Certified Gemologist Appraiser, Bryan Moeller from R.F. Moeller, knows his stuff when it comes to diamonds.  He’s here to help you get your best sparkle on! 

Looks From the 80s  

The 1980’s brought about some pretty “big” trends.  The looks have become pretty iconic.  Kati Giles & Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon and Patty Miranda from MODE Roseville bring the look of the 80’s into 2014. 

Fall Fashion for Your Lifestyle  

The temps will be dropping quickly so it’s time to start embracing the fall trends.  Owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, has different looks for different lifestyles.

Jewelry Trends for Fall  

Fall fashions are out in the stores and so far the styles have been a hit with the ladies.  Jewelry Designer, Jen Scheffler, says the look is not complete unless you have the right accessories.  She shows us some of her latest creations that are on trend for the fall season.

Nicky Hilton  

The Hilton family has built quite the empire for themselves with their hotel chain.  Nicky Hilton stands out on her own as a fashion designer, model, and now author.  Her new book, 365 Style, will help you look like the fashionista Nicky is.

Maternity Fashions  

With Elizabeth’s growing baby bump, she has learned a thing or two about maternity fashion.  Number one: embrace maternity clothes sooner!  She wishes she would have started wearing actual maternity clothes sooner than she did instead of just buying bigger clothes.  The clothes are so much more comfortable and they are meant to accentuate the beauty of pregnancy.

Pandora’s Fall Collections  

Minnesotan’s love the fall season, and that is the inspiration behind Pandora’s new jewelry line.  Robin Olson from the Pandora store at Mall of America shows us some of the pieces.

Good Company: Urban Undercover   Back To Top

You’ve probably experienced what it’s like to wear a pair of uncomfortable underwear at some point in your life.  A St. Paul woman decided to do something about that and make some underwear that would be comfortable.  She wasn’t the only one who liked that idea so she turned it into a business.

Angels & Divas Fashion Show   Back To Top

A Twin Cities nonprofit organization knows that a cancer diagnosis can be devastating for a family in so many ways.  The Angel Foundation is about helping those folks with their basic needs like gas to get to their appointments and help paying their mortgage.

Luxe Loungewear   Back To Top

Being comfortable is a priority for many women, which is why yoga pants are so widely popular.  Now, you can look good and be comfortable at the same time with what is called “Luxe Loungewear.”  Trend expert and fashion designer, Christopher Straub, shows us how it’s done.

Just Gotta Have It: Treat Yourself   Back To Top

It’s time for mom’s to take a deep breath, relax, and treat themselves to a little splurge.  TCL’s Kelli Hanson found a few items that she feels you “just gotta have” to treat yourself!

Fashionopolis   Back To Top

The hottest boutiques in the Twin Cities will be showing their styles in the second annual Fashionopolis. Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine’s fashion editor, Allison Kaplan will be hosting the event at Aria downtown Minneapolis.  Allison and Fashion Stylist, Grant Whittaker, bring us some of the looks that you’ll see there.

Ryan Seacrest’s Menswear   Back To Top

When it comes to dressing up, it can be a little tough for some guys.  Coordinating the suit to the tie with the shirt isn’t something that always comes naturally.  Ryan Seacrest’s new menswear line was designed to resolve this problem.  The line for Macy’s is all designed to match and coordinate.  Macy’s Personal Shopper, Maryna Chowhan, shows us some of the looks.

Forevermark Diamonds   Back To Top

Diamonds are forever – but not all diamonds are created equal!  RF Moeller explains what makes the Forevermark Diamond stand out. 

Shoes for Fall   Back To Top

Before long, it will be time to put away the sandals and cover up those toes.  Get ready for fall with the latest trends in fall shoes.  TCL Producer Maggie Sliter has the styles hot for fall.

Kids Fall Fashions   Back To Top

You no longer have to worry if you’ll end up arguing about your kids mismatched clothes each morning.  By mixing and matching pieces from The Tea Collection the kids will always wind up looking great.  Katie Blozis from Bump Club Twin Cities shows us some of her favorites.

Fall Fashion Man Panel   Back To Top

There is definitely the feel of fall in the air.  That means the fall fashions are hitting the stores.  The latest trends sometimes are met mixed reviews, leaving women wondering if it’s right for them. Fashion Expert Laura Schara shows us some of trends that will be hot.

Fanny Pack Makeovers   Back To Top

We’ve been told that fanny packs are making a come-back.  It appears that at the Minnesota State Fair, they’ve never been out of style!  Reporter Kelli Hanson took a walk around the fairgrounds with Louise Kurzeka from AAA Travel and found some fanny packs that could use a little help. 

Chic Sneaks   Back To Top

At the fair – and every where else – it’s important to be wearing the proper foot wear when you will be doing a lot of walking.  That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking good while wearing sneakers.  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers, has some “chic sneaks” to show us that are comfortable and look great too.

Fashion Don’ts into Fashion Do’s   Back To Top

At the fair, it’s not surprising to see a lot of fashion don’ts.  Stylist from Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique Jodi Mayers is turning the don’ts into fashion do’s. 

West End Market   Back To Top

At the state fair, there is always something new.  This year, there’s a big change to the Heritage Square area.  In its place is the West End Market featuring entertainment, specialty shops, and food.  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine’s Food and Dining Editor, Stephanie March, and Shopping Editor, Allison Kaplan, are here with a sampling. 

Dandy Style   Back To Top

The term “dandy” dates all the way back to the 1790s and has meant a lot of things over the years and all over the world.  Current day definition is a man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance – “the perfect gentleman.”  Stylist Jodi Mayers, of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, shows us some “dandy style”.

Back to School Fashions   Back To Top

Kids aren’t the only ones getting ready for school.  Teachers are sprucing up their wardrobes too to get prepared for that first day.  Mall of America trend expert, Sara Rogers, has a few outfits she thinks they’ll like.

Back to School Shoes   Back To Top

Believe it or not – the time is here to start getting your kids ready for back to school.  While you are busy stocking up on those school supplies and getting their clothes in place, don’t forget about their shoes!  Schuler Shoes Pedorthist, Aida Hayes, is here with what the kids are wearing these days – and why it’s so important to get the right fit.

Thrift Store Celebrity Fashions   Back To Top

Fashion Trend Spotter, Kate Welch Len, shows us how easy it is to get celebrity looks on a dime.  All of the looks were found at Savers in Woodbury. 

Show your Minnesota Pride!   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live report, Emily Engberg, claims her home town as Burlington, Iowa.  If you ask her though, she’ll tell you that she considers Minnesota to be her home.  She found some products that she loves to show her Minnesota pride.

Designer Jeans for Less   Back To Top

When it comes to designer jeans, you get what you pay for.  What you pay is usually a lot of money.  MODE in Roseville is out to change that!  Patty Miranda from MODE is here with looks using premium denim for more than half the retail price.

A Day Out in White Bear Lake   Back To Top

If you are looking for a fun place to spend the day, White Bear Lake could be the perfect place to go.  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine’s Food and Dining Editor, Stephanie March, and their Shopping Editor, Allison Kaplan, has some suggestions of places to check out.   

Culottes   Back To Top

In fashion, styles come and go.  And then they come back again!  Fashion designers have a way of taking something that is out-of-style, rebranding it and suddenly it’s the newest thing in fashion again!  It’s happening now and fashion expert, Laura Schara, is here to show us how to wear the once dated look of culottes!

Summer to Fall Fashion   Back To Top

Even though there is at least a month of summer weather left, the stores are already pulling their summer fashions and making room for fall apparel.    Melissa Hardin, owner of Flaunt Accessories, shows us how to work in the cool styles with the summer clothes you already have. 

Runway to Realway   Back To Top

Macy’s is preparing for Glamorama, the biggest fashion night of the year in the Twin Cities.  Top designers show off their latest looks to help raise money for children’s cancer research.  Macy’s Trends Manager, Paul Anthony, gives us a sneak peak and shows us how to take the fashion from the runway to a real way look!

Camping Fashions   Back To Top

Fashion is probably not the first thing you think about when packing up for a camping weekend.  Maybe you should!  Kelly Cunningham from Beyond the Tent shows us some of the latest fashion made camping that do more than just look good!

Maxi Dresses   Back To Top

The maxi dress has become the “go-to” outfit for many women this summer.  Throw it on and add some flip flops and you’re done!  Jodi Mayers from Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique shows us how easy it is to bump that dress up a notch for a more dressed up look.

Just Gotta Have it: Beach Day   Back To Top

If you plan to be around water this weekend, lounging on the beach or heading to the cabin, TCL producer Kelli Hanson found some products you “Just Gotta Have!”

Retro Swimsuits   Back To Top

Vintage-inspired swim suits are a hot summer trend, but they can make you feel dated when you're out at the pool. Owner of Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique, Jennifer Cermak, stopped by with some options and tricks to keep your swimsuit trendy and cute.

Birthstones and Colored Gems   Back To Top

R. F. Moeller Jewelers told us how to incorporate colored gems and birthstones into more than just your old class rings. The gems are a perfect way to personalize a gift for any occasion. 

Summer Maternity Clothes   Back To Top

Being pregnant during the hot summer months can be tough so we asked our trend expert Sara Rogers at Mall of America what to do for a cool summer maternity style. 

Savers Family Shopping   Back To Top

We sent trend spotter Katie Welch Len to Savers in Woodbury to outfit a family of four from head to toe for less than $100. Once again, we were wowed by the great finds at Savers! 

42 To Say I Do Dress Shopping   Back To Top

Mollie, our 42 To Say I Do wedding contest winner, and her bridesmaids visited Flutter Boutique to try on a few different dress options for the big day!  From wedding dresses, to bridesmaids and mother of the bride gowns, it's a lot for the ladies to consider!

Wedding or Baby Shower Gifts   Back To Top

Whether it’s a wedding shower or a baby shower that you need to pick out a gift for, our experts can help you pick out the perfect one.

Wedding Day Suits   Back To Top

The owner of Heimie's Haberdashery, Anthony Andler, sets our 42 To Say I Do groom, Sam Schellinger, with a few suit options to choose from for his big day. 

Watches for Father’s Day   Back To Top

Not all watches are created equal.  RF Moeller has a watch just perfect for the kind of dad you have in your life.  Bryan Moeller shows us what fits for the classic dad, the high style dad, and the sporty dad. 

Summer Flip Flops   Back To Top

We can finally throw on flip flops and put away those boots.  Shelley Lawrence from Schuler Shoes shows us what kind you should be wearing if you want the right kind of support from them.

A Day Out in Wayzata   Back To Top

The city of Wayzata is a hot spot in the Twin Cities for a one-stop place to get some shopping and dining in.  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine Food Editor Stephanie March and the Shopping Editor Ali Kaplan give us their picks for dining and shopping.

The Rules for Wearing White   Back To Top

The “rule” about wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day dates way back to the early 1900s.  There are theories that it came about for many reasons some representing status or class, some functional and others seasonal.  Jodi Mayers from Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique says, “. . . don’t let people put you in a box when it comes to fashion. Wear what you want, when you want .”  Jodi shares her tips for wearing it white well. 

Summer Fashions from a Fashion Truck   Back To Top

The Flaunt Accessories Fashion Truck is literally a store on  wheels. It’s filled with dresses, tops, shoes and all the accessories you’ll ever need. 

Sun Protective Clothing   Back To Top

Lotion isn’t the only way to protect your skin from the sun.  Some clothing lines are offering clothes that not only have sun protection in them but are stylish too.

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps   Back To Top

The Real Housewives of New York City first introduced us to LuAnn de Lesseps.  She is the Countess with pristine etiquette and eloquence.  LuAnn is a reality star, an author, and a singer.  Now she has a new role as a fashion designer.  Her line, Countess Collection launches on ShopHQ on May 17th

Jean Jackets   Back To Top

Denim jackets have been a staple in fashion for years.   Originally the jackets were created for the workplace and were a part of the overall outfit that was rugged and durable, helping to keep parts of the body safe.  They became a serious part of fashion in the early 1900’s and continue to be an important part of fashion today.  Companies use multiple colors to create different styles, and use different levels of distress to create various looks.

Tricky Trends   Back To Top

If you want to freshen up your look, you might want to grab the hot trends you see out there.  But wait says our fashion expert, Laura Schara.  Some of the trends we are seeing are what are called “tricky” and Laura says are tough to wear.  She’s here to show us how to pull off the looks.