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Game Day Recipes  

The Cooking Mom Amy Hanten stops by the TCL Kitchen to share her go-to recipes to snack on while watching the big game!

Healthy Breakfasts  

TCL’s Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert, is always coming up with creative recipes.  As a mom, eating healthy is important to her.  She has tried a few diets like the Paleo Diet and Whole 30.  With both diets, she says her biggest challenge has always been breakfast.  She’s making it easier for you with her go-to healthy breakfast ideas.

Tasty Super Foods  

The term “super foods” refer to food that is full of all the good stuff, like nutrients and vitamins.  Not all said foods are favorites with people though.  Owner of The Olive Grove, Natalie Jaeger, says she can change your mind with some of her recipes and will have you asking for more.

Roasted Beef Rib with Carrots Fondant and Red Wine Shallots  

Gavin Kaysen is chef at one of the newest and hottest restaurants in Minneapolis, Spoon and Stable.  He shares a dish he likes to make at home for his family.  

Seared Salmon w/ Preserved Lemon & Rice Salad  

Chef Mike DeCamp, from La Belle Vie, prepares a dish that he makes for his family at home.

Pozole Soup  

Chef Eli Wollenzien (and co-owner of Coalition Restaurant) prepares a favorite soup he often makes for his wife at home.

Fish & Chips  

The executive chef from CRAVE, Stewart Woodman shares his spin on fish and chips that he makes for his family.

Flautas   Back To Top

Chef’s and restaurant owners Chef’s and restaurant owners are sharing their favorite family recipes.  Co-owner of El Burrito Mercado, Milissa Silva-Diaz, shares a simple but favorite recipe of the family’s. 

Quick & Healthy Egg Lemon Soup   Back To Top

We are helping you kick the new year off with healthy eating with meals that are easy too.  Antigoni Sander McCloud from Kafe 421 shows us her Greek Egg Lemon Soup.

Quick & Healthy Macadamia Lettuce Wraps   Back To Top

Cooking for Dad’s host, Rob Barrett offers his Macadamia Lettuce Wraps as a quick and easy dinner idea that’s healthy too.

Quick & Healthy Garlic Butter Steamed Fish   Back To Top

Cookbook writer, Mary Jane Miller’s recipe will not only save you time making it but will be quick to clean up too.

Quick & Healthy Quesadillas   Back To Top

Chef and cookbook author, Robin Asbell, shares an easy meal to make that is not only quick but healthy too.

Breakfast in Bed   Back To Top

Katy Gerdes from Angel Food Bakery stopped by to share some easy recipes for breakfast in bed.  Dez got a sweet deal out of this one!

Winter Salads & Spiced Nuts   Back To Top

Professional cook and food writer, Mecca Boss, shows us some winter salads with ingredients from The Oilerie.  Plus, she prepares some spiced nuts that she says are perfect to add to the salads.

Cooking with Wine   Back To Top

Our wine guy, Ted Farrell from Haskell’s, unquestionably knows his wine.  But, he knows his way around the kitchen too.  He cooks up Rib Eye Steaks in Red Wine Sauce.  Plus he suggests some wines perfect to pair with whatever you are having for dinner. 

Rustic Italian Braised Short Ribs   Back To Top

TCL Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert, prepares another easy Italian dinner using products from Alessi.

Chicken Amore   Back To Top

TCL Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert, has an easy dish to prepare for the weekend using products from Alessi.

Smashed Potato Recipes   Back To Top

Inspired by the "show me how the piggies eat" scene from "A Christmas Story," Mary Jane Miller prepares a few tasty variations on smashed potatoes.

Holiday Breakfast Ideas   Back To Top

Chef and cookbook author, Robin Asbell, has some breakfast ideas that you’ll want to check out to make the first meal of the day special for the holidays. 

Turkey for Two   Back To Top

Not everyone has a huge family to feed on Thanksgiving.  Cookbook contributor, Mary Jane Miller, shares her recipe for Turkey for Two!

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes   Back To Top

If you have family or friends coming to your Thanksgiving that are sensitive to gluten, there is no need to worry.  Author and food blogger, Amanda Paa, has recipes for gluten free gravystuffing, a pie crust, and a pumpkin pie that she says are easier than the ones you are use to making! 

Farfalle with Bacon and Mushroom Cream Sauce   Back To Top

TCL Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert, shows us an easy recipe using products from Alessi.

Easy Make Ahead Meals   Back To Top

If you want to bring a new mom dinner you’ll want to bring something that can be made ahead of time, freeze it, and still taste great.  The cooking mom, Amy Hanten has an easy make ahead Southwest Chicken Stew and her Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups.

Use What You’ve Got   Back To Top

Instead of running out to the store and getting more, owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell, says get creative!  If you don’t have enough of something use what you have and make them a different way to stretch what you have.  She shows us some ideas of ways to do that.

Meatloaf Cupcakes Back To Top

Food stylist, Rachel Sherwood, shares her recipe for meatloaf cupcakes.

Kitchen Inferno   Back To Top

A new show called, Kitchen Inferno, premieres on Food Network at 10 PM on November 5th.  It’s a cooking competition show where when you win, you get a couple of thousand dollars.  Then the host gives you a choice to either take the money and run or risk it all for a chance to win $25,000.  One of the judges on this new show is a familiar face to us, it’s Chef Daniel Green!

Baked Ziti Arrabbiata   Back To Top

Dana Cowin, the Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine Magazine, shares a recipe for Baked Ziti Arrabbiata from her cookbook, "Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchen."

Fall Soups   Back To Top

As soon as the temperatures drop, that’s the time that people start making their homemade soups.  Personal Chef Sarah Lang shares some of her favorite fall soup recipes.

Chili Recipes   Back To Top

Homemade chili just gets better the days after you first make it.  Instead of just putting a bowl in the microwave, Antigoni Sander McCloud from Kafe 421, has some other creative ways to use the leftover chili.       

Nachos for Dinner   Back To Top

Usually chips covered in cheese and jalapenos, the nachos are getting a boost!  Golden Fig’s Laurie Crowell turns the yummy snack food into a healthy, balanced dinner. 

Festive Fall Dinner   Back To Top

One of our favorite ways of entertaining usually involves guests offering to bring something. The Oilerie invited Elizabeth to bring one of her favorite salads, and Mecca with the Oilerie St Paul prepared a wonderful fall feast that’s perfect for entertaining friends.

Italian Balsamic Roast Chicken and Potatoes Back To Top

Laying fresh, dried and infused herbs in this dish is the trick to boosting flavors.

Fun & Easy Halloween Recipes   Back To Top

Getting the kids to eat anything but candy on Halloween night can be difficult.  Cooking Mom Amy Hanten says she has a quick meal idea that keeps in the Halloween spirit.

Pork Tenderloin with White Balsamic Vinegar   Back To Top

TCL Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert, shows us how mushroom soup can be used for a fancy (and easy) pork tenderloin dinner.  Although it isn't what you might think.

Cheese Stuffed Meatball with Chunky Tomato Sauce   Back To Top

Sarah Lang is a Minnesota Chef who walked away with the grand prize on the show Pressure Cooker on the FYI Network.  The show pits a professional chef and an amateur chef against each other on the streets of an unknown city to recreate their food staples.

Thai Food   Back To Top

When you feel like eating Thai food, that usually means you head to the restaurant.  Cookbook author, Robin Asbell, says you can make it at home and it’s easy to do.   

Rob’s Stuffed Popovers   Back To Top

Popovers are a light, hollow roll made from an egg batter, usually topped with honey or jam.  Cooking for Dads host, Rob Barrett, takes it up a notch and stuffs it with bacon and cheese instead.  

Alessi Products: Easy Dinners   Back To Top

Spaghetti is an easy go-to for weeknight dinners.  Making the pasta and warming up the sauce is quick but it can get boring too.  Alessi products kick it up a notch for a fancy alternative that takes only 30 minutes to make.  TCL Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert shares her easy recipe. 

Soup & Toppers   Back To Top

Soup is a staple in Minnesotan households.  Chef and owner of Coalition Restaurant, Eli Wollenzien, shows us ways to jazz up the soups with different toppers.  Plus we get some recipes for some of Eli’s favorite soups. 

Meals in Bowls   Back To Top

Cookbook Writer, Mary Jane Miller, has a couple of recipes for serving up a delicious, healthy, nutritious dinner – all in one bowl.

Panini and Gnocchi Dishes   Back To Top

Owner of the Maple Grove Oilerie, Terri Chaffer, shows us how to make easy Panini and gnocchi dishes using products from the Oilerie.  Proving, once again, that homemade week night meals don’t have to be challenging. 

King Crab & Cheese Curd Po’ Boy   Back To Top

On Day four of our Big Cheese Chef Challenge, co-owner of Smack Shack, Josh Thoma, steps up.  He thinks his creation using Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery’s cheese curds has what it takes to walk away with the title.

Zucchini Recipes   Back To Top

Got zucchini?  Most of us do.   It's everywhere! Farmers markets, road side stands, and lots of friends and neighbors begging you to take extra from their gardens! Amy Hanten, the Cooking Mom, is here to zucchini rescue!

Cheese Curd Quesadillas   Back To Top

Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery teamed up with us to challenge chefs in the Twin Cities to use their cheese curds in a whole new way.  They are coming up with their best creations in the hopes of walking away with the title, “The Big Cheese!”  Chef  Mauricio  from Rosa Mexicano thinks he has the title in the bag with his variations of the quesadillas. 

Fast Gourmet Breakfast Ideas   Back To Top

Grabbing a quick breakfast, for many, usually means grabbing a bowl of cereal.  Owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell, says you can still have a gourmet style breakfast, quickly.  Laurie shares some recipes for some pretty fancy breakfasts that you can make really fast.

Harry’s Café Chicken Florentine   Back To Top

After spending the evening at Harry’s Café, Elizabeth loved the Chicken Florentine they served so much she talked Harry into sharing the secrets to making it at home.  Harry even gave her the scoop of the perfect wine to pair with it.  

Apple Recipes   Back To Top

It’s apple picking season!  There are so many more ways to use apples than just biting into it.  To prove it, chef and cook book author Robin Asbell, gives us some recipes for making dinner apples!  

Crock Pot Recipes   Back To Top

Are you ready for some football?  Get your crock pots ready for some game day snacks!  Co-owner of Kafe 421, Antigoni Sander McCloud, has some crock pot recipes for game day.

On-A-Stick Chef Challenge Finals   Back To Top

Two TCL regulars round out our On-A-Stick Challenge.  Owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell, is putting her Elvis Twinkie up against TCL’s Kitchen Star Alice Seuffert’s Chili-On-A-Stick.  Both are hoping they can take the first place prize away from the Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bites made by baker and auther, Amanda Rettke.

China on a Chop Stick   Back To Top

Cooking for Dads host, Rob Barrett, steps up for his chance in our On-A-Stick Chef’s Challenge.