Back to School Fashion  

Before we know it, the kids will be heading back to school.  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers, shows off some back to school outfits for kids of all ages.

Fashion Challenge  

We couldn’t be at Mall of America and not do a little shopping!  We challenged two savvy shoppers to put together a head to toe look.  Fashion experts Amy Seeman and Wendy Witherspoon did their best to put together an outfit that is budget friendly, can transition from summer to fall, and is versatile.

What You Wear is Your Brand  

In today's digital world... social media influencers, like bloggers have a big say in what consumers pay attention to. A big part of a bloggers brand is what they wear.  TCL Reporter, Kelli Hanson shared how Silver Jeans can help create your brand with four different looks.

A Fashion Experts Guide to Mall of America  

Minnesota’s most recognized landmark is celebrating 25-years this week. More than 40-million people trek to mall of America every single year...and even if you're a frequent shopper, chances are there are things you still don't know about the mega mall. Here with her secrets is style and shopping editor of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, Allison Kaplan.  

Fall Trends  

There is only a few weeks left of summer and then it’s time to switch your wardrobe over for Fall.  Jodi Mayers from Jodi Mayers & Style Partners give us a look ahead at the trends we’ll be seeing.

Fashion for All Sizes  

67% of women wear plus-size clothing and designers are taking notice. Fashion expert Lauren Bettingay stopped by with trends you'll find at JC Penney.

Styling Summer Hats  

How often are you washing your hair? We headed to Facebook and asked viewers, “How often do you wash your hair?” Apparently if you’re washing your hair every day, it could be stripping your hair of its natural oils. Most viewers said they wash their hair every other day….some every 10 days! Blogger and Fashion Expert, Amy Seeman, says a Styled Summer Hat can hide your hair on those in between shampoo days and everyone will just think you’re right on trend.

Unexpected Gifts from Simonson’s   Back To Top

Target, a flower shop, a department store, maybe a local boutique -- these are all places you'd expect to pick up a baby shower gift right? I bet you'd never head to the salon. Those salon products are for more than just the shower. Melissa Matthews from Simonson’s Salon & Spa stopped by with a few unexpected gifts to pick up at the salon.

TCL in Your Town Excelsior: Unique Birthday Gifts   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live is highlighting unique stores in restaurants in Excelsior for TCL in Your Town and “Something Safari” is one of them. They have popular toys for all ages as well as things you won’t find anywhere else.

Duluth Trading Co. Opening in Red Wing   Back To Top

The town of Red Wing is about to get a whole lot cooler. Duluth Trading Co. will open a store on its Main Street Saturday, July 15th.

TCL in Your Town: Places to Eat and Shop in White Bear Lake   Back To Top

Our focus for TCL in Your Town is on White Bear Lake, which has one of the largest lakes in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. We asked the style and food editors from Mpls St.Paul Magazine for their favorite spots to eat and shop!  

TCL in Your Town: Upsy Daisy   Back To Top

This week we are celebrating all things about White Bear Lake and that includes one of its cute shops!  Our DIY Expert, Danielle Rode, owns Upsy Daisy in downtown White Bear Lake.  Kelli Hanson stopped by to get a few top design tips.

TCL In Your Town: Excelsior “Thursday Night Out”   Back To Top

Excelsior is known for its gorgeous views of the lake and of course its adorable downtown. Water Street has character that attracts folks from all over the cities. There’s one night in particular that celebrates all things Excelsior. “Thursday Night Out” is all about shopping, playing and of course eating in Excelsior. It’s for locals and visitors alike.

Best Summer Sandals   Back To Top

Summer weather puts an extra pep in our step and it also gives a reason to show off our playful pedicures! Here’s a roundup of the best summer sandals you can wear on any occasion with the owner of Happy Shoe Day, Maggie Winter.

Power of 3: Kimono   Back To Top

Fashion expert and lifestyle blogger, Amy Seeman recently blew our minds when it comes to how we get dressed in the morning. She showed us something called The Power of 3. This fashion rule can change an entire look and amp of the wow factor. Amy stopped by the studio again to show us how adding a 3rd piece can change your summer wardrobe. And it’s all about the Kimono.

Heat Up Your Summer Wardrobe   Back To Top

Summer is the time we make a lot of plans. It's lighter later, outdoor restaurant patios are poppin' and date nights are just more fun. Whether you're out with the husband or out with the girls, Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers stopped by with ways to heat up your summer wardrobe. 

Hot Wedding Trends   Back To Top

The Editor of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Weddings, Emily Howald Sefton, shares four hot wedding trends for summer 2017!

Game Day Fashion   Back To Top

We’re out at Mystic Lake celebrated our Viking Purple Pride! But ladies, supporting your favorite team doesn’t mean you’ve got to wear your husband’s jersey. Wild Ruffle Boutique Owners Cate Mezyk and Tammy Hiveley stopped by with a stylish approach to game day fashion.

Hot Summer Fashion   Back To Top

There is a staple in pretty much everyone’s summer wardrobe…and that is swimwear!  Jennifer Cermak from Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique shows us this summer’s hottest swimwear trends.  And, Melissa Hardin from Flaunt Accessories has hot looks for the lake! 

90s Fashion Trends that are Back   Back To Top

Our first show out at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel was all about the 90s!  That decade brought us the Macarena, the Nancy Kerrigan - Tonya Harding drama...remember that? The song, Ice Ice Baby topped the charts and slap bracelets became a smash.

What to Wear to A Summer Wedding   Back To Top

If you’ve got a summer wedding to attend this year, Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers, has pulled together looks to help you stand out, but also fit right in with the dress code.

TCL Summer Trend Report   Back To Top

Summer 2017's fashion trends have everyone excited for warmer weather, but this season don’t follow the pack. Instead you make the rules. TCL Stylist Jodi Mayers stopped by with the trends she says will make you feel like going rogue.

Shopping in Northfield   Back To Top

Downtown Northfield is sprinkled with great spots to grab a bite and to do some shopping. That’s why we enlisted the help of our very own TCL Stylist Jodi Mayers. Not only does she know shopping, she’s a native of Northfield!

A Fashion Blogger’s Favorite Online Stores   Back To Top

If driving to the store, wading through racks and racks of clothes, only to wait in line for a dressing room doesn’t sound like a fun day, online shopping may be more your speed.

Summer Gear for Kids   Back To Top

If you’ve got plans to head to the cabin this summer, or maybe even to your nearby waterpark, you know just packing for the trip can be overwhelming. That’s especially true if you have kids! Our baby expert from Bump Club and Beyond Twin Cities stopped by with gear to help you and the kids have a fun summer in the sun!

Occasional Stores in Buffalo   Back To Top

Buffalo has become a hot spot for shoppers. The reason? The more than twenty occasional stores. That means they are only open certain days and times. The idea behind the sales has picked up over the years and literally attracts people from all over the area.

Gotta Have It for Mom   Back To Top

These are the top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts given every year…

Varicose Vein Treatment   Back To Top

It’s almost short’s season and maybe you’ve already worn them this spring. But, maybe you're not a short’s person because you've got varicose veins and don't like the way your legs look. They can look bad and feel even worse. But doctors at Minneapolis Vein Center say treating them and getting rid of them forever is now easier than ever.

Flaunt Accessories Opens in Maple Grove   Back To Top

We love featuring local businesses and seeing how they evolve over the years. That's what this story is all about. Four-years-ago the Flaunt Accessories Fashion Truck pulled into our parking lot. We knew then that owner Melissa Hardin had something special and the truck would be just the beginning. That truck turned into an occasional store and now it's expanded to the northwest metro. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to the new boutique in Maple Grove.

Finding the Perfect Jeans   Back To Top

A lot of women would say that trying on jeans is just as torturous as trying on a bathing suit. They're too tight, their too baggy in weird places and sometimes you’ve got to jump up and down to get them on.

Fashion Sneakers for Every Outfit   Back To Top

Fashion Blogger Amy Seeman says there are essentially two categories of sneakers. Flat soles - think the classics like Converse Chuck Taylor's, Adidas Stan Smith's, and slip on sneakers and sportier sneakers like a running shoe with a wider toe and more arch support - think Nike Air Max, New Balance, Brooks. When deciding which type of sneaker to pair with which outfit, Amy says there aren’t really any hard and fast rules.

As Seen On TV Easter Edition   Back To Top

There are tons of products that claim to offer something unique. That includes some items that would make a good gift for an Easter basket or even for some spring cleaning. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg gives us five of them and they all get rave reviews.

Charlotte’s Closet   Back To Top

Prom season is almost here and that means that many parents are opening their wallet and letting the money just fly out, only for their daughter to wear that dress one time and then shove it to the back of the closet.

Gotta Have It: Birthday Gifts   Back To Top

We’ve been celebrating birthday because this month Twin Cities Live turns 9-years-old! So far we’ve covered freebies you can get on your birthday around the Twin Cities, some fun party ideas for the kids and fun ways to wrap gifts. But it really is all about what to give and what to ask for. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson rounded up some birthday gifts she says you’ve just gotta have!

Spring Trends   Back To Top

If you haven't cleaned out your closet and put away all of your bulky winter sweaters yet, seeing Spring and Summer fashion in stores may make you want to do that this weekend. Style Expert Lauren Bettenga stopped by with fun and flirty look from JCPenney.

Prink Style   Back To Top

Whether a parent to young girls right now or have raised one yourself, you can likely relate to an Edina mom. Wendy Witherspoon is a mom to three young girls and she says shopping for them was a nightmare. It’s why she create Prink Style, an online subscription service for clothes that doesn’t come with commitment. It was created just for girls ages 7 to 15 and they’re clothes that are mom approved! Wendy stopped by the studio to show us some looks and tell us how the service works.

Bows! Bows! Bows!   Back To Top

It’s a trend that you are going to see more of this spring…we are talking bows!  That’s right ladies, expect to see more bows on your clothes.  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers shows how women can pull off the look without ending up looking childish.

Minnesota Monthly: Spring Fashion   Back To Top

Minnesota Monthly is celebrating 50 years. For its April issue, it’s all about spring fashion over the decades. We’re talking wardrobe, makeup and hair. The looks that are featured were inspired by each decade the magazine has been around - 1967, 1977, 1987, 2007 and today.

The Fashion Power of 3   Back To Top

We all have that one female friend who you never see wearing the same thing twice. Our next guest is that friend -- and it's because she's got a knack for mixing and matching. So much so, she blogs about it.  Amy Seeman's blog “To Wit, To Woo” is inspiring women to take a basic outfit and elevate it. She stopped by our studio to show us how adding a third piece can always complete an outfit.

Elizabeth’s Baby & New Mom Picks   Back To Top

We are cutting through the clutter and sharing mom-approved goods that will make life with your little one easier. 
If you're past the point of having kids, you'll be thinking, I wish I'd had that when my children were little!
Here to help – Katie Blozis from bump club & beyond twin cities stopped by! 

Weekender Bags   Back To Top

If you’re planning a Spring Break trip or just looking forward to a weekend getaway, you’ve got to have a great bag to hold all of your stuff, right? TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson rounded up a few of her favorites and has deals to help you get packing!

Spring Style Trends   Back To Top

The cool thing about spring this year is…it’s the season of “anything goes”!  So take risks and don’t worry too much about the trends as they are all over the board this year.  Jodi Mayers of Corset Styling shows us a sneak peek at some of the looks.

Good Company: NORTHMADE   Back To Top

March 1, 2017 is a big day for former Minneapolis Saint Paul Clothing Company. They celebrate a new look and a new name. The company will now be called Northmade. It will still showcase t-shirts that still have that Minnesota love, but will now be more inclusive of people who love all things north.

Oscar Fashions   Back To Top

Everyone who tuned in to the Academy Awards last night weren’t all watching for the same reason.  While many were waiting to see which actor and actress was deemed “the best” or which movie won the award, we know a few people who were more enamored with what was being worn on the red carpet!

Styling Tips   Back To Top

TCL Stylist, Jodi Mayers is the person behind Steve & Elizabeth’s outfits.  If you struggle putting any outfit together, she has some tips for you to make it easier.

Flirty Jammies   Back To Top

Ladies, do your pajamas scream flirty? Or are they just some compilation of your husband’s oversized souvenir t-shirts? 
Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers, stopped by to help freshen up your flirty side. 

Gotta Have It: Valentine’s Day   Back To Top

If your sweetheart told you not to get them anything for Valentine’s Day, but you know that you probably should, spending only $25 on a unique gift sounds good right? TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson found 4 great gifts all for under $25 and she started with a sweet treat that everyone will love. 

TCL in Your Town: Stillwater Eating & Shopping   Back To Top

TCL in Your Town casts the spotlight on Stillwater to feature the best of that community. The Food and Dining Editor of MplsSt.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, along with the Shopping and Style Editor, Ali Kaplan, shares their picks for where to grab a bite to eat and get some shopping done.

JCPenney Activewear   Back To Top

If you are one of those struggling to keep your resolution to get in shape, you aren’t alone.  Only 8% of the people who resolved to get in shape at the beginning of 2017 will achieve that goal.  Style expert Lauren Bettenga thinks she can get you motivated with some stylish active wear from JCPenney Xersion Line. 

Style Ideas from ABC's Winter Premieres   Back To Top

Hot ABC shows like "Scandal" and "Once Upon a Time" are great sources of inspiration when it comes to style! Roshini Rajkumar from Roshini Performance Group shares her advice on what to take from the TV hits!