Medifast: How to Shop After Weight Loss  

Fashion is often used to express how we feel about our bodies, what we like we show off, what we don’t we cover up. But when it comes to weight loss and shopping for our new bodies, it’s important to know how to accentuate your new figure! Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers is our go-to when it comes to highlighting the right areas and it’s why we asked her to help people who’ve had success on the Medifast Weight Loss Program. 

What to Wear on the Sidelines  

If you find yourself on the sidelines of any sport this fall like football, soccer or hockey, you've gotta dress the part, right? And we’re not not just talking about your team logo or colors. You have to dress for the weather and you'll want to look good doing it. Owner of Wish Boutique in Rosemount, Katie Terrian, stopped by with sideline styles for the ladies. 

Fall Trends and Savings on Kids Clothes  

Kids seem to outgrow their new clothes before you even get home from the store! Our friends from Children's Orchard brought in some trends you can save big on this fall.

Fall Trend Report  

Pumpkin Spice Orange, Army Green, Statement Furs…they’re all trends hot on the runway right now and looks TCL Stylist Jodi Mayers says we all should try out this Fall. Jodi stopped by with her Fall Trend Report and to tell us how you can see these trends on an Edina runway in just a few weeks.

Clothes Mentor  

With the change of the seasons, some people switch out their whole closet.  Going from summer clothes to winter clothes doesn’t mean you have to get a whole new wardrobe.  Kimberlee Curtis from Clothes Mentor shows us how to transition to fall just by adding a few pieces to your closet. 


The 4th annual FASHIONOPOLIS is Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s premier fall fashion event, highlighting the best in local fall fashion.  And, we’ll feature a special kiss to Prince – an icon of style, creativity, fashion and music. 

Wish Boutique at the Fair  

Twin Cities Live is familiar with Wish Boutique. They are located in Rosemount but right now they have popped up a shop in the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair!

Military Fashion   Back To Top

It’s Military Appreciation Day and Mall of America has fashion for the day.  Sara Rogers from Mall of America shows us the inspired looks.

Fashions at the Fair   Back To Top

There is more to check out at the fair than new foods!  Now there are a lot of fashion options to pick from too.  We brought three fashion experts to pull together a winning look you can find at the fair.

Jeans Makeover   Back To Top

Emily is at the Silver Jeans Booth.  It’s the perfect spot to help you pick out the perfect fit for you!  A couple of fairgoers are getting a jeans makeover and walk away with a brand new pair of Silver Jeans.

Back to School Fashion for Less   Back To Top

In no time at all, the kids will be back in school.  If you still have to get their back to school wardrobe together, Michelle Raven (the lead stylist from Arc’s Value Village) says to consider shopping second hand.  

Back to School Gear   Back To Top

Whether you are sad about sending your baby off to the first day of school or you think it’s actually the most wonderful time of the year when the kiddos head back to school, the fact is it is that time.  You can’t avoid it and it’s time to get them ready!  Katie Blozis from Bump Club and Beyond has the gear for kids – and mom’s – that they’ll need.

Back to School on a Budget   Back To Top

In just a few short weeks, the kids will be dawning their first day of school outfit. And that means you’ve only got a few more days to get your back to school shopping trip finished! Twin Cities Live’s Kelli Hanson headed to Twin Cities Premium Outlets in Eagan to find out how to get a big bang for your buck on clothes and even school supplies.

Minnesota Gifts from Flaunt Accessories   Back To Top

If you're looking for a one-of-kind hostess or birthday gift, or you just want to treat yourself, you can look no further than Minnesota makers. There is a lot of talent in this state and you find several gifts made by local artisans all in one place! Melissa Hardin, owner of Flaunt Accessories in Minneapolis stopped by with gifts you can find in her store, and tells us how buying them can help give back!

Summer Shorts – Finding the Right Pair   Back To Top

If you think summer is over because it’s almost time to send kids back to school, we’ve got news for you…there’s plenty of time left to dress for the warm weather! Guys have it easy. They throw on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and they’re out the door. But it can be difficult for women to find the perfect pair. It’s why Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers stopped by to offer style tips for every body size.

Gotta Have It: Prior Lake Boutiques   Back To Top

When Kelli found out that TCL in Your Town was headed to Prior Lake, she couldn’t wait to get out there and do a little shopping!  She found some gifts that she thinks you just gotta have!

Good Company: Suds   Back To Top

It wasn’t that long ago when when Erin Seidl decided she wanted to make her own natural soaps. She had been on the hunt to find a product that worked well and wasn’t  happy with them. So, she got a kit online and starting making it. Before she knew it, she was heading to what she calls a bath and body boot camp in California. It was then when she started to take what she learned and began tweaking recipes. She was adding and subtracting and coming up with her own fragrances. Family and friends were hooked. In 2010, Suds was born.

Shopping & Eating in Wayzata   Back To Top

TCL is in your town Wayzata!  Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's Shopping and Style editor, Allison Kaplan, show us her favorite places to shop and grab a bite while she is in this west suburb. 

Pre-Season Shopping   Back To Top

Many retailers are running their end-of season sales right now, including our friends at Corset Styling who have their entire store at 50-75% off!  Twin Cities Live stylist, Jodi Mayers says that if you can wrap your head around off-season shopping, there are big deals to be had.  She suggests that you pick up those off-season finds now, pack them away and then bask in your delightment when you discover these brand new gems waiting for you this Fall.

Crystal Couture   Back To Top

It’s not just the water of Lake Minnetonka that sparkle in Wayzata.  Crystal Couture have been making brides, dancers, and cheerleaders sparkle for over a decade.  Owners Michelle Jarvey and Deb Blankenship tell us about their unique business. 

Don't Purchase a Bathing Suit Coverup   Back To Top

Bathing suit cover-ups, there is really one use for them. It kind of feels like a waste of money to buy them.  Solution: use what you already have in your closet. Owner of Flaunt Accessories, Melissa Hardin, shows us how you can use what you own to pull double duty as a cover up too. 

Celebrity Chef Inspired Fashion   Back To Top

Celebrity chefs are no longer just known for their new restaurants or their Food Network fame, they’ve become true celebrities and people are taking notice of who they’re with and what they’re wearing. They all have their sense of style and they’re looks you can recreate thanks to Twin Cities Premium Outlets in Eagan. Renee Lawler stopped by with 4 celebrity chef looks, including Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis, The Pioneer Woman and Alton Brown.

TCL Summer Trend Report   Back To Top

Whenever you see pictures of models walking the runway, do you ever think, “Do real women really wear that?” The short of the long answer is no, and a lot of designers know that. It’s why they introduce seasonal trends and tone it down a bit. Lucky for us, TCL Stylist and owner of Corset Styling and Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, is always on top of what’s in and what’s out. She stopped by with the TCL Summer Trend Report which includes trends like the Cold Shoulder and Bermuda Shorts.

Raffine Wedding Dresses   Back To Top

It's Wedding Week on Twin Cities Live! We're getting you exclusive deals on some of your wedding essentials. Today, Elizabeth visits Raf?né Bridal & Formal Wear in Woodbury to meet the mother and two daughters who love spending their days helping brides say yes to the dress. Elizabeth sees trends for brides, bridesmaids and grooms perfect for a barn wedding, black tie event and the wedding that's inspired by Pinterest.

As Seen On TV Products   Back To Top

Emily is back with another round of As Seen On TV Products. This time, she has everything from a couch in a backpack to an automatic nail file.

Summer Prints   Back To Top

Wearing prints this summer is a must but it can be hard to do.  Owner of Wish Boutique in Rosemount, Katie Terrien, says there are some simple tricks incorporate this trend into your summer wardrobe.

Gotta Have It from Crayola   Back To Top

Every month, Twin Cities Live Reporter Kelli Hanson gets to scour the earth to look for really cool products she thinks you’ve just gotta have. It’s a series we call Gotta Have It. But instead of scouring the earth, this time all she had to do was step foot in the new Crayola Retail Store at Mall of America. It’s now open, right next to Crayola Experience on the 3rd floor of MOA.

Crayola Color Kid Fashion   Back To Top

Crayola crayons have some pretty interesting names. There’s Wild Blue Yonder, Brilliant Rose, Van Dyke Brown – these Crayola people get really creative.

Gotta Have It for Dad   Back To Top

If your dad is predictable and asks for the same thing every Father’s Day or he says he doesn’t want a gift, it’s time to change things up. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson is here with gifts she says dad’s Just Gotta Have.

Why Trim Is In: Men's Clothing Guide   Back To Top

The owner of Heimie's Haberdashery in downtown Saint Paul, Anthony Andler, says that not all men's clothing is ready to wear when you buy it off the rack. He shares some simple advice on what to get tailored and how it can completely change a look.

LuAnn de Lesseps   Back To Top

The Real Housewives franchise has become big business for Bravo TV, creating 9 reality shows that document the lives of women all over the country. Spin-offs have even made their way to Greece and Australia.

Women in Music and their Fashion   Back To Top

The Billboard Music Awards took center stage in Las Vegas and along with being fixated on the Prince tribute by Madonna and Stevie Wonder, all eyes were on what the artists were wearing.

Color for Spring   Back To Top

Spring is a really good time for out with the old, in with the new. And when the grass, trees and flowers begin to pop some color, so should your closet. Brittani Swedberg from Clothes Mentor stopped by with her pops of color.

STILL by Mary Jo Hoffman   Back To Top

Mary Jo Hoffman is a stay at home mom who wanted to find something that would get her creative juices flowing. So, she decided to start a blog called STILL. The idea was to post pictures of things she’d find in nature during her daily walks with her Puggle, Jack. It was a way for Mary Jo to slow down and to enjoy her surroundings. She started January 1, 2012. It was only supposed to last for a year. She found so much joy in it that her blog is still going strong. She has a big following and several publications in print media have picked her up, including Martha Stewart.

Finding Sunglasses for your Face Shape   Back To Top

The perfect sunny day isn't complete without a really good lookin’ pair of shades, but man are they making some crazy frames these days.  The trick is to know which ones are made for your face. It's all about the shape of your face. And if you don't know what will work, it's best to ask the pros. That's what TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson did when she stopped out at the Spectacle Shoppe in Uptown.

Adding Vintage to your Home Décor   Back To Top

TCL is heading to your town, Afton!  We’re kicking the week off with a little home décor help w/ Heather Schuck, owner of Dwell. Furniture and Home Décor.  She’s showing us ways to incorporate a vintage look into your home! 

Have Family Fun For Less at Pawn America   Back To Top

Let me set the scene.  The weather warms up.  As the flowers bloom, so to do new ideas of how you and the family can get outside and enjoy our beautiful Minnesota summer!  You start to compile a wish list of all sorts of gadgets and gear that will put this summer over the top!  You head to the store, pickup what you need, only to find out, at the register no less, that your math was off and you spent way more than you can afford.  Reality checks are never fun.

Doing Vegas Fashion Right   Back To Top

Vegas does everything big, including fashion. In fact their “Fashion Show Mall” is one of a kind. There’s a runway that rises up out of the floor and every weekend, mall-goers are treated to live fashion shows featuring the latest and greatest styles. But dressing for the catwalk doesn’t always translate to real life. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be walking the runway, you’re going to be walking the strip. Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers joined us at Mystic Lake Casino to show us how to do Vegas right from your 20s to your 60s.

Styling your Graphic T-Shirts Back To Top

Graphic tees aren’t just for teenagers to wear! Owner of Wish Boutique in Rosemount say all you have to do is: tuck it,  knot it, bling it, knot it and mix it to make this work for any age. 

Earth Day Denim Looks   Back To Top

Jeans are a staple in all of our wardrobes but from the cotton and water consumption to the toxic dyes these go-to pants aren’t very friendly to the earth. Lead Stylist at Arc’s Value Village, Michelle Raven, shows how to create denim look from the thrift store.

Your Personal Brand   Back To Top

Fun fact: first impressions are formed in just 7-seconds.  Maybe you're looking for a new job or a seat at your child's PTA. But no matter the situation, your brand matters and we're not just talking about what you're wearing. Katy, a stay-at-home mom of two wants to go back to work this fall when her youngest heads off to kindergarten. Marie was laid off in 2011, and would like to get back into the legal field. Both women are starting from scratch and we wanted to help them work on their brand. Personal branding expert Judy Zimmer and TCL Stylist and owner of Corset Styling, Jodi Mayers stepped in to help!

Forever Bride Market   Back To Top

If you've ever planned a wedding and you're an indecisive person it probably wasn't too enjoyable. But that's why ON Sunday, April 10th, wedding vendors from all over the Twin Cities will come together to help brides and grooms create their perfect day.

Man Panel: Spring Trends   Back To Top

Our stylist, Jodi Mayers, keeps us up to date on the latest fashion trends.  What’s “on trend” doesn’t always mean that everyone is in love with the look!  We put together a panel of guys to give us their feedback on pleats, horizontal stripes, and the cold shoulder!

Spring Shoe Trends   Back To Top

The sun is shining and your feet are officially getting too hot in those boots.  That means, it’s time to bring out the spring shoes! Good news ladies, it’s all about the comfort this spring.  TCL producer and creator of Happy Shoe Day, Maggie Winter, shows us her favorite trends for Spring.

Spring Fashion Trend Report   Back To Top

A lot of us pay attention to what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet, but they’re taking cues from the Runway. TCL Stylist and owner of Corset Styling, Jodi Mayers says we should be too by adding pleats, pop art and stripes to our closets this Spring.

Behind the Scenes: Minnesota Monthly Fashion Shoot   Back To Top

Minnesota Monthly’s April issue is out, but prep for the edition has been in the making for months. In fact, the creative staff behind the issue started shooting for a fashion layout back in mid-February. Jahna Peloquin is the magazine’s Style Editor. She has been looking at runway trends, pictures and what stores have been featuring. She says Minnesotans have a lot of style, but unlike other parts of the country, we need to worry about constant changes in weather. So, Jahna says it’s all about being creative with layering. She says a big trend this spring will be all sorts of textures. Lightweight denim and mixed metals will also be popping up. Jahna says this issue helps the everyday person get inspiration to think outside of the box, but to also work with what is best for their lifestyle in Minnesota. It’s basically a “how to” guide.

Children’s Orchard Spring Fashion   Back To Top

Spring brings cool then warm weather, 65 degrees and then snow. It can be difficult to know how to not only dress yourself, but also the kids! Plus they grow so fast and that means something that fit a month ago, is now a little too tight. That’s why you buy like new clothes and a store in Minnetonka can help you do just that. Becky Geyer from Children’s Orchard stopped by with kid’s layered looks and an Easter surprise!

Style Edina Fashion Show   Back To Top

The Twin Cities is known for a lot of things. We have a great dining scene, theater is big, there are lakes in the city and people are stylin'.

Floral and Denim Spring Trends   Back To Top

Spring is so close and we’re itching to expand our warm weather wardrobe.  Owner of Wish Boutique in Rosemount, Katie Terrien, says when you when you start filling your closet with spring trends it’s all about floral and denim.  And if you want to make sure that you’re are a stand out in the crowd be sure to head to Wish Boutique where they are designing their own clothes.

Clothes Mentor: Update Your Spring Wardrobe   Back To Top

Spring brings big changes! You turn the clocks forward, meaning it's lighter, later and everything starts getting greener. But Spring also brings big changes to a woman’s closet. If you need to purge a bit, don't throw those clothes away, Sell them and do some more shopping while you're at it. Traci Ribar, owner of Clothes Mentor in Roseville, shows us how.