining With Alice” is kicking it off with White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies, a delicious shortbread studded with cranberries, lemon zest and dunked in white chocolate.

Holiday Baking with Nordic Ware   Back To Top

Nordic Ware are celebrating their 70th anniversary and they stopped by with holiday recipes and the pans to match, perfect for baking up some tasty treats.

Coconut Cream Dream Pie Back To Top

The late great John Micheal Lerma prepared this pie on our show and it became one of our favorites.

Swedish Rice Pudding   Back To Top

It’s a meal, it’s a dessert, and if you’ve never tried it, we think you’re missing out. Rice Pudding can be found in nearly every area of the world, but this Swedish dish is often served during the holidays. Of course we wanted to learn how to make it so we turned to the most lovely Swede we know. Eva Sabet, owner of Swedish Crown Bakery in Anoka, joined us to make Rice a la Malta.

Gigi’s Cupcakes   Back To Top

From working in a bank to running her own business, you could say things are going pretty sweet for Krista Kook.  She’s now the owner of Gigi’s Cupcakes in Woodbury!  Krista gives Elizabeth and Steve a lesson in their signature swirl! 

Pumpkin Spice Recipes   Back To Top

Just walk through the grocery store, or hit up the coffee shop, and the flavor you’ll see all over?  Pumpkin spice of course!  Chef and cookbook author Robin Asbell shows you how to create the flavor right out of your own kitchen! 

Pumpkin Pie Parfait with Cinnamon Whipped Cream and Salted Graham Cracker Crumble   Back To Top

Personal Chef Sarah Lang (A Simple Kitchen), prepares a pumpkin dessert but it’s not your typical pumpkin pie!