Varicose Vein Treatment  

It’s almost short’s season and maybe you’ve already worn them this spring. But, maybe you're not a short’s person because you've got varicose veins and don't like the way your legs look. They can look bad and feel even worse. But doctors at Minneapolis Vein Center say treating them and getting rid of them forever is now easier than ever.

Flaunt Accessories Opens in Maple Grove  

We love featuring local businesses and seeing how they evolve over the years. That's what this story is all about. Four-years-ago the Flaunt Accessories Fashion Truck pulled into our parking lot. We knew then that owner Melissa Hardin had something special and the truck would be just the beginning. That truck turned into an occasional store and now it's expanded to the northwest metro. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to the new boutique in Maple Grove.

Finding the Perfect Jeans  

A lot of women would say that trying on jeans is just as torturous as trying on a bathing suit. They're too tight, their too baggy in weird places and sometimes you’ve got to jump up and down to get them on.

Fashion Sneakers for Every Outfit  

Fashion Blogger Amy Seeman says there are essentially two categories of sneakers. Flat soles - think the classics like Converse Chuck Taylor's, Adidas Stan Smith's, and slip on sneakers and sportier sneakers like a running shoe with a wider toe and more arch support - think Nike Air Max, New Balance, Brooks. When deciding which type of sneaker to pair with which outfit, Amy says there aren’t really any hard and fast rules.

As Seen On TV Easter Edition  

There are tons of products that claim to offer something unique. That includes some items that would make a good gift for an Easter basket or even for some spring cleaning. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg gives us five of them and they all get rave reviews.

Charlotte’s Closet  

Prom season is almost here and that means that many parents are opening their wallet and letting the money just fly out, only for their daughter to wear that dress one time and then shove it to the back of the closet.

Gotta Have It: Birthday Gifts  

We’ve been celebrating birthday because this month Twin Cities Live turns 9-years-old! So far we’ve covered freebies you can get on your birthday around the Twin Cities, some fun party ideas for the kids and fun ways to wrap gifts. But it really is all about what to give and what to ask for. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson rounded up some birthday gifts she says you’ve just gotta have!

Spring Trends   Back To Top

If you haven't cleaned out your closet and put away all of your bulky winter sweaters yet, seeing Spring and Summer fashion in stores may make you want to do that this weekend. Style Expert Lauren Bettenga stopped by with fun and flirty look from JCPenney.

Prink Style   Back To Top

Whether a parent to young girls right now or have raised one yourself, you can likely relate to an Edina mom. Wendy Witherspoon is a mom to three young girls and she says shopping for them was a nightmare. It’s why she create Prink Style, an online subscription service for clothes that doesn’t come with commitment. It was created just for girls ages 7 to 15 and they’re clothes that are mom approved! Wendy stopped by the studio to show us some looks and tell us how the service works.

Bows! Bows! Bows!   Back To Top

It’s a trend that you are going to see more of this spring…we are talking bows!  That’s right ladies, expect to see more bows on your clothes.  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers shows how women can pull off the look without ending up looking childish.

Minnesota Monthly: Spring Fashion   Back To Top

Minnesota Monthly is celebrating 50 years. For its April issue, it’s all about spring fashion over the decades. We’re talking wardrobe, makeup and hair. The looks that are featured were inspired by each decade the magazine has been around - 1967, 1977, 1987, 2007 and today.

The Fashion Power of 3   Back To Top

We all have that one female friend who you never see wearing the same thing twice. Our next guest is that friend -- and it's because she's got a knack for mixing and matching. So much so, she blogs about it.  Amy Seeman's blog “To Wit, To Woo” is inspiring women to take a basic outfit and elevate it. She stopped by our studio to show us how adding a third piece can always complete an outfit.

Elizabeth’s Baby & New Mom Picks   Back To Top

We are cutting through the clutter and sharing mom-approved goods that will make life with your little one easier. 
If you're past the point of having kids, you'll be thinking, I wish I'd had that when my children were little!
Here to help – Katie Blozis from bump club & beyond twin cities stopped by! 

Weekender Bags   Back To Top

If you’re planning a Spring Break trip or just looking forward to a weekend getaway, you’ve got to have a great bag to hold all of your stuff, right? TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson rounded up a few of her favorites and has deals to help you get packing!

Spring Style Trends   Back To Top

The cool thing about spring this year is…it’s the season of “anything goes”!  So take risks and don’t worry too much about the trends as they are all over the board this year.  Jodi Mayers of Corset Styling shows us a sneak peek at some of the looks.

Good Company: NORTHMADE   Back To Top

March 1, 2017 is a big day for former Minneapolis Saint Paul Clothing Company. They celebrate a new look and a new name. The company will now be called Northmade. It will still showcase t-shirts that still have that Minnesota love, but will now be more inclusive of people who love all things north.

Oscar Fashions   Back To Top

Everyone who tuned in to the Academy Awards last night weren’t all watching for the same reason.  While many were waiting to see which actor and actress was deemed “the best” or which movie won the award, we know a few people who were more enamored with what was being worn on the red carpet!

Styling Tips   Back To Top

TCL Stylist, Jodi Mayers is the person behind Steve & Elizabeth’s outfits.  If you struggle putting any outfit together, she has some tips for you to make it easier.

Flirty Jammies   Back To Top

Ladies, do your pajamas scream flirty? Or are they just some compilation of your husband’s oversized souvenir t-shirts? 
Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers, stopped by to help freshen up your flirty side. 

Gotta Have It: Valentine’s Day   Back To Top

If your sweetheart told you not to get them anything for Valentine’s Day, but you know that you probably should, spending only $25 on a unique gift sounds good right? TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson found 4 great gifts all for under $25 and she started with a sweet treat that everyone will love. 

TCL in Your Town: Stillwater Eating & Shopping   Back To Top

TCL in Your Town casts the spotlight on Stillwater to feature the best of that community. The Food and Dining Editor of MplsSt.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, along with the Shopping and Style Editor, Ali Kaplan, shares their picks for where to grab a bite to eat and get some shopping done.

JCPenney Activewear   Back To Top

If you are one of those struggling to keep your resolution to get in shape, you aren’t alone.  Only 8% of the people who resolved to get in shape at the beginning of 2017 will achieve that goal.  Style expert Lauren Bettenga thinks she can get you motivated with some stylish active wear from JCPenney Xersion Line. 

Style Ideas from ABC's Winter Premieres   Back To Top

Hot ABC shows like "Scandal" and "Once Upon a Time" are great sources of inspiration when it comes to style! Roshini Rajkumar from Roshini Performance Group shares her advice on what to take from the TV hits!

Winter Fashion For Moms   Back To Top

We're still two months away until the first day of spring so that means there's plenty of time to freshen up your winter wardrobe.  We have the solution! Owner of Flaunt Accessories, Melissa Hardin, has great winter fashion tips for moms and moms to be.

Fitness Fashion Trends   Back To Top

On Saturday, January 14, Mpls St.Paul Magazine is hosting Fit Fest, a day showcasing group fitness classes, wellness seminars, shopping and more. Emily Howald Sefton stopped by with a preview along with hot trends in fitness apparel.

Pantone Color of 2017: Greenery   Back To Top

If you typically turn to your favorite clothing store to tell you the hottest colors to wear this year, you have the global color authority Pantone to thank for that. Every year they pick a color that they say reflects the current cultural climate. This year that color is called “Greenery” and designers have already taken notice. Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers stopped by to show us how to pull it into our closet for 2017.

Shopping Post-Holidays   Back To Top

The holidays can be filled with lots of shopping, but post-holidays is a great time to head back into the stores and pick up some great deals. Our Super Saver Carrie Rocha from Pocket Your Dollars shares her advice below!

How To Expand Your Holiday Wardrobe On A Budget   Back To Top

Holiday parties are nothing if not an excuse to go out and get a fun new outfit...i'm thinking sequins and gold.

Forevermark Diamonds   Back To Top

With the holiday season upon us, engagement season in full swing and that means there is no shortage of sparkle. But even if you’re not getting engaged, Kristen Trustey from Forevermark Diamonds says diamonds under the tree never disappoint. Forevermark Diamonds recently unveiled its 2016 Ultimate Diamond Jewelry Gift Guide and it’s all about two toned diamonds, bangles, and the ultimate splurge.

Wish Boutique Last Minute Gifts   Back To Top

When it comes to Christmas shopping, sometimes ladies need to make it a little easier on the guys. But don’t tell them exactly what you want, instead give them hints. Like showing them this video! Kris Swenson, from Wish Boutique in Rosemount, stopped by with last minute gifts for all the ladies in your life.  

Saffron Style   Back To Top

Pantone – the world’s leading color experts – just announced their 2017 Color of the Year. It’s called Greenery and is described as a fresh and zesty yellow-green. Twin Cities Live Reporter Kelli Hanson ran into Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Roger this week and found out Green may be in next year, but right now it’s all about a color called Saffron.

Gifts for Guys   Back To Top

TCL’s Local Guy About Town, Mike Marcotte, shares unique gift ideas for guys!

Newer, Local Company Gift Ideas   Back To Top

Every week, Emily features Minnesota companies that have a long history in our state. But there are also so many new companies that are worth checking out. Emily found four that would make great gift ideas for the holidays.

Winter Trend Report   Back To Top

Turtlenecks and gauchos. Sounds like a closet circa the 1970s. TCL Stylist and owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers says this should be your closet today! That’s because those styles are right on trend this winter. Jodi stopped by to tell us why we should be seeing red too.

Old Friend Footwear   Back To Top

TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson recently walked in the office and declared she had found a present for the person who has everything. It's simply, slippers. But these slippers are unusually cozy, that’s because their insert is made of 100% genuine sheepskin. Old Friend Footwear is a Minnesota family run business – their warehouse is located in Chanhassen. Kelli brought several of her favorite pairs in studio to tell us more about why she loves them so much.

Wish Boutique Holiday Looks   Back To Top

It is officially the holiday season! Holiday parties, family get-togethers…so what are you going to wear? Kris Swenson from Wish Boutique in Rosemount stopped by to help you get ready for all of your festivities! 

Makeup Gifts   Back To Top

There are thousands, millions of gifts you can buy this Christmas. But there's probably one gift you haven't thought to buy, makeup. Women buy their own makeup right? TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says it's time to rethink that and stuff those stockings with a little bronzer. She stopped by with her favorites for any age and skin tone.

Good Company: General Store of Minnetonka Back To Top

General Store of Minnetonka has become a hot spot for shopping. The store is filled with just about everything you can imagine - cooking items, food, clothing, decorative items and fun gag gifts. The store has been around since 1984. It originally began as a way to showcase all sorts of artisans for the holidays. It quickly became popular and people wanted more.

Crayola Store Shopping Spree   Back To Top

TCL’s Kelli Hanson was Live at the Crayola Store at Mall of America where three kids paired up with a U.S. Marine to shop till they drop, or for at least 64-seconds! The Shopping Spree is an annual tradition for Crayola, which will also hold the same event in Pennsylvania and Florida. The bundles were duplicated and donated to Toys for Tots this holiday season.


Holiday Gifts With Corset Styling   Back To Top

Utilize the stylists at Corset Styling to help you take care of everyone on your guest list this year. With complimentary gift wrapping and a special gift for those who mention TCL upon checkout, you can rest easy come Christmas.

Minneapolis Holiday Boutique   Back To Top

“Project Runway” contestant and fashion designer Christopher Straub shares a preview of what you’ll find at the Minneapolis Holiday Boutique at U.S. Bank Stadium.

After the CMA Red Carpet: Country Fashions   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson just got back from covering the CMA Red Carpet. This was the second year we sent her to Nashville to chat with country music’s biggest stars. Last year she learned a valuable lesson; trade in the heels and wear cowboy boots. Kelli says she was able to stand for nearly four hours straight in her boots and showed us how we too can dress like the Nashville Stars.

CMA Fashions   Back To Top

A lot of folks tuned in to channel 5 last night to watch the Country Music Association Awards.  But it wasn’t only the music they were interested in.  On the red carpet, it’s all about the fashion!  Our panel of fashion experts share their hits and misses of the night.

Baby Gearapalooza   Back To Top

Over the years, baby gear keeps changing.  Back in the day, car seats were much different than the safe ones required today.  Jamie Grayson, the Baby Gear Expert, shows us the newest items for new parents.

As Seen On TV: Halloween Edition   Back To Top

In honor of Halloween we asked Emily to find some As Seen On TV products that could be used for decorating and perhaps are a bit scary to purchase or use.

Shopping for Swimwear   Back To Top

If you weren’t our big Mexico Trip winner at Grand Casino Hinckley, but a beach vacation is still calling your name, you need to dress the part right? Finding the perfect swimsuit can be traumatizing, it can make you feel like you never want to take a dip in the pool again, but the owner of Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique says it’s time to shop for a swimsuit the right way.

Good Company: Benjos   Back To Top

For most of us, shoelaces seem more like a necessity than anything. But for a group of three guys in Minneapolis, shoelaces are a fashion statement. It’s a chance for the usually conservative guy to show a little flare on his feet.

Kid’s Outwear   Back To Top

This week it got a bit colder outside and if you discovered your child’s winter coat doesn’t fit them as well this season, it’s time to outfit them in new gear. But that can get expensive! Luckily Children’s Orchard in Minnetonka is ready to help keep your kids warm at a fraction of the cost! Becky Geyer from Children’s Orchard stopped by with some cute kids to show us how to save money on this Minnesota staple.

Where to Shop for Stationery   Back To Top

The Twin Cities business scene has taken notice of customers' needs for quality stationery. Ali Kaplan from Mpls St.Paul Magazine shares stores worth visiting for thank you cards, letterhead, and invites.

TCL in Your Town: The Pottery Museum of Red Wing   Back To Top

TCL in Your Town is exploring the beautiful city of Red Wing this week. And you get to know Red Wing without looking back at the town’s rich history in pottery. Elizabeth visits the Pottery Museum of Red Wing where she takes a trip back in time to learn about the early days of preserving food in Red Wing Pottery crocks and see the one of a kind sculptures that potters would make on their lunch breaks to sell or give as gifts.