Cabin Weekend Outfits  

Your summer weekend packing list can become long very quickly. Ethelind Belle stopped by to show us some items that are fashionable yet versatile for time at the lake.   

Hudson Hot Spots  

Hudson, Wisconsin is a destination for folks all over the area. The reason? It’s not only cute, but it has a ton of character with its variety of stores, restaurants and activities. In the last couple of years, several new spots have popped up. Emily Engberg checked out three spots that are all different and all newer. They also just so happen to be next door to each other.

5 Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee  

Graphic Tee's have been around the fashion scene since the 1900's but they are starting to take center stage. Melissa Hardin from Flaunt Accessories stopped by to show us how to wear them this summer.   

Men’s Wedding Attire  

When it comes to wedding attire – it can be a bit tricky. Am I too dressy? Am I dressy enough? The King brothers of King Brothers Clothiers stopped by to tell us all of the do’s and don’ts for this season.

$100 Fashion Challenge  

We challenged two of the savviest shoppers we know to take on fun challenge to put together a look complete from head to toe.  Wendy Witherspoon from Prink Style and Katie Foeken who is the creator of

Mother/Daughter Owned Boutiques  

We brought in a qualified mother-daughter duo to dish on their favorite shops in the Twin Cities that are owned by a mother and daughter team.   The Shop Girls on myTalk 107.1 Ali Kaplan and her mom, Harmony stopped by and shared some products that are also perfect for Mother’s Day gifts.

Summer Investment Wardrobe Pieces  

If you've recently moved out the sweaters, and brought in the shorts and tank tops to your closet, you may have stared blankly at your clothes and thought it’s time for a few new things.  Fashion blogger Amy Seeman says we all need to be intentional about what we buy each season. Do that now by investing in a few key summer pieces. Amy stopped by to give her pro style tips and started with the tank dress.

Kentucky Derby Fashion   Back To Top

It's often called the most exciting two minutes in sports. The 144th running of the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday. It's a race known for betting, mint juleps and big BIG hats. You could also call it the best people watching event in the entire world.  Those hats became larger, brighter and more extravagant in the 60’s when the Derby could be seen all over the country on television. Those statement pieces are a must, even if you're not a Churchill Downs. MOA Trend Expert Sara Rogers stopped by with Kentucky Derby Fashion.

Rose and Loon Casting Call   Back To Top

You can find the work of talented local makers featured in boutiques and famers markets but a new store called, Rose and Loon will give local makers the opportunity to sell their product on a larger scale beginning this fall at Rosedale Center.  Whether you are a professional or amateur… artists, photographers, soap makers, t-shirt designers and makers of all kinds can benefit. Jerrod Sumner is known as the “Maker Whisperer” and stopped by to explain more about it.

White Denim for Summer   Back To Top

Ladies if you thought jean shopping was like climbing Mount Everest, shopping for white denim, especially finding a pair that will pass the see-through test, can be daunting. It's why we put one of our fashion experts to the test. She found not only one pair of white jeans, but three great pairs. Amy Hirsch from lifestyle brand, ShineUP Living stopped by with her picks, plus ways to style them.

Bigger and Better Twin Cities Shops   Back To Top

Keeping a small business going isn’t easy but today, Elizabeth visits three Twin Cities boutiques that are not only keeping the doors open, they’re expanding into bigger and better locations.

Summer Swimwear Trends   Back To Top

There are two things that most women would prefer to never ever do. Shop for jeans and shop for a bathing suit.
That is unless you have some serious help in the dressing room. We’re talking about lots of compliments and major coverage.  Our friends over at Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique are experts in helping you find a flattering suit and owner Jennifer Cermak stopped by the studio with this season’s biggest trends in swimwear.

A Guide to Wearing the Polo Shirt   Back To Top

It's classier than a t-shirt and less stuffy than a dress shirt. It can easily be tossed in a suitcase and can be worn casually around the house or at more elegant events. The polo shirt is a staple in any man's wardrobe. Anthony Andler, owner of Heimie's Haberdashery in Saint Paul, shares his advice on how to wear a polo with looking sloppy. 

Project #KickStartSpring   Back To Top

Minnesotans know this winter was brutal. The cold and slow start to spring has impacted local businesses. To help, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine is helping #KickStartSpring. Their editor, Jayne Haugen Olson, stopped by to explain.

Still Trendy After 10 Years   Back To Top

Mall of America trend expert, Sara Rogers stopped by with tips on what to wear on your Birthday and trends that are still in style after 10 years.

Palm Print Fashions   Back To Top

It may feel like Spring, but we all know snow is going to fly in a few days. It’s why we wanted to fill the studio with tropical music and palm trees. Not actually trees, instead the palm print. It’s a big trend in fashion and it’s not all about the green. Fashion Blogger, Amy Seeman stopped by with three different ways to pull it off.

Fashionista Over 40: Online Shopping   Back To Top

When it comes to shopping, everything is literally at your fingertips. You can shop for anything without getting dressed or even brushing your teeth. But do you know the best stores to online shop? The Fashionista Over 40 does and Evelyn Irvin stopped by to share her secrets.

Spring Date Night Fashion   Back To Top

Having a date night can sometimes leave you feeling stumped. You start looking in your closet for answers and think "What am I going to wear?" Personal stylist, Ethelind Belle shares three date night inspired looks from local boutiques.

As Seen On TV   Back To Top

Spring means a lot of spring cleaning for many folks. It also means a long list of products that suggest they can help you with clean up on your floors, in the kitchen and maybe even with cleaning up the way your makeup looks. Emily Engberg tests some of those products. 

Gift Shop Gift Picks with Emily   Back To Top

Reporter Emily Engberg is always on the hunt for a good spot to find unique gifts. So, in honor of Twin Cities Live’s upcoming tenth birthday, she’s sharing some of her favorite go-to gift shops that may not be on your radar. Emily says there are lots of great spots all over the cities, but here are her four top picks.

Apple Valley Hidden Gems   Back To Top

We are wrapping up TCL in Your Town in Apple Valley by stopping at a few hidden gems in town. There a few spots only the locals know about, but we say it's time to spread the news.  Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson stopped by with three stops she says you've got to make in the good old AV.

Spring Wardrobe Trends   Back To Top

Tomorrow is officially the start of spring.  Is your wardrobe ready for the change of seasons?  Three big shopping destinations are teaming up to showcase the hottest trends for spring to help you get ready!  TCL stylist, Jodi Mayers hosts Style Edina and we get a peak!

Spring Florals   Back To Top

Spring is almost here and so is spring floral trends. Melissa Hardin from Flaunt Accessories, shared a breakdown of the hottest spring floral trends.

Shirt and Tie Pairing Dos and Don’ts   Back To Top

The King Brothers just released their new book, "The Image Advantage" on how to maximize your most overlooked asset. From King Brothers Clothiers, Kenny and Danny King share their tips on dos and don’ts with shirt and tie parings.

Spring Baby Gear   Back To Top

Spring is near my friends and that means out with the old, in with the new!  The same rings true for products. Now is the time when we start seeing the latest and greatest hit store shelves, even in the baby world. Katie Blozis from Bump Club and Beyond Twin Cities stopped by with new spring Baby Gear.

Prom Fashions   Back To Top

Believe it or not, prom season is almost here.  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers, shows off some of the latest styles of prom dresses.

Styled Swimwear   Back To Top

Ladies, if you've got Spring Break plans coming up, there are likely two things you're already thinking about -- the swimsuit and the very important cover up. But what if you didn't have to cover up because you felt so good. And if you did go from the beach to lunch, you actually looked put together? Fashion expert and blogger Amy Seeman says it can be done and she's here to show us how. 

Gotta Have It: Award Show Swag Bag   Back To Top

The 90th Academy Awards is airing this Sunday right here on 5-Eyewitness News. And while Oscars will be taken home that night, so will gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. Getting in award show swag bags is a way for brands to gain huge exposure. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson shows us a few products celebs will go home with Sunday night.

Minnesota’s Red Dress Collection   Back To Top

Hollywood is busy getting ready for the 90th Academy Awards but it isn’t the only place getting glammed up!  Twin Cities celebrities will be dressed up and “seeing red” on Saturday night for Minnesota’s Red Dress Collection. 

Flannels for February   Back To Top

When you think of dressing for winter, flannel makes sense.  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers, says flannels can go into the spring too.

Spring Styles You Can Wear Now   Back To Top

Wendy Witherspoon is a professional stylist and owner of Prink Style, which is a subscription box Tween clothing company. Wendy has tips on how add a little to your winter wardrobe while temps here in Minnesota are in the negatives.

North Local Market   Back To Top

Shopping Editor of Minneapolis Saint Paul Magazine, Alison Kaplan shared an insider’s guide of what you can shop for at the North Local Market. It’s located in the City Center on 6th and Nicollet.

Trend Wedding: Groomsmen Attire   Back To Top

On Friday, March 2, Kay and Matt will tie the knot live on TCL! And you get to plan their big day. Anthony Andler, owner of Heimie's Haberdashery in Saint Paul, stops by with three options for Matt's groomsmen to wear for the TCL Trend Wedding, presented by The Wedding Guys.

Athleisure Fashion for the Whole Family   Back To Top

You’ve probably already heard of athleisure – comfortable, functional and versatile clothing appropriate for a workout at the gym, running errands and everything in between. But athleisure isn’t just for moms anymore. Clothing companies like JCPenney now offer a range of fabulous athleisure looks for moms, dads, teens and kids.  Fashion expert, Lauren Bettenga shared some examples of athleisure for the entire family.

Touchdown Trends   Back To Top

Even though the Minnesota Vikings won’t be a part of the big game, there is still a lot of pomp and circumstance surrounding the Super Bowl.  Mall of America trend expert, Sara Rogers has some football party fashions that will have you scoring a touchdown!

Ask The Fashion Experts   Back To Top

Katie Fokken is a fashion blogger and creator of Curate This idea started when she got a message from a friend saying, "Can you come up with a website telling me what would look good on me and I’ll buy that?" So she did. Fashion style expert, Katie Fokken answered your questions and shared tips on what to splurge and save money on in your closet.

Pantone Color of The Year   Back To Top

Ultra Violet 18-3838 -- know it, memorize it, love it. Well at least designers hope you do. This shade of purple is this year's Pantone Color of the Year and that means you'll soon start seeing it everywhere. In home decor and on your clothes.  Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers stopped by to show us how the fashion industry is already taking notice.

2018 Fashion Trends   Back To Top

When it comes to fashion there are some trends making a comeback that might surprise you, Shopping Editor of Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Allison Kaplan shared some looks that will be a big hit in 2018.

Trend Wedding: Pick the Dress   Back To Top

Matt and Kay will tie the knot on Twin Cities Live on March 2, 2018 and you get to plan their big day! You’ve picked the venue and Matthew Trettel from The Wedding Guys gave you three options for the invitations and after tallying up the votes…it’s decided!  You selected the traditional set.

Gift Ideas from Local Shops   Back To Top

Fashion expert and blogger, Amy Seeman, says skip the big box stores if you are looking for that one-of-a-kind perfect gift.  Amy prefers to shop in local boutiques instead!

Family Holiday Jammies   Back To Top

There are a lot of fun festive things to do this time of year, but there's just something about being home, snuggled on the couch with the kids in a pair of really comfortable pj's.  Thanks to retailers -- holiday jammies are something the whole family can get in on.  Amy Hirsh from ShineUP Living stopped by with some of her favorite picks.

Gift for Tween Girls   Back To Top

If you've got boys -- video games pretty much have you covered for Christmas presents right? But girls, they have so many different tastes. And tween girls, they can be really hard to buy for.  It's why mom of three girls and owner of tween fashion subscription service Prink Style is taking the guesswork out of a shopping for girls. She stopped by with great gift ideas for tweens!

Holiday Gifts from Avon   Back To Top

Do you remember the “Ding, Dong, Avon Calling” commercial? It appeared on TV screens back in 1956 and was one of the longest and most successful advertising campaigns in history. Today, Avon is known for much more than makeup. They’ve expanded into everything beauty including fragrance and products to help you take care of yourself. 

Mom & Baby Holiday Gift Guide   Back To Top

The website, Nameberry, recently released the most popular baby names for 2017. Topping the list for boy -- Atticus, Asher and Jack. Representing the girls -- number one is Olivia, then Cora and Amelia.

TCL Gift Guide Giveaway: SMAAASH   Back To Top

Get ready for a smashing good time at SMAAASH at Mall of America! It combines the best of sports, music and dining into an interactive entertainment experience. You’ll find virtual reality games, go carts and all kinds of active play! Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson checked it out with her girls and found out all ages, little to big kids will love the experience. 

Super Saver Half-Price Deals   Back To Top

In true holiday spirit, let's buy some stuff! Everyone loves a deal right? It’s why people stand in line on Black Friday, or they spend all of their waking hours online on Cyber Monday.  
Our Super Saver has worked her little magic to keep the deals going. And she's staying local with gifts and experiences to fill your holidays with cheer. 

Suburb Specific Gift Basket Ideas   Back To Top

The team at Tiger Oak Media, who publish magazines highlighting communities around the Twin Cities, stopped by gift ideas for those who hold their loyalty to a specific part of the metro.

Minnesota Marketplace at Mall of America   Back To Top

Shopping local just got a whole lot easier. Mall of America just opened a new store called Minnesota Marketplace. The pop up shop features 20 local brands and they are all under one roof. 

Old Friend Footwear   Back To Top

We introduced you to Old Friend Footwear last Holiday season – it’s a family run Minnesota company, right in Chanhassen. Twin Cities Live reporter brought a few of their best sellers to show us why these 100% sheepskin slippers are a perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Crayola Shopping Spree at Mall of America   Back To Top

Some deserving kids are getting a shopping spree that they won’t soon forget. Kids from around the country who visited the Crayola store at Crayola Experience, signed up for the chance to shop. The big winners are teamed up with Marines. Whatever the marines are holding at the end of sixty four seconds, the lucky winners get to keep. Sixty four is the number of crayons in a Crayola crayon box. They also get an annual pass for all twenty five attractions at Crayola Experience. The marines who are helping with this event are also a part of Toys for Tots. It’s an organization that helps children get gifts they may not otherwise have during the holidays. Crayola Experience is teaming up with them because it, too, works hard to give back to the community.