Main Dishes

Quick Curried Shrimp  

Laurie Crowell has worked for the Barefoot Contessa and owns her own gourmet grocery store called Golden Fig.  Laurie is all about healthy and organic cooking for her family, yet when it comes to cooking for herself she had to rethink that in order to kickstart her metabolism.  Laurie shares a tasty dish she came up with.

Fancy Toast  

There is a new trend in the food world that takes a normally inexpensive side dish and turns it into a fancy main dish.  Expensive toast, known as Café Toast, is a huge trend in San Francisco and is spreading all the way to New York City.  Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis has a Toasted Sausage Bread that goes for $5.25 and at Bachelor Farmer, there are many café toast options.

Not Your Average Easter Brunch Ideas  

Professional cook and food writer, Mecca Boss, uses ingredients from The Oilerie to put together a few dishes for  Easter brunch.  She puts together a Spring Egg Bake using soft boiled eggs and a Triple Berry Fruit Salad with Vanilla Vinaigrette.      

Spring Egg Bake

Professional cook and food writer, Mecca Boss, uses ingredients from The Oilerie to put together a few dishes for  Easter brunch. 

Shirred Eggs  

Shirred eggs are old fashioned and mostly forgotten.  They are nice for a crowd, pretty for a party, but easy enough for a weekday breakfast. It’s time to take a new look and cook book author Mary Jane Miller shows us how to prepare them.


Those dinners that come with everything you need all in a box are designed to help spend less time cooking  and more time eating with the family.  But do they taste good?  That’s the question!  Cooking for Dad’s host, Rob Barrett, says all you have to do is go wild and go beyond the directions on the box!  

The Hungry Girl Diet  

Lisa Lillien is the author of the popular Hungry Girl Cook Books and creator of the Hungry Girl brand.  Now, for the first time she has a diet plan for you that will help you lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks.  It’s a free email service for hungry people!  You will receive recipes and a meal plan that will keep you full all day.

Spring Asparagus & Potato Egg Bake with Crispy Phyllo Crust   Back To Top

Antigoni Sander McCloud, co-owner of Kafe 421, has used Phyllo dough in plenty of traditional Greek dishes.  She shows us how it can be used in a Minnesota breakfast dish too!

Yucatan Pork with Mango Habenero Salsa & Spiced Rice   Back To Top

This slow cooked pork has its history in the Yucatan. The name of the traditional dish is cochonita pibil. Cochonita is baby or little pig and pibil is the Mayan word for buried. It is traditionally cooked in a hole in the ground and is great for feeding lots of people. The leftovers are plentiful for pulled pork sandwiches, tacos and soups.  Private Chef  Justin Davis shows us how to make his version in the kitchen.

Empanadas   Back To Top

Personal Chef Natalia Luque fell in love with cooking when she was a little girl growing up in Argentina.  With her focus on Spanish cooking, Natalia shows us how to make Empanadas

Meatless Monday Recipes   Back To Top

Meatless Monday is a national movement to improve your health.  Twenty nine countries are on board with this idea and even restaurants are participating.  Chef and cookbook author, Robin Asbell, shares a few recipes to help your family take part in this day.

Revamp Your Salads for Spring   Back To Top

It’s a bit early for the Farmer’s Market but you’re craving lighter fare and fresh fruits and vegetables?  Terri Chafer from The Oilerie in Maple Grove is freshening up your salads with homemade salad dressings.  

An Irish Meal   Back To Top

On St. Patrick’s Day, undoubtedly you will find Corned Beef popping up on menus everywhere.  Did you know that corned beef is NOT the national dish in Ireland?  It is, however, an Irish-American dish!  The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten, shares some recipes to get an Irish meal on your table at home. 

Columbia’s Original 1905 Salad   Back To Top

BT from KTWIN is back in the TCL kitchen!  Columbia’s Restaurant is Florida’s oldest restaurant, according to their website, and it’s home of one of BT’s favorite salads.  He shows us how to make Columbia’s Original 1905 Salad.

Fish Grenoble   Back To Top

You are use to seeing Ted Farrell on Twin Cities Live with wine from Haskell’s.  Ted not only knows his stuff when it comes to wine, he knows how to use wine in the kitchen too! 

Put an Egg on It   Back To Top

One of the biggest trends in the culinary world right now is to top a dish with an egg. We asked private chef and former "Food Network Star" contestant, Justin Davis, to share a couple different ways to cook eggs and dishes they would be great with.

Jambalaya   Back To Top

We're celebrating Fat Tuesday with Jambalaya! Cookbook author Mary Jane Miller shares her recipe using shrimp, chicken & sausage.

Brinner: Breakfast for Dinner   Back To Top

Waffles aren't just for breakfast anymore. There are plenty of ways to incorporate breakfast foods at dinnertime. We challenged cook Kristen Shabaz to come up with recipes you can make for your family. 

Gluten Free Pasta   Back To Top

If you love pasta but your stomach can’t handle the real thing, Cookbook Author Robin Asbell has a new cookbook out that will help you.  Gluten-Free Pasta is filled with over 100 pasta recipes for people whose diet is gluten-free.

Mac ‘n Cheese Challenge   Back To Top

Elizabeth’s favorite comfort food is – hands down – her homemade mac ‘n cheese.  She likes it plain and simple and doesn’t like to get fancy with it.  Her challenger, TCL Kitchen Star Alice Seuffert completely disagrees.

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese with Mini Cheeseburgers Back To Top

TCL Kitchen star Alice Seuffert prepares her favorite mac and cheese dish in the Mac ‘n Cheese Challenge.

Mini Popover Pancakes Back To Top

Katy Gerdes from Angel Food Bakery prepared these for a fun Breakfast-in-Bed idea!

Scallops & Warm Grapefruit Vinaigrette   Back To Top

Right now, citrus is in season.  Cookbook author, Mary Jane Miller, is cooking with grapefruit.

Breakfast in Bed   Back To Top

Just because the calendar says February 15th, extend the Valentine’s Day sentiments and treat your loved one with a delicious breakfast in bed.  Co-owner of Angel Food Bakery in Minneapolis, Katy Gerdes, has some unique ideas for you. 

Fancy Meals in Under 30 Minutes   Back To Top

With Valentines Day less than 24 hours away, has time gotten away from you in your planning?  There’s still time to put together a romantic dinner for two!  Professional cook and food writer, Mecca Boss shows us how to put together a fancy meal in under thirty minutes using ingredients form The Oilerie in St. Paul. 

Oilerie® Sweet & Spicy Orange Shrimp Back To Top

This dish is super simple to make and comes together in just a few minutes. The Oilerie® Orange Chile Grill Sauce is the secret ingredient. It has bright orange flavor and just enough heat to make you sit up and take notice. Plus, it easily eliminates the need for ½ dozen other ingredients and the need to reduce down the sauce.

Kids in the Kitchen: Brioche French Toast   Back To Top

Former Food Network Star contestant, Justin Davis and his daughter, Eva are taking their turn in the TCL kitchen!

Kids in the Kitchen: Lasagna Rolls   Back To Top

Cooking for Dad’s host, Rob Barrett, has is daughter Ellie in the kitchen with him.  Ellie saw this recipe for Lasagne Rolls on Pinterest.  She, along with her dad, shows us how to make them!

Kids In the Kitchen: Pizza   Back To Top

Owner of FACES mears park, David Fhima, brought his two daughters, Miryam and Racquel, to our kitchen to make their favorite pizza! 

Waffle Iron Recipes   Back To Top

Waffles aren’t the only thing that you make with a waffle iron!  Cooking for Dad’s host, Rob Barrett, shares some recipes that he uses the waffle iron to prepare.

Crescent Roll Bierocks   Back To Top

According to it’s “National Crescent Roll Day!”  In honor of this big day, BT from KTWIN is making a recipe from Desperation Dinners by Beverly Mills and Alicia Ross. 

Striped Bass with Meyer Lemon & Garlic Pan Sauce   Back To Top

Cookbook author Mary Jane Miller occasionally fills in for Governor Dayton’s Chef, preparing lunch or helping out for a party.  She’s preparing a meal inspired by one of the dishes she prepared for him.

Cheesy, Creamy, Spinach, Artichoke & Feta Mac ‘n’ Cheese   Back To Top

Owner of Kafe 421, Antigoni Sander McCloud, gets a little crazy with the good old fashioned comfort food.

Summer Porridge   Back To Top

When Laurie Crowell, owner of Golden Fig, read an article about summer porridge she could not wait to come up with her own combinations.  While you may not think of summer porridge as a winter snack, these versions may just change your mind.

3 Ingredient Meals   Back To Top

For many parents, making dinner has to be quick.  Life is crazy and everyone is busy and with all the kids in activities there isn’t a lot of time to be putting together an elaborate meal.  Kirsten Shabaz, writer and cook, says these meals only take three ingredients – and they are probably already in your kitchen!

Meatloaf with a Twist   Back To Top

Meatloaf has been around since ancient Roman times and is a favorite for many families. The hamburger dish is a go-to for many families.  Our kitchen star, Alice Seuffert, is is going beyond what you normally think of with meatloaf and jazzing it up. 

The Oilerie’s Cherry Balsamic Sauce   Back To Top

It’s not very often that you’ll find the same ingredient in a main dish and a dessert.  Terri Chaffer, owner of The Oilerie in Maple Grove, uses their Cherry Balsamic Sauce in a recipe for Rosemary Roasted Chicken and a Fudgy Pudding Cake.

Rosemary Roasted Chicken Back To Top

Terri Chaffer, owner of The Oilerie in Maple Grove, uses their Cherry Balsamic Sauce in a recipe for Rosemary Roasted Chicken.

TCL Stroganoff Off!   Back To Top

Chris Egert and The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten, both claim that their grandmother’s stroganoff is the best.  So we are putting the argument to bed by putting the two recipes against each other!

The Cooking Mom’s Beef Stroganoff Back To Top

Chris Egert and The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten, both claim that their grandmother’s stroganoff is the best.  So we are putting the argument to bed by putting the two recipes against each other!

Chris Egert’s Stroganoff Quickie Back To Top

Chris Egert and The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten, both claim that their grandmother’s stroganoff is the best.  So we are putting the argument to bed by putting the two recipes against each other!

Rob’s Fast & Easy Chicken Pot Pie   Back To Top

When Rob Barrett’s wife lost her most delicious pot pie recipe, what did the Cooking for Dad’s host do?  He recreated it himself, but his version turned out to be even quicker!

Make Ahead Lunches   Back To Top

Cook and author of blog, Heart Beet Kitchen, Amanda Paa, is helping you to eat healthy and get ahead by showing us some lunches you can make ahead of time – and have a “Happy New You!”

Cold Weather Cravings   Back To Top

Mac & cheese and pot pies seem to be popular choices on cold days. And if you're looking to eat healthier in the New Year, there are meals that still satisfy without all those calories. Chef and cookbook author Robin Asbell shares some recipes that will help boost your metabolism.

Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Tuscan Tomatoes   Back To Top

If you want to enjoy red meat but don’t have the time or the money for a tenderloin, the flat iron steak is a great alternative.  Cookbook author, Mary Jane Miller shows us a recipe that’s easy to prepare.

One Pot Pastas   Back To Top

The recipes are all over Pinterest and cooks say they're easy.  We asked Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig in Saint Paul to give them a try and report back.  She found out they were really as easy as they looked!

Baked Wings   Back To Top

One of the most requested recipes on TCL in 2013 was Cooking for Dads host Rob Barrett's recipe for Baked Wings.

Last Minute Breakfast Ideas   Back To Top

Planning your food for your Christmas gathering is done and you are ready for a fun evening with your guests.  But what about those guests who stay overnight?  What are you going to feed them in the morning?  Laurie Crowell, owner of Golden Fig, has some ideas that you can make ahead and be ready in the morning. 

Grilled Oatmeal   Back To Top

We've made some interesting dishes on TWIN CITIES LIVE, but grilling oatmeal is near the top of the list. Cookbook author Robin Asbell shows us how it's done.