Feature Your Business

Super Bargain

Interested in featuring your product or service on Twin Cities Live?  The Super Bargain offers your business unique exposure and promotion to the Twin Cities Live audience! Hosts Elizabeth Ries and Steve Patterson will introduce your product or service on-air and direct viewers to your store or website.

You may remember the popularity of the Super Bargain from Good Company.  Viewers went wild for the Super Bargain and retailers saw consistent success with this promotion.  The Super Bargain draws attention to your business by offering customers a discount and drives new and return business to your company!
To qualify as a Super Bargain, you must:

• Agree to offer a product or service at 50% off the retail price to anyone requesting the Twin Cities Live Super Bargain on the day it is announced on the show.

• Every Super Bargain must be pre-approved by the Executive Producer of
Twin Cities Live.


Dot Com Deals

Twin Cities Live is excited to offer your business a unique television and internet cross-promotion opportunity. During the show, hosts Elizabeth Ries and Steve Patterson will introduce your product or service to our viewers with a segment on the show!  Viewers will then be directed to our website to buy half-price certificates for your business.

The Dot Com Deal can be tailored to fit virtually any product or service, but it is ideally designed for:

• Restaurants
• Health and Beauty – Spas, Salons, etc.
• Entertainment – Event tickets, Admission Passes, etc.
For more information about Super Bargains for TCL Dot Com Deals, contact TCL's Sales Marketing Director, Anna Rusch, at arusch@hbi.com or (651) 642-4354.