Earth Day Fashions  

Earth Day was founded 44 years ago by US Senator Gaylord Nelson.  In 1990, the United Nations re-named it Mother Earth Day and it became a global holiday.  Owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, is here with some Mother Nature approved clothing and accessories in honor of the holiday. 

48th and Chicago Neighborhood  

Just blocks from 35W in South Minneapolis is the perfect place to spend the day with the girls.  The intersection of 48th and Chicago is where you’ll find a modern main street with an abundance of shops and restaurants.

Easter Fashions  

The fashions usually come out for the Easter holiday.  It is a time that a person will shop specifically for an outfit for.  Mall of America trend specialist, Sara Rogers, shows us some Easter fashions for the entire family.

To Tommy from Zooey  

Actress and singer Zooey Deschanel has teamed up with famous clothing designer, Tommy Hilfiger.  Her new fashion line, To Tommy from Zooey, launches today, April 15th.  Paul Anthony from Macy’s is here with some of the looks.

Spring Fashions  

Spring in Minnesota.  One day it’s 75 degrees and the next day it’s 40 degrees.  The fluctuating temperatures can really mess with your wardrobe.  Style expert, Jen Scheffler is here with her spring trend favorites that, she says, will weather the storm.

Stylish Spring Shoes  

Flip flop season may still be a ways off but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting your summer shoes ready!  Schuler Shoes General Manager Jim Dament shows us the stylish and comfortable styles they have waiting for you! 

Layering for Spring  

With the spring weather in Minnesota, we are never really sure what we’ll get.  So the key to picking out your wardrobe is layering says co-owner of Indulge Boutique, Laurie Nierengarten. 

Spring Jewelry Staples   Back To Top

The spring must haves are out and it’s time to build your spring wardrobes.  Jewelry Designer, Jen Scheffler, says an outfit isn’t an outfit without the right jewelry though!  She shows us a few of the key pieces from her line Realia by Jen.

Fashion Delivery   Back To Top

If you love all the new fashions but hate the idea of going out and shopping for it, we’ve got the answer for you!  Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique in Edina does it all for you.  It’s like having your very own stylist without ever having to step in the store.

Flower Show Fashion Show   Back To Top

If you are too impatient to wait for the spring flowers, head over to Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis.  Macy’s Annual Flower Show opens to the public on Sunday, March 23rd.  The theme, The Secret Garden, is all about lush landscapes, rich colors and over the top presentations from the best floral designers. 

Spring Trend Must Haves   Back To Top

The first day of spring has many thinking about their spring wardrobes.  If you are itching to put away the winter wear and bring out your clothes for spring, Jodi Mayers from Corset Styling and Fashion Boutique is here to get you started.  She has the must-have’s for spring and how to wear them.

Size 14 and Up Store Picks   Back To Top

A lot of big name stores, even department stores, are now carrying outfits for women of all sizes. Most recently, Abercrombie and Fitch said they will sell plus sizes online. Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers works with women of all shapes and sizes to help them look great. She joined us to share her store picks for sizes 14 and up.  

Something New from Something Old   Back To Top

After the wedding is all said and done, then what?  You'll probably have your wedding dress cleaned and then preserved with the hope that someday your daughter will walk down the aisle in it, right?  The likelihood is by that time fashions will change and your daughter will have nothing to do with wearing that outdated garment.

Pairing Sweaters with Skirts   Back To Top

Despite all the cold temperatures, spring will arrive eventually. It might be warm enough to wear a skirt, but it might need to be paired with something warmer. Owner of Mainstream Boutique, Marie DeNicola, shares her tricks on making them work together. 

Perfect Jeans for Under $50   Back To Top

When you need a new pair of jeans, going shopping and trying on jeans can be as traumatic as trying on swimming suits!  When you finally find a pair that fit, you buy several – even if they are expensive!  Trend expert from Mall of America, Sara Rogers, says that doesn’t have to be the case.  There’s a great pair of jeans out there for all body types for under $50.

Peter Pilotto’s Fashions   Back To Top

Peter Pilotto launched his new collection for Target and it’s become the fasted selling collaboration yet.  The collection is bright and daring and wearing it could be tricky.  Fashion expert Jen Scheffler shows us how to pull off the look by pulling in a few more pieces.

National Wear Red Day   Back To Top

Women are wearing red today in honor of National Wear Red Day.  The color symbolizes the fight against heart disease, the number one killer of women.  Macy’s is a huge supporter of the movement, helping to raise money for the cause.  Macy’s Personal Shopping Manager, Megan Ebert, explains how you can help.

Dress Trends for Spring   Back To Top

If you are already looking ahead to spring and making room in your closets for the new trends in dresses, Laurie Nierengarten, co-owner of Indulge Boutique, is here to help!  Hang on to those maxi dresses because those are here to stay! 

3 Outfits – 3 Ways   Back To Top

If you are tired of wearing the same sweater over and over this winter, Marie Denicola from Mainstream Boutique has the answer.  She shows us how to wear one outfit, three different ways.this winter, Marie Denicola from Mainstream Boutique has the answer.  She shows us how to wear one outfit, three different ways.   

Dressing 10 Years Younger   Back To Top

Many women wish they could turn back the clock and look ten years younger.  But when it comes to style, fashion expert and jewelry designer, Jen Scheffler, says it shouldn’t be about looking younger.  It should be about looking current.

Hybrid Dresses   Back To Top

Every year, the red carpet brings out new fashions at the awards shows.  This year the new look comes from the Golden Globes and was worn by Julia Roberts.  She paired a white oxford shirt with a black strapless Dolce and Gabbana gown – and it’s called the “Hybrid Dress”.  Mall of America trend expert, Sara Rogers shows us how to pull the look off the right way.

Radiant Orchid: Color of the Year   Back To Top

The global color authority, Pantone, named Radiant Orchid the color of the year for 2014.  That means you will be seeing it in fashion everywhere!  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers shows us how it’s already showing up in the stores.

Looking Cute in Boots   Back To Top

A big part of the winter wardrobe these days are your winter boots.  When you are running errands like going to the mall, there are times where you just can’t swap out those boots for cute shoes.  Fashion expert, Marie Denicola, from Mainstream Boutique, shows us how to make those winter boots work. 

Bring Spring to Your Fashions   Back To Top

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t add some spring to your outfits!  Jodi Mayers from Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, shows us how. 

Thrift Store Personal Shopper   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live Kitchen Star was so excited to tell us about her experience using a free personal shopper at Arc Value Village Thrift Store.  It sounded so great we had to send our producer, Kelli Hanson, to check it out.

New Year – Big Deals!   Back To Top

With the holidays over, stores around town are slashing their prices – a lot.  Some of them are taking up to 75% off!  Style Editor of Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Alison Kaplan has a few spots you might want to check out before the deals are gone.

Holiday Party Outfits   Back To Top

The plans are aplenty this time of year!  Holiday events and gatherings are endless.  CEO and founder of Mainstream Boutique, Marie Denicola, has some suggestions on what to wear this busy time of year. 

New Years Eve Glitz   Back To Top

Before we know it, Christmas will be over and we’ll be ringing in the New Year!  If you want to ring it in in style, you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new outfit.  Jewelry Designer, Jen Scheffler, shows us how by just adding in jewelry to make it pop is all you need!  Jen has New Years Eve statement pieces that will do the trick.

Hot Gifts for Moms-to-Be   Back To Top

If you are – or you know of – a soon to be mom, she probably has a lot of things on her Christmas list for that bundle of joy she’s waiting on.  Katie Blozis, from Bump Club Twin Cities, shows off some of the hottest gifts that she says should be on that list!  

Red Heel Fashions   Back To Top

Dorothy from Wizard of Oz could really pull off wearing those ruby red slippers.  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers has some fashionable shoes that, she says, any woman can pull of the pop of color with!

Gotta Have It: Photo Gifts   Back To Top

When you give a picture as a gift, it takes on a special meaning.  There are several ways to display the photos is ways that will make it especially meaningful.  Producer Kelli is here with her picks for photo gifts you’ve “just gotta have!”

Gift Ideas from the Hardware Store   Back To Top

Mike Frattallone from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware says there is no reason to put up with the crowds and long lines at the mall when you go Christmas shopping.  Not when the hardware store can hook you up.  Mike is here with some of his favorite gift and stocking stuffer ideas from Frattallone’s Ace Hardware

Hammer Made Shirts   Back To Top

An easy gift for the man in your life is a shirt and tie.  Sometimes, though, those shirts and ties don’t quite measure up and end up getting returned.  Jason Hammerberg, CEO and founder of Hammer Made, says he can change that with a shirt that not looks cool but fits well too.

Jewelry for Christmas   Back To Top

Ladies love the jewels!  You can give the gift of glitz and glam without feeling guilty about spending too much too.  Erin Reykdahl from Wedding Day Diamonds is here with some fashion jewelry that will help you do that.

Paper Dresses   Back To Top

Local fashion designer and former Project Runway contestant, Christopher Straub, has used some pretty unusual “materials” to make dresses out of.  Lettuce, duct tape, and newspaper are just a few of them.  Now, he has moved onto using greeting cards for his next project!  Christopher drops by to give us a peek!

“Manpering”   Back To Top

If you are looking for a unique gift for your guy, why not send him to the spa for a little “manpering”?  Manpering is the male version of a little pampering – and it’s probably something that your guy wouldn’t think to spend money on.  Chris headed over to New Reflections salon to see what it was all about.

Salon Holiday Gifts   Back To Top

New Reflections Salon stylist, Kati Giles, is here with holiday gift ideas and gift sets that include Aveda products that hardly ever go on sale! 

Gift Ideas for the Ladies   Back To Top

If the man in your life needs ideas for what to get you for Christmas, La Vie Boutique in Woodbury is the place to send them.  They’ve got something for everyone there. 

Sweet Soul Boots   Back To Top

The chance of coming up with a new invention or business idea and having it become a reality is pretty slim.  The co-owner of Sweet Soul Boots, Trish Ohrt, did exactly that.  She shows us some of the fashions you can get from them. 

Holiday Fashions for Moms-to-Be!   Back To Top

The holiday parties are the perfect reason for many women to go out and buy and outfit.  If you are pregnant, you might think twice about buying an outfit you’ll probably only get to wear once.  Owner of Flaunt Boutique, Melissa Hardin, says new moms can stretch their wardrobe by buying pieces that you can actually wear through the next holiday season!

Fashion Gift Ideas in Any Price Range   Back To Top

No matter what your price range, owner Marie DeNicola, says you can find the perfect gift at Mainstream Boutique.  She shares some of her suggestions with us.

Black Friday Shopping Guide   Back To Top

If you are planning to take advantage of the deals the stores have to offer for Black Friday, you should have a strategy to make the most of them.  Style Editor for Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Allison Kaplan, has a game plan to help you brave the crowds.

Target’s Black Friday Deals   Back To Top

Erika Winkels from Target is here with a sneak peak of some of the hot deals that Target is offering on Black Friday.

Gotta Have It Hostess Gifts   Back To Top

The holiday season is upon us and that means a lot of parties and get togethers.  It’s always a nice idea to bring something for the party host.  While gifts are not mandatory, once you see what TCL producer, Kelli Hanson, found you might just find yourself saying, “I just gotta have it!”

Closet Consultation   Back To Top

You have a closet full of clothes and yet do you wear the same things over and over?  Stylist Jodi Mayers from Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique says she can help you find new ways of wearing what you already own.

Holiday Party Outfits   Back To Top

Stylist and owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, says there is no need to stress over your holiday party outfits this year.  She has four ideas that will help you find what works. 

Menswear for Women   Back To Top

Menswear is making its way into women’s closets.  The look is being referred to as, “Borrowing from the Boys.”  Mall of America trend expert, Sara Rogers is here to show us how to pull off this look.

Fashion Subscriptions   Back To Top

Busy ladies – listen up!  Finding time to go shopping may be nearly impossible, or perhaps you just hate going.  Producer Kelli Hanson found the perfect solution – fashion subscriptions.  She wondered if it’s really worth having someone else do your shopping for you and getting products sent to you in the mail.  Kelli put some of the services to the test.

Fall Sweaters   Back To Top

When the weather gets cold, out comes the sweaters!  Marie Denicola from Mainstream Boutique has five sweaters for every body type. 

Dress It Up – Or Dress It Down   Back To Top

Are there are key pieces of your wardrobe that you take out of your closet and wear the same way every time?  Laurie Nierengarten, co-owner of Indulge Boutique, shows us how easy it is to take those pieces and change them by dressing them up or dressing them down.