Comfy Thanksgiving Fashion  

Regardless if you want to run a 5k before the feast or not, chances are you'll still want to dress comfortably. Mall of America trend expert, Sara Rogers stopped by with athletic and athletic and non-athletic looks you can wear on Thanksgiving.

What to Wear This Thanksgiving  

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’re probably consumed with getting a big enough turkey and likely making sure you’ve got a pie on standby in case Grandma forgets to bring one. But one thing that probably hasn’t crossed your mind is what you’re going to wear. It’s why we asked the owner of The Refinery Boutique, Ashleigh Moelter, to stop by to help!  She brought comfy clothes, like soft cardigans, but you’ll looked pulled together, not sloppy!

Holiday Boutique  

Elizabeth is with some of our viewers over at U.S. Bank Stadium where the Holiday Boutique is kicking off.

Christopher Straub's Holiday Boutique Favorite Finds  

Fashion Designer Christopher Straub stopped by the TCL studio to share his favorite finds at the Minneapolis Holiday Boutique. The event runs from November 9th - 11th at US Bank Stadium.

Purple Pride Products  

The Minnesota Vikings are the hometown team and they are certainly something to be proud of. That’s exactly why reporter Emily Engberg went all out as Vikings receiver Adam Thielen. Thielen has eight straight 100-yard games. Fans love to show off their purple pride in all sorts of ways. So, in honor of that, Emily found some products that do just that.

Game Changing Accessories: Handbags & Watches  

Two fashion accessories could get you more compliments than you got on your wedding day. It's a bold statement, but Stylist Jodi Mayers says the right bag and watch can up your “put together” level.  Jodi says the right bag can transform an outfit and take an outfit from casual to dressy or work to play. Watches can add a pop of color and showcase your personality in fun and interesting ways. Try a unisex watch for an easy to share accessory with a friend/family member.

Shopcicle Pop-Up Marketplace at Union Depot  

The renovated Union Depot in Lowertown Saint Paul is a place of history and beauty. It’s also the backdrop to a fun shopping event in October. On October 18th, folks can shop all things involving food. Shopcicle is a monthly social hour and pop up marketplace. The event on the 18th is from 3 to 8:30 p.m.

Simplify Your Fall Wardrobe   Back To Top

With the change in seasons comes a change in what we're wearing. And with that comes the impulse to buy every sweater in every Fall color we can find. But what if you simplified what you buy to create even more outfits than you thought possible?

Flannel Fashion   Back To Top

Owner of Flaunt Accessories, Melissa Hardin, stopped by the TCL studio to show off some flannel looks that are perfect for the fall. 

Can I still Wear That?   Back To Top

Amy Seeman is a fashion expert and creator of the blog, To Wit To Woo. She sometimes gets asked, “can I still wear this over 50?” More often than not, her answer is always, yes!

Clueless Inspired Fashion   Back To Top

If you were a 90's kid, chances are you were super jealous of Cher's epic closet system. It was a time where knee high socks and yellow plaid miniskirts were all the rage. Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers says clueless fashion is back and she stopped by to prove it.

Good Housekeeping Lab at MOA   Back To Top

Flip through the pages of a Good Housekeeping magazine and you’ll see their stamp of approval on what they deem the best products available.  But it’s not just the editors and writers saying so, it’s top scientists, chemists and engineers testing products at the Good Housekeeping Institute Lab.  That lab has made its way to Mall of America and now you can buy everything inside the 2800 square foot space.

Fall Shoe Trends Round-Up   Back To Top

Our go-to shoe guru Wendy Witherspoon stopped by to share some tips on how to wear new shoe fall trends this season. 

Fall Trends   Back To Top

We all want to look our best, but sometimes picking out those trendy new looks can be tough. That’s where Jodi Mayers and Style Partners come in. Jodi and her team at Ridgedale Center do private appointments to help you get the best looks for your style and body types. For a fee, they pick out clothes for you from Ridgedale Center and all you do is show up, try on and shop in the private style lounge.

TCL in Your Town Hastings: Boutique Shopping   Back To Top

TCL in Your Town is winding down with a little retail therapy. Over the last few years downtown Hastings has seen a revitalization. New business and boutiques are popping up and that’s bringing in people from all over the metro. One of those tourists is our very own TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson. She takes us to Hastings to shop!

Simplify Your Wardrobe   Back To Top

A lot of women tend to think of their wardrobe as work clothes and casual clothes but finding pieces you can wear dressed up for work and dressed down for the weekend will save you money and room in your closet. Fashion expert and creator of To Wit To Woo, Amy Seeman stopped by to share her tips on how you can simplify your wardrobe.

Western Wear Trends   Back To Top

Western Wear is a big hit for fall! Mall of America Trend Expert stopped by to show how you can rock the look without  feeling like you’re wearing a Halloween costume.

Fashionopolis   Back To Top

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s premiere fall fashion event will take place on Wednesday, October 3rd at ARIA.  Fashionopolis features the hottest fall trends from local retail and designers.  Madeline Nachbar and Grant Whitaker stopped by to talk about the event and the latest fall trends.

Scarf Fall Fashion   Back To Top

Icons have been wearing the simple accesory, the scarf, for many centuries. Style Curator, Ethelind Belle stopped by to show us some fun ways to wear it this fall. 

Fall Fashion Color   Back To Top

Yellow, red, orange – they’re all colors that pop during a beautiful Minnesota fall. But they also pop in fall fashion. We turned to The Refinery Boutique, which just opened a new location in Minneapolis, to find pieces that’ll make you crave fall. Owner Ashleigh Moelter stopped by our studio with four looks to ring in the season. 

Fall Fashion: Animal Prints   Back To Top

Along with the delicious food, animals are a big attraction at the Minnesota state fair. Animal prints are also a hot fashion statement this fall. Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers stopped by with tips on how to wear this type of style.

Sota Clothing Co. Fashion Show   Back To Top

Lauren Johnson of Sota Clothing Company visited the TCL stage at the Minnesota State Fair to show off some comfortable clothing to wear from summer to fall. 

Trendy Teacher Fashion   Back To Top

Teachers have a challenge when it comes to dressing for their profession. They want to be comfortable but still have a polished look that says “I’m in charge.” Fashion expert and blogger, Amy Seeman shared tips on how teachers can dress trendy and comfortable at the same time.

TCL Trend Report: Plaid Pants   Back To Top

Back to school shopping is in full swing. Ridgedale Center has all sorts of stores to help shoppers find those popular trends and classic looks.  Jodi Mayers & Style Partners makes it even easier. Jodi and her team will pull the looks in your size and help you find great looks without you ever having to pop in a store. It’s convenient, time saving and a great way to look your best. Because of their expertise, they help you find looks you may not even know look great on you.

Bus Stop Essentials Back To Top

It's our Back-to-School Week on Twin Cities Live! Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers stopped by with style tips that will help you get ready for fall along with bus stop essential looks so you can stay warm and look stylish.

Back to School Shoes   Back To Top

Owner of Prink Style, Wendy Witherspoon, stopped by the TCL studio to chat about some fashionable shoe choices for the new school year. 

Back-To-School Looks   Back To Top

Fashion expert and blogger from To Wit, To Woo Amy Seeman, stopped by to share some of her favorite back school looks for all ages.    

Camouflage Looks   Back To Top

Melissa Hardin, owner of Flaunt Accessories in Maple Grove showed us how to add camouflage print to any outfit. 

Summer Knits   Back To Top

Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers stopped by with a variety of knits that are perfect for summer.

Staple Piece You Need When Traveling   Back To Top

Fashion Blogger Amy Seeman stopped by with her favorite traveling essentials and three different outfits each styled with the same classic cardigan.

Men's Beat The Heat Looks   Back To Top

It's tough to know how to dress professionally but still be comforable when it's hot outside. Danny and Kenny King of King Brother's Clothiers stopped by with some advice. 

Three Ways to Wear A Slip Dress   Back To Top

Personal style curator, Ethelind Belle, believes in finding staple items you can dress up, dress down or make professional. She stopped by to show us how to do just that with a slip dress.   

National Sunglasses Day   Back To Top

Whether you think sunglasses are worth the investment or you look for an inexpensive pair, creator of and Fashion Style Expert, Katie Fokken, shared some of her favorite styles with a variety of price points.

Water Fashion   Back To Top

There has been a big merger in the water fashion world - Big Island Surf & Swim and Nani Nalu joined forces under the parent company JB Swim. Editor and Chief of Twin Cities Business, Allison Kaplan, stopped by to break it down for us and show some fun items they have available at each store.  

Music Festival Fashion   Back To Top

Summertime is usually filled with tons of outdoor music festivals and half the fun of going to a concert is picking out what to wear.  Fashion expert and blogger, Amy Seeman stopped by to share tips on what to wear to a summer music festival.

Summer Bag Trends   Back To Top

So you've got a lot planned this summer -- the pool, the weekend cabin vacation, a trip to the zoo and you've got a lot of stuff to tote with you right?  You need to have all hands on deck this summer, but you also want to be hands free. Professional Stylist Wendy Witherspoon stopped by our studio with three summer bags, including one that’s making a comeback from the 80s.

Polka Dot Prints   Back To Top

Polka Dot Prints are a hot trend this summer. Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers says you can even wear more than one polka dot print at a time and she stopped by to prove it.

Finding the Perfect Bra   Back To Top

A bra should feel good and look good right? But often times women are wearing the wrong bra. This can make the hips look fuller, the breasts saggy and clothes won’t fit right! It’s why we asked the owner of Fashion Fix, Lindsey Froemming to give us her style tips to find a bra that lifts, supports and is actually comfortable!

Men’s Fashion: Comfy and Classy   Back To Top

If dudes want to be comfortable, they don't have to be sloppy. It's time to not burn the cargo shorts, but maybe put them in the back of the drawer.  Jodi Myers, from Jodi Mayers & Style Partners stopped by with her style tips to help the guys look comfy yet put together.

Rompers & Jumpsuits   Back To Top

It's romper season and fashion expert Amy Seeman stopped by to show us how to find a piece that looks good on all different body types. 

Summer Sandal Trends   Back To Top

The creator of Curate Fashion, Katie Fokken shared a roundup of the best summer sandal trends.

Dad’s Day Gifts   Back To Top

Dad’s Day is right around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Danny and Kenny King of King Brothers Clothiers stopped by Twin Cities Live to talk about unique accessories that the special person in your life both wants and needs.