Gotta Have it: Crocs  

Crocs have evolved from the style that you are use to seeing.  They have more than 300 four-season footwear styles.  Click here and enter the code: TCLIVE and get 20% off your order until May 28th.

Summer Fashion  

In the fashion world, designers are bringing out their summer fashions.  Unexpected prints are combined with different textures, creating light and flowy dresses than that breathe in the summer heat.  TCL stylist and owner of Corset Styling and Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, shows off these trends. 

Gotta Have It: Summer Scent  

We are kicking off our Best Summer Ever with essentials you’ll just “Gotta Have”!  Kelli shows us how, even if it doesn’t feel like summer – it’s still going to smell like it!  She found a scent that just screams summer vacation.

Summer Jewelry Trends  

If you talk about what jewelry is trending for the summer, you need to head back – way back – to the disco era!  Jewelry designers are creating jewelry that is inspired by the 70’s.  Owner of Realia by Jen jewelry designer, Jen Scheffler, shows us some staples that you should be wearing. 

Skirts of All Lengths  

Mall of America’s Trend Expert, Sara Rogers, shows off all of the different lengths of skirts you’ll be seeing this summer.  There is a length for everyone that works!

Twin Cities Moms Blog  

Suzanne Cartmill and her friend and business partner, Beth Zustiak are just like most other moms you know.  They are balancing a lot of things.  Both are wives and moms and add to that, bloggers for Twin Cities Moms

Wild Ruffle  

There are a lot of fashion bloggers out there.  In 2011, Cate Mezyk joined the group bloggers when she took her love of fashion online.  Two years later the blog, Wild Ruffle, Cate needed some help with her blog.  Her friend Tammy jumped on board to help out. 

Summer Clothing Deals   Back To Top

The Shoppes at Knollwood in Saint Louis Park is better than ever and are celebrating a grand re-opening. TCL Producer and fashion blogger Maggie Winter showed off some fashion ideas you'll want to include in your wardrobe.

Diamonds!   Back To Top

R.F. Moeller is making it easy for you to give the lady in your life a beautiful diamond.  Their Big Diamond Sale is happening this weekend.  Reporter Kelli Hanson got a sneak peak.

Hats for the Kentucky Derby & Beyond!   Back To Top

Wearing a hat to the Kentucky Derby is believed to bring you good luck.  Whatever style you choose, you aren’t completely dressed for the derby without a hat!  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers says don’t limit yourself to just the derby party with that hat.  You can wear it all summer long!

Good Company: Leather Works Minnesota   Back To Top

Emily takes us inside Leather Works Minnesota, a company based in St. Paul that has been featured online by GQ Magazine and by Martha Stewart.  Their products can be found in 50 stores in the United States and internationally. Leather Works Minnesota makes wallets, ladies clutches, belts and other goods.

Good Company: Max Martin Shoes   Back To Top

When celebrities wear something, people take notice.  Max Martin Shoes are statement makers that have caught the attention of many women, including celebrities.  Emily checks out this Minnesota good company. 

Summer Staples   Back To Top

Once you give your closet a good spring cleaning and make some room, there are a few summer staples you should put back into it.  Melissa Hardin, owner of Flaunt Accessories, shows us a few that she says every woman must own! 

Dressing Up with Sneakers   Back To Top

Of course your sneakers are the footwear of choice when you are working out, running errands, or playing with the kids outside.  Mall of America style expert, Christopher Straub, says they can also be your choice of shoes when dressing up for a night out too!  He shows us how any outfit can be made more comfortable with sneakers.

Yellow Diamonds   Back To Top

Bryan Moeller from R.F. Moeller explains that over a half a million diamonds are mined to find just one diamond that is worth the title of “exceptional”.  Bryan shows us what an exceptional yellow diamond looks like. 

Get the Kids Outside!   Back To Top

It’s that time of year that you are just itching to get outside.  The snow is melted and the rain is getting everything green!  After being indoors all winter, Minnesotan’s can’t wait to get outdoors!  Founder of Bump Club and Beyond Twin Cities, Katie Blozis, has her picks that will make it easier for you to get the kids outside. 

Wearing Florals & Pastels   Back To Top

Sometimes it’s not as easy as just putting it on and walking out the door.  Wearing florals and pastels can be a little tricky if it’s not done right.  Florals and Pastels are fun, flirty and girlie. They are trends that come on strong every Spring – sometimes with some serious staying power.

Good Company: Primp   Back To Top

You might be familiar with Primp Boutique.  It’s the cheap, chic boutique that’s been expanding across the Twin Cities.  Emily gets the back story of this successful good company. 

Gotta Have It: Spring Products   Back To Top

Finally, it’s beginning to feel like spring.  That means spring cleaning, new spring clothes, and just a general refresh!  Kelli Hanson has her picks for spring products you’ll just “gotta have”!

The Patchery   Back To Top

Not only can you teach your kids to dress themselves, you can actually step it up and let them design their own clothes!  Amber Gunn Thomas launched The early this year.  With just a few simple clicks, your kids can design their own look.  Kelli Hanson found out how it all works.

Columbia Fashion for Spring   Back To Top

It’s not only perfect for winter wear, Columbia has you covered for spring gear too.  Brittanie Moore from Columbia Sportswear shows of some of their latest fashions.

Hard to Fit Sizes   Back To Top

Women will tell you, there are some sizes that just are tough to fit.  Whether you are tall, petite, or plus size, Trend Expert from Mall of America, Sara Rogers, shows us how to get the fit you are looking for.

Spring Fashions on a Budget   Back To Top

It’s no secret that you can save a lot of money by shopping thrift stores.  Digging through all those clothes and spending the time to find that “just right” piece of clothing can be a bit daunting though.  Lead Personal Stylist at Arc’s Value Village, Michelle Raven, has some tips and tricks to help you through. 

Good Company: Faribault Woolen Mill   Back To Top

Faribault Woolen Mill has a long history in Minnesota.  This year, this good company is celebrating it’s 150th year.  Emily headed down to Faribault to take a tour and find out a little bit more about the popular products it produces.

Best Kept Secrets with Our Beauty Expert   Back To Top

Beauty Expert, Sara Bartlett, doesn’t just do her shopping at a mall.  She  has discovered a few spots that she feels are worth checking out!

It’s Not Easy Wearing Green   Back To Top

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone pulls out their green and wears it proudly.  Laura Schara from Mall of America shows us how your skin tone can dictate the shade of green you should wear (– on the other days of the year!)

Statement Necklaces   Back To Top

There really is no need to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe when it’s time for a new look.  TCL stylist and owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, says the easiest way to get a new look is to add statement pieces to your wardrobe.  

Jodi shows us how adding just one piece can make your whole outfit stand out.


Green Petit Pois Cold Shoulder Top $139
Jeans $39.99
Wewood 100% Wood Watch $159
Zoey B Leather Cuff and Vintage Broach Bracelet $49

  • From Casual Outfit Necklace – Tess + Tricia Naturally Shed Antler Necklace with Fossil and Jasper $159
  • To Date Night Necklace – Turquoise and Brown Gold Spike Necklace $63

Lee Ann:

Snake Print “Work” Genuine Leather Handbag $249 (currently 50% off)
Bishop and Young White Lace Peplum Top $69
Renuar Navy Fitted Pant $89
Navy Cropped Ronan Chen Sweater/Jacket $129

  • From Work Outfit Necklace – Gold and White Chunky Necklace $89
  • To Happy Hour Additional Necklace - Gold and White Chunky Long Necklace $97
  • Plus Happy Hour Heels – Nicole Cream and Snake Heel $129 (currently 50% off)


M Rena Yellow Tank $29
Kerisma Hi-Lo Grey Top $49
White Jeans $97
Scarf $29

  • From Casual Running Around Necklace – Already Layered 3-in-1 Necklace $69
  • To Quick Lunch with Girlfriends – Zenzii Necklace $179
  • Teal Leather Cuff Bracelet $49
  • Black OTBT Wedge Sandal $138


Visit Corset in Edina by the end of the day on Saturday, March 21st and receive 20% off one necklace when you mention Twin Cities Live!  

Watches   Back To Top

People use to wear watches for the sole purpose of telling the time.  With phones now providing easy access to a clock now people wear them primarily for fashion.  R.F. Moeller shows us the latest trends in watches and shares some ways to make sure your watch is lasting like it should. 

Shoe Trends for Spring   Back To Top

It’s almost time to put away the boots and pull out the sling back shoes! Maggie Winter, TCL Producer and creator of the blog, Happy Shoe Day shares big shoe trends for spring, including picks from Nordstrom and

Spring Clothing Trends   Back To Top

Models have hit the runway in New York’s Fashion Week showing off the looks that you’ll be seeing for spring.  TCL stylist and owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, shows us how you can pull those looks off in your everyday wardrobe.

Oscar Trends for Everyday   Back To Top

The fashion and the hair that you see on the red carpet at the Academy Awards always get a lot of buzz.  It may have taken a team of professionals to create the looks for the stars who are wearing them, but you can create the look yourself.

Local Online Shops   Back To Top

It’s important to buy local and support small local businesses.  That doesn’t mean you have to walk into the store to buy the products.  You can buy local without leaving your  home by shopping online.  Minnesota Monthly’s Style Editor, Jahna Peloquin, shares her favorite fashion websites for buying local.

Oscar Fashion Hits & Misses   Back To Top

It’s a fun and exciting night when the Annual Academy Awards are handed out for best picture, best actor, best actress, and more.  The night recognizes the talent of the people in Hollywood.  It’s also the night for high fashion on the red carpet.

Sexy but Subtle Fashion   Back To Top

It might not be your thing to show a lot of skin but that doesn’t mean you can’t still feel sexy!  Melissa Hardin, owner of Flaunt Accessories, shows us how you can be sexy but still stay subtle with your fashion selections.

50 Shades of Grey Fashion   Back To Top

Fifty Shades of Grey hit the big screen, setting a new record for the highest grossing Presidents Day holiday opener of all time.  Laura Schara, from Mall of America is here to show you how to work 50 shades of grey – as in the color grey – into your wardrobe!

Advice on Buying Jeans   Back To Top

Like purchasing a swimsuit, shopping for jeans typically isn't a fun task. Emily stopped by Sisu in Woodbury to get advice on selecting the perfect pair of denim.

Gotta Have It: Subscription Boxes   Back To Top

When you give a gift this Valentine’s Day, think about giving something that will remind them how you feel all year long.  Kelli Hanson found some subscription boxes that you’ll “just gotta have!”

Looks for Valentine's Day   Back To Top

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day in our going out on the town, you want to look nice for the occasion.  Patty Miranda from MODE has some ideas perfect for whatever you are doing! 

Valentine’s Gifts for the Family   Back To Top

One way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make it memorable is by focusing on what the day is at its core - a reminder to cherish those we love in our life.  Since Valentine’s Day is situated between Christmas and Easter, instead of focusing on more “stuff”, make the holiday focused around togetherness.  Grace Ray, creator of The Big, joins us with ideas for the whole family.

Valentine’s Jewelry   Back To Top

If you haven’t picked up the perfect gift for the love of your life for Valentine’s Day, there is still time.  With Valentine’s Day being just a week away, head over to R.F. Moeller.  Bryan Moeller shows us jewelry for Valentine’s Day and everyday!

Wedding Dress Trends   Back To Top

Wedding dress designers are more chances this year with their designs making the dress decision even tougher.  Editor in Chief of Minnesota Bride, Sarah Baumann Rogers, shows us some trends you’ll be seeing in 2015.

“In” Colors to Wear Now   Back To Top

Marsala may have been named 2015’s Color of the Year by Pantone, but there are other colors that are standing out this year as well.  Christopher Straub from Mall of America is here to show us the other “in” colors and how to wear them.

Dressing Up Plaid   Back To Top

Plaid has been around for centuries.  Paul Bunyan made the plaid shirt synonymous with the lumberjack, while Daisy Duke made plaid sexy by pairing it with her daisy dukes.  Fashion stylist, Jodi Mayers from Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique shows us how women of any age can incorporate plaid into their wardrobes.

Spring Trends   Back To Top

Even though we are in the dead of winter, you wouldn’t know it from the clothes in the stores.  Stores are already filling the racks with their spring fashion trends.  Mall of America trend expert, Sara Rogers, says you don’t have to wait to wear them.  She shows us how to pull the looks off now.

Pearls   Back To Top

Pearls are a piece of jewelry that gets handed down from generation to generation.  The “Queen of Gems” as they are called, never go out of style.  Bryan Moeller from R.F. Moeller shows us how to take care of them plus some of the beautiful pearl jewelry you’ll find there. 

Gotta Have It: For 2015   Back To Top

TCL Report Kelli Hanson did her research and found some products that she thinks you “just gotta have” in 2015.

2015 Shopping Trends   Back To Top

The big trend in Palm Beach prints is expected to go big in 2015.  Shopping editor for Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Ali Kaplan, shows us a few things you can expect to see a lot of this year.

Red Carpet Looks   Back To Top

The red carpet season kicks off Sunday, January 11th when the celebs take to the red carpet at the 72nd annual Golden Globes Awards.  It’s the fashion that usually takes center stage and usually there is a lot of sparkles!  Laura Schara from Mall of America shows us some looks you might see this weekend.

Style Encore   Back To Top

If you want to save a little money in 2015, you’re in luck.  There’s a store that you can sell your clothes, buy new clothes and save a lot of money!  Kelli Hanson checked out Style Encore and brought back some looks to share.  

Color of the Year   Back To Top

The global color authority, Pantone, has named marsala the color of 2015.  The red-brown hue is said to be the go to color you should have in your closet.  Christopher Straub from Mall of America shows us different ways to wear it.